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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Meldy and Ultear:

My previous post wasn't precisely accurate.  I thought my task was done yesterday.  In fact, it finished today, with another two hundred pictures or so added.  What happened?

I decided to add in two more Fairy Tail girls to the list, getting me back up to 198 beautiful anime girls.  The two remaining presumably will come from new spring or summer season series, but we'll see.  But these two girls are just too deserving to be left behind when so many other Fairy Girls are already included.

Ultear and Meldy are both shown at all stages of growth.  In Ultear's case, it's from a newborn infant all the way to an aged granny.  This means they have a great variety of beautiful forms to display to the outside world over time, giving them a pretty unique advantage over the rest of the Fairy crew.  They also have a great dynamic when put together, such that a lot of their pictures are of both of them together, rather than either of them apart.  (A lot like Mirajane and Lisanna.)

The other extra pictures come from more beautiful as always Lucy and Wendy pictures, as well as some bonus Lucy and Yukino holding hands footage that anyone would want to devour.  There's also a sprinkling of new Mavis, Levy, Mirajane, etc pictures to fill out the entire Fairy Tail roster.

With these pictures added, my task is truly complete.  Yesterday was a false alarm, but today for real!  I really got this project done!  Be sure to check out all my beautiful anime girls, including the newly featured Ultear and Meldy, in my permapost link.

Meanwhile, Ao Haru Ride is now fully out in blu ray subbed, thanks to Commie subs.  That was fast!  I swear Ao Haru Ride's anime only ended a few months ago.  Well, nevertheless, it's time to rewatch the series, right alongside Hanayamata, which also recently got a blu ray subbed release.

With Grisaia airing, the spring season is now in full session.  Unfortunately for me, my spring anime season doesn't begin for another 11 days.  My first impressions post will have to wait a while longer.  For now, there's beautiful anime girls.

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