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Monday, September 10, 2018

A season for all things:

Work Hard, Be Ambitious, or else!:

So I'm playing Yukino's route in Hatsukoi 1/1.  I've been her childhood friend since we were kids.  She's always loved me and was hoping for the day I would notice and escalate things up to a romance.  In the past I was a charismatic basketball player but when I was framed for shoplifting and kicked off the team I lost that dream.  Yukino felt sorry for me and suggested I take up something new I could get engrossed in and recapture my 'hardworking, ambitious spirit.'

I decided to found the 'Cafeteria improvement committee' for our school.  We would investigate why so few people used the cafeteria in school and fix things so that it would become popular again.  I gathered a group of people who would work with me on this noble quest, including naturally Yukino, and then did all the work necessary to turn things around.  We washed dishes, provided waitresses, and improved the menu, bringing lots of people back and getting things buzzing again.

At this point Yukino and I 'upgraded' to boyfriend-girlfriend.  She couldn't get enough of me and we had a lot of fun times together.  Six months later, when I tried to get coffee flavored jelly on the menu as a 'pick me up' for the second half of school, my invention was rejected by the student assembly.  The committee fell to recriminations with one another about why we couldn't think up a better menu item, and fell apart.  I decided there was nothing more that could be done to improve the cafeteria at this point and returned to just being a student again.  I'd rather just spend time with my girlfriend than beat my head any further against this pointless wall.

So of course, within just one week of quitting the committee, Yukino decided to dump me.  She said I was no longer the hardworking, ambitious boy she had fallen in love with, and a loser like me wasn't worth anything to her.  Note, this is a girl who had supposedly loved me for the last 15 years or so.  It didn't matter.  After one week of not being the head of the cafeteria improvement committee, all her feelings had drained away and she had nothing but contempt for me.  I was a human cockroach by the end of the week.

I hadn't dropped out of school.  I hadn't declared my intentions to be unemployed or a hikikomori in the future.  I hadn't pledged my soul to NEETdom.  I had just decided that given the constraints of just being a school club there was nothing further that could be done to improve the cafeteria.  In fact, the cafeteria was already working well at this point and we had fixed everything possible there was to fix.  But one week of me 'not moving forward' was enough to prove to Yukino that I wasn't the guy for her.

She's only interested in the hardworking, ambitious guys with big dreams who never give up.  Only the Pirate King or the Hokage is worth her interest.  If you falter for even an instant that's the end for you, she'll plunge the knife right into your heart and finish you off at the first sign of weakness.

 Now, to be fair, since I had no interest in becoming the Pirate King or whatever, even if she had waited a month or a year, I never would have become the charismatic leader of any other club no matter how long she had waited.  So the swiftness of her execution sentence isn't really the issue here.

The issue here is that women punish men who refuse to waste their time or energy on pointless things, while greatly rewarding those men who are happy to waste their time and energy on pointless things.  This is the real problem.  Malinvestment is stupid.  It's the bane of a capitalist economy.  And yet women are hooking up with guys who malinvest and dumping guys who prudently reserve their efforts for when they could actually achieve something.

The weirdest thing is that girls aren't even interested in the results of your actions.  You could be aiming to become the best lawn mower ever, constantly striving to mow the lawn just a little bit better, and they would be all starry eyed over your passionate, fiery spirit.  The only thing girls see in those pea sized brains is "go-getter, striver, hard worker, ambitious!" vs. "lazy, useless, worthless, going nowhere."

Seriously, who the hell even cares if the cafeteria is improved or not?  Nothing will change even if it is.  But because I was working hard and had all sorts of dreams about how we could improve things, the girls were all over me.  Then the moment I decide this is a waste of time, I'm treated like dirt.  Do you know how ridiculous this is when translated into serious matters?

