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Thursday, November 14, 2019

SAOAGGO volume 5 read:

This book was great.  The action was pulse-pounding and head-twisting throughout.  You never knew what would happen next, because after all this was just a game, meaning anyone could die at any moment for any reason or no reason at all, and it would never break the plot.  This allows for a lot more interesting writing than stories like Rave where you know the heroes are permanently safe from all danger from start to finish.

This is the ultimate battle-as-sport series.

Plus it had that legendary Star Wars reference that made me laugh out loud.  I love the lightsaber duel, it's so brazenly copying now.  I can't get enough of it.  This is way better Star Wars than the sequels turned out being.

This book was good enough that I decided to add the series to the good books hall of fame.  Since Reki Kawahara is already in my rankings and he's credited as the co-author for inventing the SAO world, I'll just chalk the quality of the books up to him and add them to his resume.  I know the real author is someone else but I gotta keep the author count to exactly 100 so Reki it is.

If you know America and Europe are doomed, but it's still a long time before the actual suffering begins, what should you do inbetween?  I think the optimal solution would be for everyone who knows this to abandon ship, get together, and start their exciting new life and new world together in some desolate frontier.  Why wait?  Anything you build in the old world will ultimately be destroyed, so why keep working away at a futile deathscape?

But obviously that solution requires other people than yourself to agree to it, so the optimal solution isn't going to happen.  Just like it's impossible to convince liberals that they're dooming the Earth, it's impossible to convince Nazis to get off their couches and recliners and start a new life free of liberalism.

So what is the next best solution?  I think the answer is to enjoy yourself as much as you can with the time remaining.  I wouldn't worry too much about building up wealth, power, status, children, or anything else, since all of that will be washed away with the coming of doomsday.  All you can build up is good memories.  Like I've been doing all week -- finishing Dracu Riot, Rave, SAOAGGO and Hai to Gensou no Grimgar.  Before the end I want to finish everything I can -- One Piece, SAO, Fairy Tail, all the great ongoing series.  What else is left?  If the world is ending all we can do is seek a satisfying ending before the world ends, and a satisfying ending is knowing all there is to know about everything and everyone you care about in life.  Once you've already experienced everything, it doesn't matter if you die, in fact, it could even be a blessing.  So we just need to stuff these last remaining great stories down our mental throats as quickly as we can before the world explodes.

There's still a chance that after liberalism destroys the world, Nazis will finally get off their couches and recliners and build a new world.  Once that happens, life can go back to long term prospects like building up wealth, family, status, power, etc.  Because then they'll actually last, which means they'll actually mean something and benefit someone.  Which means waiting and seeing what Nazis will finally do once their backs are against the wall will also be an interesting question worth answering.

Maybe they're all just biding their time and enjoying the high life while it remains.  Until the apocalypse actually devours their lazy asses, it's impossible to say they were wrong.  It's almost a staring contest.  Or a game of chicken.  The lazy bums who want to enjoy their lives and think liberalism will never destroy anything and the nazis who want to create a new world order and are sure the collapse is coming.  Only time can prove one side or the other right.  Until then all we can do is drive straight at each other.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Magical Dreamers is a remix:

You would think after all this time I still wouldn't be coming across remixes in my music hall of fame, but no, they're an ever-present danger.  The culling never ends.  54 plays in, I suddenly realized it shared the same tune as 'Another Mabuure,' only with different instruments, different pacing, and different length.  Since I prefer bell chimes to the electric guitar, Magical Dreamers was labelled the remix and sent packing, while 'Another Mabuure' got to stay.

This cut won't last long, as Granblue's new opening, 'Stay With Me,' is set to join my music hall of fame as soon as the full length song is officially released.  However, there are a lot of songs that may not survive the full 100 listens.  There is historic precedent of me cutting songs that had already been heard 95 times from my hall of fame.  Just as there are plenty of albums I'm looking forward to that might expand my hall of fame, there are plenty of songs I'm dubious about that might shrink it.  The music hall of fame is like an ever evolving, ever reviving, ever growing, ever dying phoenix.

