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Friday, December 17, 2010

Islam Must be Destroyed:

At the conclusion of all of Cato's speeches in the Roman senate, he kept his focus, and the country's, on one overarching, all-important matter: Carthago delenda est! (Carthage must be destroyed.) Cato felt that Carthage posed a continuous threat to the Roman Empire so long as it existed, however small, and wasn't content until their ancient foe was conquered, the city torn apart so that no rock stood upon another, and the very earth was salted so that nothing more could grow. The same is true of Islam today. Islam, when it was invented, declared war on the entire world: "slay the infidel wherever you find him," and stated over and over that Islam would wage war until the whole world acknowledged Allah or paid the jizya to Muslim overlords. We have a 1400 year track record for Islam. Muslims have produced nearly no scientific or artistic advancements in their entire history. All of the Middle East's achievements were actually due to heterodox Muslims, or non-Muslim minorities living on Muslim land, like Persians, Greeks, and Jews. This small residue of accomplishment was eventually stamped out as Islam fully took control of the land and stamped out the remaining cultures and ethnicities that were different from them.

There is no idea of knowledge, education, or progress in Islam. In fact 'innovation,' 'bida,' is a sin. Instead of learning science or philosophy, children are taught how to recite the Koran, in arabic, which means most Muslims don't even know what the hell they're reciting. Years of study to chant meaningless sounds is the entirety of Muslim education. Women aren't even this lucky, they are left uneducated and illiterate, second class citizens with their clitorises cut off and stuck in black body bags forever. Cattle and horses are treated better than women under Islam. Islamic regions are stuck in eternal poverty, even when surrounded by well off rich non-Muslim countries -- for instance Albania, Kosovo, and Bosnia versus the rest of Europe. If not for the Western invention to extract fossil fuels for energy, the Middle East would have nothing to offer the outside world. The regions of middle Eastern prosperity are not symptomatic of a productive populace, but only a lucky one. Their luck will run out when the oil wells run dry, and the Qatars and Bahrains and Bruneis and Kuwaits of the world will collapse back into the poverty and barbarism of their neighbors.

Muslim districts in Western nations, given full opportunity, education, even affirmative action, are poor, crime-prone ghettos of welfare sucking terror plotting parasites. Instead of showing gratitude and reforming in the face of the better life offered in Germany, Sweden, France, Spain, etc, they just mount terror attacks, rape white girls (because they exposed too much ankle thus had it coming), and whine all day about racism. Even though Muslims aren't even 10% of France's population, they make up 80% of its prisoners. The trend is representative across all of Europe. Through the continuous influx of further Muslim immigrants and Europe's liberal wish to never offend any group by stating the facts of the matter, Europe will eventually become just another Muslim hellhole, rather than transforming the Muslims inside them, the Muslims will transform Europe. Muslims in Russia are just as unwelcome: they are criminals, terrorists, and always lag behind in all economic parameters while shooting ahead in birth rates. Russia is having riots over how bad their Muslim co-citizens are.

Islam in America is a mixed bag. Many Muslims here are middle class and relatively peaceful. However, there is an undercurrent of Islam that has allied with black prisoners, African immigrant jihadis (Nigerians and Somalians and the like), and the like underclasses to make a true devil's brew of stupidity allied to evil. Muslim American immigrants perpetrated 9/11. Muslim American women still wear overly restrictive clothing and CAIR tries to sue people for telling the truth about Islam. If the Muslim minority in America grew, you can be sure they would be emboldened to act out even further. They've clearly done enough bad things to wear out their welcome.

