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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Is She Worth It?

Statistics show that married men are happier and healthier than unmarried men. Half Sigma carefully broke it down and proved this was even a causation effect, not just a correlation. Happy people aren't more likely to marry, the chart is carefully proving that married people are more likely to be happy. The cause is one-way. So in a sense, yes, marriage is worth it. Odds are you'll be better off, in some inscrutable way, no matter who you marry. Not only is marriage emotionally rewarding, it's evolutionarily rewarding, and financially rewarding. It pools incomes, costs, and risks, in a very helpful relationship for taking on the big challenges. It's also the primary means for a white person, at least, to have children, and thus continue to exist in the larger sense of the word. The future belongs to those who married, not to those who didn't.

But even with all these obvious truths lined up, I can't help but wonder: Are modern women worth the effort?

What if we could simply cut women out of the system? What if men just hired surrogate mothers to have their kids and raised a family on their own? We don't actually need women so long as we have money. Reproduction is now freely available for either sex without relying on the other. There are egg and sperm donors, plus ways to clone yourself, surrogate mothers who will carry and give birth to the children, and daycare centers to look after them. Just as gays have discovered reproductive liberty through modern technology, singles could use it just as well -- and provide a better parenting experience than their gay competitors too.

Do we know if spouses really make men happy, or children? Who do men generally love more? Who is actually making them happy at home? That would make for a very interesting question. If women were cut out of the system, would men really feel any different? Usagi Drop is the story of a single father with a daughter -- so is Clannad. Both of them were happy with just their child, the mother wasn't necessary to feel loved and needed.

In the past, this would have been a no-brainer. Children are a real hassle to raise for men, who aren't instinctively equipped to put up with the monotony and annoyance factors, being a single father raising a child is even more demanding, and a wife is a wonderful companion as well as a helpmate. But are modern women raising children, companionable, or helpmates? I'm sure many wonderful women are just that to their husbands -- but many aren't. Many are dead set against being anything like that. So the real question is, why would you marry one of Them?

Any girl you fall in love with, odds are she'll hurt you. Either before marriage, while you're dating, or after marriage. Odds are you'll be dumped, divorced, separated, or cheated on. If you take that pain on the chin and try again, your odds aren't improved for next time, the odds are the next girl you fall in love with will do the same. The odds are the same for the third girl too. Unless you marry someone and you've been together for something like 30 years, you're never out of the woods. The odds are always against you. You only know you've 'won' this game of russian heart roulette when you're near your deathbed, marveling over your good fortune that this time it worked out. Girls are the initiators of most breakups and most divorces, it's statistically around 2/3 of the time. No matter how fervently you feel about a girl, there is never a guarantee your love will be requited. No matter how well you think the relationship is going, odds are she thinks it's going terribly. And no matter what a girl says, she only means it 'at the time.' Girls have no concept of honoring their word, but act purely on emotion. If anything changes from that 'at the time' promise/vow of endearment, they feel completely exculpated for changing their minds in turn. They feel no guilt and no shame for breaking up with a boy. They feel no compassion for breaking their hearts, raiding their bank accounts, or taking their children away forever. It's always a boy's fault for the breakup anyway, so all of this is just righteous justice, according to a girl's logic.

Are men really willing to go through this much heartbreak and sorrow to arrive at the Elysian fields of one single woman who will honor her word and maintain her love for a boy for longer than a couple years? How many women do you have to try? How many times must you repeat this gruesome house of horrors for that one loyal woman? At what point does a girl's love mean absolutely nothing to a boy, they're so doubtful of its durability?

Contrary to popular belief, men don't need sex to be happy. In fact, a recent study showed that women cared more about sex than men. Men just wanted intimacy with a woman they loved -- cuddling, sleeping together, kisses and hugs. Since sex can often be a herculean effort to please a girl, which must go entirely the way the girl pleases or she isn't interested, I can see why men are tuning out. In the past, women accepted that sex was for a man's gratification. They accepted that they may not orgasm once in their lives, and that was okay. Nowadays they want to orgasm multiple times in a single session, or the boy is a loser who should be dumped immediately for someone better. The problem is when sex becomes Gymnastics, when it becomes all about technique, it loses all value as an instrument of love. It's obvious the girl would prefer not you, but just some marvelously adept boy or sex toy or girl who can push all her buttons, and isn't happy because of who you are, but solely because of what you are doing.

