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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Road Less Traveled:

Blacks and Muslims are the most obviously atrocious groups in the world.  There are other pathetic bad actors, like Gypsies and Australian Aborigines, but they do so much less harm per capita or in sum that they can be more or less ignored.  The fact that the modern world defends these losers, these wretches, these scum, is the true crime though.  The worst sin possible, according to Plato/Aristotle, was to call the bad good or the good bad.

Objectively, blacks and Muslims are bad.  Their economic output is negative.  The world would be better off without them.  All they do is cost us money to clean up after them.  Their artistic output is negative.  Blacks vandalize walls with graffiti and disturb neighborhoods with their booming rap 'music', while Muslims go around assassinating artists who offend them.  Their technological output is negative.  Instead of making new inventions, they sue companies that are making inventions for not including enough blacks in their workforce.  Muslims condemn all innovation as sinful and actively ban any sort of technological progress.  In Islamic countries, girls still aren't even taught how to read.  For that matter, the boys are largely illiterate too, since all they're taught is how to chant the Koran in mindless repetitive fashion while beating their head against the ground five times a day.

Blacks are admirable athletes in some sports.  But all of those sports were originally invented by whites, and were doing just fine before blacks entered them, and will do just fine after blacks leave them.  Muslims can't even say this much, since they seem to be completely incompetent at winning any major sporting event.

Blacks and Muslims themselves make it crystal clear that they view the lighter skinned women to be more attractive than they are, since these are the primary targets of their rapes.  In terms of looks, they're a net negative to the world community, which would look much more utopian if we were just a bunch of nordic elves like in our fantasy stories.

Blacks and Muslims have no love in their hearts, as their families are jokes.  Black families consist of a single mother and a dozen children by a dozen different men.  Muslim families consist of a girl in a trash bag beaten regularly and not allowed to go outside alone.  There are no positive human relationships in either of these communities.

Blacks and Muslims both live by lies.  In one case, Blacks live by the lie that everyone else is oppressing them and that originally they were the best people on Earth but somehow all the evil oppressors put them down.  This is a self-evident lie, because wherever blacks are left alone and not oppressed, their countries just get worse and worse -- for instance South Africa now can't even keep the power on, when before they could.  Haiti used to be one of the richest and most productive colonies in North America, but now it's the poorest place in the Western Hemisphere.  Muslims live the lie that Allah has given them ownership over the whole world and it is their holy duty to wage war on the infidels until everyone submits to Allah.  They also live the lie that Mohammed, one of the worst people to ever live in any era, is the role model of all humanity and the Prophet of God.  All Black and Muslim thinking on other issues eventually ties back into these lies, such that all their thinking is scrambled and polluted.  This is why no good thoughts ever come out of either of these groups' heads -- no artistic innovations, no technological innovations, no philosophical improvements, no well run polities with good governance, no newly founded businesses with great new products, nothing.  Lack of IQ can't even explain this complete lack of achievement, because even in these two stupid groups plenty of brilliant individuals will still be born.  And yet not a single one ever becomes Elon Musk (a white South African, ironically enough.)  It isn't their raw brain power that keeps them completely off the nobel prize list or the Forbes 500 or whatever, it's the fact that lies act very much like noise, disrupting all thought, all communication, all everything, drowning out everything into an infinite abyss of nothingness.  Lies are so destructive to the human psyche, that allowing even a single one to flourish anywhere, about even the remotest and most insignificant of subjects, is enough to totally destroy a person (or a society.)  The long suffering Russian people experienced this themselves under the yoke of the Soviet Union, and they still haven't recovered from that mentally traumatizing event.  If you put blacks and Muslims, even more mentally fragile groups than Russians, under even more omnipresent and obviously-wrong lies, it's no wonder the results are even more spectacularly awful.

There is no utility to be found in either of these groups, except a whole lot of negative utility.  This is so obvious to any neutral observer that it's almost a waste of time even listing out the facts, they're all so well known by now.