"Should we build this bridge to nowhere?  It would cost 10 billion dollars."
"I'm willing to sacrifice anything for this bridge.  It's my dream!"  *girls swoon*
"You say it's to nowhere?  Isn't that a waste of money?"  *girls sneer*

"Should we invade Iran?  It would cost five trillion dollars."
"I'm willing to sacrifice anything to invade Iran.  It's my dream!"  *girls swoon*
"What did Iran ever do to us?  Five trillion dollars, and for what?"  *girls sneer*

"Should we learn calculus three?  It would cost $150,000 dollars."
"I'm willing to sacrifice anything to learn Calculus three.  It's my dream!"  *girls swoon*
"When am I ever going to use math of that level in my life?  What's the point?"  *girls sneer*

Every intelligent decision that saves time, money, and effort is punished while every stupid decision that simply blows up everything is rewarded with a harem.  Women are perniciously forcing men down horrible decision paths simply in order to impress women, because the only thing that impresses women is processes (hard working, ambitious, selfless, determined, etc.) instead of consequences (health, happiness, prosperity, security, etc.)

If a guy could offer a girl a life free of hardship, where we'd have a healthy, happy, prosperous and secure future, just by avoiding malinvestments in stupid things like monorails, he'd be rejected simply because he didn't work hard enough to get there.

Alternatively, if a guy proposes to take down the King of England by living as a bandit in the woods and robbing passerbys, freaking Maid Maryanne is ready to go.

This is a wacky way to run society.  In order to impress women, men are going out of their way to fill the world with unnecessary hardships -- wars, makework, education, etc.  People are earning three times as much as they could possibly use for any practical purpose, putting in overtime and destroying their health, just to show women how cool they are.  It's like a bunch of male peacocks with unnecessary gigantic tails.  What is going on here?

Men aren't allowed to make $12,000 a year and restrain their spending to only what's genuinely necessary.  They have to instead make $60,000 a year and waste all the money on frivolities.  They aren't allowed to work 20 hours a week because that's all they need to pay the bills, they must work 40 hours a week because that's the manly thing to do.  They aren't allowed to drop out of college because nothing you learn there is of any practical use, or even true.  Instead you must go deep into student debt and waste some of the best years of your life to acquire a paper certificate signifying nothing.

Everywhere I look I see malinvestment, and everywhere I look I see women forcing the malinvestment.

There is virtually nothing worth doing on this planet.  Education is a joke and a fraud.  You have to abandon your integrity to pass any course on offer, and nothing you learn is of any use to the practical ability to do your job.  If you join the military, you'll be forced to fight a stupid war in a stupid way against the wrong opponent -- like Vietnam or Afghanistan.  In the end you'll just lose because you were never allowed to fight effectively or achieve anything, despite having a trillion dollar budget to work with every year.

If you take up a practical job like farming, you'll realize that we already overproduce every imaginable crop in this country, that half the food in the country is already thrown away before ever feeding anything, even a pig or a cow, much less a human.  That a large portion of our crop each year is literally burned in car engines in a reaction that actually required more oil to produce than it generated.  That Americans are some of the most obese people on Earth and the last thing they need is more food -- etc, etc, etc.

Take up a construction job.  Then realize that either you're a) building a place for immigrants to move in to and destroy your community with their drugs, crime, and poverty, since that's the only source of population growth remaining in the country; or you're b) building a second, third, or fourth home for speculators to bid on and credit default swap to various banks and investment portfolios until the next market crash wipes it all out, just like in 2007, without anyone ever having any intention of actually inhabiting your place.

Smelt fucking steel.  Then realize that you're a) contributing to the construction trade, b) building inferior cars to the Japanese or South Koreans, or c) arming your useless military which has never won a war in seventy years.

No matter how obviously sound a task originally appears, actually there's no point doing it.  Everyone who could benefit from your economic activity is probably evil.  The only thing you're empowering by working is evildoers.  And then whatever money you just made will just be taxed away from you and given to an evil government which will then use the money to further yet more evil.

You could work at some fast food place, make essentially nothing, and contribute to America's obesity epidemic.  Yay.

You could become an educator, and peddle the government mandated narrative which is a pack of lies to vulnerable children.  Yippee.

You could become a truck driver, and transport pipes or beer or whatever back and forth on America's endless highways, back and forth, monotonously staring at an endless road, avoiding traffic accidents for the rest of your life, even though self-driving cars have already been invented that could easily do this job already.  Huzzah.

