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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Patriotic European Countries must leave the EU:

The European Union was originally a nice idea -- a way to reduce continental tensions by allowing for free trade, free movement of people, a shared currency, a united defense policy, etc.  A continent that had been warring with itself ever since the fall of the Roman Empire finally found peace again, and not a moment too soon with the invention of the nuclear bomb.

But none of that matters anymore, because so long as you belong to the European Union, you cannot stop the third world hordes from flooding in, courtesy of the invitations from Merkel, Macron, etc.

Italy just learned that because it opposed Germany on immigration, it no longer has the right to set its own spending priorities.  The EU is going to decide for Italy what its tax and spending policies must be.  You cannot belong to the EU without submitting to the EU, and the EU wants to turn Europe into another black and brown shithole.

The people of the U.K. finally understood this and voted for Brexit.  It's unclear whether the politicians will ever honor the people's wishes, but at least the people of Britain understood and acted.  Now the remainder of the patriotic nations of Europe must follow their lead and get out while they still can too.  Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Czechia and Italy, who all elected right wing governments, need to abandon ship and save themselves.

The reason I painted all these countries red in my map of the world, in the same category as France and Germany, as doomed to swamping by the third world, despite having elected patriotic anti-immigrant parties to power, is because they still belong to the EU and ultimately it is the EU that decides immigration policy for these countries.  If you don't leave the EU you're all talk.  It's just whistling past the graveyard.

I was very excited about how well the people of Italy would do under a legitimate populist government, but that experiment cannot be held because the EU is vetoing Italy's policy platform.  They aren't allowed to actually be populist about anything.  It's time to rebel against this super-national body and reclaim your sovereignty that should never be pawned at any price.

Perhaps the patriotic countries of central and eastern Europe could form a new league with each other that carries on all the best aspects of the EU.  But the EU run by Merkel and Macron is toxic.  Either the EU must go or Europe will be utterly and totally extinguished.  Leaving the EU is Italy's only chance at survival.  The same for Hungary and all the rest.  Escape, eject, abort!  The EU has failed.  Get while the getting's good.

I voted straight ticket Republican today:

I've done everything I can to support Trump's nationalist agenda.  Everyone else needs to do the same and save our country from the incoming hordes and lawless mobs.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Star Wars, Best to Worst:

Here are the must-see Star Wars movies in their order of worth:

1.  Star Wars: A New Hope
2.  The Empire Strikes Back
3.  The Return of the Jedi
4.  Revenge of the Sith
5.  A Phantom Menace
6.  Attack of the Clones
7.  Rogue One - A Star Wars Story
8.  The Force Awakens
9.  The Last Jedi

Ant-Man and the Wasp was Amazing:

This little heralded film was my 4th favorite MCU movie of all time, just behind Infinity Wars.  So many things were done right in this movie:

1.  The villain wasn't a reverse image copy of the hero.
2.  The villain had a sympathetic agenda and seemed like a real person.
3.  The heroes cared about their families, not some nebulous moral code.
4.  Elderly, middle aged adults, and children all got along as members of a single family unit.
5.  Much of the tension involved avoiding a well-meaning parole officer as opposed to fighting a psychopath.
6.  So many hilarious jokes!
7.  Luis was on fire.  "even a suit with no powers would be fine."
8.  So many different parties kept intersecting you never knew what would happen next.  Straight out of Baccano.
9.  Cassie is adorable.  (did you know in the comics she becomes 'ant-girl?')
10.  The 'snap' moment sends shivers down your spine.

This movie obviously made my top 200 movies hall of fame.  To make room I was more than glad to kick out the worst James Bond movie that previously occupied the spot -- Spectre.  Together with Thor: Ragnarok and Infinity Wars, which I also watched in 2018, the MCU delivered in spades for 2018.

Incredibles 2 is coming out on digital tomorrow, so we'll see if Disney can keep this momentum going.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Soul Calibur VI Music:

I suspect Soul Calibur VI has many more songs than what is currently floating around the internet, but these 14 are the most we're going to get, at least for now.

Though I hear most of these songs have leitmotifs from previous songs in the series, I'm not convinced any of them are just straight out remixes of the previous games.  I own the music of the previous games and I don't recognize any of these songs as repeats.  Of course, I'm dense when it comes to these things, so I might only notice the overlap a year from now, but for now I'm treating all 14 of these songs as originals.

They also all pass in terms of quality.  I'm actually surprised that every single stage theme qualifies individually.  Junichi Nakatsuru is one of my favorite composers, (now ranked 7th in quantity), but even for him a 100% success rate is extraordinary.  I liked every song available.

Soul Calibur 6 appears to be a masterpiece.  The music, the graphics, the gameplay, the characters available for selection, everything is well regarded.  I wonder if Junichi was inspired by the quality of the other aspects of the game to up his own game as well.

With these 14 new songs entering my music hall of fame, I'm now at 5342 songs, still 12 days in play length.

The number of songs newly added to my hall of fame since the beginning of this year stands at 980.  The number of songs I have yet to listen to 100 times is a nice even 4550.  It would be nice if I could somehow add 20 more songs to my playlist before the New Year, but perhaps 1,000 new songs in a single year is a bridge too far.  I guess it all depends on whether Ares no Tenbin's ost comes out in time or not.

