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Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Vast Majority of People are Evil:

When someone holds an unconscionable view or does an unconscionable act, they're evil.  Just one time is enough to reveal their character for life.  There's no need to inquire any further into the rest of their life's deeds.  If they're willing to be evil once, they've already discarded the sacred principles that are the source of good, so there's no way they could ever be good again.

This means that evil is like a quiz game.  You start with seven billion people standing in a field.  There's a giant O and a giant X available to walk upon, that stands for 'true/false.'  The quiz giver, let's just call him God for now, rumbles forth the test questions to the audience, and everyone sorts themselves as they feel is just atop the O or the X for each question.  Every time you answer God's true/false question wrong, you're eliminated from the contest.  Only the people who get the right answer every time until the entire test is done are the quiz game winners -- they are the only people who can be considered good in this world, because they are the only ones who embraced the sacred principles that God has defined as Good in the first place and understood them, took them to heart, and lived them out the way they were meant to be lived.

Generally speaking, a quiz game continues until only one person is left and crowned the winner, but God's quiz game is not that harsh.  Sure, all the failures go to Hell instead of just fail to collect a free million dollars.  But the number of winners is not relative but absolute.  Anyone who wishes can be good, and there can be any number of winners so long as they just devote themselves to the moral principles laid forth by God.

Anyone who fails God's quiz game has no moral worth and therefore has no human rights and should be executed, exploited, tortured, or whatever is convenient to the moral remainder.  They are no longer of any interest to God, who just plans to send them to Hell in the afterlife anyway, so putting them through Hell here is simply staying in line with God's plan for them.

What is God's quiz game?  What are the moral quiz questions that allow us to quickly sort the world's wheat from the tares?  I can think of so many.  And so few can pass any of these questions.

Let's start with a simple one -- anyone who cheats on their lover is evil.  Whether this is while dating or in marriage is irrelevant, the betrayal of love and truth is self-evident either way.  This eliminates roughly 50% of people on Earth off the bat.  Cheating goes beyond simple physical intimacy.  It is an emotional turning away from your loved one and hunger for someone else's company.  Once you attach more significance, more thrill, more desire to be with your non-boyfriend/non-husband, you've already cheated in the eyes of God, whether you ever act on it or not.  This is because moral women would recognize the seeds of desire early on in their interactions with someone else, recognize that this is an abnormal level of passion and that they are not capable of containing within civil bounds, and they would break off relations with such a person immediately rather than allow the noxious weed to grow any further into their hearts.  A moral woman, or man, fortifies their loved one's position in their hearts, they don't go around trying to undermine it by flirting with others.

Another obvious example is divorce.  If you divorce someone who hasn't cheated on you and hasn't beaten you, you've violated your oath to him and you are evil.  It doesn't matter if you're unhappy.  It doesn't matter if he's changed.  It doesn't matter if he wasn't the man you thought he would be.  Nothing matters.  You pledged an oath, you gave your troth, that you would devote yourself to this man until death does you part.  There are no excuses.  If your marriage is unhappy even though your partner hasn't done anything directly wrong to you, the problem is not him, it's you.  The answer is to change yourself into a happier person that can get along with him better, not to change your completely innocent partner.  This eliminates 50% of people as well, but a lot of it overlaps with those willing to cheat so we're not actually up to 100% of people yet.  Yet.

Violent criminals are evil.  It's simple.  If you go around hitting people, stealing their stuff, breaking things, raping them, or killing them, you're a bad guy and you've got to go.  This sounds like it would be a small proportion of humanity, but actually this deals with an enormous percentage of all mankind.  Domestic abuse rates in the third world are over 50%.  Virtually every man in South Africa is an admitted rapist.  Corruption, extortion, mafia-like activities, sometimes dominate entire cultures, like Russia and China.  Islam's entire religion is based around violently attacking others.  Obviously, even if you do not do the act yourself, if you sanction the act when done by others, you're equally to blame and equally destined for Hell.  This net actually probably captures more people and sends them to Hell than adultery and divorce combined.

