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Friday, August 14, 2020

Tear to Tia:

I read the translated half of Unlimited Fafnir's volume 13, and discovered that Tear Lightning's name is really Tia Lightning, with the 'Tia' being from 'Tiamat.'  So I changed her name in '100 Waifus' to Tia as well.  Most Japanese names have a variety of equally correct English spellings, but if Tia is named after Tiamat, which isn't a Japanese word to begin with, the only possible correct spelling is Tia.

I sure wish I could read more Unlimited Fafnir.  Why was it abandoned so close to the ending?  Just push through and get the job done.  Doesn't anyone have any professional pride?  I want to know what Yuu's relationship with each of the girls is at the end of the story.

I'm mostly through rewatching Nekopara and fully through my rewatch of One Piece's Wano arc.  (not that it's actually finished yet, but I've rewatched everything available.)  That just leaves the Star Twinkle Precure movie and currently airing seasons like Railgun/SAO/Major 2nd before my oath is fulfilled.  It makes little sense to rewatch a series before it even finishes airing, so basically I'm already done.

Nekopara is even better than I remember.  I'll have to uprank it next time I adjust my rankings.

P.S. Now I've rewatched the Star Twinkle movie too.  It's so beautiful and lovely.  It grips the heart from start to finish.  I should uprank Precure next time I adjust my rankings too. . .

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Kamala Harris:

Once Biden restricted himself to choosing only a black woman vice president (which I predicted he would do), Kamala Harris was probably the best of the bunch.  A senator from California is a pretty impressive achievement, it means she had to beat out a heck of a lot of other people for the job.  Certainly more distinguished than Senator from Delaware, which has a smaller electorate than most Mayors.

Of course, Kamala isn't really black.  At best 25% black.  But whatever, one drop rule.

The problem I have with Kamala isn't her ancestry (or lack thereof), her qualifications or even her personal life scandals, it's her policies.  She's been rated the most liberal senator in the senate by non-partisan organizations.  That's right, she's to the left of Bernie Sanders.

Why was she rated such?  Because she endorsed AOC's Green New Deal, she co-sponsored Bernie's Medicare for All plan, she tarred border enforcement as the equivalent of the KKK, she led the 'believe all women' charge against Kavanaugh, and so on.  Some of her liberal ideas I actually agree with, like gun control, abortion rights and reducing military spending.  Nevertheless, these are all very liberal positions.

Biden is not mentally competent to fulfill his term of office.  If he's elected Kamala will shortly be the next President of the United States.  If the most liberal politician to ever grace the Senate is put in charge of the country, what do you think will happen?  Someone to the left of an avowed Socialist?

Open Borders, a ban on fossil fuels and gigantic subsidies of unworkable alternatives, health care spending larger than the entire US GDP, and of course the packing of the Supreme Court and the Senate such that Republicans can never win an election again.  It will happen in slow motion, but America's decline will follow the same trajectory as Venezuela's.  Businesses will flee, capital will flee, taxpayers will flee, until there's no one left to fleece, and eventually the lights will go out (did you really think Green energy could keep them on?) and the supermarkets won't have any food.  Actually, with this defund the police movement, all the supermarkets will be looted, gutted, and boarded up, never to open again, long before socialism manages to do them in.

It will be in slow motion.  I don't predict this will all happen in the next four years.  It didn't even happen in Venezuela in Chavez's first four years.  But once they've packed the Supreme Court, abolished the electoral college, added in two new Democratic states which = 4 new Democratic senators, and gerrymandered the House census allocations, the Democratic party will have all the time in the world to slowly grind America into dust.  They can do it in 10, 20, 50 years, they'll be in power the whole time and completely untouchable in any election.  They plan on importing hundreds of millions of new loyal Democratic voters from Latin America, Africa and Asia and giving them all citizenship and the vote.  How do you beat that?

How many Yemenis would prefer to live in America?  I would assume pretty much all of them.  Well under Kamala Harris they'll be free to do so.  They'll probably be given subsidized plane tickets.  How about Somalians?  Afghans?  Pakistanis?  South Sudanese?  I can't wait to see what our country will look like.  All that vibrant diversity.

If Democrats get their way and the borders are opened (quite possibly by executive order without even getting Congressional approval), there will be hundreds of millions of immigrants headed our way.  It would be stupid not to take advantage of the offer.  Free education, free health care, free welfare, free housing assistance, what's not to like?  You're even free to do crime here in America -- no matter what crime you do Democratic DA's will set you free with no bail.  There are billions of people out there who live in abject poverty, who could move to America and start receiving tens of thousands in welfare benefits a year.  Under what mathematical model do they not take advantage of this offer?