Across history, Islam is known for its murder of hundreds of millions of innocents as it conquered far and wide. It destroyed all the ancient temples and holy places of the lands it conquered and built Mosques in their place. (Sort of like the ground zero Mosque, huh?) It burnt the library of Alexandria with the chilling line: "If the books agree with the Koran, they are superfluous. If they disagree with the Koran, they are heretical. Burn them all." It took by far the most black slaves in world history, far more than Whites took to the New World, but turned most of them into Eunuchs so that they couldn't reproduce in the areas they were taken to serve in, in a savage practice that killed more slaves than it captured. They destroyed the glorious Roman Empire and killed our last Roman Emperor who stood fighting on the walls of Constantinople. They took millions of white slaves through pirate raids on our soil, stretching as far as England and Iceland, and as late as the 1800's. They attacked America as the 'Barbary Pirates.' When ambassadors asked the Barbary Pirates why they were attacking American shipping, they were told that their Holy Koran commanded them to wage war on the infidels. Nothing has changed in two hundred years. They kidnapped the young children of conquered Christian regions and turned them into harem slaves if they were girls, or Janissary warriors if they were boys. In this way they turned the children of Christians into their own parents' worst oppressors and enemies. Nothing was beneath the evil of the Ottoman court. Eventually the Ottomans/Turks resorted to full scale genocide against their greek and armenian minorities in World War I.

There isn't a single force in history that has perpetrated more evil, longer, and in such an immutable fashion. This evil power now holds sway over nearly 1/3 the world's population and is growing by the day. If nothing is done, it will eventually consume all of Africa, Russia, Europe, and India through simple demographic trends. At that point, they will have access to thousands of nuclear warheads and have the power to destroy the whole world, coupled with the ideology that encourages them to do so: "Slay the infidel wherever you find them." Doing nothing is risking, literally, the end of the world.

Islam must be destroyed. That question is settled. Its past, present, and future compels us to that conclusion. The only question is how. Do we preemptively nuke a line of fire from Morocco to Indonesia, round up all the Muslims in our countries, and stick them in gas chambers? No, because that would make us worse than the very people we're attempting to stop. Do we give them candy and ask them nicely, with rainbows on top, to reform themselves? No, because no matter how many times we ask Muslims haven't changed and won't change themselves. The answer is a third way: complete intolerance.

Islam should be banned, in Europe as 'hate speech', and in America as a 'criminal conspiracy' under the RICO act. All the mosques should be torn down. All Muslim organizations and gatherings should be banned. Historically Muslim ethnicities should not be allowed to have more than two children per family, in case they are secretly retaining their Muslim identity and plotting a demographic takeover. Anyone who identifies himself as a Muslim should be deported back to their ancestral homeland. If their host nations won't take these Muslims back, we could set aside a reservation for them (in Greenland? Nah, let's make it a little more hospitable, say some southern Russian territory that is already majority Muslim or something we could buy from Russia) and deport the rest of our self-identified Muslim population there. All diplomatic and territorial demands from Muslim nations would be dismissed out of hand. We could maintain free trade with Muslim nations, because it would be inhumane to throw them into a famine due to a lack of water to produce their own crops, and we would be sorely pinched to lose their oil supply for now. But we could make known that once we have invented cheaper energy sources than their fossil fuels, they are on their own as to how they will produce their own food, and in this way gradually cut back on trade until we cease to interact with the Islamic world.

All charity to Muslim nations or nations that harbor Muslims would be immediately banned. All membership in diplomatic super-structures would be revoked, like the WTO, IMF, EU, UN, sports leagues, etc. All immigration from Muslim nations would be permanently banned. All travel to Muslim nations would be banned. All diplomatic ties would be dissolved. If Muslims attempt an aggressive war in any direction, the entire world would ally against the attackers and defend whatever soil is threatened, no matter what the local grievances of the Muslim side was. In this way, we could segregate and contain the evil, and wait until it devours itself. The corrosive, destructive power of Islam is unimaginable. All we have to do is stop interfering and stop improving the lives of the Muslim world, and they will destroy themselves.