Degenerates are evil.  People who substitute their critical thinking skills for mindless chemical rushes, whether it's obesity, alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, tobacco, or any other vice, they've made clear their priorities, and it is not the God given soul but the beast given body.  They are evil not because of the harm they do others, though they manage to do plenty of that -- almost all criminals are on alcohol or drugs at the time of their heist -- domestic abuse flourishes in times of drunkenness -- adultery and sexual assault almost always starts with alcohol -- second hand smoke kills millions of innocent people -- health care costs paid for by public tax dollars are forced to cover people's medical bills born from their own bad behavior -- etc.  They are evil because they have rejected God and revel in bestiality.  They are howling at the moon and cavorting about like two legged monsters.  They have trampled on human dignity and denied the worth of a human being.  A violent criminal tramples on human dignity when he thinks it's okay to punch someone or rape them for fun.  A degenerate tramples on human dignity when he thinks it's okay to poison himself or whore herself out for fun.  They're both doing the exact same thing in the eyes of God, and that's despoiling the pearl white dress they were given at birth, throwing it into the mud, and then jumping on top of it again and again until there isn't a speck of white left to be seen.  At least two thirds of people fall into this category of evil, because that's America's obesity rate alone, never mind smoking or promiscuity or the rest.

People who put down strangers just to feel good about themselves are evil.  When a group of girls gang up on a less popular girl and lash into her about how worthless she is, they should all go to hell.  This type of bullying serves no purpose except sadism.  Similarly, if a guy calls a girl a whore, or any other equivalent, when she actually isn't one, he should go to Hell.  Shamelessly slandering other people's reputation, tearing them down, just to feel higher up and the rush of conquest over them, is despicable and unforgivable.  Traditional bullying is all around us, but a new vintage of this idea is the PC-witch hunt, where groups of people on twitter or facebook or whatever converge on anyone saying anything that can be construed as politically incorrect and destroying their life forever.  These are people they know nothing about, taking a single line out of context, and then sadistically delighting in their financial and reputational ruin.  Whether done electronically or in person, bullying is bullying and it all has to go to Hell.

Liars are evil.  By this, I don't mean people who use lies as a tool of communication.  A tsundere who says "It's not like I did this for your sake" is not the problem.  I don't mean using lies as a subterfuge during war in order to ensnare your enemies.  I don't mean saying "I'm fine" when really you're not when you just want to be left alone.  I am talking about something much more pertinent to the wider community.  When there is an acknowledged, proven, scientific fact that exists outside of anyone's personal judgment, to deny that fact and present some alternate falsehood as the truth to the world, publicizing it abroad and misleading people into blind alleys like the Pied Piper of Hameln is evil.  Anyone who does that is going to Hell.  This is because they have denied the basic sacred principle of Truth in their life, and are following some other dark god instead of God, who explicitly said "I am Truth," leaving no doubt what He wants us to care about.  (By the way, God also said "God is love," which is another good hint about what you should stand for.)

When you get rid of truth, you take away the glory of a human soul, their rationality, their critical thinking skills.  You obviate the one and only commandment of God -- "thou shalt think," that our very natures testify to as the sole and only being in the universe capable of thought.  We were given this gift for a reason.  We are unique for a reason.  If we don't live up to our capabilities we are denying our nature and purpose God made us for.  If God wanted more plants and animals, mindless instinctual programs incapable of reasoning, he would have made more of them.  There are already plenty of them all around us.  He made humans so that we would think, he gave us sapience so that we would be sapient.  Turning away from the truth makes us no different from a mindless zombie, just dancing to someone else's tune, serving some necromancer somewhere with no autonomy born from our own reasoned perception of reality.  The vast majority of people are liars.  At least 99%.  They are all evil and they are all destined for Hell.  This applies to anyone who asserts the truth of established religions, which are internally inconsistent, inconsistent with the findings of science, and inconsistent with morality.  In all established religions, God is actively doing evil and sanctioning evil himself, so he can't possibly be the true God.  In addition, God, by creating a universe full of evil, cannot possibly be the true God because a true God would never allow evil into His world.  That would be like intentionally building a car to be broken from the beginning and selling it off the assembly plant with a smile on your face.  A Creator designs something with a purpose in mind, an all powerful Creator would design something that could fulfill that purpose perfectly.  Therefore there is no God because humans cannot perfectly fulfill their purpose, which is to generate and embody the Good in their own lives.  This is basic moral logic.  Anyone who lies and says this is the best of all possible worlds is evil.  Anyone who lies and says a perfect being would make an imperfect creation is simply violating the definition of words -- a perfect being is someone who acts perfectly, and therefore couldn't possibly mess up and complete an imperfect work.