With that in mind, how interested can a boy be? Knowing you're just a replaceable part, knowing that this same girl has had sex with multiple other boys (and probably girls), and that she prefers many of them to you, and will in the future cheat on you or dump you in order to get a 'better experience,' once she's tired of your techniques and bored with them -- how absolutely disheartening can that be? Can sex be nearly as satisfying with a non-virgin? With an untrustworthy slut? With a sex-crazed pleasure seeker, instead of a loving self-sacrificing servant of your needs? No one wants to make love to a girl who doesn't want to have sex and doesn't respond like some sort of corpse, but neither does he want to do a three hour long song and dance with whips and candle wax for something that should be extremely easy and casually delightful. Girls used to take what they could from the experience and not demand more. Now they want sex their way, which is much harder than sex boy's ways, which just turns what used to be a natural joy in life into yet another chore, and sometimes a disgusting and depraved chore at that.

It's no wonder that boys would say, given the modern age, that they wish they could just skip the sex and stick to petting, kissing, hugging and sleeping embraced. That's 90% of the satisfaction of sex right there with 0% of the work. Girls have ruined sex, just like they've ruined marriage, for boys.

Girls never love you, so their love is worthless. Even when you're married, the girl doesn't really love you, because she reserves the right to divorce or separate from you, and there's around a 50% chance she'll cheat on you. The only time you'll ever know you're loved is when you're on your deathbed. Before then, a girl's love is worthless because she can never, ever be trusted. Not fully. Not knowing the math and not knowing girl's system of values, which is to only mean anything 'at the time,' reserving the future for their own free will.

Girls make sex a chore, so sex is worthless.

Girls aren't necessary to have kids, so their wombs are worthless. The only exception is that they might provide children at a discount compared to your other alternatives.

So what else is a relationship for? Will they raise your kids? No. They'll be at work, mightily offended that you could ever suggest such a primitive idea. The children will be raised by impersonal daycare workers, and then the school system. They'll only see their mothers as often as they see their fathers. Whether a child has one or two parents, since they're both away at work during the same time of day, there's really no difference. They never have a mother they can rely on or confide in, because she's away at work. She's busy self-actualizing herself, and screw the kids.

That is, if she's willing to have more than one. Because a wife will complain bitterly about how painful and awful and trying it is to be pregnant. Never mind that women in the past would willingly die to have children, that girls had exceptionally short half-lives because childbearing was so dangerous, but they still went ahead and had 5, 10, 15 children a piece. Courageous, strong, sacrificial women like that who faced true pain and even death no longer exist. Now there are only whiners, whiners about nothing, women who barely have any kids, with drugs to alleviate the pain, and practically zero risk of death. But still they complain like they're the greatest martyrs since Jesus and St. Paul. The same for their periods. Even though there are plenty of drugs to relieve the pain of periods these days, they act like it's this hellish nightmare beyond belief -- the same hellish nightmare that women of the past endured silently with no help at all, and never whined about in their lives. Women would have us believe that because they're women, they're suffering far beyond anything men can dream of -- and yet men have a suicide rate 5 times as high as women. They die years, if not decades, earlier. They have far higher insanity rates. They are far more likely to be the victims of crime or die in war or at work. Every single objective measure shows that men, in fact, are the primary sufferers on Earth. But God help you if you don't want to listen to your wife whine about how horrible her life is day in and day out. We just 'can't understand.'

If the women are working, surely they'll at least be of financial use? No, because women are also the primary Spenders in a family. Women can work as much as they want -- they never even break even. In the end the man is forced to fork over his own paycheck to indulge her yet further. To say nothing of the ridiculous system where men must buy girls presents and jewelry to prove we care, but girls needn't buy anything ever, there's simply the black hole of women's makeup, fashion, and entertainment costs. Whereas men are quite happy to sit back and watch TV when they have free time, women want to 'go somewhere,' 'do something,' and 'meet someone.' Always. Which means you have to go to some expensive club or bar or skydiving or skiing or take a vacation on a beach or whatever. All to please the woman. Women can't be happy at home, they can't be happy alone together, they simply must indulge in some expensive habit like dancing or the gym or eating out as well. Women will also be the ones demanding constant home remodeling, constant extra 'kitsch' to decorate the home, constant home 'improvements,' ten different pets, new paint schemes to 'freshen things up,' and any other expense they can think up. They will demand some sort of $40,000 pony lessons for the kids in order to broaden their horizons, however dubious the payoff these activities are ((Somehow in the past children built character with nothing but an orange for Christmas and work the rest of the year.))