Islam, left alone, cannot invent anything. Their governments are corrupt and tyrannical. They cannot dispense justice. Their economies will founder, incapable of maintaining a modern standard of living. They will be lucky to avoid massive famines. Supposing they do become self-sufficient, it will only be by improving the nature of Islam so much that it becomes far less toxic than the Islam we know and hate today. In any case, even a successful Muslim society, if segregated from and allied against by the rest of the world, cannot be a threat to the rest of the world. Such a society's emergence would also give us hundreds of years to prepare countermeasures against whatever WMD they invent, something we currently lack.

Likewise, given a couple centuries of time, Muslim minorities inside our own territories could be assimilated back into the non-Muslim world. Racially, they're no worse than hispanics after all. Since any declared or practicing Muslims will be instantly deported, parents would have to raise their children in Islam secretly. This influence could be diluted by public educations teaching them how vile and evil Islam is, and how just and right it is to eradicate Islam from the face of the Earth, like we did slavery and human sacrifice in the past. After a few generations of being persecuted and demonized, at some point each individual 'closet Muslim' will make a choice to not pass the poison seed down to the next generation, and give their children a free and bright future as a welcomed member of society. Eventually they will want to be loved so much that they abandon their ancient religion as the curse it is. Once we believe that Islam has been well and truly cleansed from our lands, we could lift birth restrictions and treat people of Muslim descent equally again.

The next phase of the plan is simple. The world should continue to grow in quality and splendor, getting richer, freer, less corrupt, more just, more beautiful, more loving, with higher and higher levels of science and art. This is just following a normal, 'if Islam weren't interfering' trend. The future almost always brings progress to the World. But the Islamic regions of the world will be poorer, less free, more corrupt, less just, and less advanced than ever. (Alternatively, Islam will undergo some massive reformation that makes it a fundamentally better ideal for people to live under, unlocking the potential of Muslims, which would equally achieve our objective of eradicating Islam from the Earth. This reform, however, must come from within and the West cannot cause or accelerate it in any way.) When Muslims look at the contrast between their awful states and the outside world's, they will begin to hate Islam which is keeping them separated from the outside world. The Cold War was won in much the same manner. After enough East Germans were sick of looking at how much better West Berlin was, they overthrew their occupiers and smashed through the Berlin wall to go eat oranges and meat again. Communism had shown, visibly, how much inferior it was as a system organizing their lives. They sickened of it, rebelled against it, and threw it off.

The non-Muslim world need only improve itself, a project we would gladly embark on regardless, and leave Muslims in the dust of stagnation. Like Communism, the centuries of poverty and inferiority will mount up. The populace will sicken of their bare-bones lives, and they will rebel. Each time a Muslim populace rebels against Islam and sets up the same anti-Islam laws that we of the non-Muslim world have set up, they will be allowed to join the non-Muslim side and leave the Muslim side. They will be reincorporated into world trade, world diplomacy, they won't always be sided against in war, tourists would be allowed to visit them, praise would be heaped on them, charity and investments would start pouring in, and so on. That nation would then become another part of the Iron Curtain keeping Islam away from civilization, while propelling itself to the best life it's ever had for its people. At the small price of abandoning their evil, backwards religion, they will receive all the benefits of fellowship with the outside world. With the example of one Islamic nation being shown to the others, a domino pattern would form as more and more countries abandoned Islam to restore to themselves the benefits of desegregation. Eventually the last few holdouts of Muslim die-hards would control an inconsequential population and living space of the world, like communism controls today, posing no threat to anyone, but still forever isolated as they deserve to be.

The length of time this isolation requires would be entirely dependent upon the choice of Muslims themselves. Whenever they wanted the isolation to stop, they could abandon Islam and have it stop. If they prefer Islam to ties with the world community, they have only themselves to blame. We are not obligated to lift one finger for the sake of any of them. The cold war lasted around fifty years. Communism at various points also had a massive nuclear arsenal and a large portion of the world's population. Islam will collapse too. Whether it takes fifty years, or fifty centuries, it will collapse. And then one more evil ideology, one more mind virus, will go the way of Polio and Small Pox. We owe it to ourselves, and we owe it to the very descendants of the current adherents of Islam, to cleanse the world of Islam. The people most benefited by this course of action are the current day Muslims, who suffer the most from their backwards religion. This is not an act of hatred or spite, but love and redemption. It is the only way to save these people from themselves, and their future from their past.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your post. I am a former Muslim woman; my parents and some extended family are practicing Muslims. I guess I am what is called an "apostate."