I'm opposed to scaremongering, I think it's important to keep your predictions bounded by the facts so that you aren't discredited by how future events actually play out.  But when Kamala Harris herself has already given speeches saying she wants to do these things, when she's already rated to the left of Bernie Sanders on all issues, how is any of this scaremongering?  There is no crackpot leftist idea she hasn't already endorsed.  16 year olds should be given the vote, red meat should be banned, it's anything goes.

This is extremely frustrating because there are moderate Democrats out there who, if handed power, would not immediately destroy the country.  And the Democratic primaries united behind an ostensibly moderate candidate, proving that even Democrat voters want a moderate Democrat in charge.  But due to Biden's senility and this awful pick of the most liberal Senator in the Senate, against the expressed wishes of the voters we've ended up with Super Bernie Sanders.  Is this really democracy?

If you took polls on these issues -- the Green New Deal, Open Borders, defunding the police, etc. -- something like 70% of Americans would be opposed.  Nevertheless that's the policy we'll get, because Kamala Harris is sneaking into the presidency through the backdoor -- after being totally demolished in the Democratic Primary, she's president anyway.  And once those policies are implemented, we can never win another vote, because suddenly there will be millions of Yemenis and Somalis saying no, they like these policies and America must now keep them.  The old American people will no longer have any say in the matter.  There's no take-backs.  If we make the mistake of electing Biden, we'll never get to elect anyone else ever again.  From there on our Yemenis and Somalis will be deciding such things for us.

I hope Trump somehow miraculously wins again.  If that doesn't work out, I hope Republicans quickly wise up to their new state of powerlessness and quickly organize a Red State Secessionist movement.  There are still some very nice, pristine, majority Republican areas of this country like Kansas or Utah we could all happily move to and prosper in.  But the longer we allow open borders immigration to flood into the country, the fewer such redoubts we'll have.  We're running out of time.  Republicans must wise up quickly or they can kiss their property and their personal safety goodbye.

I wish Trump would resign his Republican party nomination and nominate Andrew Yang/Tulsi Gabbard as a consensus unity party platform to oppose the far left socialist Kamala Harris.  Then we would have a smashing majority to stop all these horrendous reforms.  We would win every state.  Kamala Harris is not popular!  She didn't even make it to the Iowa caucus, in the Democratic primaries!  Add all the moderate Democrats and Republican voters together and we'd win easily.


Tuesday, August 11, 2020


The final promising manga available is called Necromance, a pun combining necromancy and romance.  Because the hero is a zombie and his lover is a saint, her body emits so much holy light that he can't touch her.  Other than that they're lovers though, which creates lots of hijinks.

The story borrows a lot from Dragon Quest, which is always a good idea, because Dragon Quest is a great story.  My biggest complaint so far would be how slowly the plot develops, but oh well.  This is my last manga so taking a little extra time is probably a good thing.

I also have a new song for my music hall of fame.  Yakudo, by Maaya Sakamoto, which came out just today and is designed for Fate/Grand Order.  But even if you don't play the game anyone can listen to the song, and this is a singer you normally don't want to miss.  Apparently she's also singing something for the Kimetsu no Yaiba movie, I can't wait to hear that one too.

After rewatching them, I rolled the two Nekopara oav's into Nekopara's great episode count, which makes a lot more sense than keeping the two separate.  That gets my anime hall of fame up to 8901 episodes/movies.

I said before that America is the most evil force in history, which anyone can derive from a simple formula:  The number of lies America tells X the amount of people who have fallen for them X the amount of harm it has done them.

Today a black man walked up to a white 5 year old boy innocently riding his bike, put a gun to his head and shot him dead for no reason at all.  This is the price of America's lies.  If we had told the truth that blacks are not equal to whites and should not be living among whites (or really be living anywhere at all truth be told), this never would have happened.

We pay the price of America's lies every day, everywhere, in every way imaginable.  30,000 white women are raped by black men every year.  Meanwhile, a total of 0, yes, 0, black women are raped by white men each year.

