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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Berserk Updates:

A new chapter of the Berserk manga came out today.  In it, we finally got to see how Casca would react to Guts in her new sane form.  The answer is with the same terrified revulsion as ever.  In other words, Casca is sane and can function perfectly well with anyone else, but for Guts alone she can't keep it together.

Guts risked his life over and over for his lover to be healed, only to find out that they have to break up anyway.  *sigh*  I guess that's typical of relationships these days.

E-dating sites reveal that women are only attracted to the top 20% of men.  Which means you have to be a college graduate earning $60,000 a year just to get your foot in the door.  (This is because the top 20% of men can do that, so why can't you?)

I would complain that women are being too choosy, but actually I'm pretty sure the bottom 80% of women are also worthless.  Think about it, 40% right off the bat are obese and thus untouchable.  Throw in the sexual deviants, the sluts, the feminists, the liberals, the religious, and the diagnosed mentally ill, and you've already reached 80% easy.

In fact, I doubt 1 woman in a 1,000 is a worthwhile marriage prospect.  1 in a million maybe.  They need to be young, pretty, fertile, moral, trustworthy, devoted, intelligent and ideologically sound, a combination I've never seen in any girl, though I assume exists somewhere.  So I'm not particularly bothered about women being too picky.  What annoys me is what they're picky about.  Of all the stupid criteria to have, a college degree and a high salary are the least important things on Earth.

A college degree only signifies you're good at bootlicking.  It means you can regurgitate what you're told uncritically and unthinkingly on a test that measures your memorization skills.  That's it.  Maybe if college degrees were the ticket to posh jobs as servants and slaves to rich overseers it would make some sense, but as a test of masculinity it's the exact opposite.  Real men would never grovel before their professors and agree with their stupid lies.

Furthermore, $60,000 a year is ridiculous.  Life isn't that expensive.  You can get by with all modern amenities with only $6,000 a year.  So why do you need your man to make so much money?  One reason is the paradox of high incomes.  In order to make so much money, you have to take on an enormous amount of student debt from, you guessed it, those stupid college degrees.  Then your living expenses skyrocket because now you have to service this debt as well as living expenses.  Next, to get a high paying job you need to live in some booming city center like New York City or San Francisco, where the rent is $4,000 a month or something stupid like that.  Suddenly just to break even you need to be making at least $60,000.  All that additional money you earned yourself with the spiffy degree and the spiffy job, up in smoke.  You're in fact living poorer than the down to earth guy in a down to earth place making $6,000 a year.

These high income people are illusions.  When you take into account cost of living, nobody has a high income, so why do women treasure these arbitrary numbers so?

It's because it was never about the money.  Women are already self-supporting anyway, they never needed a dime from any man.  So why do they pick men out as mates based on their income?  Because they care about status.  A guy with a high paying job and a certificate from a fancy college is high status according to society's standards.  And that's all they cared about to begin with, bagging a high status guy, because that's whose seed they evolved to lust after.

It's retarded.  No one should judge others based on third person criteria.  Rather than outsourcing your judgment of a man's quality to Harvard or Bear Sterns, shouldn't you just see for yourself if the person you're beside is good or bad?  You're right there.  You can see him with your own eyes.  Do you enjoy his company?  Do you admire his intellect?  Is he good and true?  Why are you asking Harvard if he's the right man for you?

The answer is dispiriting but impossible to avoid.  Women aren't truly sentient beings.  While men judge women based on first person judgments, of simply interacting with them and judging their character directly based on what they say and do, women have no such ability or discernment.  They'll marry anyone society approves of and dismiss anyone society disapproves of, according to standardized metrics set up by a few self-serving elites.  This includes the media determining for them whether someone has the right beliefs or not.  Women in Nazi Germany were the strongest supporters of Nazi ideology.  Women in liberal countries are the strongest supporters of egalitarianism.  Women in the South were strong supporters of the Confederacy.  Women in the past believed whatever society told them to believe in the past, whether it was communism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, whatever.  They mindlessly accept the majority view and then test people on the simple criteria of whether they are conformist like women are to said majority.

This is why it's pointless to have a daughter in the modern world.  So long as the majority wishes for her to abide by liberalism, she'll betray her own parent's teachings and conform to the majority.  She has no independent will and cannot judge things critically, by actually thinking about what is logical and what is illogical.  She can only believe what she is told by the society around her and conform to it.  This isn't sentient behavior.  Like a computer she can only output whatever is first input into her.  She's a sub-sentient routine, and when society is inputting garbage a female's output will only be garbage.