You could become a nurse and take care of demented, senile seniors who can no longer get up to go to the bathroom on their own.  Woot!

You could become a doctor and treat an assemblage of gunshot victims in gang wars, druggees, obese diabetics, smokers, the mentally insane, and all the rest of the filth of society who caused all their own problems, all on the public dime.  Hurray.

You could become a lawyer and a) try to get the same guy convicted for the 50th time for some offense that he'll just be given a week in jail for, b) lie and get a guilty person off so that he can remain a public menace, c) put away for good a serious criminal who never should have been allowed to be a member of our society in the first place but will now get $30,000 a year in public tax dollars just to stay locked away.  No matter how many blacks and hispanics you lock up our immigration system just imports millions more and crime just keeps going up anyway though.  Hurrah.

You could become a cop and a) arrest the same guy for the 50th time and know he'll be out on the street tomorrow.   b) fleece some innocent motorist for some bullshit offense like a highwayman.  c) suppress the constitutional rights of a peaceful assembly like at Charlottesville.  d) be berated for the crime of racism and police brutality when you're just doing your job.  Score!

There are obvious, cheap, easy solutions to all these problems.  Instead of a gigantic military, we could have a tiny one and just promise nuclear annihilation to anyone who attacks us.  Instead of lawyers and cops, we could just have a law-abiding community of whites and/or asians and swift, certain justice for anyone who doesn't get with the system.  Instead of doctors we could just let all the unhealthy freaks and brain-dead seniors die already and save us the burden.  Instead of construction workers we could just end immigration and inherit the housing we already have from the previous generations.  Absent immigration our population would be going down and there would be more than enough housing for everyone for free by now.  Instead of farming we could let a few automated AI's handle it all (like how we proved we could do with barley).  The same for trucking.

Instead of education we could just home school our own kids in the values and knowledge we want them to have.

Admittedly, there are probably a few useful jobs here and there -- people who repair toilets so they don't flood the neighborhood and properly flush -- whoever keeps the lights on -- road repair crews -- water purification plants -- etc.  But the problem with any of these jobs is that, so long as you're living in America, the people you'd be helping with these jobs aren't worthy of your help and in a moral universe you'd instead be slaughtering as we speak.  I'd rather the country collapse into a hellscape than give clean water to liberals.

Only jobs that could potentially change the liberal power structure are productive in terms of utility.  Anything that does not overthrow liberalism is only aiding and abetting it, which is treason to mankind.

If you aren't the head of a multi-billion dollar company, an artist or an inventor, you're just wasting your time.  Humanity will not be improved by your actions.  In fact, odds are, you're just making things worse.  Usually you're just treating some stupid symptom instead of getting at the root of a problem, which would actually fix things.  And the longer you treat the symptom the longer the root problem goes unsolved, so you're actually just making things worse.

Revolutionary is the only job worth doing.  We need to crush our enemies and hear the lamentations of their women.  Anything short of that just leads to the same damn conclusion -- black world.  2100 is currently a combination of white/asian fertility less than 1.0 and black/arab fertility over 5.0.  When you farm, you're feeding that nightmare.  When you build a house, you're housing that nightmare.  When you do anything except kill blacks and enslave women, putting them into rape rooms where they can do nothing but get pregnant and bear children -- you are bringing about 2100.

An artist is useful because maybe the art can convince people to kill blacks and enslave women.  An inventor is useful because maybe the invention can kill blacks and enslave women.  A multi-billion dollar company CEO is useful because maybe it can fund an artist or inventor who will then kill blacks or enslave women.

We are currently hurtling towards the end of the world.  Anyone born today will live long enough to experience it personally.  Unless we change course there is no amount of housing, plumbing, wiring, steel, garbage removal, water purification, power plants, cures to cancer, or bacon that leads to anything but the exact same 2100 nightmare black world scenario the UN banally predicts every year with its nice graphs and charts.

Any job you do is just perpetuating a monstrous, evil system that is hurtling towards armaggeddon.

You are part of a system that is driving civilization to extinction for the sake of subhuman sludge.