The actual best election strategy isn't to run as 'America First,' whatever that means.  It's to accommodate any and all democratic wishes that America can still survive, in order to get as many moderates on our side as possible.  This means legalizing drugs, transgender rights, gay rights, public health care, free abortions for all, equal pay for women, free daycare, blacks policing their own neighborhoods as loosely as they please, gun control, and so on.  The only two things republicans should draw the line on is combating climate change and open borders/amnesty.  If you stop those two democratic initiatives the country will survive.  If you let either of those things through it's over.  Which means we shouldn't be encouraging Republicans to get further right, they should actually be running pell-mell to the left so that we can win over moderate white and even non-white voters who don't yet want to destroy the country utterly by shutting down our power grid/flooding us with third worlders.

If Republicans ran as Democrats who don't want to destroy the country utterly, we could win the election easily for much longer than we're slated to stay in power now.  We must move massively left and stay in line with the American populace.  It's okay to be wrong about stupid and meaningless things.  What we can't afford to be wrong about are things that would instantly and irreversibly destroy the country if implemented.

Even this will only buy us some time, but it might let Republicans stay in power 50 more years instead of just 4.  If you want to win through electoral politics, you have to pick your battles and only fight winnable ones.  It's no use trying to force politicians and think tanks to say utterly unpopular and unelectable things.  Israel is an extremely popular country in America with around 80% support.  There is no Earthly reason why the far right should be exhausting itself trying to get Republicans to turn on Israel.  All that will do is make them even less popular and likely to win elections, which means we can't defend the two hills we must actually die on -- fossil fuels and open borders.

It's also retarded to keep inserting 'Christian values' and 'our Lord Jesus Christ' in an era of rapidly declining religiosity.  You just sound like a stupid country bumpkin who's completely out of it.  The voters don't want to turn America into a theocracy, they're mostly atheist or agnostic and want secular values and beliefs to prevail.  Any mention of Christianity is radioactive and will send potential supporters running for the hills.  Christianity is a losing, dying religion and only losers cling to it on their losing way down to the bottom of the status pole.  Anyone who says "I'm a christian" turns themselves, as far as the listener is concerned, into a drooling cave man.  They don't even bother to listen to anything else you might say after that.  It's such a retarded, primitive religion, there's no reason why anyone should continue listening either.

We want Republicans to win elections because they are currently stemming a tide of socialism, environmental doomsday cultism, and third world migration which will utterly annihilate us.  Why are you going on about completely irrelevant, losing arguments like 'muh Christian values,' 'we must ban porn,' 'Israel isn't our friend,' 'repeal gay marriage,' 'ban abortion,' etc, etc?

Not only do you lose the vast majority of Americans with your theocratic crap and anti-semitism, but you alienate the richest, highest status, and smartest section of America which has the most sway -- and happen to be disproportionately atheist, Jewish, socially liberal, pro-choice, etc.  There are a lot of billionaires who think socialism is a bad idea, who aren't convinced we should shut down the power grid or eat bugs, and who think only high skilled legal immigrants should be allowed into the country.  There aren't any billionaires or well respected thought leaders who will ever join the 'America First' political platform.  All you're doing is undermining Republicans and making us look unreasonable and stupid as the country as a whole moves further and further left.  To what end?  Why would you possibly think this is a good idea?

If the far right wanted to be constructive and a light unto the world, it could fight a revolutionary war and institute real change for the betterment of our people, like mandatory marriage and mandatory fitness laws.  Alternatively, it could settle a new frontier and create a utopia from scratch constituted solely of right thinking individuals from the start.  But they choose neither constructive option.  Instead they want to badger people about Israel maybe possibly knowingly killing some sailors 50 years ago due to an understandable wish to protect their country from extinction in the middle of an Arab war of annihilation against them.  Even if Israel was guilty of this crime, it was 50 years ago and has nothing to do with today, and anyone in the same position would've done the same or worse, so what are we even talking about here?

Remember the Lusitania?  Exact same situation.  Britain wanted the USA to join the U.K. in their war against Germany, so they deliberately loaded a passenger ship full of USA civilians with armaments and then slowed to a crawl in known German sub-infested waters to make sure that everyone onboard would be killed.  When the Germans foolishly sank the ship in accordance with their strict blockade standards of nobody being allowed to ship weapons to Britain, the massacre planned by the British of USA civilians was completed.

Now, this might sound evil or atrocious or whatever, but the fact is Churchill planned this event in the hopes of getting the USA to save the U.K. from a losing war and at that point they were willing to try anything.  And in fact it succeeded.  The USA joined World War I against Germany and the U.K. ultimately prevailed.  That's called realpolitik.