Aside from the one in a million miracle woman, there's no point in a wife either.  She too would only betray you for the majority opinion, which is liberalism.  Whether it's right-wing, color blind liberalism, or left-wing, identity politics liberalism, it's still liberalism.  It still rejects the truth that there are, in fact, collectives in this world, that collectives matter, and that collectives differ collectively from each other genetically and innately.  Right wing, color blind liberalism still has enough supporters, with the likes of Fox News and some churches, that you could probably squeeze by with a wife who will agree to ideologically support it.

But how many women are willing to admit that black IQ is nigh-retarded?  That women aren't suited for STEM jobs or leadership positions biologically?  That LGBT's need to die in a fire?  That Jews are diabolical liars and schemers and have been since the dawn of time?

The answer is none, because these viewpoints are not sanctioned by a large enough peer group for her to feel comfortable conforming to it.  None of these views are strange or unbelievable to women of the past.  Among the right peer group, women are happy to support their men going out to conquer the world, gas jews and gays, enslave and whip blacks, or deny women equal rights.  Women for thousands of years have been entirely fine with believing and empowering men with policies like these.  But only if they have the support of the majority.  They aren't applying critical thinking in either case.  In the past they agreed to anything because that's what they were told.  In the present they disagree with it all because that is what they're told.

You would need a freak of nature, a woman with a masculine personality, for them to be capable of independent thought and critical thinking skills, such that they could arrive at these truths despite the media telling them they're horrible for believing these things.  I'm sure it's possible.  Anything's possible in the convoluted folds of the human brain.  But it's extremely unlikely you'll ever meet a woman like this in your life.  Even if you do, she'll be so sought after by men, as the crown gem of creation, a woman who is actually compatible with a man, that she'll probably never look twice at you.

Realistically speaking, neither wives nor daughters are possible until we first create a society, an artificial echo chamber, that makes them feel like conforming to our new majority imposed culture.  If there's some convenient bioweapon that can wipe out most of mankind, go for it, but more likely the only way to create a majority which can then brainwash women into believing the truth (since they can never independently arrive at the truth by thinking, because they cannot actually think like men do to arrive at conclusions), is to separate completely from the outside world and its 7.7 billion liberals who want you to believe that men and women are equal, whites and blacks are equal, Jews are beset upon innocent angels, and gays were 'born that way.'

If everything a woman encounters reinforces Nazi ideology, she'll be a Nazi, 100% guaranteed.  If you let her consume everyday American culture she'll be a liberal, 100% guaranteed.  It doesn't matter what you personally tell her is the truth or how you raise her.  Women conform to the majority, not their parents' wishes.  Parents cannot raise their children to be good people on their own.  They need the support of society reinforcing their message from all sides.  If what your parents tell you is seen as natural and normal, endorsed by all right thinking individuals, children will happily go along with it.  If parents are characterized as insane evil monsters, children will be the first to denounce their own.  Communism had a fun time getting the children to 'out' their own parents to the gulags.

Therefore, it's pointless for a Nazi to have a child in this liberal world.  They'll just be brainwashed by the culture around them to hate and despise you, and likely denounce you to the authorities.  You're only creating your own personal enemy.  Likewise, it's completely pointless to get a college degree and a high paying job, because the only use of said pathway is to win the approval of some stupid woman who can't judge you based on your own character, who will then be a nagging liberal right inside your own home, denouncing you until she divorces you and takes your children and half your income for life.

The only wife worth having is one who doesn't judge you based on your degree or your income.  If she doesn't conform to that stupid societal system, maybe she won't conform to other stupid societal systems too, like liberalism.  At least there's hope.  If she's already judging you by societal standards hanashi no naran.

No, the ambitious Nazi man, though desirous of a wife and children, cannot get one through normal means.  You would have to stealth your Nazism your entire life long and live a lie, and at that point what's the point?

There's only one path forward and that's secession.  If you could separate from the liberal surrounding culture, alongside fellow believers who will create an artificially conformist environment in your favor, wives and children would become not only possible but easy again.  This group could be 100% male, no problem, so long as they can make money they can afford surrogacy services.  And then the next generation, whether boys or girls, will conform to the Nazi culture they're saturated in and think nothing of it, and surrogacy won't even be necessary anymore.