Religion scoops up the vast majority of fools on this planet and sends them all to Hell.  But there is still the subset of seemingly reasonable people to deal with, those who do not cleave to any organized religion.  The fact remains that most of these people are also liars though.  They deny basic, obvious truths that all science has confirmed and all common sense can just observe directly -- there are basic innate differences between the sexes, between the races, between gays and straights, etc.  Anyone who denies this is not just mistaken, they are defying all the facts and intransigently holding to what they know is a false, disproven position simply because they hold something to be more important than the truth.  They have turned away from the one True God and started worshiping false idols in his stead.  Even though the very first commandment was "I am the Lord thy God, do not hold any other God before me," these people have rejected truth in preference to something else.  Those who deny God are evil and must be sent to hell.  Humorously enough, the people who embrace an ideology other than truth are very similar to the degenerates who embrace drugs over lucidity.  They trample all over our rationality and cavort in obviously filthy nonsense instead.  Whether you do this with a clear head or a foggy one is all the same to God, he can see through your petty tricks and what you've clearly decided to do, which is to go off the narrow path and join the devils that refused to follow and obey God.  Saying women and men are not different is like saying blue and yellow isn't different.  These categories were created for a reason.  The abstract collective groupings were invented, as words, precisely because their innate differences allowed us to notice them and search for a word to denote them.  All collective groupings started without a word, all abstract terms started without a definition.  Language grew to include them because reality screamed them so loudly into our ears that we couldn't help but realize them.  Just like gravity had to eventually become a word in any language due to reality continuously forcing things to fall down by the rules of an exact mathematical formula every time, sex, race, gays, and all other collective groupings were concepts shouted into our ears by God by the real differences we observed between them until we could not help but find a word for them and treat them differently.

All liberals are evil, just as all religious people are evil, because they are all liars.  We are now getting down to a tiny handful of humanity left who have passed all of God's quiz questions.

Those who measure someone's moral worth by their financial worth are evil.  Yet again, they fail to see the obvious purpose of God's creation as the guiding light to man's purpose in the universe.  God created man sapient, so he must not have wanted us to live by lies.  God created man capable of spiritual and intellectual pleasures, so he must not have wanted us to live like animals.  God created us lazy, curious, playful and compassionate, so he must not have wanted us to be materialistic machines of productivity.  This should be obvious just by looking at mankind objectively.  Who are we?  What do we want?  If you think about it for two seconds, the answer is not -- "I want to become a hat-making factory!"  or "I want to become a solar power installation!"  Or "I want to become a barrel of oil, worth 22,500 man-hours of labor!"  If we were meant to be tools of wealth creation, God would have made us that way.  He wouldn't have given us any meaningless and idle thoughts or feelings, but would have just made us out of gears and pullies to churn out wealth mindlessly, tirelessly, forever.  Production is necessary for continued human existence, so naturally we are going to have to devote some time and effort into it, in order to preserve our higher order capabilities and practices as well.  But putting the cart before the horse, insisting that the maintenance of our human bodies and material comforts is the purpose of our existence rather than the expression of our souls given to us by God, is again a horrendous false idol worship that must be smashed.  If you are not a liberal and you are not religious, most likely you are some sort of libertarian or republican materialist, who thinks life is a struggle of the fittest, the game is to acquire as much property or progeny as possible, and wealth is the measurement of man.