If current black crime levels were the only issue, we could bear with it though.  What's a little murder and rape in a country of 330 million people, right?  The problem is America's sick love of blacks extends to the currently breeding 4 billion Africans that will be here by 2100.  And then it won't just be a little murder and rape, it'll be the whole world murdered and raped by a majority black world population.  If America hadn't brainwashed the world into loving black people, the continent of Africa would have been conquered and peopled by the nobler races, and this worldwide apocalypse never would have happened.  Instead we're letting Africa conquer and people our continents.  All because America decided, on no evidence whatsoever, to proclaim that 'all men are created equal.'  And then fought two wars -- the Civil War against the Confederacy which refused to believe this ridiculous lie, and then World War II against the Axis powers which also didn't believe this ridiculous lie -- to crush all resistance to this insane belief and impose it throughout the entire world.

Now there is no one who will stand up to this lie -- not even Russia or China, who have nuclear weapons and could stand up to this lie if they wanted but still don't due to the effectiveness of Hollywood's propaganda which has genuinely convinced the populaces of these countries that blacks are our equals -- and so the blacks go on breeding unimpeded, awaiting the promised hour of their world dominion, where their savage nature, unchecked by anyone or anything, will finally be on full display.

It can be said that the United Nations demographic prognostications are wrong.  It's odd to say that, since every estimate they've made so far has underestimated black African population growth, not overestimated.  But okay, let's say 2100 rolls around and there are no more Africans than what we have today.  It doesn't matter, other lies exported by America have doomed the world just as well:

America's worst lie wasn't the nobility of the black man, it was feminism.  You see, 'all men are created equal' somehow extends to women, too.  Which means men and women are exactly the same in every way.  Which means there are no preordained gender roles men and women need to take.  Which means there's no point in male-female pair bonding.  Which means, you guessed it, the world's birth rate outside of Africa is plummeting to zero.

Now, instead of men getting jobs to support the family while women stay at home to have and raise kids, we just have a bunch of individual units supporting themselves, each doing their own job, in equal sterility.  Sexless androgyny.  And the whole world has reformed to this American innovation, which never existed anywhere until Americans decided it was a good idea.

LGBT+ all stems from this original lie, that there is no biological basis to our existence.  If there's no such thing as men or women, then any two units can come together in loving matrimony, or identify themselves as any gender they please, or whatever.  It's all meaningless gray goo anyway.  LGBT's are pernicious, in that they drive people who could otherwise have lived normal, healthy lives down the road to perdition (depression and an early death.)  They're also far more likely to abuse children and corrupt them down the same path of perdition than normal straight healthy men.  But there are so few gay people that the direct harm they do is basically inconsequential.  Their existence is less a cause of modernity's dilemma and more a symptom of it.  When the sexual binary was thrown out it was inevitable these sorts would pop out of the woodwork.  The real problem isn't this crazy minority, it's the overwhelming majority of women who would rather identify as workers than housewives.

Even if men and women do marry in this environment, they're so busy both working and competing to acquire useless stuff/honors they inevitably don't have enough kids to really make a difference.  From God's point of view, there's no difference between a sterile straight woman and a lesbian.  And in the long run, there's no difference between a mother who has 1 child and a mother who has 0.  Humanity goes extinct either way.

I think a lot of the drive to enforce LGBT's on the world as a human right is due to this conceptual snarl.  If LGBT's are illegitimate, it must be because men and women are different and thus two men or two women don't equal a man and a woman.  Nor could men transition freely into women, or women into men.  So you see, if you refute any plank of the LGBT ethos, you'd have to refute feminism too.  And then the entire world's way of life would collapse in on itself as we find that everything women have been doing for the last century has been unnatural and wrong.  Liberals can't budge on any of these extremist issues because they realize that the same logic upholding transgenders also upholds working women and women's education.

It's all or nothing, there is no inbetween.

But perhaps even this lie could be tolerated if not for the combination of democracy and socialism.  (Yes, both American exports, Karl Marx notwithstanding.)  Let's assume that in any given population, some small minority will wed in holy matrimony and reproduce the next generation.  There's actually plenty of people on Earth so even if the population halved every generation humanity would last a good long while.  In this time, all sorts of technological innovations could be made, like spaceflight, the artificial womb, or A.I. superbeings that render human reproduction moot anyway.

However, none of that can happen either, because America exported two more world-destroying lies that choke out all our possibilities.

Universal democracy means the worst sort of varmint can vote itself the authority to murder, rape, or steal from the highest order innovator.  They each get one vote, and it's a lot easier for the varmints to reproduce than the rocket scientists.  There's a lot more of them, and they don't need nearly as much nurturing.  So how exactly do these technological breakthroughs occur?  In a lawless environment where blacks are breaking into your house and torturing you to death as they rape your wife and daughters in front of you -- like we already see in South Africa?

