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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Card Captor Sakura Clear Card-hen Rewatched:

At last the long journey through Card Captor Sakura ends.  There's a chance they make a second season once the manga is finished, but that's five or ten years down the road.  For now the series is over.

Most of the series is shrouded in mystery.  Everything everyone does is for mysterious reasons, so there's no way to judge what's going on.  All you can do is wait for more information to be revealed.  I don't care for this method of storytelling.  It essentially just wastes your time because there's no actual content.

Nevertheless, the art was wonderful and the card capturing sequences were amazing.  I was also blown away by Sakura Tange's voice acting this time around (Sakura Tange is the seiyuu behind Sakura Kinomoto).  I especially liked her whenever she was interacting with Kero-chan.  They seemed to have such a great interplay, atmosphere, understanding of one another.  She resembled a saint she played along with his shenanigans so well.

As a result I added Sakura Tange to my seiyuu hall of fame.  Her famous 'hoeeehh' sound effect whenever the magic of the cards surprises her is so moe.  There's just no disputing Tange's contribution to the anime world.

Meanwhile, I also finished off Zero's Return.  My long list of things to do has quickly gotten back down to a manageable number.

I decided 'Coin Song' was a remix of 'Edgar and Sabin' and cut it.  You can make various hand waving excuses for why the song isn't a total and complete remix, but it just got on my nerves after all this time how similar it was and off it went.  I also managed to listen to a lot of my hall of fame songs 100 times and graduate them to the 'real hall of fame' list.  If I hadn't added so many new songs this project could have finished sooner, but even so progress is steadily accruing.

Still to rewatch -- New Game S2, Berserk S2, Wake Up Girls, Shin Shou, Death March, Major 2nd, SAO Alternative GGO, series that are still currently coming out and a few scattered movies.  To fully catch up with the 'both watch and rewatch' promise I would need no new good anime to come out for a year, so it's a little difficult to fulfill.  There's also the difficulty of things not coming out in blu-ray in a timely fashion.  Doki Fansubs only just released the first volume of New Game S2 in blu-ray, two years after it originally came out.  At this rate the full season will be out in blu-ray ten years from now.

Even so, I'm doing my best!  Compared to all the various seasons of all 200 of my ranked franchises, the amount that remains to be rewatched is minuscule.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Uchi no Musume anime green-lit:

I started by reading the manga, and when that ran out I read the light novels -- now it's getting an anime.  It appears I'm going to hit an Uchi no Musume trifecta of entertainment mediums.

I predict this will be a very good anime -- if it restricts itself to the early novels by staying 1 cour in length there's plenty of good content to cover and nothing to spoil the fun.  Latina will stay young throughout, mark my words.

Unfortunately, having read all the way to the end, I know it's not a great story, so it isn't a candidate for my great anime rankings.  I could really use some of those, seeing as how even Akira is in my rankings now.

Are there just no new good franchises out there?  Is Uchi no Musume really the best they could come up with?

At the very least I'd like 20 new great anime franchises to appear, so that I can replace all the series in my rankings that are plagued by filler or are just short oav's.  But until actual good series come along that can actually supplant these flawed title holders, there's nothing I can do.  It used to be that 12 or so great new series would enter my pantheon every year.  Last year it was 2.  This year it's 0.  At this rate I'll never upgrade my rankings again.

Even more ridiculous is the fact that I'm hundreds of anime episodes below 9,000 again, even though I originally reached that landmark years ago.  There's less great anime now than there used to be, even though the march of time should be ever forward.

Uchi no Musume is nice, but it isn't enough to reverse these trends.  We need some big guns entering the picture.  Like Harmonia, Konozora, Osananajimi wa Daitouryou, Lazy Dungeon Master, or Edens Zero. . .

When will something important be announced?

Meanwhile, I'm reading yet another isekai manga -- Tensei Kyuuketsuki-san.  A random schmo guy dies in his sleep and is reborn as an overpowered cute loli vampire girl.  She then goes around defeating all comers and healing all injuries in typical overpowered fashion.  I guess the art alone is the draw, because the loli vampire is just too attractive to ignore, even with the plot like this.

Like usual, I much prefer my own isekai story, but I've already read it three times in the space of a week, so. . .loli vampires it is.

I beat the story mode for Soul Calibur VI.  The graphics are excellent, and it looks like the characters maintained their movesets from the earlier games making it easy to pick them back up.  Fighters are the sort of game you can play forever without ever really 'winning' them, but I figure once I've completed all the individual character arcs I can safely move along to Valkyria Chronicles IV.  In college I was one of the best Anji Mito players for Guilty Gear XX in the world, but those days are long behind me, I'd be destroyed if I tried my hand at vs. play these days.  I just wanted to experience Soul Calibur in a safe and nostalgic manner after so many years apart, not climb up some competitive ladder.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Dimension W volume 13 available:

The latest volume of Dimension W, #13, is on sale over at amazon.  It was another great experience.  The art was especially on fire this time around.  Mira dominated all the chapters.  There's a reason she's one of my favorite 100 waifus.

