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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

No Laws, Just Membership Criteria:

I don't like coercion.  Who does?  And yet rules are required for people to get along harmoniously and cooperate constructively with each other.  How do we get around this paradox?

The answer is something the private sector has understood and availed itself of for a long time now -- no coercion, just membership criteria.

If you want to hang out with this group, using these facilities, etc, then you must obey the bylaws and strictures and contracts you've entered into with the other members of the club.

The club's entry requirements can be set at any arbitrary level, nobody automatically has the right to belong to a club.  Before you join a club, everyone else has to approve, and the way to streamline that approval system is that everyone agrees on standards prospective members must meet, and if anyone is found to meet those standards they're approved automatically.  If they can't meet the standards they don't get in.  They'd be a nuisance to the people there who only want to be around others like themselves, and so they're shooed away to be someone else's problem.

Moral free riders are people who benefit from an orderly, cooperative, kind, charitable, friendly, etc society which builds all sorts of institutions and systems which they take advantage of, while not contributing the exact same traits themselves that makes the society buzz along so efficiently.  It's nice to be in a place that doesn't litter, but it's doubly nice to litter all you like while others clean up after you because they don't like litter.  The purpose of membership criteria is to weed out moral free riding.  All members of a club benefit from its atmosphere, that's why they gathered together in the first place, because they enjoy each other's company.  Correspondingly, it's important that all members of a club are creating that atmosphere, or soon enough the atmosphere will disappear and the whole thing will collapse, contributors and parasites alike losing what attracted them to the club in the first place.

Therefore, the penalty for littering, in a private arrangement where everyone has agreed not to litter, is not the current system of fines, jail time or the death penalty.  There are no cops going around enforcing the laws.  No constant system of judges and juries and endless inspections to see if you're obeying the law.  The penalty for any and every violation of membership criteria is getting thrown out of the club.  If you won't obey its strictures, you're no longer welcome here.

The penalty for every violation of the rules is exile.  There is no lesser penalty and no greater penalty, you're just no longer a member of the community.  You couldn't meet the criteria and so you no longer belong.  Since you don't feel like fulfilling your role in this community, go find some other community that you're more comfortable with and go follow their rules.  This isn't coercion, it's just recognizing reality.  You don't belong here, so you're better off going somewhere else where you can hang out with other people like yourself.  Moral free riders, who like an atmosphere they themselves are tearing down, have zero claim to abuse or oppression for not being tolerated.  To state the argument is absurd enough to shut it down.

I don't want a nation.  I don't want a police force.  I don't want coercion.  I want private property, with all the members of the club joint owners of the land and all of its public facilities, and clear membership criteria so that everyone in the community is loved, respected, and welcomed by everyone else in the community.  And I want people who clearly don't belong to be hounded out by a spontaneously coalesced mob who chases them out of town, the end.  We will all know who they are.  We will talk to each other about their indiscretions, and the secret will out, because we're a tight knit community and we won't tolerate flagrant violations of our norms, which would soon snowball into the complete dissolution of everything we love about our lives and our environment if overlooked.

In a land like this, no one can say they have a right to impose themselves on others.  In the first place, everyone will sign a contract from the beginning stipulating that they only have a provisional right to stay in the community, based upon conduct that fulfills the strictures of our fair city.  Like how a renter does not have the right to stay in their leased apartment if they violate the lease, nobody has a right to stay in a city they contracted to get along with if they don't get along with it.  Secondarily, if a private individual can demand that other private individuals accept their presence as guests on private property, that's essentially no different from a man barging into your house and demanding they have the right to stay indefinitely, or a boy plopping himself down on your bed at night and saying he feels like being your boyfriend from here on, or simply inserting his dick into your vagina with the explanation that, even though he was never invited, he really feels he has a right to put it wherever he so pleases and it would be rude to deny him entry.

It isn't necessary that the club's criteria be somehow objectively fair or justifiable or worthy.  If it's the pink elephant appreciation club, we can rightfully demand that everyone who wants in appreciates pink elephants.  Likewise, no woman has to justify her rejection of a mate, it doesn't need some objective proof that she isn't biased against you.  For any reason or no reason at all, private individuals can object to the company of other private individuals.  Everyone has the right to be left alone, first and foremost.  Above any consideration of your right to hospitality or fair treatment or any other words that dress up the fact that you're simply barging into a place uninvited and unwanted and making a nuisance of yourself to everyone there.

