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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Muv-Luv Available:

A fan translation of Muv-Luv (Extra + Unlimited) was made long ago, but for whatever reason it never actually ran properly.  Zoom forward many years, and the game was released officially on steam, but that version was censored from its original Japanese version.

Finally we have the best of both worlds.  The uncensored Muv-Luv, that still retains the higher graphics and extra content from the PS3 version, and actually runs on modern computers.  It can now be fetched over at eroge download.

Muv-Luv Alternative, the sequel to this game, is heralded as 'the greatest visual novel ever' by scads of fans.  The only way to properly appreciate Alternative is to play this game first.  So if you want to play 'the greatest visual novel ever,' you're pretty much stuck playing both this game and the next.  Only after putting in that much effort is it even possible to gainsay what all the lovers say about it.  But wouldn't it be even better if what they said were true?  In that case, by listening to their advice, we just bagged one of the greatest treasures of mankind.

There are two hints that this will at least be a good game, though.  First, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien was a good anime, which serves as a sort of prequel/spinoff to Muv-Luv.  Second, Schwarzesmarken was a great anime, which serves as a sort of sequel/spinoff to Muv-Luv.  When so many good things orbit around the same good thing, odds are that one good thing is also good.

Even if I do get this game, there's no way I can play it, like, even this year. >.<.  I just finished Ricca's route in Da Capo III R, but the game still isn't even half done.  There's also Majikoi A-1 and A-2 to think about, plus Really? Really!, and the Grisaia short stories melody and afterglow.

Muv-Luv may well be worth playing, but all of the above visual novels are in my top ten favorite VN franchises of all time, so Muv-Luv will just have to wait.

Sadly, unlike Himeno and Sera, Ricca's route was boring.  I never felt truly connected to her as a lover, it was more like, why the heck are we together?  Plus, I didn't get to see any of the moments I was actually interested in, like Ricca realizing Sakura is our time traveled granddaughter back from the future, or planting the original wish granting tree at hatsujima island.  Maybe they're saving those scenes for later?  If so, it really left the main route lacking, so I can't say I approve.

Next up is Charles Maroth.  Hopefully the writing will live up to the quality of the music this time around.

Meanwhile, rewatching Naruto Shippuudden requires a great deal of skill.  The show is constantly darting into short flashbacks between its actual new material, so you have to constantly be ready to skip through them as each episode proceeds.  Most Naruto episodes are only 2/3 as long as they pretend to be as a result, or even shorter.  It's a very nefarious way to intersperse filler even inside the supposedly canon eps.  Hopefully Bolt simply won't have any filler, since it seems to be more of an anime original concept than a manga anyway, like Dragon Ball Super.  The original airing of Naruto was maddening with how much filler it had, and the rewatch is nearly as bad because of all these stupid needless flashbacks, but at least Bolt can escape all that and just tell a well paced story.  There are only three episodes left of Naruto Shippuuden, so a great deal of change is on the horizon.

Tales of Berseria is a mammoth sized game.  I've finally reached the last therion, but I feel like even this will only be the 'start' of my journey.  There isn't anything particularly wrong with the plot, but I feel like it could have been compressed into a higher fun density value than the finished product they decided upon.  It's probably better than Zestiria (at least the camera is!), but that's not saying much.  It's nothing compared to Xillia or Graces.  The Zestiria anime continues to be filler nonsense.

Sayaka may be the best girl in Majikoi.  I like all the earlier heroines, but they were all over the top, comical figures.  Sayaka seems like a girl you could date and love in real life.  As a result, Majikoi A-1 is off to a roaring good start.

Really? Really! has a weird feature where you play 'doubt' with various false statements said during the game.  I tried doing it on my own and failed, so I quickly got annoyed with the gimmick and just started following a walkthrough.  At least there's nothing wrong with the actual content of the game.  It's still full of lovable and funny characters + an interesting situation/setting, just like the previous two Shuffle universe games.

