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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Short, Medium, and Long Term Solutions:

The Dream act, which despite its pretensions, would have been an almost wholesale amnesty of all illegal aliens, was defeated by senate rules today. The majority of senators voted for it, but due to America's strange democratic system that still wasn't enough for the bill to pass. That's how close we came today to losing our country for keeps.

However, we didn't lose our country today. At least for the next two years, amnesty won't pass Congress again. The white right desperately needs a decisive victory in the 2012 elections to turn things around while we still can. Politics can still be a positive vehicle for change in America, but that won't last much longer. If we can win the 2012 elections, we can start deporting illegal immigrants instead of making citizens out of them and inviting more Mexicans in to join them, like most of the Senate wanted to do today.

If illegal immigrants are deported and legal immigrants get used to an American lifestyle and thus reduce their fertility, America could remain white for a long time. Every year America stays white matters. It's one more year we can develop our science and culturally uplift minorities to behave better than they currently do. A majority non-white country won't instantly be a basket case. Depending on how well we've made our economy, our technology, and our culture at the tipping point, America will still be a lucky country to be born in. Every year we can delay this tipping point, we can invest in making a country so good that it can even maintain itself after becoming non-white.

Recent PISA tests put America at the middle of the pack. This is remarkable given nearly half the students tested were 80-90 IQ minorities. That we can still compete with all-white countries like Poland is amazing. It also means that it's possible to uplift the other races to something like a white level of performance. Unfortunately, in order to do so, you need a majority white culture setting high expectations and giving lots of funding for said minorities, so our current success at integrating minorities into high civilization cannot be indefinitely extended. We will have to find out how to improve non-whites even more than we currently do just to stay where we are. But that's not impossible. After all, we haven't tried Montessori schooling for all yet. We haven't tried dress codes and better discipline for all yet. We haven't tried various home schooling methods for all yet. We haven't tried school vouchers yet. We haven't tried moralistic education yet. We haven't tried patriotic schooling yet. This isn't the limit to how much we can improve our children's knowledge, skills, and behavior.

Our economy will be helped by the Bush tax cut extensions, which I correctly predicted would pass. Unfortunately, since they were only extended two years businesses face the same sort of uncertainty they had under the Bush tax cuts. They don't know whether it's safe to invest or start a business because they don't know if suddenly their tax rates will double and make their investments and businesses unprofitable two years from now. We desperately need to make all of these tax cuts permanent, index the alternative minimum tax rate to inflation so it doesn't constantly threaten to double taxes on everyone making $60,000 a year, and give taxpayers the relief and confidence they need to make the decisions that will grow our economy. Once 2012 elects a Republican senate and a Republican president, we can finally make the tax cuts permanent, something that should have been done ten years ago.

There are more ways to improve the economy, but it's very difficult to find ones that are politically palatable. We should be cutting social security and medicare, cutting medicaid and welfare, cutting the military, and either repaying the debt or admitting we'll never repay it and defaulting on it instead. If none of these options are allowed, all I can hope for is that some of the stimulus funding that went into alternative energy research yields fruit and we make a miraculous invention that the whole world would pay top dollar for us to produce for them. The most important sector of the 21st century's economy is going to be energy. Our natural gas 'fracking' method is one such innovation. If we stumbled across a few more America's economic future would be bright. Whites should be aiming for a balanced budget and zero debt before non-whites take over America. The state of the union should be as healthy as physically possible before we hand it over to less capable hands. All harm done while we are a minority is their fault, but all harm done while we were the majority is ours. Let's make sure America doesn't die due to our malfeasance. More importantly, let's make sure America lives as long as possible by not sending it 90% of the way to the grave before non-whites even take over. The national debt is our fault, not theirs, and we have to get rid of it, not them.

It is politically difficult to help marriages, families, and morals in the current climate. But one thing we can do is encourage people to watch anime. Japan's morality is light years ahead of our own. They have virtually no illegitimacy, have fewer sex partners at older ages, and extremely low divorce rates. Japanese people also have a healthy respect for their own genetics and culture. Japanese also teach some of the most fundamental moral lessons in an entertaining and subtle way, like "a joke isn't funny unless everyone is laughing at the end," or "Families are people who huddle together," which always sticks longer in people's heads than formulaic catechisms. Anyone raised on a diet of anime will be a good person. If whites as a whole watched anime on a regular basis, then maybe we could be as virtuous and wise as the Japanese. If we have our own personal lives in order, the country will flourish too. Families that aren't divorced, children with two parents, people who retain their virginity to a later age, always score better on all quality of life standards. They are happier, healthier, wealthier, and less likely to do crime or be a victim of crime. If whites improve themselves at the same rate that minorities destroy the country, the result will be living standards just as high as the ones we have today. We Aren't powerless in the face of demographics. In fact, if we keep to lily-white neighborhoods and states, we could have dramatically improved standards of living even in a 90% non-white country.

Politicians can't ban us from showing our kids anime and getting them to read Wheel of Time, ancient Greco-Roman literature, and taking them hiking in our national parks. Virtuous people are empowered people, far beyond their numbers. They have enough self-control to take care of themselves, and enough admirability to inspire and lead others. If all whites were virtuous, they could all have a larger-than-life impact, and thus outweigh the activities of non-whites even as a minority.

All we have to do is hold out. Eventually genetic engineering, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, or spaceflight will change everything. Once we can just implant higher intelligence into our brains, or create designer babies, it doesn't matter what our politics or our demographics are anymore. Therefore all politics is a local, short-term, 'this coming century' issue. If we can hold out for a century as a civilized, advanced, wealthy nation then we've basically won. It's a difficult task, but it isn't impossible. If we can't do that, there's Still hope, because by then maybe the far east will be a civilized, advanced, wealthy sphere of the world, and they could invent genetic engineering, cybernetics, AI, or spaceflight for us. All we have to do is reproduce and our children, no matter how bad their own countries are, could still have infinite opportunities due to these other countries' progress. There's no reason to feel gloomy about the future. The future I see is one of short-term optimism (Republicans win the next couple elections and pass lots of good laws), followed by medium-term pessimism (democrats start winning all elections, marriages become even less common, tolerance trumps all other virtues and creates a painfully unfree social environment), followed by long-term optimism (technology affords the virtuous and clear-thinking minority to escape these medium-term conditions and create a new, better world.) The wise and virtuous white rightists of today just have to ensure that their descendants will belong to that minority of virtuous and clear-thinking individuals, and that the world they envision will still have proponents when the power to realize it arrives.

That doesn't take a war, an economic collapse, or a miracle. It just means loving your family, teaching them the truth, and showing them how to appreciate beauty. Simple, really.

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