A man, like Jesus or Socrates, who foreswears wealth in order to pursue spiritual goods is infinitely better than a man who produces wealth in the interests of lording over others who foolishly fritter their time away on song and dance.  Consider the tale of the ant and the grasshopper.  The ant is considered the hero for accumulating wealth, while the grasshopper is mocked for only creating happy, intangible experiences born from his songs and dances.  However, an ant that just accumulates wealth for the purpose of accumulating wealth is no different from a factory churning out endless new cars in a dead earth that already has no one left to drive them.  It is a hamster spinning a wheel connected to nothing.  Effort for the sake of effort.  Or in other words, sadism.  Pain for the sake of pain.  A man who envisions creating great amounts of wealth so that he can use it to charitably aid in the spiritual growth of others would be a true saint.  I imagine the mavins of industry, who got together to build railroads and cars and planes in order to improve commerce, were all titans like that.  They thought to themselves, how much better life would be if we could get through all the boring, tedious parts as quickly as possible and return to lives of leisure?  What if we could make transportation 100 times as fast and not require a single push of human muscles?  What if we could communicate instantly over long distances?  What if we could make sturdy structures out of steel or concrete that we'd never have to repair or rebuild?  What if we could make farms so fruitful that all you would need to do is sit in an air conditioned environment as your machines automatically plant and reap your harvests for you, feeding millions of people with just the effort of a few thousand farmers actually living out on the land?  These people have the right idea when it comes to wealth creation.  Wealth creation is leisure creation.  Without people leading lives of leisure, all wealth creation is pointless and a farce.  A martyr, who himself has little time for leisure, but thinks on his deathbed "how much leisure I gave to humanity!", is not a poorly led life.  But a strict draconian enforcer, who says, "Why are you wearing those lavish dresses?  Why is your hair so well done?  Why are you singing?  Why are you dancing?  Why are you playing silly games?  Everything you do is pointless.  Go back to work!" is the epitome of evil.

Anyone who rails against the poor and the driftless, saying they should all be making more money and working harder, flies in the face of factual reality.  The factual reality is that we have more people on Earth than capital to support them in meaningful, productive jobs.  At least half of all jobs in the world today are fake.  They don't actually serve anyone's needs.  They're more hassle than gain.  Like lawyers.  Or policemen.  Or marketers.  Or teachers.  Everyone could take care of themselves if they were just left alone.  Another half of people simply don't have a job.  Labor force participation in America is down yet again, to a new 1978 low.  As machines continue to improve, this trend will only accelerate, as machines are the platonic ideal for work, not humans.  Machines are tireless, feel no pain, never make a mistake, and have the vast powers of electricity fueling their engines and steel joints compared to weak flesh and bone.  There is no wealth we can produce that machines can't eventually produce better than us.  The only thing humans are, by definition, better equipped to do than machines is leisure activities.  This is because if machines were given feelings and emotions and desires and the like, and went around playing in flower fields, they would no longer be machines but a new breed of sapient species like us.  To become an efficient farmer, you need a giant field.  You could easily require 5 million dollars to do a job well done.  The net wealth of the world is not 7 billion times 5 million.  All other jobs are just like farmer's jobs.  Fishermen need plots of sea reserved for themselves.  Loggers need trees.  Miners need minerals.  Researchers need powerful scientific instruments like the LHC or the Hubble.  Doctors need hospitals.  Soldiers need tanks, planes, and missiles.  There is no useful job on this Earth that doesn't include 90% capital costs for every 10% of labor.  If your job has no capital costs, that is pretty good evidence it's a fake job and shouldn't exist in a real economy in the first place.  There isn't remotely enough capital to go around, so in this game of musical chairs it's only natural that a huge segment of humanity will be unable to work.  The idea that this is through their own moral failing, instead of the active oppression of competitors who took those musical chairs away from them, is evil.  It blames the innocent and persecutes the meek.  Generally speaking, the unemployed are better people than the employed, who tend to be sociopaths and parasites who wormed their way into business through backhanded and deceitful means.  Corruption is rampant.  Lying is rampant.  The entire corporate culture is toxic.  Getting a government job is pure evil, it's simply donning the cloak of the evil empire and stamping a boot into an oppressed person's face, forever.  Give me an unemployed person any day, who can't point to anyone he is harming from dawn to dusk.