So here's the thing.  I don't feel motivated to do anything except kill nonwhites and nonasians and/or rape white/asian women and force them to bear my children.  Because those are the only two things that currently need doing in this world.  And then I get nagged by Yukino that I'm not motivated enough and she only loved the active, aspirational, ambitious me that was improving the fucking school cafeteria with coffee jelly recipes.

This is insane.  Why should I have to waste my life on stupid shit to please Yukino?  Why am I not allowed to do the only useful thing that needs urgent doing in this world?  Why are we chasing after all these inane, bullshit jobs that don't fix anything, solve anything, or improve anything, when the most obvious jobs on Earth -- butcher the blacks, reproduce -- are banned?

Do you know how insane it is for South Korean men to be doing anything on Earth right now aside from slaughtering North Koreans and raping their own .96 fertility women into subjection?  The case is so fucking obvious that if they are doing anything else -- street sweeper, particle accelerator, surveyor, accountant, diversity and inclusion facilitator, heavy machinery operator, scuba diving instructor -- I DON'T FUCKING CARE WHAT YOU'RE TRYING HARD AND BEING AMBITIOUS ABOUT.  I DON'T FUCKING CARE BECAUSE YOU'RE AN IDIOT WHO'S SOLVING NOTHING.  I DON'T FUCKING CARE BECAUSE GUESS WHAT, YOUR COUNTRY IS GOING TO DIE BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T DO THE ONLY TWO THINGS THAT NEEDED DOING IN THIS WORLD.

Once first world women are reproducing again, once the birth rates of the third world are under control again, then you can brag about your fucking bricklayer job.  Until then shut up.  You are absolutely useless to me.  You are dead to me.  You are a buzzing fly buzzing, buzzing, buzzing about nothing.

Humans are wonderful creations.  They aren't one dimensional beings.  If, say, a plague of locusts are coming, we can put down our farming tools and pick up our insect repellent instead.  We can adjust to the situation and, at any given time, only be doing the most urgent, important things that actually need doing.

Do you know how fucking insane, irrational, and pointless it is for, say, a group of people to go to work while an enemy army is approaching with an open pledge to kill/rape/enslave everyone they come across?

Why aren't these people putting down their work tools, taking up arms, and defending themselves from the urgent threat which is about to annihilate them?

All sane men and women should be doing one of two things right now -- reproducing or killing the invading armies.  If we don't do these two things, nothing else we do will matter.

It's like if the Soviets were invaded by Army Group Center so they proposed to invest another billion dollars into beautification projects on road medians and swimming pools.  Then they hired a bunch of lifeguards to make sure the kids wouldn't drown and congratulated themselves on how ambitious and hardworking they all were.






The correct answer to Yukino dumping me for losing interest in a pointless activity is to rape her.  Then lock her in a basement and keep raping her until she has all the children I want.  Then teach those children not to judge men based on petty things like whether they're hardworking or ambitious or not, but instead look to see about whether what they are doing is actually making a positive difference in the world or people's lives.  Then maybe humanity would be getting somewhere.  Unfortunately the police won't allow this situation so there's no route I can click on to get there.

Instead I suspect that I'm going to apologize to Yukino, beg for her forgiveness, and make the cafeteria improvement committee better than ever by redoubling my efforts and spending all my time and energy thinking daily about how I can squeeze any more blood from this stone.  Finally, triumphantly, I'll introduce waffles to the lunchroom and Yukino will pledge her undying love to me and we'll get married.  Until, at some point, I cease for one week from improving the cafeteria any further at which point she'll say, "I didn't marry this loser" and get a divorce.


Give me a job that a) impregnates women, b) invents an artificial womb so we can just bypass women, c) kills blacks and muslims on an industrial scale, and I'll be the hardest working man you've ever seen.  I'll be a go-getter.  I'll work overtime.  I'll sacrifice anything.

Waste my time reshuffling the deck chairs on top of the Titanic?  No, I think not.  If all I get to do is meaningless, empty things that change nothing then I'd rather do nothing at all.

A season for all things:

Many places on Earth are so rotten living in them is a fate worse than death.  Crime, poverty, corruption, disease, and a complete inability to live your life in accordance with your conscience/capacity means that your entire life you simply suffocate under the oppression of others rather than fulfill your dreams.