A Nazi living in the world today who wishes to reproduce has only one path forward.  Create an independent sovereign state among fellow believers, economically self-sufficient, capable of defending itself from attack (or evading it by creating enough distance from its mortal enemies).  Then you can create a family, easy-peasy.  Before then, psh.  Maybe if you find that one in a million woman and then have only sons.  Maybe.  But just remember what happened to Derek Black when he left the home and attended the University of Florida.  Suddenly the son of the founder of Stormfront made Jew friends, was told he was hurting his liberal friends feelings, and went on to denounce his own father and all us evil Nazis in the front page of the New York Times.  That could be you.  That will be your son or daughter, if you let them simmer in the culture found at any University, any school, or let them watch any television, or play with any club soccer team, or do any communal activity, go to any church, etc.

If you want to try your luck without a sovereign state, you'd better keep them under house arrest for their entire life, because the moment they flee the nest -- boom, they're Derek Black 2.0.  It's laughable how worthless a parent's 18 year upbringing is.  It can all be undone by one Jewish classmate.  One year after they leave to college they're calling for your head on a pike.

Surely all Nazis have realized this.  There is no possibility of true reproduction, which means passing down your beliefs and values to your kids, not just your genes (or else sperm donors would be the most meaningful activity in life), if you live in Europe or the Anglosphere.  Russia is too liberal too, so no point evacuating there.  It'll be Muslim majority in a few decades anyway.

There are millions of Nazis scattered across the planet.  More than enough to form an economically self-sufficient community and defend themselves against military force.  So what are they doing with their lives?  Wasting them, wasting their chance to reproduce, by refusing to gather together in one spot and creating a nation of their own.  It could be in the middle of the ocean, a random tiny island, an icy wasteland in Canada, Greenland, Antarctica, Alaska, Siberia, in the middle of the Gobi or the Sahara or Australia, there's still plenty of unwanted territory no one would seriously fight over.  We could buy it or just squat on it and declare independence.  It could even be space.  We could help fund and develop the technology ourselves, whatever it takes to make a livable space station or Mars colony, and leave humanity behind forever.  There are millions of us and we're Nazis, which means we must be smarter and braver than everyone else, so space technology should be easy.  In fact the original pioneers who got us into space were all Nazis to begin with.  If anything space is our natural habitat, our birthright.

It's not that we can't do it.  We won't do it.  Because our ideological commitment to Nazism is less than our wish to live pleasantly.  We don't want to deal with rugged terrain or the expense of building up infrastructure from scratch, so we've given up on reproduction and are happy to wile away our days playing video games.  That's the choice we've made.  Comfort over truth and justice.

We're fine watching the world collapse in on itself under the weight of liberalism's contradictions.  So long as we can be comfortable until then, who cares if it's the end of the world.  It isn't worth actually working hard to save humanity's future.  Better to sit back, relax, and watch the world burn.

Our ancestors settled America from nothing.  We had to cut down the trees, drain the swamps, clear the land of rock and stumps, just to have a nice sod roof or log cabin to farm under.  We had to fight murderous, treacherous savages who constantly came to steal our livestock, kidnap our women, and torture us to death.  The death rate for these settlers was over 50%.  Most never made it.  Those that lived, lived through famines, wars, pestilences, every imaginable hardship.

They fought through all of this for something much less important than Nazism -- religious freedom, or perhaps economic opportunity, or a shot at democracy.  Now we're talking about humanity's continued existence.  The fate of life in the universe is at stake.  Either Nazism prevails or egalitarianism prevails, which means the 4 billion blacks of Africa become the majority of the world and devour it whole.

There is no path forward for a humanity that elevates gays, women, blacks and muslims to leadership positions.  They will destroy everything, just like they destroyed Rhodesia, South Africa, and everything else they've ever touched in the past.

Blacks have already destroyed all of Africa.  Muslims have already destroyed a vast swathe of land from North Africa to Indonesia.  Gays have already destroyed their own lives, with transgenders clocking in at a fantastic 50% suicide rate.  Their sterility means the end of life on Earth.  And women -- don't get me started!  In some brave Nordic country that required women be represented in every corporate board, that nation's companies' profits fell 30%.  That's just with one or two women sniffing around the reins of authority.  If women actually tried to do the work themselves it would mean total collapse.  These same women are completely incapable of any important invention or discovery that has led to economic growth.  They've had 100 years of liberation, going to all the same fancy colleges we do and getting all the same fancy degrees.  Absolutely nothing to show for it.  They aren't at the forefront of any technology.  They haven't founded any important companies.  They don't do anything except sue their co-workers for sexual harassment.