This society, aimed towards mutually beneficial and harmonious living via the creation of useful public goods (like roads, workplaces, hospitals, etc) and enriching private relationships (like friends, mating couples, sports teams and hobbyist circles), certainly wants lots of people to join, but only the sort of people who will enrich their neighbors and fulfill the original goals of the gathering in the first place.  You're there to enrich the lives of others and be enriched by their presence.  It's a mutually beneficial contract.  Everyone has to pull their own weight.

And the way you pull your own weight isn't necessarily to be rich and make lots of goods and services other people need to live by.  In fact, in the age of robot production we're entering, that's pretty much the last consideration anyone should be worrying about.  At least, in my 'x appreciation society,' wealth wouldn't be a consideration in the least.  Certainly other clubs could set up other members who filtered by income, and they're welcome to all gather together on that basis.  The company I wish to keep isn't a bunch of materialist snobs in the first place.

The way you pull your own weight in my club rules is to not be a moral eyesore.  Don't be evil.  Don't be wretched.  Don't be obnoxious.  The way you enliven the atmosphere is that people look your way and their heart glows and shines a little, because they're looking at something noble and inspirational.  And the reason you're there isn't because everyone else is rich and you wanted to check out their palaces, it's because you wanted to look upon their glory and bask in their warmth and light just like they're basking in yours.  It's because you're comfortable together, respect each other, and most importantly are not revolted by each other.

The moral filth, if it could just be made visible on people's outer layer of skin, is so thick and deep in our criteria-less society that it would have us all puking the moment we left our houses.  Actually, our families are so steeped in sin we'd probably be retching and gagging indoors as well.

Everything else from this simple stricture follows.  If you're not a moral blight, a moral eyesore, a disgusting worm, then inevitably you'll cost little to maintain, be helpful and earnest at work, be loyal and supportive towards your spouse, compassionate and educational towards your children, conscientious towards the environment and your neighbors, so forth and so on.  If you want a long list of specifications on how not to be evil, just consult my 'the vast majority of people are evil' permapost and then do the opposite of what they're doing.

A short rundown of obvious 'do nots' could be summarized as:

Don't cheat (on your lover, or at cards for that matter.)

Don't divorce.

Don't assault, murder, or rape people.

Don't steal.

No corruption of any kind.

Don't break things, especially things that aren't yours.

Be kind to animals and mother nature.  Keep the city welcoming, livable and beautiful.

No sexual promiscuity, smoking, drinking, gambling, drugs, obesity, or any other vicious behavior.

Don't needlessly insult people.

Don't lie.

Don't believe ridiculous lies.

Don't get cocky about meaningless things.

Maintain proper decorum (in appearance, noise level, smell, choice of words, no tatoos, no piercings, etc, such that you aren't a bother to others)

Don't pester people.  No means no.

Don't let others get away with any of the above either.

But above all, don't be a moral blight, don't be a moral eyesore, don't be a moral free rider.  So if there's something that qualifies as such and isn't on my list, don't do that either.  Common sense should reign supreme in the absence of endless bylaws.

These are the 'do nots.'  But I don't think that is sufficient to create an ideal community.  There should also be a set of 'do's.'  Just as many clubs have club fees, I see no reason why having the privilege of hanging out with so many great people shouldn't also come at a price of 'unreasonable' demands on top of simply the bare minimum of not hurting others.

So here are additional club membership criteria in order to live in Vinland:

Be white.  (And no, Jews aren't welcome, for reasons explained below.)

Be a white supremacist.

Be straight.

Speak English.

Don't belong to any organized religion.

Marry before the age of 20.

Have at least two children, all of whom must be eugenically screened for maximum quality.

Every month, starting at the age of six, completely consume at least one artistic work on my hall of fame of great art lists and genuinely enjoy it, for the rest of your life.  In addition, by the age of fifteen, everyone must have read, understood, and appreciated all the permaposts on this blog.  (This is the only education I'm concerned with.  In fact, being opposed to any other type of compulsory education is another requirement.)

Come to the defense of the motherland when called upon.

Love your country, your people, the history and culture and principles that got you here (including the Confederacy, Colonialism, the Romans, the Greeks, Nazi Germany, America up until 1861, Europe up until 1939, South Africa until the fall of Apartheid, etc), and make this clear verbally and vociferously whenever their honor is challenged or defamed.

Aspire for the stars, the future, and transcendence as our ultimate goal.  Never be content.

Provide for a citizen's dividend generously and without any grumbling, set to always be at least 1/10 of the average gdp per capita of society as a whole, just as you freely and without guilt should partake of it.  No one should want for basic necessities in the modern world.