Three previously decent places to live, originally ruled by whites, have turned into such hellholes -- Haiti, Zimbabwe and South Africa.  This is because the whites lost power and handed it over to blacks, whose misrule has now reached the point of unendurability.

Likewise, when muslims take a place over, like in Kosovo, the Ottoman Empire, or Lebanon, the countries also turn to shit.  There are no decent muslim countries on Earth.

This is what's going to happen to America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe by 2100 if nothing is done.  This is the trend line we are currently on.

It is even possible that the same will happen to China, South Korea, North Korea, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan if nothing is done.  This is because their birth rates are so low it is hard to see how they will oppose the 5.4 billion impoverished aggressive blacks and arabs that will be wanting to find new sources of loot and sexy women once they've destroyed whites.  Their population will be so low and so aged that it's questionable whether they could mount any military or spiritual resistance at all from their own conquest and despoliation.

This is why 2100 is 'black world.'  Not just 'black America' or 'black Europe.'  I see no power center anywhere on Earth that can resist the surging tide of blacks and arabs heading into 2100.

Latin America, for instance, will not be spared either.  Their birth rates are already below replacement, and their countries will be looking mighty fine in comparison to the likes of Haiti, so why wouldn't blacks immigrate there as well?  So long as the cult of anti-racism exists it will be impossible to argue against open borders into Chile, Argentina and Uruguay just like it's impossible to stop their flows into Canada.

There won't be a single speck of the globe that is not majority black and/or muslim by 2100.  It would take a nation taking a moral stand that a) all people are not equal  b) women's liberty does not extend to the right to not bear children -- to escape this fate.  There are only 80 years left.  Is any country on Earth going to make this case before time is up?

We just had an election in Sweden where 82% of the populace said they were just fine with Sweden being inundated with blacks and muslims and essentially ceasing to exist.  This despite the radical crime, terrorism, and rape that's been going on there.  The insouciance of the Swedish people is immeasurable.  You can do anything to these people and it will never change their mind.  There will only be a few more Swedish elections before you reach the tipping point where you can't stop fate even if you wanted to.  By 2031 the majority of men of fighting age in Sweden will be non-Swedes.

That's just 12 years from now.  The Olympics and World Cup are already planned out to those dates.  There are engineering projects being built which won't be finished by then.

I've been warning people about these threats for a longer period of time than Sweden has time left to exist.  And yet we're still at only 18% who have even the faintest glimmer of a sense that something is wrong with Sweden and needs fixing.

Sweden is doomed.  The rest of the white race is soon to follow.  And then it will be the turn of Asians and Latins.  No one, not even India, will be spared the black/muslim tide.  Blacks and muslims are the only two accelerating rising population groups on Earth.  They are the only two cultures who have not allowed their women to go on collective strikes against childbearing, which means they are evolutionarily fitter than all other cultures.  Decisions have consequences.  The decision to not give birth to children and to not discriminate means every black born in Congo will eventually be living off the taxpayer dime in Japan.

Who will be left to oppose them?  Against the 5.4 billion blacks and muslims who will angrily demand entry to all countries on Earth using the argument that it would be racist to exclude them, what can a few tired old men in Japan do?

Of the pitiful population that will be left in Japan, 83 million, 35% will be over the age of 65.  So let's be nice and say 35% are still of military fitness and childbearing age.  That means Japan's remaining 30 million people fit enough to actually do anything would have to defeat 5.4 billion blacks and muslims who desire to conquer and subjugate them.  What are the odds?  180:1 by population.  Let's say every Japanese fighter is worth 100 blacks or muslims.  They would still lose.

To every thing there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
A time to be born, a time to die;
a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
A time to kill, and a time to heal;
a time to break down, and a time to build up;
A time to weep, and a time to laugh;
a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together;
a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
A time to get, and a time to lose;
a time to keep, and a time to cast away;
A time to rend, and a time to sew;
a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
A time to love, and a time to hate;
A time of war, and a time of peace.
This is not the time to become a business manager, an accountant or a port authority.  It's not even the time to become a professional athlete or a rock star.  This is the time to put work aside, to put the normal stuff of education, job search, family formation, etc, all of that must be put aside.  There is a time for those things.  In a healthy, normal environment, I would encourage all of them.  We are not in a normal, healthy environment.  It is not normal or healthy to continue going through the motions of one mode of life when we are in a completely different mode of life.