For a long time I was plagued with denial. I thought that violence, vandalism, as well as the severe misogyny carried out by Muslim males surely must be a product of impoverished upbringing, lack of education, etc.

Surely it must not be directly as a result of Islam itself, right?

But then I began to read the Koran more thoroughly, and good lord, this was depressing. Sickening, nauseating, angering. But eye-opening. Now, in my heart of hearts, as a person who tries to be honest, moral, ethical, as a woman who values her right to her own body and her own life, I cannot call myself Muslim.

So I agree that Islam needs to be stopped. Or at least severely curtailed. (That might just be my emotional ties to the religion talking, as it is part of my family, but so be it. Other religions have been forced into reform; there is no reason Islam can't be.)

Key word- forced. Muslims need to be given an ultimatum. Either live civilly with the world, get along with people, control your violent impulses, or you will be forcibly removed from it.

However, I disagree with your assertion that ALL Muslims including women and children should be shipped off and isolated. Muslim women and children face the biggest threat to their safety from Muslim men. I don't think I need to point you towards news reports that confirm this- honor killings, etc.

And how many reports are there of women committing terrorist acts? Almost nil. Crimes against their own families? nil.

Muslim men age 18 and over should be deported to their native countries, no holds barred. No contest there. They should be detained by military force at the borders. They would have to kept under surveillance 24 hrs a day.

But I truly believe that Muslim women and children, if allowed to stay in western developed countries, can thrive. They should be allowed to stay as asylum. They are by and large, NOT responsible for terrorist crimes. As a former Muslim woman myself, I strongly feel that the innocent 2/3 of a population should not have to suffer for the madness of the other 1/3.

They should be allowed to stay, given that they take part in formal education and try to assimilate. No welfare cheques crap. They should be given job training as well as training for personal financial management. Counseling would help them to assimilate.

(This is common of abused women- men force them to be emotionally and financially dependent on men in addition to outright abuse.) In addition, their telephone and internet activity should be monitored to make sure the Muslim males won't still somehow coerce them into committing terrorist acts by proxy.

All Muslim males that are currently children should be given a probationary period once they turn 18. If they have good behavior, then they can be allowed to stay one more year. This could be something that would have to be constantly renewed at regular intervals.

That would give an incentive for them to continue to behave. At the first sign of any terrorist or other crime dealings, they should be deported.

Actually, a better idea might be that they should be automatically deported upon reaching their 18th birthday. Being allowed back into a western country would be contingent upon good behavior within their native country.

Muslim women could also be on probation to some extent, because there is always the off chance that one might turn into a terrorist. But the vast majority of family and child abuse and terrorism is done by Muslim males.

Like we both know, this is all the best idea. Unfortunately, we also know it is not politically correct and that is why noone will say it out loud.

bloggerdude69 said...

"Muslim men age 18 and over should be deported to their native countries, no holds barred. No contest there. They should be detained by military force at the borders."
I'd say that age should be a bit younger, maybe 15. Bonds to their fathers and attachment to the faith they were brought up in would be pretty ingrained by that point, meaning that any good behavior they display might end up just being them biding their time and waiting for a chance to strike.

"Actually, a better idea might be that they should be automatically deported upon reaching their 18th birthday. Being allowed back into a western country would be contingent upon good behavior within their native country."
This is the only part of your post that screams bad idea. These countries would be isolated and any surveillance would be of a big picture variety, and purely military. We wouldn't have the same shared criminal, educational, medical, etc. records with those countries that states or even Western countries have with each other. Letting any individual out before it's decided that the nation itself is ready to reintegrate with the civilized world is just begging for another terror attack.

