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Friday, May 26, 2017

More Cuts:

If there are two different instrumental takes on the same theme, it's not on the level of immediate disqualification (though my patience for this may eventually grow thin).  Even if there's ten different takes on the same theme, ala the FF 10 Songs of Prayer, I think that's kind of cool.  But what I can't abide is an instrumental version of a vocal song.  Every time you hear the instruments play, you're tormented by the cognitive dissonance of the vocals playing in your head but not being there in the song.  You keep thinking, "this is what should be happening, but it's not.  Why isn't the singer singing yet?  What is going on?"

No matter how good the song would have been if there weren't a vocal version to compare it to, the lack of the vocalist makes it worse than useless, it's actively painful.  As such, songs like Love Grows, Crossing those Hills, My Mind, Yuna's Theme, Garnet's Theme, etc, all had to go.  Suteki Da Ne, Eyes on Me and Melodies of Life are all that's necessary, thank you very much.  Stop producing bunshins (fissioned off inferior copies of the original).

I'm still hearing multiple versions of the same tune, like the chocobo songs, but at least this way I'm never listening to a strictly inferior version of the same tune.

This reduces my song list down to 3665, still in the pattern of --

6 star: 700  FF: 415, Tales: 98,   Other: 187
5 star: 700  FF: 374, Tales: 203, Other: 123
4 star: 700  FF: 196, Tales: 469, Other: 35
3 star: 700  FF: 338, Tales: 254, Other: 108
2 star: 700  FF: 192, Tales: 444, Other: 64
1 star: 165  FF: 0,     Tales: 165, Other: 0

A lot of good manga came out today, headlined by the latest chapter of Fairy Tail.  I liked the Zeref/Mavis interactions, like always, but I feel Hiro Mashima missed an opportunity at seriousness/realism by reviving yet another character he pretended was dead in saving Makarov.  How many times is he going to body fake us with deaths that never actually materialize?  There's only so many chapters left, so you have to imagine there can't be many more of these stupid stunts.

The Mavis stuff more than makes up for the stupidity of no one dying in Fairy Tail, which I'm used to by now.  Fairy Tail is the #1 manga because it has scenes like the one with Mavis.  But it isn't the theoretically highest possible pinnacle of art.  If a series ever came along with Fairy Tail's strengths but none of its weaknesses, that would be a big improvement.  Maybe Mashima himself can do better next time, since he intends to quickly start a new series once Fairy Tail is finished.

What Could Have Been:

Pretty Cure is not #1 because it's some sort of unstoppable juggernaut of quality.  It has plenty of flaws and weaknesses.  It's just that no one else is being given the level of support Pretty Cure has received.  If other stories were animated in full like Pretty Cure is, any number of contenders could possibly surpass the current #1.  In a more ideal world, these guys could all be ranked higher than Pretty Cure.  Potential #1's if a franchise were finished being made and then fully and perfectly adapted:

Sword Art Online
Fairy Tail
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
Little Busters!
Higurashi/Umineko no Naku Koro Ni
Seikai no Monshou/Senki/Danshou
To Aru Majutsu no Index/Kagaku no Railgun
Full Metal Panic!
Ranma 1/2
Da Capo
Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai
Hayate no Gotoku
Maria-sama ga Miteru
World of Witches
Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai
Haruhi Suzumiya
The World God Only Knows
Rurouni Kenshin
Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!
Hai to Gensou no Grimgar
Sailor Moon
Tales of 'x'
Eromanga Sensei
Suka Suka
Youjo Senki
Outbreak Company
Akame ga Kill!
Akatsuki no Yona
Juuou Mujin no Fafnir
Negima/UQ Holder
Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa wo Hirogete
12 Kingdoms

I'm not saying these shows would definitely beat Pretty Cure, I would have to actually see to judge.  But I think they're close enough in the ballpark that there's a chance such a thing could happen with any of these 45 franchises.

This is what makes my rankings so frustrating.  The place a show ends up in my rankings says nothing about their innate quality as a source material, and their potential if only they were adapted faithfully.

Freezing could be the best story ever and it doesn't even appear in my anime rankings!

This is also why my anime wishlist is so important.  If you consider a #1 show being worth at least 10 average ranked series, if we produced in effect 45 additional #1's, that would be like creating 450 new great anime series, or in other words, tripling the quality of anime overnight.  Add in the other 55 wishes on my wishlist and we could be talking about quintupling the quality of anime.  Anime has so much more potential than what it's shown the world so far.  With a proper charitable billionaire, we could produce all these shows and more even at a loss, and the world would be so indescribably more beautiful for it.  Anime is already the best thing on earth, so can you even imagine how joyous it would be if it were five times better?