Chapterhouse Dune is terrible.  I'll finish it eventually, though, just to have the satisfaction of finally finishing this series.

The first Fate/Heaven's Feel movie is scheduled to air in September in Japan.  For the rest of the world, that means May or so of 2018 will be our first shot at it.  It feels like a long wait, but there's tons of other Fate material coming out this year already, so it's not a bad idea to spread things out a little longer.  Until Fate/Heaven's Feel is fully animated, there's no point reading the Hollow Ataraxia sequel visual novel.  I've had that VN in storage for years now, and it looks like it will stay in storage for years to come.  Someday, though, when I'm done with all the other visual novels out there, Ataraxia will definitely be of use!

SAO Volume 17 Finally Translated:

How many years has it been?  Well, in any case, volume 17 is finally available in English, over at Defan's Translations.  I of course read it all in one sitting the moment it became available.  Now I'm waiting on a new cliffhanger, volume 18, to see what happens next.  SAO has already come out with a volume 19 while we've been waiting as well.

Volume 19 is titled Moon Cradle, and begins a new adventure.  As nice as that is, it's not nearly as vital as Volume 18, the final volume of the epic, defining arc of SAO known as Alicization.  I hope to see everyone happy and healthy again by the end of this book, reunited in the real world.  It's been a long, dark trek, into seemingly the same volcanic heart of Mordor as Frodo had to go through.  Actually, hasn't it been even grimmer for Kirito?

Volume 17 is pretty much bathed in darkness.  There's a lot of despair and not much hope even at the end of this volume.  This is not an ideal place to have to wait another year for volume 18 to be translated.  >.<.

But we should be very thankful to even get this dark addition to literature.  Hai to Gensou no Grimgar volume 4 has been abandoned midway.  The same with Oreshura volume 6.5, Haganai volume 10, Zero no Tsukaima volume 20, Maria-sama ga Miteru volume 34, Papa Kiki volume 4, etc, etc.

Hopefully Sword Art Online, the most popular light novel series of all time, at the very least this series should be translated to the end.  But you just never know.  It's a minor miracle whenever any light novel is translated, there are so few people around the world capable and dedicated enough to pull it off.  Here's hoping Defan can pull it off for at least one more volume.  I've awaited the ending of Alicization for what feels like half a lifetime.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Osananajimi wa Daitouryou Fandisc Complete!:

Another long term project finished.  I only became aware of this fandisc's availability a year ago, but at the time I was busy with Hoshizora no Memoria, Koichoco, Majikoi S, etc, etc.  Only now that Majikoi S was done could I focus on playing and finishing this fandisc, and thus my tenth favorite franchise of all time.  But now the dominoes are toppling swiftly.  Two visual novels done in two days.  If only this rate of progress could continue!

Now I can focus on Da Capo III.  But if I ever need a break from that, there's still Really? Really!, Grisaia's short stories and Majikoi A that I've been meaning to play forever now.  There's no shortage of work that needs to be done, and this is all constrained to just the top ten visual novel franchises.  I'm not even trying to branch out or anything here, I'm just trying to fulfill the absolute minimum of the very best content available, and there's still so much to go.  Please, August, Minato Soft, Yuzusoft, Key, Leaf and Circus, please just take a year long hiatus already and give us fans a break!

I also need to get back to reading Chapter House Dune at some point, but it's a terrible book so finishing the Dune franchise has been put on a bit of the backburner.

There's also a ton of Naruto left to rewatch.  The 4th great ninja war is finally starting next episode.  But it starts with all the minor characters no one cares about getting their day in the sun.  Which is really dull.  >.<.  Just skip to the Naruto-Sasuke fight already.  We all know that's the only thing fans ever cared about.

I will say that Naruto Shippuuden episodes 246-249 may be the best four episodes of anime ever.  I wish people could start by watching these four episodes, instead of eps 1-4 of the original series, except I think they would lose a lot of their impact if you just dived in like that.  But how many people will patiently wait 300 episodes to see this scene, which the whole world should see, because it's essentially perfection incarnate?  Stuck on the horns of a dilemma.