The richest girl alive is the ex-wife of Bezos, the founder of Amazon, a company that revolutionized the shopping experience and gave everyone easy, cheap access to virtually every good produced on Earth.  She did absolutely nothing for that money.  She contributed nothing to the world.  She simply managed to marry and then divorce Bezos, who actually revolutionized the world, and take his money.  This is a perfect metaphor for all women everywhere.  Bloodsucking whores, every single one of them.  And no, I don't give a fuck that Bezos cheated on her first.  A guy making tens of billions of dollars should have his pick of beautiful women, surely he's earned it after giving that much to the world.  And second, she's such an ugly hag that anyone with blood still pumping in their veins would naturally cheat on her.  It's such a ridiculous standard to begin with.  Why should men, who stay attractive and fertile into their 60's, be stuck with dead weight women who become unattractive and infertile in their 40's?  Why should multi-billionaires, who could get any hot young lass, have to waste their life away catering to an over the hill lump of lard?

Tom Cruise and Kelly McGinnis were a couple in Top Gun.  This is how they look now:

What right do these monsters have to demand fidelity of billionaires?

Wildly successful men should be in polygamous relationships with dozens of hot young girls.  This would be eugenic and completely sensible.  All the women could easily be taken care of for life.  Nailing billionaires down to a life of futility with a post-menopause zombie -- how does that make anyone happy?  Why work so hard for so much money if all you get is that?  And why should all the pretty young girls of the world have to settle for some imbecile when a perfectly good billionaire would love to impregnate them?

It isn't Bezos who's wrong, it's the system.  If Bezos had been allowed to court hot young girls from the start, there wouldn't have been any problems.

But setting that aside, the overall point is that women run things into the ground.  Their own aged carcass bodies, economies, nations, anything they touch is ruined.  Every woman CEO has ruined her company -- Hewlett Packard, Theranos, anybody you can think of.  Every woman prime minister has been a disaster -- May, Merkel, that New Zealand girl who cosplayed as a Muslim, all of them.  Hillary was a literal witch and we just barely dodged that calamity.  She was eager to start World War III with Putin, who she'd already called the 'new Hitler.'  She also said half the country was irredeemable and in need of liquidation.  This is the 'most qualified woman in the United States,' so you can guess how well any of the others would do.  Marianne Williamson is currently babbling about dark psychic forces and channeling foreign policy through a crystal ball.

So okay, philosophically, all Nazis should be in agreement about this.  This is one of our fundamental planks.  If cis-het white men don't run your country, your country is going to degrade into a shithole, just like South Africa.  This is basically the meaning of being a Nazi.  This belief is fundamental to a Nazi's conception of the world.

Millions of people claim to believe this.  And yet, and yet -- so what are they doing about it?  Are they, like the pioneers, trying to carve out a space, somewhere in the cosmos, that is run by cis-het white men?  So that the world doesn't turn to shit?  No.  They're doing nothing.  They believe the world is going to turn into pure shit, and they're okay with that.  Because the alternative -- working hard like the pioneers -- losing a bit of their day to day materialist comforts -- is even worse.

If you had a choice between saving the world and a recliner what would you choose?

It's pretty obvious because reality speaks for itself.  No initiative, no community, no plan, no fundraiser, no leaders, nothing.  Millions of Nazis and not a single one chose saving the world over their nice comfy recliners.  A bunch of worthless cowards.

Of course, if you're a Nazi who would forgo all comforts and brave a 50% death rate to found a new country, this doesn't apply to you.  Obviously none of us can do anything so long as we have no help or support from anyone else.  But if even 1% of the world's Nazis actually believed what they said they believed, or actually cared about what they believed, there would be a critical mass large enough to embark on a secession project and a new sovereign nation.  The fact is there is no such project, so there is no such 1%.  And that's what disappoints me the most.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Fate/Heaven's Feel: Lost Butterfly:

This movie was positively bizarre.  A weird shadowy monster takes out all the heroic spirits that were supposed to be in a battle royale with each other, and it just so happens to be possessing Sakura, Shirou's love interest.  Sakura's mind isn't entirely stable as she goes around murdering and eating everyone, but nevertheless Shirou considers her too charming a woman to oppose.

The only thing I'll praise about this movie was Shirou's willingness to have sex with Sakura.  Too many anime male leads are weird herbivores who think all girls have cooties and avoid them to their last dying breath.  This time, once they've exchanged terms of endearment for each other, they proceed to the logical and obvious next step without hesitation.  Finally.