No, the money will always be in the red. Marriage reduces a man's personal spending power to basically nothing. The wife spends all your money on herself and her priorities. You never see your money again. But God help you if you're laid off and the wife is the provider. Suddenly she resents everything you purchase, even the rice for dinner, as some grievous enslavement. What's yours is hers, and what's hers is hers. Any marriage that tries 'what's yours is mine' will swiftly file for divorce. In your distant memory, you'll remember a time when you didn't have to work as hard, when ends magically met, and you were happy. You could do whatever you wanted and there were no headaches worrying about down payments. Then a wife enters the picture, and your carefree days are gone forever. Now unemployment isn't a setback, it's a personal affront. Now you aren't inconvenienced, you're put up to a firing squad: Get a job quick or we're through! You're guilty, you're a sinner, you're a parasite. Who wants the economic worry? It would be one thing if a woman's work actually helped a husband, but they will resent you so much for relying on them, and break up with you if you try it anyway, that the 'reward' of a working wife is completely illusory. You still have to work, and you still have to make more money than them, and you still have to spend all your money on them, whether they work or not. You are no better off than the 1950's husband, only the wife isn't there for you or your children either. You gain nothing from a working woman. You only lose.

But surely women make good friends? Surely you could talk to them and feel better afterwards? Not really. Women aren't willing to talk about anything interesting -- everything interesting bores them. Everything they'll find interesting is insanely boring. Women are the worst friends ever. A boy is delighted to talk about various things: Sports, Politics, Philosophy, Video Games, Card Games, Board Games, Anime, science, whatever. No matter what topic you choose, the best you'll get is a polite 'yes honey, I've heard this before.' And then you'll be listening to her complain about her various aches and pains she suffered today, how sick she's feeling, and the relationships of all her friends and all their faults besides. Men and women share nothing in common. They share no interests. More distressingly, they don't even share any values. If you say, "This is outrageous, blacks have murdered 3,000 white farmers in South Africa and no one is lifting a finger!" They'll say, "Oh let's not talk about such ugly things." And if you go on to say, "I hate blacks! What a detestable race!" They'll say, "That's racist!" How can a boy ever open his heart to a girl? They are the policewomen of Political Correctness. They're too cowardly to agree with the truth, they're too comformist to ever search out the truth for themselves, and they're too contemptible to stand up for the truth even when they know it's true.

A boy who knows anything about race, World War II, the Civil War, etc, will not find wives to be good friends or confidantes. They will dump you like last year's eggs. And yet, if you can't talk about what really matters -- the future of this world and your children's future in it -- what Can you talk about? Your hobbies? Oh wait, she doesn't share in any of them and isn't interested at all. A boy who shared your interests and knew the truth about race is worth infinitely more than your average wife when it comes to conversation. No wife would be caught dead married to a racist, sexist, homophobe, nazi, anti-semite, etc pariah. They will not stand by their men. They will spit on your cause and abandon you to the mob. Even Charles Lindbergh's wife wished he wouldn't speak up in favor of staying out of World War II, what would the neighbors think? So to even marry a woman you must first lie to them. You must carry your secret inner heart forever locked away. You must never be loved for who you really are, but only the 'respectable' outside mask you wear. The one person who's supposed to affirm your value and treasure your existence won't do either -- unless she is the most miraculous of miraculous .0000001% of girls minority.

Are girls worth your integrity? Are girls worth Lying for?

Women aren't good friends in another way. Friends respect your wishes. They accept you for who you are. A girlfriend, or a wife, however, expect you to change in order to suit them. They are controlling. They are demanding. They whine. They measure your affection for them by how much you change and how often you accede to their tyrannical demands. Wear this, not that! Visit me more often. Drop that habit. Come do this activity with me. Change your opinions! Women who say they love you will drop random bombshells like, 'of course, you'll have to become Christian,' halfway through a relationship. Friends are your friends, they like you already. Girlfriends think you're always a 'work in progress' and exist to be molded into their perfect boy. What if you don't want to change? What if you're happy with who you are and how you live? A girl shouldn't mean losing everything you have, it should mean gaining additional benefits on top of everything else -- Marriage should be a bachelor's life, except with sex, cuddling, friendly conversation and children. You shouldn't lose a single thing from the past. Why on Earth would simply having a girl enter your life trump everything you worked for previously?

A nice wife would be someone who loved you for who you already were and what you were already doing, and asked if she could join in on the fun. That simple. "Can I join you?" And if you say yes, then instead of doing everything alone, you'd have the option to do it together too. Most of all it should be because the husband and wife think they'd have a lot of fun with children who are half-one, half-the other. Having said children, sharing in said activities, shouldn't mean changing a single thing from the past, whether it's your religion, politics, friends, hobbies or habits. Marriage that treats you just like another house for a woman to redecorate will only ever have one happy member.