Anyone who doesn't put reason as his sovereign, and the individual as the font of reason, and thus the individual as his own sovereign, is evil.  "I think, therefore I am," is a very insightful concept.  The only things we can rely upon are our own inner thoughts.  Everything that happens is filtered first through our brains.  Our whole world exists inside our own heads and nowhere else.  If we don't rely on our own thinking, then the universe pops like a bubble and ceases to exist entirely.  To deny your own ability to decide things for yourself is to deny any form or shape or structure to the universe whatsoever.  Anyone who willingly discards his own reason in order to slavishly follow the cult of someone else is disgusting.  Like a soldier who fights for what he knows is the wrong side of a war.  But most of the time, people are forced by fear of pain and death, not just for themselves but also for their loved ones, to discard their own autonomy and reason.  The victims in this case are not to blame.  It is the oppressors, who stole the reason and autonomy from others, that are evil and should go to hell.  Parents who control their children.  Husbands who abuse their wives.  Wives who nag their husbands.  Voters who vote to restrict other people's freedom.  States that crush people's way of lives not because they are wrong, but simply because they are different from what would ensure the continued prosperity of the State power structure.  There are so many instances of oppression, it's hard to even include them all.  But oppression is not innately bad just because it forces people to do X instead of Y.  Oppression and freedom follow the same moral axis as the phrase "the superior should supplant the inferior, but the inferior should not supplant the superior."  It's okay to oppress someone so long as you're banning bad choices.  But it's evil to oppress someone away from making good choices.  In other words, banning smoking, drinking, and drugs is not a bad thing in abstract, though I find it to be a failure in practice.  However, banning free speech, freedom of association, and the freedom to love whom you please is innately evil.  When you ban activities that deny humans their spiritual purpose in life, their inmost desires given to them by God, their ability to produce utility in their own lives and in other's lives, you're an evil oppressor.  When you ban people from wasting their lives away, doing stupid things that only hurt themselves, cheating on their partners, etc, you're moving along an entirely different moral axis.

A good precept for this difference was framed by Edmund Burke, who said it was impossible to be free so long as people remained slaves to their own vices.  It is ridiculous to talk about liberating people who have already thrown out their own humanity long ago and are best left as penned in cattle and chickens by their own decision.  But you know your government is tyrannical when it starts throwing you in jail for what you say just because it contradicts the government's preferred position.  As far as I know, only the USA and Japan have genuine freedom of speech given to them in the law.  Therefore, all other countries on Earth are evil.  However, in the USA, pc thought police and social justice warriors are so thorough that when Jason Richwine said that hispanics were not good immigrants because they tended to cost more in taxes than they paid no matter how many generations you tracked them he immediately lost his job.  This despite the fact that all evidence and all publicly available statistics supported his position.  So no, there is no free speech in America.  Which means America is also an evil country.  Anyone who supports these sorts of witch hunt speech codes are evil, which has to at least be the majority of Americans, or else people like Richwine would not lose their jobs.  The only country with actual freedom of inquiry and thought, freedom to challenge taboos and not be socially punished over it, is Japan.  Japan thinks about everything, and talks about everything, as shown by the great diversity of topics anime addresses every day in the popular culture.  That such stories can be met with commercial success and good reputations, even when it's stuff like Oreimo that advocates incest, proves the open-mindedness of Japan -- and only Japan, in the entire wide world.  Odds are, if you are a good person, you are either Japanese, or an oppressed and silenced minority living in a tyrannous hellhole you hate.

Likewise, freedom of association should be obvious.  No one should be obligated to keep someone else's company whose company they did not promise to keep.  That's obviously a parasitical relationship, and not a symbiotic one, or one of the two would not want to leave.  A parent implicitly promises to take care of his children when he brings them into this world.  Spouses promise to live together unto death.  Children never promised to be patriotic citizens of their state.  There is no reason why anyone should have to abide by a legal code with which he disagrees.  Nobody has the right to decide what someone's utopia will be for them.  Everyone has a right to live in the utopia of their own making, which suits them best.  This follows Kant's categorical imperative, that you can form any mores you please, but they must be universal or they are immoral.  Everyone has a right to live in a society where the law is of their own choosing, which means that your fellow citizens must also have agreed to that very same law.  That is the only constraint to your right to secede.  If you secede, you can't take unwilling partners with you.  Other than that, you can form as many states as there are stars in the sky, all the way down to an individual sovereign citizen.  Being a one-man state does not mean you are immune to the laws of the world when you are in their countries.  It means that when you are in your own country, ie, on your own private property which you have announced is now a sovereign and independent state, you are free to do as you please on that property.  Again, I stress that freedom is not an absolute good.  The superior has the right to supplant the inferior, but the inferior does not have the right to supplant the superior.  If someone leaves his previous law code in order to embark upon a cult of human sacrifice, torture and cannibalism, we do have the right to demolish their freedom even if it was entered into voluntarily.  For instance, we have the right to crush ISIS simply because it is repulsive, whether it's a popular movement or not.  But if someone strikes out to be independent of their parent country for the right reasons, because they are morally repulsed and disgusted with how their nation's laws are written and enforced, they have God's sanction to break away from the corrosive entity that's destroying their soul.  Anyone who would deny someone the right to stop associating themselves with the evil that happens around them, to stop empowering and supporting their own destruction, is evil.  And this applies to every state on Earth.  There isn't a single state that universally accepts the right of people to secede along moral grounds of their parent state not being good enough.  Ukraine is the gold standard of a basket case country.  It is one of the poorest countries on Earth, despite being inhabited by the same white people who are racially capable of the wealth found in America, Germany, Luxembourg, Denmark, etc.  Even their next door neighbors in Russia are over three times as rich as them, despite being the exact same ethnic group.  Ukraine's corruption numbers are ridiculous.  Their birth rate is virtually invisible.  Its elections have been violent and contested for decades now.  It is a failed state however you look at it.  There is no doubt that a breakaway state that disassociates itself from Ukraine would have to do better than Ukraine, simply because anything is better than Ukraine.  It would be the same if a region wished to break away from North Korea.  Any right thinking person would immediately grant a stamp of approval for such a noble project.  The fact that the world did not approve of East Ukraine's independence is symptomatic of their overall evil desire to oppress people who could live better than them, but are spitefully and enviously kept down to their own degraded moral level instead.