Suppose there was an insane person who thought every day was November 7th, 1972, and just replayed their day no matter what was going on in the outside world.  We would not consider this to be healthy behavior, even if it included going to work, being kind to the wife and kids, etc.  It would be considered dysfunctional and debilitating.

Any advice or life coaching that insists we treat these times like they are ordinary times instead of end times is insane and self destructive.

It is not time for Sweden to be going to work and getting a college degree.  They are twelve years away from being locked in to becoming the next Kosovo, Haiti, or Congo.  It is time for Sweden to be rising up and fighting for their lives.  They must change two philosophical planks of their society before 'normalcy' can resume -- a) not all groups are equal and b) women are not free to refrain from becoming wives and mothers.  Otherwise they are about to die.  And every effort you put in now will be undone, such that it may as well have never happened, in the near future.

If a meteor were slated to annihilate Sweden in 2031 it would be pretty fucking stupid to spend the next twelve years building soccer stadiums over there, or getting an education so that you can be hired by a cell phone company there by the time you get out of college.  And yet, in many ways, a meteor would be a blessing compared to what's actually headed Sweden's way.  Therefore it's even stupider to be doing these sorts of things as a Swede in the real world.

Let's just create a more clear-cut hypothetical for people who just can't seem to grasp what's going on in the world of today.  If you lived in a country of nothing but flaming homosexuals, hell bent on hedonistic pleasure, with a total fertility rate of 0.0, any job you choose to do, any participation you take in society at all, is an absolutely pointless waste of time.  Nothing will be inherited, nothing will be passed down, nothing at all can be accomplished in your lifetime.

Any work you do will just go to empowering the homosexual lifestyle of your neighbors.  Every effort you make to improve their lives -- treating their illnesses, fixing their cars, providing indoor lighting and plumbing, anything you do, just ensures another orgy will be had at the end of the day and nothing else.  You are directly contributing to the ugliness of the world, providing a moral sanction to these people by pretending that the choices they are making are okay, that this is somehow normal, and that business with them should 'go on as normal.'

Furthermore, let us presume that you have a secret stash of wealth that means you can go about your entire life without needing to work for an income.

At this point, is it moral to 'engage in civil society?'  Or would it be more moral to abstain from it?

There is a time to love your country, and a time to sabotage it.
A time for workers, and a time for wreckers.
A time for debate, and a time for civil war.

The time for debate is rapidly wearing out.  The people you are aiding by working are not people you should want to live beside or contribute to in any way.  Getting an education, which might pay off with a job twenty years from now, is ludicrous in countries that will look like Haiti by then.

There is only one worthwhile action that can be taken by whites in the current circumstances -- civil war now, or advocacy for said civil war now until we have the critical numbers necessary to win said civil war now.  This is why I called for civil war now, civil war now, earlier this year.  We are past the tipping point here guys.  We have already waited too long and immediate, violent, severe action is needed if the world is not going to become a place worse than death.

If the whole world ends up looking like Haiti or Yemen or any of these other shithole countries, I'd rather the whole world go up in flames.  I would rather die than live long enough to see this future come to fruition.  As the bible says, there is a time to kill.  We have reached that time.  We need to kill our enemies, the liberals, who refuse to change these two philosophical planks which are literally destroying the world a) all groups are equal and have equal rights to swarm across the Earth freely, b) women don't have to reproduce if they don't want to.

Once the liberals are all dead and we are free to correct the moral course of the world, we can easily abolish black fertility and Islamic jihad from this world.  We wouldn't even have to kill any blacks or muslims, just threaten them into submission and they would get the message.  With the military power balance between the West and the third world being such as it is, there's no way they wouldn't agree to our new terms for coexistence.