Like Valkyria Chronicles 4, I've been waiting for this soundtrack to come out for years.  Now that I finally have them both I'm feeling rather fulfilled.  My music collection is right where I want it to be, it has everything I ever wanted inside, and plenty of it.  Anything beyond this is just bonus.

Meanwhile, Tsurune finally aired.  It's more fujoshi bait, just like that marathon anime.  I'm not into that sort of thing, so no matter how well made it is, it just doesn't work.  Fail.

Hangyaku Sei Million Arthur airs in a few days, so there's still hope for the fall season.  Daredevil season 3 certainly wasn't any use.

Nanoha Detonation aired, and no further Nanoha was announced, so I can safely put back my wish for a new Nanoha Vivid and Nanoha Force anime onto my wishlist.  Nanoha would be such a better anime if it actually finished its stories like all responsible anime does.

Thursday, October 18, 2018


Tower of Zot and Golbeza, Clad in Black are 1/2 remixes of each other, but the other 1/2 of their melodies branch out down separate paths.  Since they're both good songs I choose to ignore their 1/2 remix ancestry and retain them both in my music hall of fame.

Other remixes didn't fare so well.  Chikai no Rakuin is just a shorter, inferior version of Paradox and was thus cut.  Neji vs. Kidomaru #6 is the exact same as Dance, I just hadn't realized because the names were different, so obviously the dumbly named version of the song was cut.

That brought my music hall of fame down to 5328 songs, but tomorrow features the release of Soul Calibur 6 so the number of songs should be jumping back up again shortly.

It's amazing that I'm still finding remixes this late in, but partially it's the fault of all the new additions I keep adding to the soup.  It's hard to remember every melody and thus notice when they overlap when there are so many new ones flying around.

The last couple of years I've added thousands of new melodies to the soup, so my brain still hasn't caught up with them all.  Once the era of additions comes to a close I'll be able to root out all the remaining remixes more efficiently.

I almost have the perfect music collection.  Once I get my hands on Ares no Tenbin and Soul Calibur 6 I'll be more or less done.  Then the job won't be so much collecting as judging what I already have.

The median play count of my new music hall of fame entries is 31.  So as predicted, it will likely be three more years before I've reached my desired 100 play count for all, which would be the mark of a true hall of fame.  This was already a massive project before I randomly decided to add another 1,000 songs to the mix.  But as a result it's just that much more beautiful, so I'm happy to take on the additional challenge.

In Magic the Gathering, it's possible to win a fair number of games just by the opponent being unlucky enough in his card draws to be mana short, color screwed or the like.  As such, a low win percentage doesn't indicate that your deck is 'almost there' and 'just needs a little work.'  It means it's totally worthless and just needs to be scrapped.  10 of my decks never did better than 5-30% wins against even the weakest of competition, so they've been relegated to the scrap heap.  There's no point buying any new cards for them, because no matter how much they're improved they'll never be competitive.

This reduces my decks owned, effectively, since there's no point counting decks that can't win, back down to 58.  On the bright side, I got to play these ten decks as much as I wanted to establish just how terrible they were, so I got a lot of fun out of some very terrible cards -- like squeezing lemonade out of a bunch of lemons.  Even their failure is a sort of success story.

Going over my previous 1850 posts of this blog, I decided to add 'The future of civilization?' to my Marriage permapost.  Quoting a series of startlingly dystopian facts about present day Japanese attitudes in regards to romance, I make the case for why we need to return to mandatory, arranged marriage -- or at the very least androids, because at this rate humans aren't going to be around for much longer.  I also added my 2d waifu hall of fame to my 'eroticism isn't innately bad' permapost, as I thought the two topics went hand in glove with each other.

I wasn't about to spend so much time and effort identifying the best girls in fiction and then just leave them all to be forgotten again a few posts later.  Now they'll be memorialized alongside my other halls of fame for eternity.

Since these posts were just tacked on to other permaposts, it doesn't add to my permapost total, that remains at a nice round number of 60.  But it does make my permaposts just that much better.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar volume 11 read:

It doesn't take long to read a good book.  I have a lot of complaints about volume 11 -- the nonstop fighting could really use a damn break, people shouldn't rise from the dead, etc.  But it's more than made up for by the good parts -- lots of Ranta characterization, some Merry flashbacks, etc.  All in all another solid entry.  Now we just need books 12 and 13.

I replaced Danette with Elly from Xenogears out of my video game waifus because Danette has goat legs.  Oops.  Elly is a worthy replacement, so no regrets here.

I also replaced a lot of items on my anime wishlist.  Going by my policy of not asking for a sequel to anything that already has a sequel planned, I can't ask for more Nanoha until the Detonation movie comes out.  Likewise, I can't ask for SAO Progressive or Alternative so long as Alicization is going, etc.  Due to this I needed to come up with a lot of different titles I wanted a sequel to instead, so I added in Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card-hen, Major 2nd, Kuma kuma kuma Bear, Shikaku no Mon, Honzuki no Gekokujo and Dimension W.

I also added Gundam 00 and Gundam 08th MS Squad to my good anime runners-up list, now that my policy allows for series with no real continuity between their separate parts to be broken down into their constituent parts and counted separately (like I did with Fate/Apocrypha, Fate/Last Encore, etc).  I could never get enthusiastic about Gundam, but these two series were different.  They were totally worth watching.

I also re-ordered my manga rankings to reflect what's coming out and getting translated recently.  Since the manga in question is constantly changing the rankings have to periodically change too.