Besides all that, I don't see any of these ideas being implemented or even proposed because of "political correctness".

Anonymous said...

There is lots of hate in the world. And what you have wrote does not help.

Lot of misinformation you have here. Example: You said that "Muslims destroyed all the ancient temples and holy places of the lands it conquered and built Mosques in their place."

Egypt was one of the lands that came under Muslim rule very early on. The Coptic churches are still there. They were not "destroyed" not "Mosques built in their place".


Diamed said...

Seriously? You're going to ignore the hundreds of Hindu temples that were razed and concentrate on a random exception that wasn't?

Did the word 'all' undermine the point of the sentence? No, it didn't. If you prefer, substitute 'most' or 'many.' It doesn't matter. And it's just one problem with Islam among hundreds, so even if the point were completely false, it still wouldn't make any difference to my conclusion whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

I'm stunned not only by the accuracy of this piece, but by its eloquence and intelligence as well. It calmly and rationally explains the why of the current situation, then proposes an acceptable how in solution to the issue. granted, some of the most obsessive liberals will call it 'draconian', but the segregation and isolation of the problematic group, in this case Muslims, is much more humane and rational than simply condeming a fifth of the human race to extinction. I would like to, with your permission, arrange and print this as a pamphlet or flier for distribution, as this is something we cannot ignore, yet do so at our own peril.

Diamed said...

You're free to use the material how you please, I published it online to be seen after all.

Anonymous said...

I think it's absolutely brilliant and sums things up better than I've ever been able to do.

Try implementing it though and it's impossible in this society (I'm talking about America where the president practically can't go to the bathroom without some Republican thrashing him for "violating" some element or other of the Constitution and threatening impeachment!).

Singling out Muslims would be tantamount to first-rate discrimination in this country--which they endless cry about like maniacs an in turn Use That to "justify" behaving like savages!

Meanwhile I think the average Muslim in America has an average of 5 or 6 kids (yeah, right up there if not surpassing the Catholic counterpart!). They're going to outbreed everyone and take over by sheer force of numbers, as if "Once a Muslim always a Muslim--or die trying to leave" isn't insanely bad enough!

One way or another these lunatics Must Be Stopped. They are anti-science, anti-technology, anti-progress...anti-everything almost... Massively ignorant and backwards (and possessing the lowest IQ of any religious denomination, according to Harvard study)...and apparently nobody can see this, is afraid to see this, nor can do jack shit about it!
If allowed to continue, they WILL destroy Humanity through one means or another!

If America would switch to alternative energy sources like solar (i.e. quit being greedy, wasteful, selfish shitheads), the Middle East could effectively be abandoned and those towel heads could be cutoff, isolated... But I don't see this happening...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

In what way is this different than Christianity?

Diamed said...

If you can't figure out any difference between the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution and the Modern Age, all achieved by largely Christian populations, and Islam's past and present, there's nothing I can say to help you.

Gamal said...

Actually the Quran was not written by man.

So listen here you are a boy with no knowledge at all what is wrong with you? The Quran is written in the Arabic language one that is incomprehensible by the likes of a schoolboy such as yourself so I believe your article is narrow minded you have no knowledge about other religions so you just say any insult you wish? You probably cant even read the Quran so I dont know how you know how it sounds you fool!

So let me say this all, you have done is shown everyone how stupid you are and what background you grew up in. Do yourself a favor atleast read a reliable source of information before you decide to talk nonsense. Please just finish school before you get involved in politics, ethics and religion because clearly you are way too immature to discuss these matters. Its very clear you have a low IQ and I doubt you will make it through school never mind through life. These discussions are for mature people with proper sources you sound a bit retarded quite honestly. Do yourself a favor and do not show your name here again. if you're not coward respond

Unknown said...

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