Dimension W Ova Finally Subbed:

Good news!  The most egregious failure of the fansubbing world has been rectified.  Dimension W's ova, which came out last year, is now available for viewing this year.  I guess the next most pressing demand is the Fate/Kaleid Liner 3rei specials, but an entire ova > mere specials.

This is the last holdover from 2016 we were waiting for.  From here on 2017 will have to make its own good anime.  As nice as it is to have the complete Dimension W anime, it's still not out in blu-ray so rewatching it still remains impossible.  Maybe someday.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


All the arrowverse seasons are finally over.  Supergirl continued its Hillary sloganeering to the very end, so I'm happy to be rid of this series.  Flash had a stupid, contrived resolution to the Savitar problem followed by a stupid, contrived dramatic new problem, so I'm happy to be rid of this show too.

Arrow had a perfect ending, with everything coming full circle and the flashbacks finally getting back to episode one.  However, with the island being blown up and the fate of our heroes all unknown, I'll have to at least watch the first episode of season six to find out what happened to them.  I can always drop the show after that, but this cliffhanger is a little too much.

Legends of Tomorrow had a pretty good second season, so I'm willing to give the third season a shot.  No harm in watching a little more.

So that's where we are now:  Supergirl done, Flash done, Arrow almost done, Legends of Tomorrow maybe watchable.

In any event, there won't be any more superhero tv for half a year now, whether I'd like to watch it or not.

Meanwhile, a new animated project has been announced for Non Non Biyori.  I doubt it's a third season, but every little bit counts, so I'm happy to see more of this great show.

My estimate was a little off.  Fairy Tail will end a couple months from now, rather than a couple months from when I said it was going to end in a couple months.  But I was still really close.

Sean Hannity is at risk of losing his job at Fox News for daring to mention the truth about the Seth Rich case, which just goes to show how worthless mainstream news sites are.  The actual news sites that are willing to tell people what's really going on in the world are all internet based, and no amount of censorship can deter them from getting out the real news.  You can't stop the signal, no matter how many popular Fox news hosts you fire.  Every time you fire Hannity, O'Reilly, Ailes and the rest, that just drives more and more people to the alt-right because they're hungry for truth and they aren't getting it anywhere else anymore.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

No Pity for Manchester:

Ayn Rand's greatest literary masterpiece was the chapter where she showed that everyone on a train that drove into a tunnel, crashed headfirst into another train going the other way in the tunnel, and blew up and killed everyone, everyone on that train had contributed in one manner or another to the deteriorating conditions of America that allowed accidents like that to happen.

They had all driven down standards, criticized excellence, impeded merit, undercut productivity, and sabotaged wellness in one way or another.  And blowing up on that train because America was no longer healthy enough to perform basic tasks anymore was their karma.  Who do you think made America so dysfunctional trains can't even run on time anymore?

It was the people.  The people who sat by, did nothing, and parasitically conformed to the world-destroying narrative because they weren't courageous enough to name the lie and pick up the battle standard of truth which could have saved them and their country.

I delight in the deaths at Manchester, just like I delighted in the fictional deaths of the people on Ayn Rand's train.  These are the exact same people who demonize Nazis, celebrate diversity, and call for tolerance and #refugeeswelcome, #I'llridewithyou, #Notallmuslims, blah blah blah.  It's a shame I can't collect all these scum into one place and blow them all up.

I doubt there was a single person at this prurient concert with correct views on life or a virtuous lifestyle.  After being blown up by the Muslims they so love, they're now burning in hell where they belong, for bringing this filth into our white countries and creating the intolerable conditions that will only get worse every generation from here on, until we live like Christians in Egypt or Iraq, hunted down one by one until our total extermination from the planet.

Deaths from terrorism are righteous justice from an angry God who has watched all of his greatest works abandoned and destroyed by the very people he most blessed.  We have turned our back on God, and now God is raining down the lightning bolts of karma, of "what did you think was going to happen?", of natural law, of reality, of inevitability, of Truth onto the ripped apart flesh of sinners.

And until the West elects a politician who promises the complete and total removal of all Muslims from their country and a complete ban on any interaction with Muslims from there on, I hope the terrorism continues, bigger and bigger, killing millions, nuking whole cities and destroying every single famous landmark.  Whatever it takes to wake people up, to get through to them that #refugeeswelcome is the most retarded way to run a country to ever exist in human history.  Until they repent, they deserve the punishments of a just and vengeful God.  Let his wrath burn them all to a crisp in holy nuclear fire.