My only complaint is how short the volume is compared to the cost.  It's like, $7 for 7 minutes of fun. . .Mira's certainly a high-maintenance woman. . .

But watcha gonna do?  She's just too beautiful to ignore.

Meanwhile, I added three new songs to my music hall of fame, the openings to Ginga E Kickoff (across my world), Sora no Otoshimono (Ring my Bell), and Alien Nine (flower psychedelic).

Just like my previous four anime openings, it's bizarre I didn't own these songs already.  I've enjoyed watching and rewatching their openings endless times before, so getting the music to correspond with that should have been a no brainer.  Instead I spent all that time last year ferreting out the most remote songs imaginable, like 'Combat 1' from 'Kuusen' by Hitoshi Sakimoto, a game no one has ever heard about or played.  It just seems so stupid.  I could've reached my +1,000 song target so easily by just downloading the anime opening songs I already knew and liked.  Well, that's 20/20 hindsight for ya.

The new total is 5,373 songs, still 12.1 days in length.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar volume 13 read:

When a book is interesting, I can just keep reading it from cover to cover.  This book was interesting, so now it's finished.  Sort of sad to see it go so soon, but there's plenty else to do.

The new world of Parano is fascinating.  This author certainly has a strong imagination, that or is constantly tripping on acid.  I preferred the old Grimgar that followed normal rules and was more or less a traditional fantasy epic.  But I've grown used to this new Grimgar, the sliding, the craziness, the spontaneity.  By volume 13 it's now a given that something random like this would happen.

Of course Haruhiro would be warped through a magic tent to another world and separated from all his companions.  What else is new?

I guess I just have to look forward to volume 14 to see how they get out of this one.  But there's no plot progression in Hai to Grimgar.  This series could last 100 volumes.  They get out of one problem, they just warp into another.  The problems never end.  There's no overall goal except survival.  They never get any closer to said goal, there's always a new threat pressing down.  I would not say this is a good storytelling method, but it works for Ao Jyumonji.  He's been writing like this for a long time now and it's always been hooking, so I guess Grimgar should just go ahead and keep being Grimgar.

I wish they would make another anime season covering the Hai to Gensou no Grimgar books that were still sane and normal.  They were really good.  But I can see why they wouldn't want to animate nonsense like this.  The niche audience that is excited about warping to candyland and fighting bad dreams is probably rather low. . .

Given how this series has unfolded, I think we can all kiss any hopes of an anime sequel goodbye.  Ain't nobody got time for this shit.

I'm also caught up with the Isekai Mahou wa Okutereru manga, so that's two things I can check off my list.  It was never much good, but hardly any isekai manga are.  It's just more shallow simple fun like all the others -- become an adventurer, charm a cute girl, slay demons.  It certainly doesn't make you think or surprise you like Grimgar does, but at least your sanity stays within safe parameters once you're done reading.

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar is the best value added light novel series out there, I would highly recommend it, I've spent oodles of money on it, but even so it's about 1/100th as good as my own novels.  The only problem is I've already read all of my own works at least three times a piece, so. . .this is all that's left to me. . .

For people reading this blog for recommendations, though, I suggest reading my stuff first.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar volume 13 available:

Over at amazon you can buy the 13th volume of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash.  The translators have almost caught up with the original they're so fast.  This is why Grimgar is the #1 translated light novel series in the business.

In addition, tomorrow sees the release of the newest Dimension W manga volume, also conveniently the 13th volume.  So the next couple days should be fun.

I also added 4 more songs to my good music hall of fame -- the openings to Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka, Vividred Operation, High School Fleet and Shukufuku no Campanella.  They're such obvious includes I'm not sure why I didn't own them already.

However, 'Those Chosen by the Planet' is just a remix of One-Winged Angel, which I figured out on my 48th try, so that subtracted one song.

That makes 5370 songs.

So now I've got Soul Calibur VI, Valkyria Chronicles IV, Magic: The Gathering, rewatching Motto Ojamajo Doremi, rewatching Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card-hen, Hai to Gensou volume 13, Dimension W volume 13, Zero's Return, listening to all my hall of fame music 100 times, Hatsukoi 1/1's append disk, Sanoba Witch, 'Hello, Goodbye,' and Isekai Mahou Wa Okureteru's manga to work on.

Whew.  I'm pretty sure this will last me until March Madness starts up. . .

Outbreak Company Read:

I finished volume 7, which wasn't actually any good, but in any case I'm now caught up with everything that's been translated of this series.

To celebrate, I also included the opening theme to Outbreak Company, Yuniba Page, in my music hall of fame.  I can't believe I hadn't already included a catchy theme song like this, what was I thinking?

That gets me back up to 5,367 songs.

The latest episode of Fairy Tail had a gorgeous picture of Lucy and Brandish as mermaids so I quickly added it to my beautiful fairy girls permapost.

