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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Bermuda Triangle Dropped:

The second episode of this series committed the gravest sin of all -- it was boring.  There were no stakes involved, no one did anything interesting or new.  It just felt like a cookie cutter show we've seen a million times before all done better before.  Bermuda Triangle used practically the exact same story elements as Yakusoku no Neverland but managed to make them look like glass flowing downhill.  You have to have talent to make something that interesting that dull.  Fail.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Muslims Rape 25% of Sweden:

So over at Breitbart we have a fascinating statistic in the news today:   'According to the agency, 7,840 rapes were reported last year in Sweden'

After that I just did a bit of simple math.  It's well known that less than half of rapes are reported to the police, so I just rounded the number of actual rapes up to 16,000 for simplicity's sake.  Then I took the population of Sweden, 10,000,000, and divided that by half to discover the number of women, essentially the only targets of rape.  So that's 16,000 women raped out of 5,000,000 a year.  Given that Swedish women live 84 years, their chance of being raped at some point in their lifetime is 16,000 x 84 = 1,344,000 rapes divided by 5,000,000 women = 27%.

Now we know Muslims do all the raping in Sweden, but just to be fair to Karl Rapingsson and the like, let's say 2% of Swedish women are raped by Swedish men.  That gets us to the perfect round number of Muslim diversity enriching the lives of exactly 25% of Swedish women.

Is diversity worth it?  Is playing a Russian Roulette of 1/4 chance of getting raped, or your wife or daughter or mother or sister getting raped (so if you know 16 women there's a 99% chance one of them is raped by a Muslim at some point in her life), worth the wonderful enrichment Muslims bring to Sweden?  Apparently so, since we just had an election recently and around 84% of Swedes voted for the open-borders parties.  Both men and women want that wonderful 1/4 chance to go up and up and up, all the way to 100%, only at which point everyone can finally declare themselves to be fully enriched.

And by the way, this number is by no means static.  Every year it gets better and better:

'BrĂ¥ released preliminary statistics for 2018 this week that showed not only that the number of rape reports increased by eight percent on the last year, but that reports of rape against children had increased even more, by 13 percent'
Won't we all just think of the children?  Without continuous additional Muslim enrichment, we'd never be getting these wonderful 13% surges in child rape per year.  The Muslims are just doing the  jobs native Swedes lack the gumption to do.

I'm sure there's a compound interest formula for how quickly 13% rape growth a year can last before every last Swedish girl loses her virginity via Muslim rape, but I don't remember how it goes.  Suffice to say 13% a year growth is sufficiently speedy to hunt down and enrich every last maiden soon enough.

(Apparently at the rate of 8% growth a year it will take 18 years to get from 25% to the magical 100% all Swedes are aiming for.  There are no brakes on this rape train!)

But who cares?  They voted for this themselves.  They want to get railed, run on by trains, and otherwise disfigured.  Between the consenting adult rapist and the consenting child rapee, who am I to intervene?

I have more disdain for Sweden than Guatemala.  Whites, who allow themselves to be trampled over so defenselessly, who even celebrate their own destruction, truly are the most despicable race on Earth.

Yama no Susume S3 Rewatched:

13 episodes only 12 minutes in length are pretty easy to rewatch, even if it were a bad series.  But Yama no Susume S3 is the best the franchise has ever been, the difference maker that elevates the franchise into not just the top 200 of my anime rankings, but the elite top 100 from among those.

Everything is beautiful, as expected of a hiking anime, and the Hinata-Aoi interactions are almost transcendental.  Rarely do I see such a realistic depiction of human emotions that nevertheless comes from a place of affirmation.  The final two episodes are especially special.  And of course their karaoke session. . . it goes a bit better than the cynical but hilarious Haganai version of the same.  Sena and Yozora could learn a thing or two from Hinata and Aoi.

2019 has its own fair share of good anime, but I'm really going to miss Yama no Susume.  I wish they'd make a fourth season, but I don't even know if there's enough manga to support such a project.  The ending of season three said 'see you again,' so perhaps they do have a fourth season planned once there's enough source material to justify it.  One can only hope.

Now that Eromanga Sensei's ova has been released (and translated over at with no announcement of any further anime, I put the series back on my anime wishlist.  I kicked out Tales of Vesperia to make room, which no longer needs an anime adaption now that the PS4 English edition is available for playing.  When is Eromanga season 2 coming?  Oreimo got a season two so this shouldn't be an impossibility.  Maybe after the final book is released. . .

Nanoha Reflection's manga ended without the announcement of anything else.  So this is officially the end of the Nanoha franchise.  Force still isn't back from hiatus, so nothing new is coming out.  'Luckily' for us English speakers, Vivid still hasn't been fully translated, so we can still enjoy Nanoha far into the future, but unluckily for us no new chapters of Vivid have been translated for a long time, so there's no telling just when we'll get to dive back into this series.  I would say the lack of a Nanoha Vivid translation is the most frustrating thing in the world right now, given the fame of the franchise and the fact that 23,000 other manga are being translated just fine as we speak.

The Nanoha Detonation movie should be coming out in blu-ray this year as well, and that at least will receive subtitles.  So our journey with Nanoha can proceed hand in hand just a little bit longer.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Yuuki Yuuna S2 Rewatched:

Washio Sumi wa Yuusha de Aru is a fantastic arc, better than the original.  It's practically perfect.  The epilogue portion, the final six episodes of the series, never really makes any sense and isn't nearly as good.  It's still good, it's still emotional, it's still artistically imposing, but it's no longer a coherent plot or setting.  Things just happen at random without explanation or foreshadowing, and then are solved as quickly as the problems emerged.  Put the two arcs together and season two is probably equivalent in quality to season one, which is all you can ask for.