The larger point though, is that every now and then, between all of the boring episodes that just care about getting all the pieces in the right place, every now and then, there are moments in this series that are just unbelievably moving and stellar, perfectly written down to every last word, with every facial expression and gesture artistic brilliance.  One of them was Sasuke leaving the village and Sakura's speech trying to dissuade him.  One of them was this sequence with Naruto's parents.  One of them was the original Naruto-Sasuke fight interspersed with our first flashbacks of Sasuke's life-forming memories that unpeels this extremely complex and wonderful character.  One of them was Kakashi, Rin, and Obito's flashbacks together.  One of them was Naruto and Sasuke's fight on the rooftop.  One of them was Naruto and Sasuke's final climactic fight.  One of them was Gaara vs. Lee.  One of them was Hinata vs. Neiji.  One of them was Hinata vs. Pain.  One of them was Orochimaru's introduction.  One of them was Hinata and Naruto holding hands.  One of them was Gai telling Lee to go ahead with the surgery.  One of them was Ino vs. Sakura.  One of them was Naruto mastering the Rasengan vs. Kabuto.  It feels like they're as plentiful as the stars, it's impossible to list them all.

So many incredible, heartwarming, tearjerking, pulse pounding, deeply revealing moments.  Naruto isn't just stupid mistakes and boring stretches of filler.  It's also this.  There's a reason Naruto was my favorite anime of all time for so long.  Who knows, maybe if Bolt is good, it can retrieve the position. . .

Trump is Worthless:

Let's face it, Trump is a failure.  A real leader would have amended all the senate rules to have his full cabinet and Gorsuch appointed by now.  There is no legal reason why any of this should have taken any time.  With a Republican majority senate, all of these appointments could have been made by now if Republicans just had the will to do so.  They lack the will, which means they've already betrayed their voters long ago.

In addition, if Republicans had the will, they could have simply impeached any judge that rules against Trump on his immigration orders, and appointed new, pro-Trump judges in their place.  With the presidency and the senate this too could have been done immediately.

If Republicans had the will, they could have declared martial law in Berkeley and arrested every single rioter and put them in prison for ten years or more on various charges.

If Republicans had the will, they could have removed all our sanctions on Russia and restored peaceful relations with them already.

If Republicans had the will, they could militarize the border and stop anyone from getting through illegally, as well as use the national guard and military to round up and deport the eleven million illegals currently in America.  The law already says they are not supposed to be here and need to be deported, no changes even need to be made except to enforce the law.  If any judge gets in the way just impeach him or her and move on.

If Republicans had the will they could have arrested every single person who threatened to assassinate Trump or overthrow the elected government and put them in jail for five years or more.

If Republicans had the will they could have reformed health care, taxes or any other policy long ago.  You have the house, the senate and the presidency.  Just get rid of the senate rules slowing down debate and pass the bills already.  They've had months to write whatever legislation they wanted ever since the results of the November 8th election became clear.  Why are they only starting to write these bills now?  This is absolute nonsense.  The Republican party could have had an entire legal platform already fully written, ready to implement by vote on day one, the moment they were sworn in.  Instead we get some vague talk of maybe doing something this year.  Yeah right.  If they had the will to do anything it could have been done already, long ago.

If Republicans had the will they could simply arrest any state official or city official who refuses to enforce immigration law.  Hang them all as traitors and be done with it.  Sanctuary cities are a joke, and only a spineless government would have to put up with them for a nanosecond.

If Republicans had the will they could have abandoned all mainstream media, refused to report anything to them or answer any of their questions.  They could have nationalized twitter and facebook as public utilities and then sent their messages directly to the people.  The fact that they still even bother with the leftist, liberal media proves they're still part of the same multi-headed liberal hydra.