With these policies in place, a wonderful living environment would be created.  Homogeneity both in fact and in spirit, a sense of pride in our identities looking towards the past and our common futures, a sense of everyone being in it together and no one being left behind, and a shared culture where everyone knows our most cherished stories so that everyone can relate behind their common lessons and themes, would create ineffable bonds of infinite value, ropes of light criss-crossing the city such that even at night we're always ablaze.

I do not deny the fact that other criteria consisting of other members might do as well or better than Vinland's.  But that is immaterial.  So long as everyone in Vinland subscribes to these club rules in this little patch of home, their solidarity will make up for any defect.  Their solidarity will be their greatest strength, if you'll forgive the pun.  We don't need the 'fairest rules' using the most 'objectively meritorious human material' like we're some sort of business or factory floor.  What we need is to love each other, and human nature has shown that this is nigh impossible through any other means than the sorting listed above.  The 'pink elephant appreciation society' doesn't really care if the warbler is objectively more aesthetic.  That doesn't mean they have to invite all birdwatchers into the club, because hey, warbler lives matter too.  This is the pink elephant appreciation society.  Mock it all you want, by all means sniff and walk on.  For us pink elephant lovers, it's just fine the arbitrary way it is.  No one's forcing you to enter the club.  In fact, people who hate pink elephant lovers and insult it non-stop are the last people we want to spend any time around.  This is the pink elephant appreciating society, and we own this private patch of land, so we've assembled and arranged it just the way we like.  The bird watching society is down the road. By all means, if pink elephants aren't your thing, hit the road, and don't let the door hit you on the way out~


Just Say No to Jews:

I have nothing against Jews as individuals.  They're an admirable people clearly capable of great things who have contributed a lot to humanity across the ages.  However, when they act as a collective, they insatiably pursue the course of white gentile nations' destruction.  For thousands of years, they've done nothing but undermine and sabotage and tear down every nation we ever try to build up for ourselves.  Whether it's Rome, Byzantium, Spain, Russia, Germany, the USA, or anywhere on Earth, there you will always find Jewish termites trying to undermine our cohesion, betray us to outsiders, degenerate our morals, steal our money, outright kill us all, or plotting at some other scheme.

At this point, whether it came about through coincidence and 'nurture' or whether its an instinctive aspect of their 'nature' is completely irrelevant.  It doesn't matter if we started it and they're just responding to our aggression.  It doesn't matter who's to blame.  A record of 1,000 flips and 1,000 heads is proof enough that living alongside Jews is never going to flip 'tails' the next time.  We're never going to get along.  We're never going to sing kumbayah.  It just doesn't work.

If it's true that wherever gentiles gather they end up persecuting innocent poor Jews, that's all the more reason to separate.  We can't persecute Jews anymore if there aren't any in our vicinity, now can we?  They should be as happy to be free of us as we are happy to be free of them.  Therefore it's totally irrelevant if Jews are the victims or the abusers.  What's relevant is that we've tried to get along since Roman times and it's never, ever worked.

There's just too much bad blood between us.  We'll never forget the Holodomor and they'll never forget the Holocaust.  We're never going to forgive each other.  These things don't just fade away, they're formative moments.  Jews destroyed the America we loved with the 1965 Immigration Act, the civil rights movement, feminism, Boaz's and Gould's fraudulent 'debunking' of IQ, etc.  They destroyed Russia with Bolshevism, then destroyed Nazi Germany via Russia, America and Britain, all of whom had a powerful Jewish faction inciting these great powers to war with a country that was just trying to get its own land and people back from Polish usurpers.  Were they the decisive factor in these historical moments?  Who cares?  Does it really matter?  If they didn't do it all on their own, it's enough to know what they wanted done to us, and none of it was to our benefit.  If they weren't powerful enough to pull off all their plots and schemes against gentile powers, it's enough to know what they, in their own words, were aiming for, and how much they desired to use these avenues to bring down every last remaining good place on Earth.  They hated what we loved and tried to destroy what we wanted to protect.  You can debate until the cows come home whether they were responsible for what happened or not, but it's completely undebatable that they certainly wished to be responsible if they could ever manage it.

Right now, Jews are talking with glee about leading the destruction of Sweden via the swamping of the country with immigrants.  They are gloating about the demographic death of white America with 'tick tock, tick tock' speeches.  They are at the very fore and head of organizations specifically devoted to our destruction.  The ADL, the SPLC, anti-fascist action, on and on and on.  Would it have happened anyway?  Maybe.  Did we create all this animus and it's all backlash from the Holocaust and other unjust oppression through the ages?  Sure, why not.  Does that somehow exculpate how Jews have been treating us and what is in their hearts all this time?  Not in the least.  Their hatred and their eliminationist end game for the white race, no matter how it came about, and no matter whether it is strong enough to achieve anything on its own, is reason enough to no longer wish to commingle with them, or interact with them, or speak to them ever again.