Worse, women are frauds. They hide their neurosis until after you've fallen in love. Then it turns out they're a completely different woman. Oh, and once you marry? Suddenly their weight balloons up to an unattractive 250, they cut their hair shorter than a man's, and they never wear makeup again. Sorry, sucker! That was just to attract a mate. There's no point Maintaining your affection, you're sunk either way. Both their minds and their bodies are nothing like you originally believed. They present a false bill of sale that in any other business you could just return to the manufacturer. But there's nothing you can do about it, because you're already besotted, and they know it. They know they can get away with practically anything, and they never act as beautiful or considerate again. Strangely, for women, a relationship is just the start of how much a boy should change for them, but simultaneously it's the start of how much they no longer have to change for their boy. Welcome to the inverted world of women's logic.

This isn't to say that women are innately evil or anything. Women, on the whole, are innately better people than men. Over history, they've shown an amazing track record for all of the most admirable virtues. The problem is they've become so spoiled, so corrupted, by the permissive liberal culture that holds that a woman can do no wrong, that there are so few standards left to judge women by, that they get a free pass throughout their lives. They are never checked, and so like spoiled children, they grow up assuming the whole world should exist solely for their sake.

There is no longer any criminal penalty for anything women do -- no penalty for adultery, no penalty for abortion, no penalty for premarital sex, no penalty for divorce, no penalty for lying, no penalty for having illegitimate children, etc. Not only is there no legal penalty, no one even dares criticize their 'lifestyle choices.' Women are completely untouchable. If you put a man in that situation, allowed to act on all his desires freely without legal or cultural restraint, they would go feral. Nothing would be beyond them. Rape, pillage, murder, would be the most routine activities under the sun. Why are we surprised that women have become despicable given the exact same situation?

There is a myth, a myth that women have no evil desires, that they are utterly pure at heart, and therefore they need no restraints whatsoever. They are the 'strong,' 'independent' women, the Just Do It generation, that can say or be anything. And if you disagree, that's sexual harassment, no wait discrimination, no wait verbal abuse, blah blah, and the law will literally jump in to stomp down the boy victim! It's unfathomable. It's a mutant ideology that has never existed anywhere on Earth for over ten thousand years. It has completely decimated our morality, our birth rates, and our viability as a civilization in less than fifty. But the myth lives on. It lives on because men are too afraid to speak out, and would rather carve out their own little niche of happiness -- other men be damned. If a man does complain about women, that just proves he's to blame, because he couldn't hack it. It's a blame the victim mentality that lets women permanently off the hook.

But the world isn't permanently off the hook. As women continue to Just Do It, and men continue to blame the victims, society is falling off a cliff. The % of children raised in single parent homes increases every year. Our countries are going bankrupt supporting, mainly, women's needs. The programs that are bankrupting us were voted in, largely, by women. Crime rates would be astronomical if not for our draconian prison terms -- prisons that are now locking up unprecedented numbers of men. Men who became criminals, why? Because they were raised by single mothers without fathers, and put in a hopeless position where being good had no reward and there wasn't any girl they could rely on or trust, so they chose instead to join a gang of boys and take drugs, etc. Crime is down, but the number of criminals is astronomically up. Our prisons are full to bursting, and we are burning trillions of dollars containing the social dysfunction that fathers used to prevent for free. Some day those prisons will burst and we will reap the whirlwind of our child raising customs. Birth rates are so low that entire countries are emptying out, becoming ghosts of their former selves. Russia is the primary example, but it's true everywhere.

What men are expected to endure and accept, Nature cannot accept or endure. So it's really meaningless whether we bow to the New World Order or not. Even if we do nothing and accept their ridiculously one-sided relationships, God won't. God is bringing down his judgment on this unnatural state of affairs. He is killing us faster than the black plague. He is erasing our people. A nation designed to please women eventually ceases to exist. It's wiped off the map. It never was.

Ironically, just as men who get everything their way end up less happy than if they had ever been told 'no,' women are also victims of this system. Men think they just want to be big apes with harems and the right to beat down anyone who looks at them funny -- but these joys are transient and unsatisfying. Real happiness comes from knowing you were needed, that you've helped people, that you accomplished something hard, that you earned someone's respect. Real happiness for men only becomes possible once all the false happiness is banned or restricted, legally or culturally. Only when the false trails are denied them, do they start working hard on the true ones. It's like Pilgrim's Progress. How many snares does the devil set for a pilgrim on his path to heaven? How many stars are there under the night sky? Only by staying on the straight and narrow path, only by not being distracted by all the false emotions and wishes to either side, can a man reach heaven.