If Republicans had the will they could have immediately returned money to the gold standard and abolished the fed.  They could have balanced the budget.  They can do anything.  They are in control of all branches of government.  Yet they do nothing.  They can't even get a cabinet appointed, and virtually every member of said cabinet is likely to just be fired again, like Flynn was, only days after taking office.  What's the use of an administration that's losing members faster than they're being instated?  At this rate we still won't have a full cabinet four years from now.

I hoped that Trump was a genuine outsider who stood for real change, but he hasn't changed anything.  It's the same foreign policy as Obama, the same domestic policy as Obama, every policy is the exact same as before.  We are still heading towards total ruin and devastation.  In fact, it's only accelerated, because under Obama at least there wasn't this toxic legal precedent that foreigners have the constitutional right to immigrate to America, which is now the settled law of the land under Trump.

Trump the symbol, the neo-nazi resurgent who champions white America, that liberals were so frantically attacking, was worth defending.  It's great that he won because it meant white nationalists can no longer be marginalized, we are in the middle of the conversation again.  If a nazi runs the white house, then Nazis are mainstream.  Having Trump win despite being called a nazi opens up the discourse for everyone else accused of being a nazi in America, including actual Nazis who are proud of it.

That investment has already paid off.  Just by winning we already got that benefit.  In addition, just by winning we've prevented the satanic hag Hillary from being president.  Trump has already delivered every benefit he's ever going to deliver.  He's now just as worthless and despicable as any other politician.  The honeymoon is over.  I despise Trump for what he said about Crimea.  Only a liar and a coward could have said that.  He has lost all legitimacy as a leader or a moral figure from here on.  He's just another worthless neocon piece of shit.

It's clear that if this is the most right-wing fanatic America can elect anymore, then it's all over for America.  Because we needed someone way more right wing than this to get anywhere.  We can't even deport illegal immigrants, much less stop legal immigration, restore the traditional family, eliminate our national debt, or do anything else that's vital and necessary to save our country.  The very best thing Trump could do at this point is allow white America to secede from the west and east coast, but of course he won't allow that either, because he's actually a liberal New Yorker and cares nothing about our future.

Even in the best case scenario, I predicted there was no way Trump could restore America's glory, because over 50% of children in America are non-white.  That was a best case scenario.  Now we see that the reality is a worst case scenario.  If anything, Trump is now less effective combating illegal immigration than Obama was.  How is that even possible?  He could stop immigration right now by just setting the number of refugees allowed into the country to zero.  He has that power, the courts did not deny him it even in the most recent ruling.  But he didn't use it.  Because he's a shill and a traitor, and he never meant a damn word he said on immigration.

America is still occupied territory.  Everything we do, both domestically and abroad, is just evil.  Everything we say is a lie.  Our governments are just fountains of injustice, lies and economic blight.  Security is worse than ever.  We look to be starting wars with Russia, China and Iran simultaneously.  I can't point to a single thing that could be construed as a win.  Will the wall ever actually be built?  After all the promises he's already broken (what happened to repealing daca/dapa?), I wouldn't count on this ever happening either.

There's clearly no way to vote our way out of this mess.  Even Trump's milquetoast executive order against the worst type of scum refugee immigrants is unpopular.  The majority of Americans want unrestricted floods of Yemenis and Syrians coming in forever.  If that's the case, there's no way someone right of Trump on a true immigration restrictionist platform could ever win the presidency.  Which means we're stuck with shills like Trump who make a few gestures and then ultimately back down to liberal judges and do nothing.  Whee.

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.  Voting has failed.  Private plans are the only possible route to success from here.  Currently, white nationalists are content with life in America.  They're still fat and happy and comfy, so they're fine staying under this crooked government.  But that's going to change pretty soon.  I don't see our children living in anything other than a wasteland, that is if Trump doesn't get us into a nuclear war before then.  Once that wasteland has come true, surely by then a seasteading project, a space colony, or a breakaway Republic of Montana will sound a lot more attractive.  Then we can start to see real positive change for the movement.  Trump is just another dead end.