Why on Earth would we want to continue associating with a collective aggregate of people who deny our very right to exist, call us the cancer of human history, rejoice in the day we'll be wiped off the face of the Earth, blah blah blah.  Soon enough they'll be demanding we end our uniquely evil racist instincts and genes forever by miscegenating with diversity or face legal consequences.  It's the obvious endgame after all the rhetoric they've used so far.  There's no reason why we have to hang around, beg and grovel at their feet, apologize to them for our past history of crimes against them, worship at their Holocaust Memorials, give constant charity to Israel, etc, etc, etc.  This is an abusive relationship.  It's a completely one sided relationship.  There is no reason for us to participate in it any longer.

Theoretically, down some alternate timeline, perhaps Jews and gentiles could have gotten along.  We could have been one people, shared in each other's genius, and profited by one another, eventually melding into one race.  This just isn't that timeline.  They will never drop their animus, and due to their endless quest for revenge against us, we will never be able to cool our passions concerning them either.  The cycle of hatred and revenge will never end, it can never end until one or the other of us is gone forever.

So long as Jews remain as Jews, they'll demand to be accepted as diverse and separate Jews.  And once diversity and separateness is tolerated in a society, the principle must be expanded to infinity, and all other types of diversity must also be allowed, or else the right to Jewish diversity will be threatened as well, because no one puts up with unprincipled exceptions for long.  If something is incongruous to our moral code, if it creates cognitive dissonance, the discomfort will at some point reach a fever pitch and we'll question the issue with "why on Earth are we opposed to all diversity except Jewish diversity, which is part of our founding ethos as something we must coexist with?"  The only way this seesaw can tilt is up or down.  Either Jews must also leave, or everyone else must enter.  The coexist bumper sticker has every symbol they could fit on there, it isn't just a star of David.  You can't have one without all the others.  (Which is why we can't allow an unprincipled exception for any other group either, no matter how appealing they might look in abstract.  There is no deal where they get in that doesn't ultimately lead to infinite diversity of all types in order to protect the principle of the original diversity that was just one, acceptable, 'exception' type.)

The moment a Jew identifies himself as a Jew and says 'you should allow us Jews in too,' they are already creating a diverse non-white group that is supposed to be in a non-diverse, homogeneous gathering.  They've already undermined the community before the full sentence of their argument could even be made.  If I said, 'this is a white only country,' and Finns responded with 'you should let Finns in too,' even if I thought originally that Finns should be included because they are obviously white, the very fact that they felt they should be let in as Finns and not whites is evidence enough that they are too far separate from us and actually they shouldn't be let in after all.

Now if a few Jewish individuals want to sneak into our country, marry gentiles, never call themselves Jews and never think of themselves as Jews and never advocate for Jews or Jewish positions or the Jewish version of history, never lecturing us or censoring us on the issue of anti-semitism, I would never be able to tell the difference, and I wouldn't run an inquisition in order to root them out and stop them.  But the moment Jews as Jews are given a position in what is supposed to be a new right thinking racist society, you can kiss that society goodbye.  Not only will the racism be abolished in the name of protecting the Jewish minority, but soon enough the white majority will also be liquidated 'just in case we ever get any ideas.'  The Jews will never stop until we are powerless to harm them any more.  The level of paranoia and hatred of gentile whites in the Jewish community is immeasurable at this point in history.  There's simply no going back to the good old days, whenever those were.  We are post Holocaust now, and Jews are still remembering affronts from the Egyptians and Persians thousands of years ago.

Yes, Jews look white to me.  Yes, they're very smart and competent people.  Yes, they pay more in taxes than they receive.  Yes, they're responsible for great works of art and science.  Yes, they can be charming, funny, well behaved friends and family you've never had a single hostile impulse towards in your life.  No, none of it matters in the least.  I'm amazed we're still having this debate after all this time, all this history, all this relentless Jewish hostility that is shoved in our face by the Jewish media every hour of every day for our very existence, our history, our heroes, our culture, our moral values, everything we've ever held dear.  How much abuse must a wife take before she's allowed to leave the home and take the kids with her?  Do we really have to wait until, in a fit of rage, Jews kill every last white gentile nation on Earth with their unrelenting hostility and humiliation of the natives, third world immigration waves, undermining of the nuclear family, etc, etc?