Just so for women. We have done them a grave disservice, by letting them ensnare themselves with every single false joy and false happiness they come across. Women think they want to work, but they're actually born nurturers. Women think they want to try out lots of different men, but they're actually happier having known only 1 or 2. Women think they should live together first to 'try things out,' but marriages last longer when you marry immediately. Women think they want an abortion, but once the child is born, they realize they actually loved their baby. Women think they need a new fur coat, but they really don't. If no one stops a woman, she will just go on making mistakes, digging her own personal hell deeper and deeper, until she can't see any way out but down to the very iron-nickel core of depravity. Drugs. Alcohol. Obesity. Cutting. The standard answers of oblivion.

The happiest women on Earth are Mormons. They have a community to chat with and share cooking with. They have a God who loves them and appreciates their virtue. They have a husband who's devoted to them and has never touched another woman. They have lots of children, each unique, each a wonderful companion to fuss over and be needed by. They have the keys to women's true happiness -- a place full of people who care about her where she's doing something meaningful for the sake of someone else every single day. THAT is a woman's joy, just as a man's joy is accomplishing something important enough it gains the community's respect. Neither joy can be achieved by never banning and never criticizing anything a woman or man might want to do. Both come from sacrifice and pain. But that's sexist. Men and women are the exact same, blank slates, and there is no path to happiness, it's just a totally wide open Just Do It free for all. Nevermind biology. Nevermind history. Nevermind the reality right in front of our eyes of women crying, slumped in slutty clothes, drunk out of their minds on dirty streets. Nevermind. Just Do It.

The answer for men, unless your loved one really is a wonderful woman with virtues and graces fitting for a woman of another age, is to just Not do it. Leave them to their wrecking. Let them marry each other. Have your own kids if you want. Bypass them entirely. And achieve happiness the way a man does -- by doing something worthy of admiration in its own right. In the end, we don't need them. We are the creators, the poets, the inventors, the artists, the discoverers, the pioneers, the everything. There is no shortage of worthy pursuits, or worthy abilities, for men outside of marriage. There is very little a woman can enjoy outside of marriage. If they want to play this game -- why not? The world may lose by it -- but men won't.

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Anonymous said...

Every word in this article is so true. Luck be with those last few men, who have an actual set of morals, to find a perfect female partner that will always cherish you for who you are and the fact that you care for her so much that you would actually sacrifice self-happiness for each her, and she would do the same for you. Instead of "loving" the materials you have and "share" with her.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, a lot of this article is true. I have concluded that, apart from sex, women can offer nothing to men nowadays. Unless we go back to the old values, there isn't much hope for the human race. There are very few genuine women out there nowadays, who are worthy of a man's time/energy. I agree that intimacy is more important to men than sex. Call me cynical, but the more experience I have of women, the less I can trust them, to the point where I cannot trust any of them. Men want a genuine, loving, and caring female companion in life, but 'modern' women have abandoned that mind-set with the advent of feminism. The whole love/romance thing is such a shame nowadays.

Anonymous said...

True words

Anonymous said...

This was the biggest bullshit I have ever read! All of it! Where did you get those percentages anyway? How old are you?

Anonymous said...

Women don't seem to be all that interested in a mans personal qualities at all beyond what you can do for them or how you may inadvertently make them feel about themselves. I believe men are different in that mostly they are attracted to the actual person rather that just being on the lookout for a prop of sorts.

Anonymous said...

This is the biggest load of nonsense I have ever read. Not an inch of it is scientific.

Studies have consistently shown that children raised in two parent homes perform better and are more emotionally and psychologically stable than those in single parent homes. Studies also show (for women especially) that being single is better than being in a bad relationship but being in a good relationship trumps even singledom.

Anonymous said...

Dear author

Would you care to explain to me the existence of gangs and crime in the 1950's when the man of the household was in his 'rightful' place as ruler and sole provider of the household and the woman was in her 'rightful' place as an economically inactive child bearing machine and general slave? Would you also like to explain the link between women in the workplace and the economic well-being of a country if a woman working is that bad? Crime and gangs have always existed amongst young men, it is your degenerate testosterone filled gender that is the cause of 99% of the crime in the world. 90% of the prison population is male. Every evil occuring in the world right at this minute is due to men. War, rape, child sex trafficking, prostitution, murder, white collar theft. Your stupid gender caused the recession by your risk taking testosterone. Men are emotionally unstable judging by the amount of guys you hear murdering everyone around them before taking their own lives and the single parent point is more your gender failing; once again. The mothers stuck around to look after the kids. Where are the dads? Wimped out and incompetent. If men didn't exist the world would be so much a better place. No more sexism, and more cattiness. Studies have proven women achieve more in all girls schools; no doubt because of the lack of competition over men. If we could extrapolate that worldwide and be rid of all these patriarchal religious systems that cause so much discrimination in the world it would be a much better place.