I'm Sick of Trump Caving on Russia:

Donald Trump was elected on the premise that he would be conciliatory and peaceful towards Russia.  He's completely betrayed that campaign promise.

First, he 'admitted' that Russians hacked John Podesta and the DNC, even though there's no evidence to that effect, and in addition Julian Assange, who has been trustworthy, far more so than the FBI or CIA, for decades now, personally guaranteed, repeatedly, that the leak did not come from Russia.  Not that it should matter in the least who hacked Podesta, since Americans have a right to know what the people they're electing really think and say behind closed doors.  If we are not a fully informed electorate, we'll make bad decisions, and democracy will fail.  Only an informed electorate can vote for the right person, so whoever did that hacking was aiding democracy, not 'hijacking' it, 'hacking' it, or whatever.  It's secrets that hijack democracy, truth is never wrong.

But Trump completely caved on that issue.  He hasn't rescinded the sanctions Obama placed on Russia over the issue, which any honest person would have done on day one, alongside an apology for the ridiculous action Obama took in the first place.

Next he threw general Flynn under the bus and fired him, simply for talking to a Russian diplomat.  What was the horrible thing he talked about?  He asked Russia kindly not to impose counter-sanctions on America for what Obama did, to which Russia generously agreed.  That's his crime.  He negotiated a de-escalation of tensions with Russia, so obviously he had to go.  There were no bribes, no foul play, nothing illegal, no leaking of confidential information.  He was fired simply for getting along with Russia.

Now he demands Russia return Crimea to Ukraine.  Hello?  How do you think Texas joined the Union?  We voted in a referendum to join the USA, and the USA accepted.  They even went to war with Mexico in order to seize the territory (and more) for themselves.  Who the hell are we to say that Russia can't do the exact same thing regarding Crimea (or more)?  Crimea voted in a referendum to leave Ukraine and join Russia.  So what's left to say?  They have a right to self-determination, just like Texas had.  Russia felt like accepting, just like the USA did.  End of story.  Is Trump going to hand Texas back to Mexico?  If not, how dare he say anything about Crimea?

On the campaign trail, Trump said Crimea wanted to be part of Russia so it wasn't a controversy.  He said he was prepared to recognize Crimea as a fundamental part of Russia.  Now he's demanding Crimea be returned to a country that hates the people of Crimea and would gladly genocide them if they could get away with it, just like they've been indiscriminately killing the civilians of the Donbass in any way they could.  Who on Earth could possibly imagine this has even a speck of justice or morality connected to it?  The people of Ukraine are evil.  Crimea wishes to be part of Russia.  What on Earth, what part of the puzzle does Trump no longer understand?  On the campaign trail he seemed to get it, and now he's completely clueless.

Trump has betrayed the good will of Russia and the American voters who voted for him to make peace with Russia.  He's a lowlife maggot for bending to whatever deep state pressure is being put on him, and caving in to a policy that is brazenly and manifestly hypocritical, immoral, and downright stupid.

This is how stupid his statement is.  Return Crimea, or else.  Or else what?  How the hell are you going to threaten Russia?  They could whip us in a conventional war, and they have about ten times as many nukes as we do on top of that.  I'd love to see America try to 'liberate' Crimea.  We could all laugh about Trump's suicidal policy in hell.  So, seriously, what the hell is the point of even making demands that obviously won't be obliged and will just result in nuclear Armageddon?  It just makes Trump look weak and ineffectual.

Trump says, "Russia needs to return Crimea now."
Putin says, "yeah, no, not gonna happen.  Go fuck yourself."
Trump says -- what, exactly?  No, really.  What's the next move here?  Except to curl up into a corner and whimper?

"I'm gonna pass sanctions on you, you'd best watch yourself, I've grabbed pussy in seven systems?"

Putin's a killer from the KGB.  He's not afraid of you, fucking pussy.  Russia has plenty of trade possibilities with Iran, Brazil, China, India and the likes.  He never needed the USA to begin with.  Russia is so huge it could be completely internally self-sufficient if it ever wanted.  It's also more white than the USA, and with a higher birth rate than white Americans, so it has a much brighter future than we do anyway.  There is absolutely zero pressure we could possibly apply on them.  We'll collapse long before they do.

