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Monday, April 13, 2015

Don't Bully the Weak:

All liberal morality just amounts to this pitiful phrase.  People shouldn't bully the weak.  Therefore, if you're poor, a minority, have a history of belonging to a persecuted group, sick, disabled, ugly, stupid, mentally ill, unhappy, blah blah blah, you are immune to criticism and can't be held responsible for your actions.

In addition, all efforts must be made to redistribute good fortune from the fortunate and better off to the less fortunate and less well off, until such a time as everyone is equal again.  Therefore it's ridiculous for a straight person, a white person, or a man to complain about unfair treatment until such a time as their quality of life is lower than the people being given a leg up at their expense.  For instance, in South Africa, it's true that there are all sorts of discriminatory anti-white policies in place, but whites have no right to complain about this because even with these policies in place their average quality of life is higher than the black South Africans who are their neighbors.

Men still tend to earn more money than women, so they can't complain about anything women do yet.  In addition, men are still in all the positions of power and prestige, like the US Congress, or the CEO's of major businesses, or the winners of Nobel Prizes.  Until women get an equal share of all the money as well as all the power and all the prestige that rains down on men, men cannot complain about any single thing that goes poorly in their own lives.

Of course, since men and women are biologically different, equality will never happen.  Men are more intelligent, more driven, and bigger risk takers, so women will never catch up with them in any field at the extreme right edge of the bell curve.  As a result, men will never have a right to complain about women's behavior or being mistreated until the end of time.

Likewise, whites are biologically different from blacks, and straights are biologically different from gays, so all the statistics that favor whites over blacks and straights over gays, bisexuals and transexuals will be in place forever.  The tragic lives of minorities will never reach the average quality of life of the healthy majority.  Therefore, whites can never say anything bad about blacks or ever complain about their own treatment by blacks, and straights can never complain about gays or complain about negative externalities gays inflict upon them.

Jews are a special category in liberal logic.  Because they uniquely were genocided in the Holocaust, it doesn't matter how rich, powerful, or prestigious Jews become.  It doesn't matter if they win 1/3 of all Nobel Prizes, or if their average income is over $100,000 in America, or if they have total military dominance in the middle east, or any other factor that would, presumably, put them on the side of the 'powerful' rather than the 'people.'  Jews, by virtue of being a numerical minority, are still subject to the threat of crazed genocidal violence by their majority hosts, and therefore must always remain a protected class you can never say anything about.  Since the Germans were willing to do it, any other white host culture may also be on the brink of doing it at any time, and the only way to prevent this genocidal impulse in whites is to never allow any criticism of Jews for any reason to ever reach the public's ear.  A Jew's quality of life may be higher than most people's, but so long as that sword of damocles of random holocaust violence hangs over their heads they'll never feel safe or comfortable no matter where they live, which makes them an honorary victimized minority like all the rest.

Similar to blacks, Muslims are generally poor and low status so it's unfair to criticize them because that would be 'punching down.'  Instead all efforts must be made to give Muslims whatever they want so that they'll feel better about their lower lot in life.

As social politeness and graces may go, liberals may well be right.  Going up to a poor ugly person who works at a low status job and saying, "Wow, you stink of poverty.  Your vocabulary is pathetic.  How many books have you read recently?  Do you even know who Chaucer is?  Sweeping the floors sure must be a lot of fun, since that's all you've done every day of your life."  Is not polite behavior.  It does not befit a gentlemen to lord over people who already know full well how miserable they are and don't need to be reminded by strangers of their own pathetic situation.