So did Israel take a lesson from Churchill and the Lusitania, and shoot up the USS Liberty in the hopes of pinning it on Egypt, so that the USA would join Israel in its Arab-Israeli war?  Maybe.  Or maybe it was just a case of mistaken identity.  But even with the worst possible interpretation, that makes Israel exactly as bad as Great Britain.  As the freaking war hero Churchill.  And note, this happened 50 years ago.  No one from that time is even alive in either country.  It's completely dead history by now, our current relation with Israel has nothing to do with the realpolitikers of that era.

You want to lose all future elections?  Keep nattering on about the USS Liberty, pornography, gay marriage, the right to commit mass shootings with AR-15's, cracking down on marijuana and abortion.

You want to save this country, your wealth and your family from complete societal breakdown?  Argue calmly and intelligently about the cost benefit comparison of stopping climate change versus stopping our electric grid.  Point to easier and better ways to forestall global warming's 'cataclysmic future' like geoengineering or future energy miracles that will make weaning off fossil fuels costless.  Then talk about the corruption, poverty and crime that open borders would bring to our cities and neighborhoods.  Talk about how the refugees to Germany are still 90% on welfare even five years after their arrival.  Talk about Mexico's current state of lawlessness and out of control murder rate and explain you don't want these things to spill over into America.  Talk about the birth rate in Africa, the coming billions of people who will want to come here, and how it isn't possible for a country of 330 million to accommodate them all.  Explain that America must look after its own, that already 40% of the country doesn't even have $500 in savings, and that all possible welfare benefits should be used to uplift our fellow countrymen because they're already our responsibility as countrymen.

We can win these two arguments.  The facts are on our side.  The population is persuadable, they are leaning against these 'bright new Democratic ideas' already.  Engage Democrats on these two vital issues and promise you'll compromise on anything and everything else, but you can't compromise on these two things because you know in good conscience that would be the end of America the very next day.

Even if you take this advice, become a moderate, and continue to win elections while forestalling the worst democratic ideas and innovations from happening, we're still doomed.  This is because it's impossible for family formation to occur and for people to be physically, spiritually, and mentally healthy in an environment of anything goes freedom.  A liberated people have proven themselves unworthy and incapable of self-maintenance.  They're unmarried, divorced, adulterous, drug users, sluts, and fat deviant trash that no longer reflects any of the virtues that give humanity value.  This is why the far right is needed and why the far right should act to save at least some tiny nook of the world from the ravages of unlimited freedom that liberals have wrought.  But at least this is not a time sensitive issue.  These problems could be fixed decades from now, centuries from now, before the last moral corner of humanity winked out.  There are still plenty of virtuous, upright, healthy, even godly people in America and elsewhere.  They can turn things around by clinging together any time.  What none of us can do is survive the socialist/environmentalist/open borders apocalypse that is knocking at our door right now.  So at the very least, if the far right is too comfortable and complacent to do anything about the long term poisons of liberalism, if we are unwilling to create a society in which children can possibly grow up healthy and normal, at the very least, can't we at least keep the power on, the water on, the dams and bridges up, the murder rate down and other basic norms of civilization by moderating our message, winning over moderates, and winning the still winnable battles while we still can?

This is a battle on two fronts.  On one front, philosophically, we must convince enough people to take the crisis of infinite freedom liberalism seriously enough to do something about it.  We must stem the black morass of decadence that has left most people stranded, unloved, ugly and full of lies.  This will come in the form of a revolutionary war or a settlement of a new frontier and a year zero approach to all current values and ethics.

On the second front, when it comes to electoral politics, we must look to what is possible in a democracy, strive to forge together a majority of the populace consensus, and protect our lives and our fortunes from imminent and total destruction.  Right now the democrats are promising to shut down all fossil fuels and open the borders to billions of Africans.  If we allow either of these things to happen there won't be any philosophical convincing of any future revival of mankind.  We're all sinking together on the same damn ship!