Putin has 82% popularity in Russia and has been overseeing unprecedented growth in his country for decades now.  The length of life under Putin in Russia has shot up ten years in duration.  Meanwhile America's average length of life is going down.  We're killing ourselves with the diseases of despair, heroin and alcohol, while Russia surges ahead full of healthy, happy, hopeful people having lots of beautiful brilliant white children.

You're not going to pull off a color revolution like you did with Ukraine.  Putin is so popular, if any crowd did try to gather in the Kremlin and pull that kind of shit, the people of Moscow would personally rip them apart with their bare hands.  You wouldn't even need to call in the 2,300 newly built, circa 2016 technology Armata tanks.

There is nothing Trump, or America, can do to Russia.  Russia is stronger than us militarily, more respected diplomatically in the world, has a stronger economic base (growing way faster than the USA has ever since 2009 with zero symptoms of system-wide failure like the USA's crumbling dams and $20 trillion debt), a stronger demographic base, has greater assabiya, and they're even better than us at sports to boot.

So here's an idea.  How about we shut the fuck up about Crimea, respect our betters, and mind our own business?  Putin could show Trump how to get a few things done.  Like, you know, those rioters in Berkeley?  That sure as hell wouldn't have been allowed in Russia.  No one disrespects law and order and lives to tell the tale over there.  Nor would Putin have allowed some shitty local court to suddenly claim that all people in the world have the constitutional right to move to Russia and become Russian citizens.  He would have just had the judge offed by the end of the day and the executive order would have been enforced without a hitch.  But Putin doesn't even have to do that, because there aren't any swarms of third world immigrants flooding into Russia.  They know that that wouldn't fly in Russia, and they'd get their heads chopped off if they tried.  Instead, hundreds of thousands of white Ukrainians are fleeing to Russia every year and enriching their demographic base with beautiful brilliant white immigrants.

Russia has some troubles with poverty, crime and corruption.  But at least Russia will still be Russia in 2100.  Can the same be said of the USA, Canada, Australia or Europe?  ((for dullards, I'll just give you the answer to that question -- no.))

America is going to be a pile of smoldering ruins, torn to shreds by civil war or just race riots and jihadi terror or perhaps even worse, just complete dysfunctionality due to blacks and hispanics trying to maintain the infrastructure like they do so brilliantly in Zimbabwe or Brazil.  Our economic, military, demographic, diplomatic, every single 'superpower' we currently possess will be long gone.  Meanwhile Russia is going to be more united, more proud, richer, happier, bigger and healthier than ever.  They will be the princes of the universe, alongside other sane countries like China, South Korea and Japan who kept their borders closed.  In fact, I assume the countries of Eastern Europe will eventually start begging Russia to annex them, just like Crimea did, once western Europe is overrun with Africans and Middle Easterners.  They will quickly see the vast void, the gigantic gap, between the nihilism of 'Americanism' and Russia's steady hand on the tiller.

"I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live"

Side with America and Western Europe, and you will be swept away by the third world and liberal faggotry forever and ever.  Or you can side with Putin and Russia, with God almighty, with traditional virtues and values, and thou and thy seed can prosper in the gardens of white peaceful bliss and progress forever and ever.  Which way do you think Eastern Europe is going to turn?  (I'll give a hint to the dullards, hello new warsaw pact!)

Trump should stop yipping like a feeble dog at Russia and concentrate on Making America Great Again.  What the hell does his entire campaign promise have anything to do with Russia?  We voted to leave Russia alone and put America, not Ukraine, first.  When was our president replaced by a body snatcher puppet?