It's pretty easy to rewatch a great anime when it's this high in my rankings.  This is about as good as it gets.  Though it wasn't easy on my heart -- it's just as bad as Suka Suka in that vein.  Yama no Susume S3 will be just as easy to rewatch and a lot more cheerful.  Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card-hen will be a much longer slog.

The day I can say I've both watched and rewatched every show in my rankings is still far away, but step by step the progress continues.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Kemono Friends S2 Dropped:

This is no more Kemono Friends than 'The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan' was Haruhi Suzumiya.  When a completely different author starts writing about a completely different plot with completely different characters, just because it loosely shares the same setting doesn't mean they're part of the same story anymore.

Now, if it's a good story, like Kaleid Liner was for Fate, or Gun Gale Alternative was for SAO, then I have no problem including them under the same umbrella, but Kemono Friends S2 is not a good story.  It doesn't feel like there was any need to tell this story at all.  There's nothing fresh or exciting about it.  With the composer being changed, we don't even get the same catchy music anymore.

Every episode I watch of this series will just remind me how much better the real Kemono Friends was.  It will only aggravate me.  There's no point watching greedy capitalists ruin what was a great work of art any further.

Yama no Susume S3 Available in blu-ray:

Just half a year after airing, Yama no Susume S3 is now available in blu-ray subtitled in English over at  Sadly just in 720p, but oh well.

This was a hidden gem of last year's total anime output so it will be a pleasure to rewatch.  Before then I'll have to rewatch Ojamajo Doremi, Yuuki Yuuna and Card Captors Sakura: Clear Card-hen though.  It looks like there's plenty of great anime projects to tackle in 2019.

It's a shame the one series I want most to come out in blu-ray, Death March, never does.

My predictions were totally wrong about the playoffs, the higher seeded teams all won.  It made for a rather boring weekend of football, but at least now the four best teams in the league will be playing each other next Sunday.  Unlike the one-sided pummeling Clemson gave Alabama, we'll finally get to see some evenly-matched football teams.

For a ten year old game, this new version of Tales of Vesperia for PS4 looks really good.  I'm having a lot of fun with it.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Winter 2019 Anime First Impressions: Part 2

Domestic na Kanojo:  I don't like sluts, so a story about two slutty sisters moving into a house and throwing a helpless boy's heart around with their contradictory signals isn't what I'd classify as entertainment.  Fail.

Mahou Shoujo Tokusen Asuka:  The art style is bad, it's too gory, and worst of all, it's unrealistic.  The world is not simply engulfed in violence and terror.  You can live out your entire life and never get in a fight, much less an 'incident.'  Especially in Japan, the safest place on Earth.  Any story that pretends that isn't the case for the convenience of the plot just isn't trying hard enough.  Fail.

Grimms Notes the Animation:  A derivative work.  Based off old fairy tales, a group of questers interact with various npc's who continuously replay their slated story, and fight weird aberrations that pollute the scene.  So episodic, unoriginal, and pointless.  Character growth can never occur via npc interactions, much less fighting stupid bugs in the programming.  Fail.

Bermuda Triangle:  Mermaids are cute, so a mermaid centered anime is a good idea.  I like that they stay underwater this time, and live as fish-tailed girls through and through.  Their ability to drink tea underwater, and pour drinks underwater, confuses me, but I suppose the series was never meant to be taken so seriously as to worry about such details.  Pass.

Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai:  This series is pretty and funny but its initial premise is bad.  In truth, if a girl shows no interest in a guy for long enough, especially a popular guy who has prospects elsewhere, he'd just ignore her and aim for someone else.  Any pretty and devoted girl will do, so there's no point waiting around for 'miss perfect.'  As such, this 'impasse' would never happen.  To make matters worse, the only way the misunderstanding isn't cleared is the continuous divine intervention of the author, which keeps kicking the can down the road at the end of every skit.  It just feels too unnatural how the secretary always bails them out from having to explain their feelings to each other.  Fail.

Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai:  First off, this isn't anime, it's fully cg.  Second off, the characters are rude and annoying.  Third, the fight scenes are uninspired and dull.  Fourth, the plot and setting make absolutely no sense.  Fail.

Finally, a real anime.  I'm so tired of all this cg crap.  The art is wonderful, the girls are cute, and most of all the story is hilarious.  I also love the innocence of this story.  It's actually set in a fantasy world where the people believe in the fantasy they are living out, it isn't just a story to them.  This is the life they've always known.  The complete opposite of Grimms Notes.  Pass.

That sums up the winter season.  12 is a good haul, better than the excellent fall 2018 season.  We're pretty much living the dream right now.

Here's the good anime that's currently airing this season and is worth at least a try, in the order of how exciting each episode is week to week (not in the order of how good the series is overall, which would favor older/longer series too much):

1.  SAO S3
2.  Fairy Tail S3
3.  Index S3
4.  Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
5.  Tensei Shitara Slime Datta-ken
6.  One Piece
7.  BanG Dream! 2nd
8.  Endro
9.  Yakusoku no Neverland
10.  Hugtto Precure
11.  Bermuda Triangle
12.  Bolt