The same is true of Catalonia in Spain, Venice in Italy, Flanders in Belgium, and on and on.  The rich, prosperous, successful portions of the country are held hostage by the dysfunctional, evil, oppressive majority that wishes to drag them down with them.  Anyone who does not grant these nations the right to secede in these cases is evil and should burn in Hell.  And like usual, this is the vast majority of people on Earth.

To top it all off, those who don't condemn evil, but somehow make hand waving excuses, apologies, and get-away-free cards for the unforgivably evil behavior of others are also evil.  They empower the evildoers everywhere by giving them that all important impetus of moral sanction, which Ayn Rand stressed so much in Atlas Shrugged.  They refuse to stand up against the evil and let evil take over the world, even though they had the power in their hearts and sinews and brains to overcome it if they had only tried.  They condemn the world to a bleak and pointless future of pure evil because they ran away from the fight for good at the critical moment when all was at stake.  Their catatonic inability to recognize and resist evil even when it's right in front of their faces is evil in itself, whether it comes from profound stupidity, utter cowardice, a fantastical desire to escape reality and live in lala land simply because it's less distressing than when brutal truths are presented in front of you, or some other equally disgusting reason that's hard to even conceive of because it's just so ludicrously irrational.  If you do not forbid evil you permit it, there is no in-between.  Many times, people who themselves never do anything wrong, nevertheless reward the evil actions of others, inscrutably, by giving praise or additional monetary resources to people whose actions they would never think to emulate themselves.  Whether it's labeled charity, social justice, or whatever the excuse, the fact is they are rewarding and enabling evil to flourish and prosper and grow with their own energetic effort fully pushing right alongside their cherished pet minions towards the devil's throne room.  Enablers are just as guilty as the actual doers, one could never exist without the other, and both should be sent to hell embraced and intertwined with each other because that is the factual relationship they share together in this world.

Evil is everywhere, whereas good is invisibly rare to be seen.  Even Reki Kawahara, the amazing author of Sword Art Online, insists against all facts and scientific knowledge that we are all born with exactly the same fluctlights, and that genetics cause absolutely no differences in intelligence between individuals.  This outrageous statement, this ridiculous claim, puts him in the service of evil, not good.  He is an evil person who is trying to perpetrate an evil hoax on the world, just like all the others.  He is a liar.  When even Reki Kawahara can't be counted on, good doesn't have many quiz winners left.

Anyone who doesn't win God's quiz can be dealt with summarily and has no human rights.  This is the message I sent in Changeling, and the message I repeat today.  Anyone who forfeits his morality has simultaneously forfeited their right to life, liberty, and happiness.  After that they are all open game.  God, and those who follow the one true God, whose will is revealed in human Nature and natural nature, will judge them all accordingly.  And God always wins.  Because reality always wins, when in disagreement with lies and delusional imbeciles.  It's like an immovable object slamming into a vat of jelly.