So when trying to convince people, it should be along one of these two veins.  On one hand, you should point out the long term and pervasive damage of a society based on hedonism and human rights, how it doesn't work out for most people, how each new generation it works out even less, and how we're headed for extinction if nothing is changed.  Do not campaign on a platform of mandatory teen marriage, executing drug users and LGBT's, etc.  That is not for electoral politics.  Any sane person would understand instantly that this will never win over the majority of Americans and thus can never be what we run for office as.

When you talk electoral politics, when you run for office, it should only be about socialism, climate doomsday misinformation, and the damage unlimited third world immigration would do to people's communities, personal safety and pocketbooks.  That's all you need to do.  That's already sufficient to save America from the Democrats.  Pose as a moderate who can take the other side whenever they're reasonable.  Offer gun control, abortion rights for the first two trimesters and free health care for all.  Become a popular candidate who can win over the majority of voters, even given a majority non-white voting populace.

A world without sin is possible only through fight or flight -- it will never win over the majority of voters, the majority of whom could never uphold utopia's standards.  A world with reasonable electoral victories where our primary interests are still defended is possible through voting, but only if we run as reasonable people who are only defending our primary interests and compromising on other people's primary interests.  Democracy is about give and take.  Who knew?

If you want to do political good, become a philosophical guru who convinces whatever critical threshold of people necessary to start society over along better values than 'freedom, democracy and human rights.'  Or run for office as a moderate Democrat and try to carve out the fundamentals necessary to keep America's lights on.  One of the two.  Do not attempt to win an election via re-litigating ancient historical events or reviving ancient 2000 year old religions.  Jesus, people.  Come on!

Give up on America Already:

When Democrats win, and they inevitably will, the demographic momentum is all on their side, they're going to pass open borders immigration and mass amnesty, instantly kicking their voting population up by tens or hundreds of millions (or billions?), at which point no further election in America will have any meaning.  The democrats will then be the permanent one party state with power and control over everything.

This might happen in 2020, or 2024, or perhaps even later, but it will happen.  At which point any long term plans you made in America, like starting a business, getting an education for a high paying job, or starting a family, will be rendered moot.  Our life will then follow the same trajectory as Venezuela's or South Africa's -- no water, no sewage, no power, no food, no security, nothing.  Even the air we breathe and the ground we walk upon will be massively polluted, like all the third world.

I consider it comical and manic for Daily Stormer and the like to be pushing the GOP to have a harder line on LGBT issues, immigration control and an isolationist foreign policy.  This is all well after the horses have already left the barn.  Let's suppose the GOP really does install this entire law code as asked of them -- what then?  There will still be millions of legal immigrants streaming in no matter what we do.  Even if you somehow stopped all immigration, over 50% of the youth of America is non-white.  And guess what, they don't need to win with only non-whites.  At best Republicans win the white vote 60-40, so they only need the non-white population to vote 60-40 Democrat and they've won.  The non-white population routinely votes 80%+ Democrat.

There is no policy platform you could imaginably convince the Republican party to take that could stop the coming Democratic majority in government.  Furthermore, cracking down on LGBT's is a thoroughly unpopular platform, so it will be impossible to even reach 60% of the white vote with that as your battleflag.

I'm so tired of nationalist movements wasting their time, money and energy on fruitless ventures which they should know full well are a complete waste of time, money and energy.  They have access to the exact same facts as I do.  Heck, I learn a lot of these facts straight from them.  There is no possible way to save America from Democratic hegemony, followed by massive non-white immigration and citizenship voting rights, followed by the third worldization of America.  For that matter there's no saving Europe, Australia, New Zealand or Canada either.  They're all on the same trajectory.

Even Russia has a disastrous disbalance in its white birth rate versus muslim birth rate which means it's going under too.  Perhaps it will last a little longer than the rest of us.

There is no white refuge anywhere on Earth and there is no possible political platform that could conceivably win a democratic election that will change any of these trends.

There are two ways to get out of this, like always, fight or flight.  When faced with an existential threat, these are always your only two options.  It is still possible to convince 10% of white men that it is in their own interest to take power by force and ram their preferred political platform down their enemies' throats.  The emerging demographic reality of being disempowered, their wealth confiscated, their incomes enslaved, demonized by the press and stripped of all rights could easily galvanize these men with the wish for a better life that a test of arms could make possible.  If you were calling for all white men of good character to come together to take our country back as a test of arms, like I have called for (civil war now, civil war now), that could be productive.  Then you wouldn't need to win a majority vote for your preferred policies.  We could ban gays, require people stay thin, marry as teenagers, deport or exterminate all non-whites from the country, etc, etc.  We can have any policy we want then.  We don't have to pressure the GOP in town halls to be 5% more to the right on this or that policy.  We can have any policy we want.