I also finished proofreading and re-reading my own 100 Waifus book.  I'm satisfied the story is about as good as it can possibly be at this point.

Soul Calibur VI and Valkyria Chronicles IV have arrived.

Friday, February 15, 2019


I'm about halfway through my re-reading of 'In Another World With 100 Waifus,' as I've been proofreading minor spelling and grammar errors, as well as minor errors of details.  With each edit my story becomes more professional and easy to read.

Though this is partially work, it's also just for pleasure.  The book is so fantastic that even reading it for the third time in the space of a week I'm just swept away by the descriptions and the dialogue.  It feels so real, so lively, so true, that I can picture really living there.  Every scene is crystal clear in my head as though it had really happened.

I encourage everyone to take advantage of my now even more proofread copy of 'In Another World With 100 Waifus,' just like I have.  It's so rewarding -- in terms of lovey-dovey heartwarming moments, political insights, philosophical proofs, humor, wonderful easter egg call outs to the source material I liberally draw from, and as pure ecchi fan service.  This book brought me to tears in the writing, simply because the heartfelt emotions my characters expressed in their dialogue were so naked, vulnerable and honest with each other.  Their emotions are so much stronger than what you can come across in everyday life, and it just sweeps you away with them.

I don't want to spoil all the plot twists, but there's even dramatic moments that will leave you on the edge of your seats.  It isn't all just fun and games (though it mostly is!).

The book is almost biblical in the sense of its zealous attention to lineages and names.  But I think there is power in names, in recognizing and honoring the various characters across fiction and giving them a special place in this new world.  And it's simply fascinating who was chosen as the names of the wives' children, and why they were assigned to that wife in particular as opposed to some other wife.  The index of names at the end that arranges them by franchise as well as by parent gives everyone the tools they need to learn about all the great characters referenced in the book, and all the names are worth learning about, because they all represent really wonderful people.

The story delivers on every foreshadowed promise and yet still has a twist at the end that leaves you wanting more.  It's simply the perfect ending.

There's no character more relatable than my protagonist.  What man wouldn't choose to live like him, given the opportunity?  And how easy it is to join him for the ride!  All he did was dare to dream.  His devastating honesty, his lack of any hypocritical pretense or virtue-signalling pose, his unapologetic selfishness, all of it is such a breath of fresh air in the stifling conformity of everyone having to pretend all the time that they care so much about 'muh feelz,' 'the children,' 'propriety,' 'life is sacred,' 'ethics,' and all the school marm lectures about what you can and cannot do, can and cannot think, can and cannot want, even in fiction, the censorship just follows and bears down on everyone everywhere -- everyone but him, and everywhere but here!

I can only sit back and marvel at myself.  I'm the best author in the world and my books are the most interesting out there.  Whether it's fiction or non-fiction, there's no one I'd rather be reading than myself.  Is there any other book I've reread so often, so quickly as this one???  The answer is no, the entertainment value in this book is more explosive than anything else I've come across in my life.  It's so addictive I just keep coming back for more.

It's tough finding anything to be optimistic about here in the real world, but this book is different.  It's set in another world, and it's just absolutely overflowing with hope, joy, light and love.  It's the exact opposite of real life and better in every way.  Practically anything I write about concerning Earth is going to be brimming with negative energy -- disgust, hatred, contempt, loathing, dread, despair, anger and just plain boredom.  Anything I write about Eden (the name of the other world) is brimming with emotions of the exact opposite sort, excitement, energy, hope, love, admiration, appreciation, gratitude, sympathy, empathy, understanding, affirmation, unity and belonging.  There's even just outright worship.

It's not just an alternate world. . .it's more like an alternate mode of being.  When you're reading this story, you can become an entirely different person, who feels entirely different things, feelings you might have thought weren't even possible anymore.

It's easy to get started, just click on this link:

Once you reach the bottom, just move on to the next section:

And then to see the ending, move on to the third and final section:

I've been posting a flurry of posts, including formatting changes to other books, so perhaps people have found it just too difficult to find the right link for the start of this book.  So here's the chance for it to be easy as pie -- just click on the link and let the journey begin.

Meanwhile, I fully approve of Trump's decision to fund the government for the rest of the year while also building his promised border wall via the declaration of a national emergency.  It's an ingenious maneuver and will absolutely be upheld by the Supreme Court in the face of any legal challenges.  (This is the benefit of having a 5-4 supreme court majority, which is also thanks to Trump's bold leadership and refusal to back down when Kavanaugh was smeared with ridiculous, vile lies.)

Like most of the country I'm feeling very good about Trump right now.  He's got near record approval ratings, many polls have him above 50%.  Obama rarely polled that well.  And compared to Congress, that regularly polls at like 14% approval, it's just a joke.  He is the most trusted leader in America, in the entire free world.  He has the country's pulse and he reflects their views more closely than anyone else, while also nudging them in the right direction when they're wrong about something through careful and convincing arguments.  Trump, Trump, Trump!