There is no future in any country which lets the lower classes seize state power.  They just arrogate to themselves all the money and jobs, destroy everything better than them, and then stew in perpetual misery like the blacks of Haiti.

Socialism never could have existed without universal democracy allowing the lower classes to vote themselves other people's money.  It's the inevitable legacy of democracy, the endpoint.  The endgame.  The end.

Every nation on Earth is seizing an ever-rising percentage of people's intellectual output and devoting it, not to technological breakthroughs or artistic triumphs, but solely to the upkeep of an exponentially increasing underclass of criminal, insane, unemployed, obese voters.  Their eternal warcry:  "We need mo' money fo' dem programs."

You could have a magic money generating Sun God and it wouldn't be enough for 'dem programs.'  By the time they've wrung all our productive classes dry, do you really think they'll have enough time, energy, or hope left over to invent spaceflight?

In fact, we're already operating on empty.  The whole world is drowning in unpayable debt even as the impoverished grow in numbers and expand their needs:  "universal health care, universal daycare, universal college, social workers instead of prisons, windmills instead of coal plants!"  You could have an economy 4 times as productive as the United States and still there wouldn't be enough taxes to go around.

America's original sin, those awful words, 'all men are created equal,' inevitably leads to universal democracy, universal democracy inevitably leads to socialism, and socialism inevitably leads to technological stagnation (indeed, retrogression).  As evidence just look around you.  The rate of technological progress from 1860-1960 -- we went from the train to the plane to the moon.  The rate of progress from 1960-2020?  We went. . .well. . .we stopped going to the moon.  And in fact now all our airline companies are bankrupt too.  Huh.  Trains won't last much longer either.  I guess we can still ride bicycles around our decaying cities.

Oh wait, when a 5 year old boy tries to ride his bicycle a black man will inevitably walk up, put a gun to his head, and execute him for no reason at all.  So I guess that's out too.

When I think evil, I immediately imagine the Aztecs carving out so many people's hearts that an entire city is caked in rivers of blood, all to satisfy the hunger of a non-existent God.  But you have to remember that even the Aztecs had a rising population -- births exceeded deaths.  Even Aztecs had technological progress.  (They actually had some pretty impressive achievements.)  So no, the most evil society imaginable isn't the Aztecs.

It's right now, today, this very world.  The world we live in.  Where every trend is towards oblivion, and for obvious, ridiculous lies that anyone with a speck of courage in their souls could instantly realize and reject.  But because most people don't even have that speck of courage, the lies win.  That's the worst evil imaginable.  It's America today.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Honzuki & Grand Order Rewatched:

As detailed earlier, I've been hard at work rewatching these two ranked series, and now both are finished.

Fate/Grand Order has an appealing, large cast of heroes, with Gilgamesh and Ishtar taking the cake.  Rin Tohsaka is mai waifu regardless of what form she takes.  And as I always believed, Gilgamesh was always a good person at heart.  Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Kaleid Liner, Fate/Heaven's Feel, or Fate/Grand Order, he's always been in the right.

I feel like the series could have been shorter and involved less ki beam explosions without losing anything, but a lot can be forgiven when Rin Tohsaka flies around in a nigh non-existent outfit sounding flustered.  Rin Tohsaka also moonlights as Erishkigal, the God of the Underworld, so there's double the fun.

There's plenty more Grand Order in store, so I'll have to watch and rewatch that portion as well before I'm well and truly done, sadly without Rin or Gilgamesh for company.

As for Honzuki no Gekokujou, the episode Lutz learns of Myne's approaching death could make a stone cry.  It isn't much better when Turi finds out.  However, things take a turn for the merrier and by the second season she's polevaulting from success to success.  There we learn of the first person cool enough to match Myne blow for blow, Ferdinand.  I almost feel like he was the main character of the 2nd season.  The ability for the story to make so many meandering twists and turns while maintaining its integrity and continuity is marvelous.  I wonder what will change for the third season?

Meanwhile, I added another song to my music hall of fame from Senren * Banka, 'Harmony.'  I always wanted this song but some glitch prevented me from downloading it last time I tried.  Now it's fixed and my music hall of fame bumped up to 5460 songs, 12.4 days in continuous play length.  When Bravely Default II comes out no doubt my playlist will grow some more.