But turning this personal politeness into a macroscopic public policy framework is madness.  It goes from not bullying the weak into actively promoting the weak into more and more positions of unearned wealth, power, and prestige, while undermining the best elements of your country, rendering them powerless, impoverished and demonized.  The dysgenic effect is tremendous as more and more parasites flock to the giving open hand of plenty, all at the expense of taxpayers who now can't afford a decent middle class existence for their children and thus give up all hope of reproducing themselves.  In addition, when people aren't encouraged to do their best, but instead just given excuses for why they should receive handouts, they don't work as hard at bettering themselves and end up at a lower human potential than they could have been.  There was a time in the 1950's where black families were more or less stable, they dressed well, crime was low and it looked like they had assimilated into white middle class values.  That was a period when whites demanded and expected good behavior from blacks and didn't give them any excuses for falling short of the white standard.  By lowering standards you just encourage bad behavior and let loose the inner chimp inside them.  The same for gays or any other group.  If you discourage their promiscuity then they'll do less of it, but if you say it's a perfectly good alternative lifestyle then they'll go ahead and do more of it.  The same for women.   If you say cheating and divorce is no big deal, they'll do more of it, whereas if you publicly discourage it as immoral they'll refrain.

This pattern is true across all time and all cultures.  Whenever you relax your criticism of a natural but unwanted behavior, you'll get more of it.  This is why cultures must be eternally vigilant and never excuse bad behavior no matter who is doing it or what their excuses are.  What you end up producing with this 'don't bully the weak' standard is not only dysgenics but moral pollution.  The environment keeps getting worse and worse for the very people you wanted to 'help' by ceasing criticism of their actions and affording them excuses for all their actions.  Blacks in 1950 lived much better lives than blacks do today, and all because they were stuck in the segregated south full of vicious anti-black bigots who wouldn't forgive a single error or trespass any black made against them.  They may have wanted to sleep around, take crack, and play polar bear hunting, but none of that was allowed by society as a whole.   As a result they grudgingly decided to form nuclear families, dress well, and obey the law instead.  The primary beneficiaries of policing black morality were black families and black children themselves, who grew up in a wholesome and stable environment.  The people liberals are hurting most by refusing to enforce standards on the weak and worthless are the very people they ostensibly are standing up for.

So yes, personally, it isn't nice to just randomly walk up to a guy and start insulting them.  However, publicly, as a matter of public policy, it's important to have basic moral standards of behavior and shame those who stray from it.  There must be universal disapproval in their faces and looks, they mustn't be allowed to find lovers like the Tsaernev brothers did, but should be shunned by all proper ladies, art must continuously be made that pummels into the lower classes the expected standards of behavior that 'people like them' they see on tv behave at.  Everything must be geared such that they feel a great eye is watching behind their shoulder and will devour them whole if they ever go a step wrong.  Those who undermine the conditions in which a country thrives -- in a place of eugenics matched with environmental utopia -- are just as guilty of wrongdoing as the actual people who go ahead and irresponsibly reproduce while polluting the social environment with their crime, loud music, drug use, slum housing, etc.

It's not about bullying the weak.  It's about upholding societal standards of behavior.  And the weak especially need to be lectured the most about what is expected from them, and when they are falling short of our standards.  They are the people who most of all need to be singled out, taken aside, and told that we simply will not tolerate this sort of behavior.  For their sake, for our sake, and most of all for the future's sake.  There is no future for South Africa.  That country is lost to barbarism.  The majority of the men in that country are rapists and the majority of women in that country have been raped.  (

"Almost three out of four South African women have been sexually abused at least once."
"One recent study examined about 250 reported rapes from 2005 to 2007 that occurred in the vicinity of one small town. More than half of the reported victims were children. Yet, only nine of the accused were convicted. Only seven received jail sentences."
"An astounding 66,000 rapes occur in South Africa each year—one every four minutes. Interpol says this makes South Africa the rape capital of the world. According to experts, rape is so common, justice is so rarely served, and so many women have been raped so many times that many women don’t bother reporting it."
"A 2010 Medical Research Foundation survey found that more than 37 percent of men admitted to raping at least one woman. Seven percent said they had participated in a gang rape. The researchers found that with many of the men, the idea of forcing someone to have sex with them was trivial, and “seen as a legitimate activity.” A 2007 survey found similar results."

It's hell on Earth.  We cannot afford to lose more countries in the same way we lost South Africa to the forces of depravity and disintegration.  If that means hurting people's feelings and ruffling their feathers along the way, then so be it.  The alternative is much, much worse.

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