Alternatively, if you're too cowardly or soft-hearted to imagine ever fighting no matter how dire the situation portends, if you think white life in South Africa is swell and nothing to get heated over, you can sit there and rot and die alongside all the other failing white countries.

Alternatively, if you think fighting is pragmatically hopeless because we're too outnumbered, out-gunned, out-enthused or whatever, then you could choose flight.  You could call for a massive relocation of nationalists to a single small area and call that our new home, demanding independence just like Slovakia or Montenegro received.  You could flee the entire landmass of the Earth and set up a seasteading.  You could move to unclaimed land in Antartica.  Or you could even organize a push for a moon or Mars or space colony.  If you think these are likelier solutions than battle, you could push for any of these options or more (flight into virtual reality communities where we technically live in dystopia but never even notice because we only interact with utopia).

But if you understand the facts that everyone should understand by now -- that there is no way for a right wing party to win an election anywhere in the white inhabited world in the near future -- what you cannot do is continue to waste your time trolling the mainstream GOP and hoping for a slightly more hardline political platform for the next meaningless and hopeless election cycle.

It's disingenuous.  People cannot honestly believe that the white race is under existential threat from third world demographic change and still be piddling around with these meaningless, useless activities and talking points.  This is what bothers me so much.  There are millions of nazis out there.  People who claim their belief system is as radical as you can get.  Who say they are 'woke' to all sorts of truths and realities, like that non-whites are a threat to whites, women's liberation is killing us and ruining our lives by stopping family formation, gays are degenerates who should be thrown from rooftops, etc.  They say they know and believe all these things, and yet none of their actions point to any of them actually knowing or believing any of these things.  If they did know or believe any of these nazi talking points, they wouldn't be debating Charlie Kirk on foreign aid to Israel, they'd be calling for one of the two viable options left to us as a people, as a race, as a values system -- fight or flight.  Those are the only two options left to us.

Imagine what millions of Nazis devoting all their time, energy and money could do down these avenues.  We could win a war -- establish an independent nation -- travel to Mars -- set up a seasteading, do anything we wanted because the energy of millions of bright dedicated virtuous passionate people is virtually limitless.  Pour all that time, money and energy into something that could actually work in the long term and we could live in utopia in short order.  Instead we are -- what?  Trying to reverse the gay marriage supreme court ruling?  To what end?  For what?  Why?  When America is going to be permanently non-white, third world and Democratic in ten years, what on Earth good is the nazi movement doing?  All these nazis, all these platforms with millions of views and donations of millions of dollars, and they're swirling it around the drainpipe of electoral politics and stupid minutiae.  It's to the point where you start to question their seriousness or even their allegiances.

Rave finished:

I finished reading Rave, but it wasn't as good as I expected it to be.  For every good scene there was a bad scene.  For every good characterization there was a plot hole.  For every beautiful drawing there was some funky looking stupid-head.  This is my least favorite ranked manga because it left me dead inside from start to finish.  I couldn't empathize with anything that happened because it was all so fake and preposterous.  In the end the art really was the only selling point.  Down to #75th it goes.

200 chapters of manga should be more rewarding than this. . .  Oh well.  At least I fulfilled my own hype and read what I told others they should read.  There is no hypocrisy in any of my hall of fame recommendations.  But the next problem is, without 200 chapters of manga to read, with Dracu Riot done, and the next Red Wheel book not coming out until the 15th, I'm really in a pickle. . .

Monday, November 11, 2019

Dracu Riot Completed:

I finished the hidden character bonus route as well as Miu's route and finally finished Dracu Riot.  This was a game that came out in 2008 in Japan, then was translated sometime in 2015 or so, but disingenuously 'pulled' back off the internet and still hasn't had an official release since then.  Luckily I was on the ball and downloaded the translated Dracu Riot when I had the chance, so I went ahead and played it regardless.

This game had some really laugh out loud moments, so I can't be too hard on it.  But I came away not thinking anything special about anyone.  Elina was definitely the best girl, but even she was more funny than anything else.

