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Friday, September 29, 2017

The end of Remixes:

I was determined to root out every possible remix I could, so that the issue wouldn't keep popping up in the future.  So I scouted out every game or category I thought was still suspicious and not policed well enough, and sure enough I found nine more remixes in addition to the two from Gettysburg.  Well to be precise, eight more remixes and one just bad song.  The remixes and one bad song came from Xenosaga 2, Xenosaga 3, and Final Fantasy Type-0.

There aren't any additional games or albums I'm even suspicious of hosting additional remixes.  I have no further hints, clues, or trails.  Attempting to identify and eliminate remixes at this point is like searching for a needle in a haystack.  Perhaps there are a few more remixes lurking here or there, but they're so near extinction that sighting one would take more effort than any possible reward.  I'm leaning closer to the belief that there really aren't any remixes left, though.  I feel like it's impossible that I could have overlooked any of them after all this effort.

Whether there are any remixes left or not, today marks the conclusion of my war on them.  I just want to be able to sit back, relax, and honestly enjoy my music, without the paranoid fear that I'm listening to a copycat every time.  So long as this brutal campaign continues, I'll be using half my brain to try and match the song to another tune I know, instead of just letting my whole brain genuinely enjoy the music.

This reduces my hall of fame down to 4321 songs, still 9.7 days of continuous playtime in length.  From here on the list should only grow.  Aside from Xenoblade 2, though, there's no major source of possible new good music coming, so if my music hall of fame does increase, it will be very slowly.

If a song is cut, it will just be for not living up to my standards as a song.  But I doubt that will happen very often either.  All the songs in my hall of fame had to get through a pretty tough screening just to get on the list to begin with.

Until Xenoblade 2 comes out, I'm just going to listen to my music, instead of constantly adding and subtracting to it like I have been up until now.  I've reached a good stopping point, so this is where I'll stop.

It's pretty crazy, thinking back, that I was able to maintain a playlist of 3600 video game music songs before I upgraded it to this overall hall of fame.  Now with every other genre of music included, the number of songs has only increased to 4321, because of all the remixes and weak performers I was able to eliminate along the way.  That's only a 20% increase in songs.

I've kept my playlist compact by literally rooting out hundreds of remixes all the way to today.  Every remix eliminated means I can be listening to a real song during that time instead.  It's an invaluable investment for the years I'll be listening to this playlist in my life to come.  Mission Success, and Mission Complete.

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