As for how things will work out for pitiable Sakura (and the pitiable world afflicted by Sakura), we'll have to wait until 2021 to find out.  The movie comes out in spring 2020 of Japan, and there tends to be an 8 month gap between the theatrical release and the blu-ray release, which is the first chance we have to see anything.

I suspect that movie will be much better, because it won't be so full of despair.  Nothing went right in this movie, and nobody could do anything about it.  Gilgamesh, bless his heart, tried, but found the situation impossible and well over his head.  In the third movie things have to work out because it's the ending, and you can't end without first resolving all problems.

Sadly Youjo Senki isn't coming out for another couple days so the long wait for new entertainment continues.  College Football is equally three days away so it can't save us either.  The future needs to hurry up.  Fate/Stay Night's visual novel came out in 2004.  Why does it take 17 years for an anime to adapt the visual novel in full?  Life is so ridiculous.  That's enough time for a child to be born, grow up, and conquer the known world.  And yet now all we can do is adapt one lousy visual novel.  It's like the whole world is treading through molasses.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online Volume 4 Read:

This book was okay, but it really goes to show how much easier it is to describe an action sequence with an anime than with a book.  If this were an anime, the story could be condensed into a few seconds of action packed animation.  Instead you get entire chapters trying to describe exactly what is going on.

I don't think books are actually suited for this kind of story telling.  This should be the script for an anime.  There's barely any dialogue, and even when there is dialogue it's unnecessary.  A few random jokes, or people coordinating their activities in a workmanlike manner.  A book that doesn't keep its focus on the thoughts and feelings of people interacting with each other isn't playing to a book's strengths.  This is the only medium that can narrate thoughts.  Why would you throw that out in favor of heart pounding gunfights?

In essence this entire series is a poor man's version of what should have been an anime to begin with.  It will never be good until animated.  Hopefully someday it will be animated.  SAO is a popular franchise after all, they should be eager to adapt more stuff bearing its name.

But when there's nothing better to do, given how cute Llenn is, you may as well read the books.  For now they're all we have.

Now we can only wait for the Heaven's Feel movie to come out subtitled.  It's like jumping from ice floe to ice floe.

Monday, August 19, 2019

SAO Alternative Gun Gale Online volume 4 available:

For the first time, the light novel translation has surpassed where the anime ended.  We can now read on about more of Llenn's adventures.

This isn't the only book to look forward to.  A whole slew of light novel translations are slated for September, October, November and December.  Amagi Brilliant Park, Hai to Gensou no Grimgar, Imouto Sae Ireba Ii, Youjo Senki, Spice and Wolf, Parchment and Wolf and Outbreak Company all get new installments.  There's also the latest translated volume of Solzenitsyn's Red Wheel series in November, and the latest Xanth novel in November.

It's a reader's paradise for the rest of the year.  This on top of the conclusion to the Akame ga Kill! Zero and Btooom! manga coming in October/November.

On September 3rd Final Fantasy 8 Remastered is released.  Sadly this doesn't seem to be coming with voice acting.  But the improved graphics might be enough.

There's also Shenmue III in November, plus the coming fall anime season in October.

Said fall anime season includes SAO, Chihayafuru, Railgun, I Said to Make my Abilities Average, Choujin Koukousei-tachi, Boku no Hero Acadamia, Honzuki ga Gekokujo, Fate/Grand Order, and Granblue Fantasy the Animation.

Vinland Saga will also carry over into the fall season.

The floodgates really have opened.  The rest of the year is full of good things.  I just need this book to last me until the new Fate/Heaven's Feel movie comes out, and then for that to last me until the Youjo Senki movie comes out, and I'll be home free.

Outbreak Company volume 10 read:

$7 was a small price to pay for mai waifu Myucel's further adventures.  This book was action packed, which is to say nothing really happened.  Obviously this isn't the sort of story where people kill or die, so action just means meaningless hostage rescue scenarios, daring escapades, car chases, explosions, and eventually everything returning to the status quo.

I hate action scenes like these precisely because they're such an enormous waste of time.  Imagine a fist fight that lasted an hour long in a movie where both martial arts experts dodged each other's punches for the entire hour.  Is that exciting?  No.  It's a waste of an hour of your life.

The spectacle of combat is only entertaining for a couple minutes.  After that you must have narrative progress, or at least dialogue, to keep things interesting.  Outbreak Company volume 10 didn't have much of anything to keep the action entertaining, except some really lovely pictures of all the girls.  I'm such a sucker for Myucel art, that I'd say the volume paid for itself right there.  Even the cover is a beautiful picture of Myucel.