Fuck Trump and fuck America.  If we do go to war with Russia over Crimea, count me on the trenchlines of the other side.  I'm going to die for a white country, not a mongrel hell hole.  I'd be proud to die a Russian.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Majikoi S Complete!:

I finally finished Majikoi S.  It took a year (or more?), but that's how all great accomplishments go.  My Tales listening project has also taken over a year, but once I beat Tales of Berseria the game, I can go ahead and listen to the soundtrack next, and then that will be done too.

Majikoi S is such a ridiculously huge game.  20+ routes.  It felt like it would never end.  In such a huge product, just like One Piece or Naruto, there are ups and downs.  Some routes are much better than others, but in order to see the true ending you have to do them all.  The game is devilish like that.  Obviously the programmers who put all their hard work into making the game didn't want the players to half-ass their way through it and not even bother to read all the effort they put into writing, voice acting, drawing and composing.

My favorite routes were Tsubame's (isn't this everyone's favorite?), Monshiro's, Koyuki's, Tatsuko's, Kokoro's, and Iyo's.

With Majikoi S done, I can finally dive into Majikoi A, the third game of the surely now completed trilogy.  With luck, I could even catch up with the translators before all five parts are available.  That would mean all my dilly-dallying wasn't in vain, and couldn't be helped, because the finale wasn't ready anyway.

Majikoi A-3 is already being worked on by the translators, so for now I just have to finish parts 1 and 2.

Between the original, S and A, I had to uprank Majikoi to my 3rd favorite visual novel of all time, behind only Clannad and Da Capo.

Da Capo III is also a top priority for the above reason.  I want to finish both Da Capo and Majikoi because they've both been fantastic so far, both the visual novel versions and the animated versions.

Grisaia, another enormous franchise, comes in 4th.  I still need to read those two short stories that came out recently, afterglow and melody.

Rewrite is 5th for now, but if they ever finish translating Rewrite+ its size will be competitive with the people above it, so it might move back up again.

Kono Oozora is 6th, for the same reason.  Its sequels were never translated, unlike ranks 1-4.

Planetarian is 7th because, in the end, it's just a short story competing with giants.

Shuffle (and Tick! Tack!) is 8th.  I still need to read Really? Really!  If it's good maybe it will go up.

Umineko Chiru is 9th.  They really should have animated this game.  *sigh*

Osananajimi wa Daitouryou is 10th, whose fandisk I'm also nearly done with and need to get back to now that I've finally finished Majikoi S.  This is such an eccentric and silly game to be on a top ten list, but what can I say, it's A) translated, and b) really good!

Just these ten franchises are enough to keep me occupied year-round, so I dearly hope the visual novel translators out there take it easy and give me a break for a while.  I have no idea how Japanese, who get every game translated to start with, can possibly keep up with their tidal wave of great releases.  In a way I'm glad I don't have to deal with that level of difficulty.

Even as I say this, though, To Heart 2 and Dracu Riot's fan patches look to be nearing completion.  Dal Segno and Tenshin Ranman don't look to be that far behind, either.  And then there's Tsui Yuri and Imouto Paradise 2 coming up after that. . .

And this fall, Utawarerumono 3, the grandoise finale of this breathtaking masterpiece that's luckily been animated so far but not for this game so you absolutely have to play it, comes out translated for the PS4.

It's certainly looking to be the year of the visual novel.  I hope I can keep up, but at the very least I completed my New Year's Resolution.  One more promise fulfilled.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

New Game 2nd Season green-lit:

This was a popular manga and a popular show with plenty of material left, so it was to be expected that it received a second season.  It's still a relief to hear it, though, because you never know with these anime studios (where's Index season 3?).

More New Game was on my wishlist of the top 100 shows I want to see animated but haven't been yet, so with this wish granted I took it out and put Tears to Tiara 2 in its place.  Humorously enough, even with a second season, it's still an incomplete, 25 eps or lower series, so its apples to apples category doesn't change in the least.  I'll worry about changing its actual ranking when it comes time to adjust all the rankings together again.

There's also more Idolm@ster coming, but this time about boys.  I hate fujoshi anime.  I guess I'll try the first episode but that's probably it.