I wouldn't say it's as good as the maddening but at least educational Hatsukoi 1/1, or the mesmerizing Sanoba Witch, much less a true masterpiece like Clannad, but it's definitely worth playing in full.

My next best visual novel prospect is To Heart 2, but I may just wait for whenever Ayoku no Eustia comes out and not bother with anything until then.

I also finished the newest Hai to Gensou no Grimgar volume.  This was a series of short stories focusing on the earlier era when things made sense and were down to Earth, so naturally it was a great book.  My favorite characters were featured -- Yume, Ranta, and even some Shihoru.

If the next book is as good as this one I hope it comes out soon.  There's a reason Hai to Gensou is my #1 value-added light novel series.

I have 85 chapters of Rave left to go.

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar volume 14+ Available:

Today marks Hai to Gensou day, tomorrow features SAO alternative volume 5, Solzhenitsyn's Red Wheel sequel comes out on the 15th and on the 19th comes Shenmue III.  That should be enough for anyone.

Unfortunately, Btooom!'s final volumes have been delayed to February 18, 2020.  That's a long wait.  But hopefully enough good stuff keeps coming out until then that it isn't a problem.

The Xanth book was pretty good.  The most impressive aspect is that it was volume 42, the author is in his 80's, and yet this level of quality can still be maintained.  Hats off to Piers Anthony.  My biggest complaint with the book is how many girls were interested in the hero.  But maybe that's what life is like once you're high status.  Maybe every girl you meet immediately falls for you.  I've heard tell of basketball stars with 1000's of lovers, so maybe for popular people this is the norm.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Fire Sail available:

The November drought is broken with the release of Piers Anthony's latest Xanth book, 'Fire Sail.'  Between this, Rave and Dracu Riot I should be well equipped.

The blu-ray release of Crest of the Stars/Battleflag of the Stars is scheduled for Christmas day in Japan.  Hopefully some fan translators will step up to the bat from there and deliver this pivotal work into the English canon.

One of the best series ever featuring one of the most beautiful girls ever deserves a blu-ray release.  It sure took long enough.

It used to be that liberals always won on the cultural front -- drug legalization, LGBT crap, hate speech censorship, single motherhood, no fault divorce, equal opportunity quotas, etc.  But they didn't used to win on the economic front.  Because of that, if conservatives simply steered clear of all controversies, if they ignored all the dumb liberal behavior, it wouldn't impact them.  You could separate from the whole mess and let liberals self-destruct all they wanted.

Now there's no refuge left.  With tax rates set to triple or quadruple or god knows what, all effective sources of energy generation and transportation banned, a wealth tax to confiscate everything you've made up until this point, and new regulations put in place which will make businesses physically incapable of making money, there's nowhere left to run.  Conservatives can't mind their own business because they will no longer be allowed to do business.

We're now at the level of Atlas Shrugged socialism.  The wealthy are being hunted down like game and stripped of all their assets while the entire world is being invited in via open borders immigration and promised free goodies like education, housing and health care.

There's no way we can possibly support the entire world's poor but that's what the Democratic presidential candidates are uniformly promising they'll do.  If they win, expect infinite taxes both of income and wealth, infinite open borders immigrants all of whom will be given infinite free stuff, zero electricity for your homes or gas for your cars, shortages of all manufactured goods including food (remember, they're going to ban all GMO's and all meat for the sake of the environment), a mandatory 'civil service' draft (the revival of the corvee tax), the release of all criminal thugs from their prisons back into your neighborhoods and while we're at it a nuclear war with Russia which will be the end of all life on Earth.  To teach them to 'interfere with our elections' and reclaim the holy land of Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk, which suddenly is America's #1 national security need.

If it had just stayed loony cultural liberalism, transgender 7 year olds and slut pride parades, America could have continued.  The economy could have continued.  Science and technological progress could have continued.  Conservatives could have ignored it all and continued to succeed in life.  But this is an unstoppable tsunami.  This is the apocalypse.  There's no escaping the current democratic platform.  This time it isn't the lives of transgender children on the line, it's our own lives and fortunes.  They're coming directly for us.

If we're foolish enough to passively watch this incoming tsunami we deserve what we get.  If you don't re-elect Trump and a Republican House and Senate then kiss America, and quite possibly the entire world goodbye.