There is simply no excuse, no excuse, any longer, for not understanding that Muslims are a threat and need to be removed from civilized society.  If you don't get that yet, I hope you and everyone you know dies a horrible, painful death and everything you ever cared about is eradicated forever.  I hope you and your entire line dies out forever and history never again speaks your name.

There is no point talking to these diseased filth anymore.  Even my dog could understand why Muslims are bad after this many examples.  These people are sub-sentient and subhuman and they all just need to die in nail bombings one after the next forever.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Index NT volume 18 Complete:

I finished the newest Index New Testament novel.  Aleister Crowley is killed, except, *spoiler!*, a billion more Crowleys take his place.  It appears it's very difficult to actually kill off Crowley cuz he reproduces like bunny rabbits.

Crowley wanted to use magic to destroy all magic in the world, then finally destroy himself and be done with it, because he felt magic was unjust.  Touma shattered that illusion like he does everything else with his right hand.

Now a new villain has emerged in Crowley's stead, Lola Stuart.  And another ten novel epic surely begins in order to take her down.

It's not bad writing, it was actually a fun novel, it just feels like the story is on a treadmill and every time the plot progresses forward, it just takes two steps back again and repeats.  Can we ever have a novel wherein meaningful change actually occurs?

With Index out of the way, Really? Really! remains the sole and only object on all my halls of fame which I haven't actually finished yet.  I'm making progress, slowly but surely.  Hopefully nothing else is translated in the meantime and I can actually reach my finish line before the goal posts start moving again.

Meanwhile, I continued to refine my video game music playlists.  I got rid of a bunch of remixed versions of the same tunes, and just some overall bad songs not worth keeping around.  This got me to 178 songs in my 1 star playlist.  So it goes: 700, 700, 700, 700, 700, 178 = 3678, and not a single one of them a repeat.

Now, there are a lot of versions of FF's prelude, chocobo, etc, but all of these songs have significant enough differences between each other that they do not count as remixes.  It's the remixes that have no such excuse that got the ax this time.

Hai to Gensou volume 4 coming this June:

On June 24th, Hai to Gensou volume 4 is coming out for sale in English.  Previously the book had largely already been fansubbed, but when the series was licensed, the books were suddenly put behind a paywall.

So to get the last few chapters of volume 4, you have to pay for the full price of the book.  To make matters worse, it doesn't appear like any subsequent volumes will be published by the company, so all it did was put the previous fansub behind a paywall.  But maybe just a few pages of newly translated text is worth seven dollars.  This is Hai to Gensou after all. . .

I don't like it, though.  What's the use in getting to read the rest of volume 4 if there will just be another cliffhanger pages later at the start of volume 5?  If the whole series were translated, I could see paying for the last few pages of volume 4, just for the sake of completion, but if you're going to be stuck not knowing what happens either way, what incentive is there to read a few pages more?

So I think I'll keep my money for a translation of volume 5, which would mean the company is actually adding value to the world and not just subtracting from it, by translating new content instead of demanding money for old content.

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar is the highest ranked anime in my rankings that is just one cour in length and features an incomplete narrative, at #69.  That's the absolute best you can do with those sorts of limitations.  Eromanga Sensei, operating under the exact same constraints, is the second highest ranked with those conditions, at #86.

If Hai to Gensou no Grimgar were animated in full, it could be better than SAO for all we know.  And if SAO were animated in full, it would be the #1 anime of all time.  So Hai to Gensou may actually be the best story ever told.  There's just no telling because this stupid company licensed the ongoing fansub project, taking it away, and then only agreed to publish the first four volumes, forever closing us off from the vast majority of the content.  Thanks a lot, bloodsuckers.

Over 60% of my ranked anime is over 25 episodes in size.  As a result, all of these 'one and done' 12 episode anime seasons are essentially doomed to never factor into my rankings in the first place.  It takes a miraculously good story, like Eromanga Sensei, to succeed at that kind of size.  It didn't actually used to be this way.  In the 80's, 90's, and 00's, series were regularly given 24 episodes to start with and multiple sequels if things went well afterwards.  Now it's a bunch of 12 episode seasons which serve as nothing but appetizers, mere advertisements for buying the real product elsewhere, so it's no wonder there hasn't been anything genuinely high ranking since 2012.  Hai to Gensou could've been a contender, but the anime industry changed by the time it came out so it just never had a chance. . .

In other news, Wagamama High Spec won the best visual novel of the year (2016) award, and it's receiving an English translation, so it might be worth looking into once it comes out.