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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar volume 9 translated:

The inimitable Hai to Gensou series returns due to the rapid translation efforts by the commercial company that licensed this series.  It's available over at

Due to the World Cup, I don't have any time to read right now, but getting things while they're still seeded is always a must.  The amount of Hai to Gensou we've received this year has been a pleasant surprise and a huge plus for the year as a whole.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Spain-Portugal, best game ever?:

At no time did either team lead by more than 1 goal, and by the end it was all tied up at 3-3.  Goals rained down like a torrent and Ronaldo showed why he's the best ever with his own personal hat trick.  The passing, trapping and shooting displayed unbelievable levels of skill.  Everything moved exactly the way the players intended, on both sides.  I seriously cannot remember a better game of soccer than the one I witnessed yesterday.  And this was just the second day of the competition.

When both teams play that well a draw is the only fair result.  I would've hated to see either team lose that day, after the performances they put in.  This was the ideal ending to the ideal game  I can't wait to see what the World Cup has in store for us as a whole if this is just the appetizer.

Meanwhile, the Angel Beats: Knocking on Heaven's Door manga has suddenly received a lot of translation support.  Now we're almost to the ending, when before we were going nowhere.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Tales of Vesperia will finally be translated for PS4:

The original Tales of Vesperia game came out for the Xbox.  It ended up being the most beloved game in the series, but maddeningly was released for the console least liked by rpg fans.  So arguably the best rpg of all time was not available to the vast majority of rpg fans.  This decision was insane.  In Japan they later fixed this issue, by providing an even bigger and better version of Tales of Vesperia for the PS3, with two new characters and all sorts of other extras.  But they never translated that edition, so American PS3 owners were still out of luck.

Since the Xbox version was inferior to the expanded PS3 version, it also made no sense to play that version anymore.

Ten years later Bandai has finally deigned to provide us worldwide Tales fans a solution -- the translated, expanded game for PS4, with a remaster to boot to take advantage of the PS4's greater computing power.  Now we'll all get to experience the hit everyone keeps talking about but no one could ever play.  The release date is set for this winter, so the wait isn't long now.

Congratulations to Justify for winning the triple crown.

I predicted the Golden State Warriors were invincible and I was proven correct yet again this year.

I also said LeBron James was the greatest basketball player of all time and the Cavaliers reaching the finals again this year just served to prove that point even further as well.

I wanted the Golden Knights to win the Stanley Cup but I guess that was just too good to be true in their first year of existence.

I added a new permapost to my list, 'Beautiful White Girls', to mirror my 'Beautiful Anime Girls' and 'Beautiful Fairy Girls' permaposts.  It's an oldie but a goodie.  Whenever I come across another great picture I update the post, so I figured others should be given the chance to see the continuous improvements as well.

Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card Hen's anime ended, but the storyline certainly didn't.  It just breaks off at a cliffhanger.  I guess that's understandable, since the manga isn't finished yet either.  Maybe the anime will return once it has more content to animate, or maybe people will just have to rely on the manga to see the ending once that eventually arrives.  Who knows, but for now it turns what was a completed anime into an incomplete anime, making the experience much less satisfying than it used to be.

I'm very distressed that Japan is letting in 500,000 foreign 'guest workers.'  In every other country those 'guests' have become permanent, eventually destabilizing the demographics of the country and spelling the nation's doom.  It feels foreordained that Japan will make the exact same mistakes across the exact same span of time and eventually it will be like everywhere else.  This is why the whole world is doomed, not just the white race, if we don't put racism back in power -- westernized East Asian countries take their cues from us and aspire to be like us, so when we are anti-racist they become anti-racist too.  When we commit suicide so will they.  We can't just go down in liberal flames and leave everything to South Korea and Japan.  We're dragging them down with us even as we speak.

Full Metal Panic's season 4 has been fantastic, but without a season 5 to provide the proper ending it will all be for naught.

I renewed my WoW subscription and have been having a ball of a time.  After I got the Legion flight achievement I was able to rapidly level and gear up my alts.  With plenty of unexplored content left and the pre-patch coming up in July, it's a good time to be back.  The new expansion is just around the corner in August so I might just play continuously from now to then.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Index S3 airs this October:

We have confirmation.  Index S3 will be airing this year, in the last possible season, just like SAO and Fairy Tail.  When all these series were announced in 2017 for 'next year' I was super excited, but all three decided to pull the same trick and only start airing in 2018.  The majority of their eps will actually appear in 2019.

What this means is that the fall season of 2018 is going to be one of the best seasons of anime of all time, and 2019 won't be half bad either.  It's about time something good happened on the anime front, so far 2018 has been a real downer.  We just have to survive this summer season with the help of the World Cup and the new WoW expansion and things will turn around.

Survival is getting more and more difficult these days, what with the suicide rate in America being up 30% since 1999.  A 30% overall rise in a time of dropping white percentage of the population (whites commit more suicide than any other race (aside from Amerindians, a very small slice of the pie) in America, what wonderful privilege we must have) means the white increase in suicide must be astronomical, 50% or more.  Everyone is dropping like flies out there, which explains why our average length of life statistic keeps dropping.  This is all really happening.  I'm not talking about hypothetical Armageddons, from the perspective of 1999 we're already in one.

As bad as things are, they're going to look like milk and honey by 2100, when all these trend lines truly come crashing down.  But if we're already suffering from the symptoms of these diseases, isn't it time to get treated by a doctor?  The pain we're feeling right now will only get worse, which means action should be taken sooner not later.  Nothing will improve without us first changing one of the factors that's driving us to extinction.  Prayer isn't going to do anything.  Closing our eyes and whistling and pretending everything is alright won't change anything either.  Only massive political or technological disruption of the fundamental patterns of our lives will change anything.  If you don't make one of these two things happen, you and everybody and everything you love are slated to die.