Shinichi's imouto was also very pretty and featured heavily.  The book could be summed up as, "Shinichi gains his family's respect and returns to Eldant where it's safe."  Perhaps taking an entire volume to stress how dangerous Earth now is for Shinichi, and why he should stay in Eldant from here on, is a worthwhile investment.  With 18 volumes I guess it's okay to take the slow and winding path.

Anyway, I can't help but keep buying and reading more volumes because I'm emotionally invested in Myucel and Shinichi's romance.  I assume the payoff will only occur in the last volume, so I'm stuck until then.  I just hope the translation doesn't stop short like what happened to Unlimited Fafnir.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Outbreak Company volume 10 available:

Right now it can be purchased at amazon, but a nyaa version is sure to follow eventually.

I'm always looking for ways to improve 100 Waifus, so lately I've added in a few edits.  'Natts' was renamed 'Nuts,' to more perfectly align with the intended pun, 'Coco + Nuts = Coconuts.' from Yes Precure 5.  Eiko is pronounced the same as Ako, so I added that to the list of same-names by sound near the end of the book.  That left me with only 790 characters with unique sounding names out of the 1106 listed.

690 of the songs in my music hall of fame have reached the 60 listen-through threshold while still not reaching the 100 listen-through threshold.  I'm going to concentrate on these songs for the nonce and see if I can't graduate some more songs to eternal glory this way.

I've added 90 songs net since the start of the new year.  It isn't as big as the +1,000 haul of last year but it's still pretty sizable.  If I want to reduce the size of my task I need to graduate as many songs past the 100 listen threshold as I add.  Otherwise I'll never make it to the finish line.

I'm re-reading the Berserk manga.  The art is indeed grand, but I've changed my mind about the anime.  You don't need top quality art to animate Berserk.  Even the cg seasons did the job of telling the story well enough.  There isn't much value added, going back to read the manga, of scenes that were already covered by the anime.  The real problem with the anime is the amount of stuff they cut or changed.  If we could just fix that the anime could stand on its own two feet.  As such, I added the wish for said fixes back into my anime wishlist, at the expense of kicking Da Capo 4 out.

The unanimated portions of the manga, like the story about the fake fairy queen, are still stupendous to read, but the animated portions are quite the drag.  I'm always thinking, "Yes yes I've already seen this."  Even high quality art can't elevate a manga above an anime, it's like a welterweight going up against a heavyweight.  It doesn't matter how much skill a manga-ka brings to a fight with an anime, anime is just out of manga's league.

It took 7 years to reach 200 seiyuu in my anime voices hall of fame.  One year after I made it to 200 top ranked anime, I now have 200 top ranked anime voice actors.  The anime and the voices elevate each other, neither would have gone far alone, so keeping the honor rolls symmetrical was also important.

Apparently the PS5 can even support 8k tv's, but I suspect it's designed with people owning 4k tv's in mind.  The graphics will look best at the 4k sweet spot in terms of resolution + framerate.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

One Piece to One Pace:

The latest episode of One Piece was so bad, so slow, so dragged out, so full of filler, that it was basically unwatchable.  The only way to salvage this series is to watch the One Pace version alone.  Previously I've been watching One Piece for the first time, and One Pace for the second, but this is impossible.  One Piece is now so bad, so slow, so ridiculous, that it's become a parody of itself.  Only One Pace is authentic One Piece anime at this point.  Only One Pace is a great anime.

It didn't used to be this way.  In the beginning, One Piece would routinely cover two chapters of content per episode, just like One Pace does now.  But now One Piece has settled on a routine of .5 chapters per episode, 1/4 what it should be.  It's horrifying.  It's painful.

They've mutilated this series.  This manga does not deserve such an awful adaption.  Thank God for the fan edit.  Due to One Pace, there's no reason why anyone has to put up with this show any longer.

At their current adaption speed, I would expect 12 episodes of One Pace per year.  A monthly anime series as opposed to weekly, sort of like what we saw from Katanagatari or Emiya-san no Chi no Gohan.

It's a lot less One Piece than before, but a lot better One Piece than before.  I'm okay with that.  The fact is the anime is only 40 chapters behind the current chapter of the manga, so they can't go any faster than one episode a month anyway.  But it does mean One Piece will no longer show up in my weekly anime/manga situational report.  It's no longer a weekly show as far as I'm concerned.