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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Why do Elites favor Poor Foreigners over Poor Natives?:

The answer is simple.  If you're poor in a good country with good institutions like the USA, Europe, or Australia, then you deserve it because you're a loser.  In a meritocracy where the system is completely fair, or even privileged in your favor given that you're a straight white male, the only reason you could possibly fail is your own bad decisions.  Losers should just go cry in the basement somewhere.  Who gives a shit about them?

Meanwhile, poor people in other countries which aren't meritocracies are still bursting with potential.  If they were given a fair chance in a meritocracy, who knows how well they would do?  If these same poor people were given better educations, better opportunities, no corruption or crime keeping them down, good nutrition, less air and water pollution, better health care, who knows what would happen?  They could all be the next Steve Jobs.  Poor people in other countries have dozens, millions of excuses for why their lives haven't turned out right.  Until they're given a second chance in America, Europe, or Australia, who are we to judge?

Elites see promise and potential in poor refugees and economic migrants streaming across their borders.  They see nothing but spent out bitter clinger losers among their own kinfolk who didn't make it big.  Until everyone has been given a fair shot in a meritocracy like America, every single poor foreigner is assumed to be better than every single poor native.  Even if a foreigner does lose out in Germany or Canada or wherever, there's always the chance that majority racism is keeping them down, in which case we can't really judge poor foreigners until they've become the majority of Germans or Canadians and start ruling over us.  Then, and only then, will we know what their full potential could have been.  We shouldn't judge until then just how meritocratic these new people are.

Once you've thrown out the basic facts science has shown us about biological racial inequalities, it's easy to assume that foreigners have infinite possibilities and infinite potential, whereas natives, especially straight white men, have already played out their full hands and are obviously worthless dross with nothing left worth supporting or caring about anymore.

Elites are wrong about this though.  Even poor natives, even the worthless losers who make less than $30,000 a year, are worth more than poor foreigners.  This is because poor natives have two things going for them that poor foreigners, no matter how bursting full of potential they might be, lack.

First, poor white losers still carry the genome of their ancestors who built the paradises of America, Europe, and Australia.  That hidden potential will emerge again in their children or grandchildren.  You can't keep a good genome down.  One bad round doesn't say anything about their innate quality as a group.  Regression to the mean will mean they'll be doing just fine next time around, so you should care about the poor loser whites for the sake of that eventual regression which science has assured us will come.

Second, poor white losers still carry the same culture as the elite white winners.  They believe in the American ideals of freedom, democracy, anti-corruption, fairness, meritocracy, capitalism, etc.  They support with their votes and their voices and their cheers the policies and the decisions of the elites, and make the backbone of the great country we live in which would grind to a halt without their shared espirit de corps with the elites who actually run things.  They are loyal and patriotic citizenry who are doing their best to make this country a success, sharing the vision of a better future with their betters and pushing alongside you with all their might, however feeble that might be.  Foreigners are more likely to sabotage your state, undermine it, and tear it apart.  Natives won't do that.  They're Americans.  They speak the same language, practice the same religion (or lack thereof), and are educated in the same principles and values as the elites are.

The loyalty and patriotism of native whites whose ancestors have lived here for generations is far stronger than recent immigrants who are just here to make more money than they can in their homelands.  They will keep the American Experiment going, the unique traits of freedom that gave our nation birth and keep our constitution a living, rather than a dead, document.

We should not be too hard on Americans just because they're losers who don't make enough money even supposing they were complete wretches who are just economic parasites to the system.

However, there's a third reason to respect poor natives more than poor foreigners.  This is the possibility, however remote, that we aren't living in a meritocracy.  It could well be that most of the billionaires in this country are just con-artists and criminals who managed to squirrel away a fortune without actually accomplishing anything of worth.  In addition, a lot of successful middle class wage earners have ridiculous jobs with ridiculous benefits almost entirely thanks to the government.  Either the government directly employs them, or passes various regulations that make their worthless makework necessary, or they give out special favors and special subsidies that allow these weed-like corporations to grow despite never helping any actual customers.

Who can be sure who really deserves to be rich and who really deserves to be poor?  Maybe poor losers were just people the government discriminated against or oppressed.  Maybe the education system failed them by being biased against their learning styles or undermining their self-confidence with endless denunciations and demonizations of their group identity.  Maybe everything that's gone wrong in their lives can be traced to someone else or something else.  Maybe, just maybe, they're doing vital and important work that should be paid twice, thrice what they make, but random con artists have managed to pay them virtually nothing while squirreling all the money away into giant cup games of money moving like finance, real estate bubbles, or insurance schemes.  There's just no telling, with all the government interference in the market, who would actually be rich and who would actually be poor in a true meritocracy.  Maybe all these losers are victims of fraud because they were too gullible and stupid and trusting, and the rich 'winners' are just the scum who tricked them into going into debt and losing all their money.  Maybe they just had bad luck and got sick or injured somewhere along the way.

Just dismissing your countrymen as losers is far too facile.  There's a depth and breadth to everyone's lives that you can't understand until you've heard them out in full.  It's too early to just condemn every poor uneducated white straight male in the country on principle.

There is just as much undiscovered and unexplored infinite potential in our own poor white countrymen as there is in any foreign group.  Those poor whites are descendants of British nobility, conquering heroes in a thousand wars, and the artists and scientists who date all the way back to Greece.  There's a gold mine of potential in there, no matter what their current face shows.  With proper support, it would be easier to give them back their dignity as human beings than any other foreign immigrant group could ever achieve in America.  Racially, culturally, they are almost exactly like us, they're just missing one vital piece and they would be right up there with the winners.  They're like players who have already declared riichi and are just waiting for one last tile to complete their tsumos.

Foreign immigrants, in comparison, have to rebuild everything from square one before they could be anything like our meritocratic victors.  They would have to upgrade their genome to be as good as ours, a process that could take thousands of years.  They would have to learn our language, our religion, our culture, our implied assumed courtesies and way of doing things that it takes a lifetime to learn but natives just drink in naturally since childhood.  How many generations would it take before they were even at the starting line that all poor white households start at?  Why on Earth would you prefer to start from scratch when you've got a group that's already 99% assimilated into the 'elite respectable core' and just needs a little nudge of help to get where you are?

In the end, the elites of places like Europe, America, and Australia, are just unfairly prejudiced and biased against their own loser countrymen.  Likewise, they have way too rosy a picture of poor foreigners, who tend to be poor precisely because they suck, and tend to bring that suckiness with them wherever they go.  Somalian transplants to Minnesota have not blossomed into new Einsteins and Steve Jobs. They've actually joined ISIS and gone to fight in their holy wars by blowing up innocent civilians instead.  A higher proportion of Somalian immigrants are doing nonsense like this than your own poor loser countrymen you're so prone to sneer at have been doing, I can promise you that.  For every fault you can ascribe to loser working class or unemployed straight white males, the foreign immigrants you've let flood into your countries are doing a thousand times worse things right in front of your face, and only by completely memory washing them from your mind can you maintain these double standards every single day.  Orwell would be proud.  But Marx wouldn't be.

Our own working classes, not Punjabis, deserve a second chance.  Before you go about a program of forced population replacement of all the 'losers' in your midst, just remember the story of the woman who ate the spider to eat the fly.  These things tend to just go downhill every step of the way. . .

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Jean-Luc Cougar said...

Your past few reflections on race/immigration are some are some of your best work.

I hope all is well =)