But there is one group we can't avoid killing and that's the liberals.  This is because until liberals are dead we have no control over our own domestic and foreign policies which are killing us.  And until we can remove the hands from our throats that are choking us to death as we speak, we can't solve anything else.  And these people cannot be reasoned with, nor can they be outvoted -- as we just saw in Sweden.  These liberals are absolutely insane, living in a completely counterfactual universe, and every day they are propagandized such that their beliefs are reinforced instead of undermined by the schools, the media, movies, television, etc, etc.  They can only be killed.  We need a civil war where we root out and destroy the liberals who are beyond reason and already the majority of the country.

Don't worry, just because they're the majority doesn't mean they would win a war -- they consist mainly of mentally ill people, faggots, women and hapless minorities who have never won a war or even a battle against white men in history.  They can only win a democratic vote.  If we suspend the stupid system known as democracy and decide things by a test of arms, we would sweep the liberals from the field in a matter of days.  It would all be over, with complete, crushing, absolute victory, shortly.  Before the initial thrill of your first blood soaked kill of the squawking, croaking, demonic liberals and the last breath of their lying lips finally escaping their rattling throats had even worn off, it would all be over and there'd be no one left to kill.  It would just be the most fun weekend in history and then that would be that.

Liberalism needs to be wiped off the face of the Earth.  The penalty for belief in liberalism, or the propagation thereof, should be death and needs to be death.  In just one hundred years liberalism managed to turn the most advanced and civilized culture on Earth, Europe and the USA circa 1900, into Rotherham and Malmo.

Liberalism gave us our obesity epedimic, our STD epidemic, our faggots, bisexuals, lesbians, gender-queers, transvestites, transgenders, etc, etc, etc.

Liberals gave us terrorism, crime, drugs, alcohol, tattoos, whores, sluts, adultery, divorce. . .

Liberals took all our money in taxes and gave it away to parasites.

Liberals taught us nothing but lies that demeaned and demonized us for a century, and if we ever tried to defend ourselves liberals ostracized us from any future, took away our jobs, our wives, our children, everything we had.  Liberals forced us to even say all the lies ourselves if we were going to graduate with a college degree that would then give us a shot at jobs, wives and children.

Liberals gave us the mentally ill, the homeless, rap music, graffiti, nose piercings, everything that ruins public places and makes going outside unendurable.

Liberals gave us dygenics and fertility rates of less than 1.0.  Liberals gave us a population decrease sharper and more sudden than the black plague, except this time there is no cure because women have no intention of ever increasing their fertility rates ever again.

Liberals gave us outright fucking Satan worshipers and actually genuinely tried to run one for the candidacy of President of the United States.

Liberals are the worst people to have ever lived on Earth, who have wrought more destruction in their brief time on the planet than the Mongols, Aztecs, Communists or even Muslims could have ever dreamed.

Every last liberal should be rounded up and killed for their crimes against humanity and wiped from the face of the Earth.  In addition, until every last liberal is dead, and every last thing they ever said expunged from the public square, they are still the greatest threat to mankind's existence on Earth.  They are the only cult that has a proven track record of bringing down modern civilization.  You can believe or say anything else and not threaten our destiny to reach the stars -- the Soviets were sending people out into space just fine -- but if you believe in liberalism the world is nothing but a bunch of homeless dumps, immigrant rape rings and gay pride parades.

Neither my rage against liberals nor my terror of liberals' capacity for destruction can be abated by anything save their complete and utter annihilation from the Earth.  And until the liberal menace is ended, it is a time for war.  It is a time to kill.  It is a time to hate.  It is not a time to love, a time to heal, or a time to build up.

It is most certainly not a time to be improving the cafeteria.

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Unknown said...

I don’t believe it’s impossible for blacks and Muslims to reduce their birth rate like in Botswana or Iran. In Ethiopia’s capital of Addis Ababa, women have a fertility rate of 1.7 person women. However I fear by the time the birth rate naturally declines it will be too late. Nigeria is already on its way to becoming the third biggest country and the Mediterranean will probably be in flooded with migrants. I wish there was a peaceful solution but unless african governments interven it will get bloody. Defeating liberalism is first and foremost though