If racists and racism are to survive, they can never do so alongside Jews.  There are no Jewish fellow travelers, the moment they identified themselves as Jews first and whites second, it was already over and any relationship between us was already impossible.  The moment they started negotiating with us and saying 'we'll give you the moral dispensation to be racist so long as you're not anti-semitic, we'll give you legitimacy and respectability so long as you look the other way concerning us,' I assure you all momentum and all hope for our nation has already been lost.  We can't even get off the ground and out of the mud and launch our ships to the distant shores so long as these Jewish commissars and minders and albatrosses remain in control and dictating the terms of our movements to us.  Why on Earth are we negotiating with them for our very right to exist?  Why is this something we have to negotiate with anyone?

It's okay to tell the truth about blacks, but you can never tell the truth about Jews.  So, truth is already out the window.  What are we fighting for anymore?  If we're going to be forced to lie anyway, what difference does it make how many lies we're required to mouth a day?  The humiliation and debasement is equal after just one lie.  Just stepping on the fumie once was enough to break the entire Japanese christian movement.  We can be racist but not anti-semitic?  We can separate from blacks but not jews?  Give me a break.  If we can't do completely and fully what we want, we can't do anything at all.  That's just how the human psyche works.  No one is going to be motivated for a half measure.  No one is going to die for a new nation that makes us be PC only 1/2 as often, until the Jews ratchet the level of thought controls back up again to full.  No one is going to live fully and passionately in the hopes of becoming a slightly less diverse country than before.  If you want to give someone an inspirational vision, it never starts with half measures and compromises and giving away the farm before we even reached it.  We must demand perfection and we must never compromise our hopes and dreams away.  Never, never, never, never, never!  I won't ask anyone to live or die for anything short of heaven.  Truth, beauty, and love.  All the truth, all the beauty, and all the love possible under the stars.  All the time.  Not sometimes.  Not on just some topics or in some ways, but under all circumstances and in every way.

We're going to get our Vinland, and Jews can go get their liberal diverse utopia, or move to Israel, or do whatever the hell they want wherever else on Earth they want to go.  I'm just asking for one tiny corner of the Earth outside of their zone of control.  Just one place gentile whites can be free of them and all of their poisonous influences once and for all.  This isn't something we should have to compromise over.  We're already asking for just the right to be left alone.  Why on Earth should we have to compromise one jot or tittle from there?

Anti-anti-semitism is madness.  "I'm against all this PC stuff but of course sometimes racism goes too far. . ."  Oh spare me the lectures.  Go feel morally superior with all your liberal friends.  There's not a lick of difference between the two of you.  Just go feel smug and objective and open minded with all of them, and go call us all the names you love to call us together.  And while you're at it take the racist gay lovers with you.  Next there will be racists who want to make an exception for gypsies.  ::rolls eyes::  "They've lived alongside us all this time, they make great music, we share gypsio-christian values, there's no way we could ever separate now, gypsies look white to me!"

If you're not a neo-nazi white supremacist, get out of the movement.  Anything not explicitly opposed to liberalism eventually morphs into liberalism.  It's just a matter of time and steps before you're right back where you started again, a lickspittle to the Jews.  Neo-nazi white supremacists are the counterrevolutionaries.  Everyone else is just a reactionary, thinking, 'well sure we should liquidate the Mensheviks, but isn't killing Trotsky going a little too far?'  If you're still dithering at this late stage, still trying to bestride a middle ground, when the majority of children in virtually all white nations are now or within the century will be non-white and the bell of doom is already ringing over our heads, just get out of the movement and get out of the way.  Cowards aren't needed anymore.  Ditherers and fiddlers aren't needed any more.  Just go prate away to someone who cares.  There's no more time for compromises.  We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.


Santo piece und lov said...

''I have nothing against Jews as individuals. They're an admirable people clearly capable of great things who have contributed a lot to humanity across the ages''


The Market Magician said...

Muh "Cultural Marxism" It's pretty easy to justify an argument when you always have an escape route. When all else fails, it's all just "Jewish pseudoscience. Please do us all a favor and stick to wasting your life on degenerate cartoons... Intellectually honest political discourse doesn't suit you.

Diamed said...

Are you seriously going to defend Boas and Gould, both of whom have been exposed as across the board liars and doctorers of their information?

I never even used the term cultural marxism, or Jewish pseudoscience for that matter, so I'm not sure why you're even criticizing me.

As for degenerate cartoons, have you even watched Clannad or Pretty Cure? I'm pretty sure they're the most wholesome and virtue inducing stories you'll ever come across, I'd love to know what isn't degenerate if these 'cartoons' are. You probably know as much about anime as you do about Boas and Gould, so maybe you should lay off the political discourse until you've learned a little more and can give a well informed opinion on, well, anything.