Jeremy said...

Very interesting thank you. I enjoy your absolute statements because it challenges me and then I have to come up with a reasoned response. Generally I actually agree with you, asides from a few points here and there. Thank you so much for having the courage to say these things. Lovely reading.

You would be awesome to have a coffee with and discuss life.



Diamed said...

No, thank you for taking the time to read and think about it, and especially for praising it. :)

goldfish27 said...

Some other people who are evil:

––People who boast about their IQs despite never having done anything of substance
––People who are intellectually dishonest and sloppy (seriously, if a Western show defended incest, your response would not be "just shows how open minded we are these days"...)
––People whose intellectual views are patently self-serving––for example, a perpetually unemployed person who writes at great length about how people don't need to work any more
––People who defend genocide
––People who get a kick out of denigrating others, whether ethnic groups or 99.9+% of the people in the world
––People who think that 99.9+% of the people in the world are worthless and can be killed and tortured
––People who are perpetually unemployed, mooch off others, and do nothing but watch anime and write poisonous racist rants

Diamed said...

luke said...

Here's an obvious fact you are in denial of: There is no such thing as good & evil.

Morality is nothing more than a projection of one's instinctive biases and self-interest. A genetically-induced delusion created by natural selection. It does not exist outside of people's heads. Calling anything "evil" is simply a pretentious way of expressing one hatred for it.

luke said...

And I find it odd that a person such as yourself would condemn all of Religion yet isn't an Atheist. And if "God" didn't want people to sin or do "evil", then he shouldn't have created evil in the 1st place. If "God" didn't want people to have any hedonistic pleasure, joy or happiness, then he should have never created the human body nor the ability to feel pleasure in the first place. (Your post on degenerates is also loaded with Gnostic body-hating dualism). Any God that would send people to Hell at all or demand constant worship is himself a sadistic, narcissistic degenerate.

Diamed said...

I believe there is a God, based on the fact that there is life on Earth but nowhere else in the universe.

If this were a clockwork universe, life would be everywhere, following the same deterministic outcome as how life arrived here. Between the trillions of planets in the universe inevitably many of them would be hospitable to life, and since there's been 14 billions years for those planets to evolve into intelligent life and form intergalactic civilizations, but none of them have, they must simply not exist.

But life exists here. This is a miracle -- either that life is here or that life isn't elsewhere, only a miracle can explain that contradiction. For there to be miracles there must be Gods.

Thus, God created us. The next question is why, for what purpose? We can derive God's wishes from the nature of the reality God created for us. Or, in other words, our evolved instincts are God's will. When we follow them we're doing good, and when we disobey them we're doing evil. Otherwise God wouldn't have placed those instincts into us.

Obviously God wanted us to feel pleasure and joy, but as part of the larger goal to grow fruitful and multiply as intelligent beings. Otherwise we never would have evolved intelligence or a survival and reproduction instinct. Which means people who treat pleasure as an end, instead of a means towards survival and reproduction as rational beings, are abusing and perverting God's will.

If you can't figure out right from wrong on Earth, why shouldn't you be taught it in hell? And also, why shouldn't people worship (or, in other words, honor and obey), their Creator, who gave them everything they have? The best way to glorify God is to live a good life, so you kill two birds with one stone. Worship God? Okay then, do something that proves God's creation was a good idea, astound the world, and you're already there.

Lao-Hu Long said...

It is obviously plainly immoral to try to get along with less moral cultures, if Objective morality proves it to be so.

But we always come back to arguments of propensity, because it is not just natural or biological law which expresses inferior and superior, but moral and spiritual (divine) law.

Whoever has had this revelation (from true faith) knows it.

In such a way, presumptive morality is curbed, and reason and mercy come into agreement. Your absolutist statements are perhaps a sort of brave, but they come to nihilism. No-one can outlast the influence of the superior law alive in the world, with an inferior one.
Machine reason is not enough.

Lao-Hu Long said...

Oh..I mis-read Luke's [first] comment as yours, blog poster. Take my comment as one addressed at nihilism itself. There is a way which on length, finds it is/ has been, nihilism by default. But one with equanimity can fare quite well for a while in sharp reason. Anyway, as I said, true logic and spirituality reconcile each other, or are one. Or they are distinct...but flow into each other.