Meanwhile, K-On! is getting a spinoff, called K-On! Shuffle.  It doesn't seem to be about the same cast, but it's by the same author, so who knows, maybe it will be good.  It's funny how all the old manga is coming back instead of any new good manga entering the picture.  I guess tried and true is just the better business model.

Major 2nd is one such revival of an older manga series, and the good news is it's continuing as an anime into the summer season.  The summer season was looking pretty scanty so this is a mighty reinforcement.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Naruto Kai/Naruto Cut to Manga Available:

Naruto Cut to Manga has suddenly become seeded again.  Now everyone can watch Naruto in its intended form, without all the filler mucking things up.  This is a godsend, because not only is there filler between canon episodes of Naruto, there's also filler within canon episodes of Naruto.  So even if you try to avoid filler you're still stuck with tons of it so long as you're watching the official release.  With this fan edit, all those problems go away and you can watch the Naruto we should have had from the beginning, the one Masashi Kishimoto actually intended for us to see.

As usual, the files can be found at

I swore to never watch Naruto again unless it was a Kai version, and now we have one.  It's amazing how things tend to work out.

Humorously, after just celebrating Naruto reaching its 500th episode, it's about to be cut down to half size with this release.  Well, these things happen.  It may have fewer episodes, but Naruto just doubled in quality as a watching experience overnight.  That's a pretty big deal when it was already the third best anime of all time. . .

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

'I' is for Intellectual Honesty:

Cry-a-Live and City of Hopelessness were remixes of Live-A-Live so they were cut.  That brings us down to 5266 songs.

Meanwhile, India has reduced its fertility rate to near replacement levels.  South Asia is a hellhole comparable to Africa, but at least it shows flashes of hope sometimes.  Maybe in another hundred years India will be livable, unlike Africa which is slated to swell to 4 billion people all just as poor as the ones who currently live there (and let's be serious, 4 billion is an underestimate.  Like every other UN estimate of Africa's population growth, it has always fallen short of the dire reality).

We should be forcefully controlling the birth rates of that continent if not killing them outright.  The other option is to watch the whole world get swarmed by their geometrically growing numbers until the last light of hope in the universe blacks out.

Like Islam, Africa's out of control criminality, stupidity and fecundity represents an existential threat to mankind.  Genocide is the proper proscription.  No one but me is willing to say it.  I will not apologize for saying it.  Everyone else around me is going to be apologizing to our grandchildren for not believing me when they had the chance, though.  The end of the world is nigh, it will occur within this generation, people alive today will get to see black world come true.  All because my substantial, intellectually honest articles were not heeded when we still had a chance.

Even without black world, feminism represents an existential threat to the continuance of life on Earth, as I spelled out with brutal factual simplicity in this post:

Sadly, genociding women won't solve this problem.  But enslaving them would.  I've spelled out before what it would take to turn the ship of civilization around from women's choice to either not reproduce at all or reproduce with the worst men available -- mandatory marriage for all by age 20 and at least 2 children by age 25 with no option for divorce.  If women don't quickly choose someone to marry themselves their marriages will be arranged by state-administered e-harmony like statistical matching websites.

I make no apologies for endorsing the mass stripping away of female liberty.  You could describe it as mass rape if you wanted, but guess what, I'm fine with that.  Because without it we're looking at a far worse abyss, as spelled out in the statistics from the post linked above.  As an intellectually honest utilitarian, mass rape is just another tool in my toolkit.

In fact, the post linked was so informative and so compelling that I added it to my 'marriage' permapost:, which goes even more in depth into the issues we're facing on this front and the solutions we must turn to if we are to survive.

It's the first post this year that earned the honor of reaching my permaposts, so if you read anything by me this year let it be this one.  IT'S THE BEST I CAN DO WITH MY 140 IQ.

Mass murder, mass rape, slavery, anything goes here at the Road Less Traveled.  Because if we do nothing, we're all doomed.  Radical problems require radical solutions, solutions you'll only find here, even though the problems can be found everywhere, because I'm the only one intellectually honest enough to embrace them.

Battle for Azeroth Comes out August 14th:

WoW's newest expansion has finally seen fit to grace us with its presence.  Almost exactly two years after Legion's release, when they keep telling us they're aiming for new expansions every year.  *sigh*  There's no way Legion had enough content to play for two years straight.  If anyone genuinely kept their accounts active during this entire interim they're crazy.

But, if people wisely turned off their accounts until the newest expansion was ready, the pre-patch is coming July 1st, so it's almost time to dive back into Azeroth and look at all the pretty new improvements again.  Void Elves especially look like a cool new addition.

Meanwhile, I found some more remixes among my new Yoko Shimomura music, so that reduced my music hall of fame back down to 5268 songs, still 11.9 days in length.  There's always more remixes, but hopefully I weeded most of them out while listening to all the new songs six times as planned.  Now I'm back to listening to my whole assemblage of music instead of just my newbies again, and it's glorious.  Dear Friends into Dawn into Cosmo Canyon, hits as far as the eye can see. . .

Kimi ni Todoke hasn't received any fan translations in a long time, but its official translation is clipping along.  The final volume will be commercially released in English December 4th, so one way or another I intend to see the ending to this long running classic series.

Even though it seems impossible, Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card Hen is wrapping up next episode.  I wonder if the manga will be different from the anime when it reaches this same point?  The anime ending before the manga always makes me afraid that I'm just watching pointless filler. . .

A populist party won the most votes in the recent Slovenian election, but it probably won't be able to form a government due to a cordon sanitaire, the typical tactic used against any popular party in Europe.  Still, it's a sign of growing health.  It's like the Trump victory was a signal to the rest of Europe that it was okay to stay white.