Okyu no Trinity & Shounin Yuusha:

In my ever-widening search for more good manga to read, I've hit upon Okyu no Trinity and Shounin Yuusha.

Okyu no Trinity is a shoujo romance story involving lots of cliches and tropes, plenty of blushing, humorous misunderstandings, mysterious tragic pasts, etc.  The heroine is a princess and the male love interest is a former thief, so that's a pretty cool and unusual twist -- not seen since Robin Hood, or I suppose The Princess Bride.  The art really stands out in this series, both the boys and the girls look amazing.  Sometimes the plot can drag when the characters are overly dense but oh well.  It's better than nothing.

Shounin Yuusha is much shorter so far and a lot more fun.  You have a guy with the ability to mass manufacture anything with magic and a girl with super-strength that mass destroys everything she touches, so the two go together like peanut butter and jelly.  The beautiful Loli of mass destruction likes the merchant of mass manufacturing, but for some reason he hasn't noticed her charm yet.  Too focused on making money I guess.  She even wore a sailor school girl uniform for him!! >.<.

Both be necessary provisions if I'm to overcome covid-19's boring lockdown.  Sadly I'm already caught up on all their releases so I'll have to widen my net yet further.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Kimi ni Todoke - Soulmate:

The first two chapters of this epilogue series after the main series are out at mangadex.  They concern Ume's fate in college.  It involves a lot of blushing so it's all very romantic.

I've been grousing about these missing, untranslated chapters for years.  But now there's finally motion and good momentum heading towards completion.  Even if this whole arc is translated, though, a new Kimi ni Todoke chapter came out this August, so it still won't be fully translated either way.

If all the missing chapters were translated it would come as a great relief.  Ume was endearing enough to make my fictional character hall of fame.  I want to know as much as possible about anyone I've honored so highly.

Meanwhile, my top anime rankings now has 8900 episodes/movies to its name.  It's possible it could reach over 9,000 by the end of the year.  That would be nice, since I prematurely celebrated making that mark twice already now.  The third time's the charm!

It's good to see the world continuously improving, though.  A year ago there were a lot fewer good episodes of anime extant than there are today.  A year from now there will be many more great anime episodes than there are today.  Steadily but surely, future generations are inheriting a brighter and brighter artistic legacy to feast upon.  While I had to watch the filler-filled series of Naruto, Dragon Ball and One Piece, future generations only ever have to watch the edited Dragon Ball Recut/Kai, Naruto cut to manga/Kai, and One Pace.  They get a much better experience in a lot less time.

This fall will see a dramatic improvement to my top 200 anime rankings lineup, as the weakest series will be kicked out in favor of the new fall entries.  So not just in quantity of episodes, but also quality of franchises, everything is improving every year.  Japan has been making more and better anime for the past 40 years, it's a magnificent, unprecedented legacy in human history.  So long as Japan perseveres, I could care less what happens to the rest of the planet.

As '100 Waifus' points out:  61 of my fictional character hall of fame names originated from outside of Japan, the other 1045 originated inside of Japan.  This is pretty much the correct weighting between Japan's worth compared to the rest of Earth. (For people who want the math done for them, Japan is 17 times as great as the entire rest of the Earth combined).

Probably this year, there will not only be over 9,000 (the magic Dragon Ball number which = HIGH) great anime episodes/movies to watch, but they'll be composed of properly edited, non-filler episodes, unlike last time the total reached 9,000, so each episode will be worth its weight in gold.

It's almost enough to occupy a lifetime.  :).  But the number will have to grow some more before people can do nothing but watch anime from cradle to grave, sadly.

I've rewatched Magia Record Season 1, proving it was indeed a great addition to the Madoka Magica franchise, and am now working on Fate/Grand Order and Honzuki no Gekokujou's rewatches.  If I can finish rewatching all the great anime ever made, fulfilling my oath and proving all the anime I've ranked is indeed great, that will make my covid-19 time as productive as ever.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Nekopara out in blu-ray:

The surprise hit, Nekopara, is one of 2020's only bright spots.  Now, quite quickly, it's out in blu-ray, including the older oav's, thanks to [dmonhiro].  Only 720p but good enough.  This will be a good rewatch target in the days to come.

I've rewatched BanG Dream! S3 and am currently working on Honzuki no Gekokujou, so Nekopara will get its turn soon enough.

Since covid-19 shut down all new entertainment, rewatching all my ranked anime is a worthwhile usage of the down time.

I'm almost done rewatching Magia Record as well.