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Monday, April 29, 2013

'Human Accomplishment' Class Game Franchises:

Video games are a recent invention.  The innovative variations between them have spread and multiplied, and in each genre there stands a titan that dominates its sphere or a founder who got the ball rolling (sometimes this is one and the same game).  Just like the leader of impressionist art would be recognized alongside the leader of neo-gothic art, every leader of every video game genre deserves the title of a human accomplishment.  In addition, every simply great game or series of games deserves the title of a human accomplishment, for the same reason that no one ignores Leonardo just because Michelangelo exists.

If paintings and sculptures are big deals, why not video games?  Video games have more man-hours of labor put into them, more money invested, a plot, music, animation, gameplay mechanics, and keep people's attention for hundreds of hours.  Even more so with entire game franchises.  I don't see how painters beat software designers in any way.

If we look at all the great gaming franchises that have sprouted up starting around the time of the Nintendo, this is what we get: (Underlined names are included for being 'founders' of the genre, not necessarily because they're the best)

Role-Playing Games:

Final Fantasy
Tales of 'x'
Dragon Quest
Star Ocean
Parasite Eve
Crystalis (for NES)

Sandbox Games:

Star Control
Uncharted Waters

Massive Multiplayer Online RPG:

World of Warcraft

Tactical RPG's:

Ogre Battle
Final Fantasy Tactics
Soul Nomad
Phantom Brave
Valkyria Chronicles

Real Time Strategy:

Dune II 

Real Time Tactics:

Warhammer:  Shadow of the Horned Rat, Dark Omen

Strategy Games:

Master of Orion
Heroes of Might and Magic
Master of Magic


World Cup Soccer (for NES) 


Mario Kart


Mega Man
Donkey Kong

Side Scrolling Beat-em-up:

Double Dragon
The King of Dragons

Bullet Hell:

Star Fox


Street Fighter
Smash Brothers
Mortal Kombat
Guilty Gear
Bloody Roar
Dead or Alive

Puzzle Games:


First Person Shooters:

Star Wars: Dark Forces

Hack and Slash:

Dynasty Warriors

To align with my other hall of fame posts, I'll also provide a rough ranking of how good these game franchises are compared to each other, from an entirely subjective point of view:

1.  World of Warcraft
2.  Final Fantasy
3.  Tales of 'X'
4.  Dynasty Warriors
5.  Powerstones
6.  Final Fantasy Tactics 
7.  Ogre Battle 
8.  Chrono
9.  Xeno
10.  Mega Man
11.  Mario Kart
12.  Mario
13.  Starcon
14.  Master of Orion
15.  Warlords
16.  Heroes of Might and Magic
17.  Guilty Gear
18.  Street Fighter
19.  Utawarerumono
20.  Lunar
21.  Star Ocean
22.  Dragon Quest
23.  Star Wars:  Dark Forces
24.  Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat, Dark Omen
25.  Zelda
26.  Valkyria Chronicles
27.  The King of Dragons
28.  Master of Magic
29.  Dune II
30.  Warcraft/Starcraft
31.  Mortal Kombat
32.  Smash Brothers
33.  Soul Nomad
34.  Phantom Brave
35.  Double Dragon
36.  Star Fox
37.  Donkey Kong
38.  Bloody Roar
39.  Grandia
40.  Shenmue
41.  Disgaea
42.  Colonization
43.  X-men (side scroller for arcades)
44.  Dead or Alive
45.  Civilization
46.  Parasite Eve
47.  Uncharted Waters (for NES)
48.  Crystalis (for NES)
49.  Tetris
50.  World Cup Soccer (for NES)

I'm sure I'm missing a number of valid inclusions into this list (Sort of like how Dynasty Warriors still has a lot of characters it needs to add, despite already having 94).  But the important thing is to get your mind around the concept of how many different types of video games and how many different types of gamers there are in the world.  Once you realize how sophisticated and innovative the industry is, you'll start to appreciate how many great people are working in this field.

Video games are a larger industry that entertains people for more total hours than movies.  It's absurd to talk about how great various movie directors are from an artistic viewpoint while ignoring the much more important video game industry.  Granted, Charles Murray avoids this hypocrisy by throwing movies under the bus too (just like he throws rock music, television shows, comic books, and all other modern art under the bus), but that isn't a sane position so it isn't necessary to refute.

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