But the true mystery begins here.  Why, then, do these groups have so many avid champions and defenders who will jump to justify their continued existence, despite all this?  Not only must these groups be allowed to continue to live, they must be allowed to continue to grow and expand at our expense.  They must be given our tax dollars, they should have affirmative action, they must be allowed to immigrate into our countries, we must give them foreign aid, our militaries must intervene to go save them from their own internal conflicts, etc, etc.  According to this massive faction of the modern world, no doubt the majority, perhaps even the 90% majority, the fact that blacks and Muslims suck in every way is all the more reason to give them special legal privileges and benefits at our expense.  For instance, it is illegal in most of the world to criticize blacks or Muslims.  However, it is still legal, in these same countries, to criticize whites.  How does one make sense of this?  Special privileges and benefits, the more special the worse they become?  This is dysgenics on steroids.  It's like they're actively embracing the destruction and debasing of the world, and this is the fastest way they think they can possibly achieve their goal, by accelerating the spread of the worst elements on Earth until the point that they take over everything and live everywhere.

Thanks to these liberals' intervention, the population of Africa is set to quadruple by the end of the century.  There are already more blacks than people of European descent in the world.  There will eventually be more Africans than everyone else on Earth combined.  Is this really what they wanted?  I can't help but answer yes, since this is what every single effort and breath they take is energetically pursuing.

The charitable viewpoint is to say that liberals, which again is virtually everyone in the modern world these days, because virtually everyone is 'anti-racist' and 'equalitarian', etc, will stop favoring and fawning over blacks and muslims once these groups reach comparatively high living standards as whites and East Asians.  But since this goal can never, ever be accomplished, as it is a logical contradiction to say that a group that in all ways is inferior, mentally, spiritually, behaviorally, morally, etc, could ever reach the same living standards as people who are in all ways superior to them.  It doesn't matter if you rewarded each and every one of these people with the property of the entire world.  They wouldn't be able to maintain any of it, and it would all rot away in a few years.  Soon after we would all die off in a massive famine, because they wouldn't be able to farm the farmland we gifted them which is necessary to feed not only ourselves, but all of them as well.  The same thing happened in Zimbabwe when the white farmers were chased off the land and it was awarded to new black farmers.  They failed at farming and the 'breadbasket of Africa' became just another recipient of western foreign aid and food relief.  If we flipped the deed rights of every house in Europe and Africa, and everyone wasn't allowed to bring any property with them from one region to the other, Africa would soon be Europe and Europe would just be the new Africa.

Nor does education work, because both of these groups have already had ample opportunities to be educated, and they've already failed every one of them.  So we cannot give them the 'human capital' they need to live equal lives to our own either.  Every imaginable attempt has been made to educate both of these groups, in states as deeply liberal as Sweden.  France, Sweden, Germany, the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, nobody can educate these people.  They fail wherever they go.  Whether they're trained up by passionate conservatives, or even adopted into white Minnesota liberal homes and raised lovingly by white parents, they're still just as stupid and worthless as ever.  There is nothing you can do with these people.  Look what happens when a black really does earn a degree from Oxford -- they go on to be the dictator of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, and go about massacring random offending tribes while despoiling all the wealth from the land and driving the economy down to hyperinflationary ruin.  Education is like water off a duck's back with these people.  It never really penetrates their skulls.  Mayhap because they're just too stupid, but more likely because everything they learn is twisted by their inner darkness and their most beloved lies into a sadistic and vile counter-creed that actually runs the exact opposite of what they were taught all their lives.  Obama received the absolute best private school education he could have, all the way up to Harvard, and he ended up siding with the thug Michael Brown over Darren Wilson.  The same for his teenage daughter, who sides with the Progressive Era rappers, despite being given an exclusive private school education in the most prestigious schools in America while living in a freaking mansion.  It doesn't matter what you do when raising these people, they still all end up the same.

So, since it's obvious that there is no way to erase the gap between black and muslim standards of living with our own, there is no 'temporary' to the special benefits and privileges these two groups will maintain over their host countries.  They will continue to be given extra goodies, including an immunity from criticism, including looking the other way whenever they do criminal or terrorist acts, including an outsized slice of power in all political or business settings, including education revolving entirely around them and their victimization over the ages with every other group's only identity being that of oppressors and evildoers, including free government handouts at the expense of other races' hard work, including open immigration into every nice place left on Earth they might like, including their own countries where everything can be set up however they please, no matter how many obvious human rights this violates, including rewriting all of history to make them look better and falsely attribute successes to them that they did not in fact achieve, etc, etc, etc, forever.  Until their final victory over everything better than them and we cease to exist, exhausted by the effort of having to uplift and sustain them all this time while their populations kept on quadrupling while contributing nothing but further negatives to the overall system.

So because these two groups can't achieve equality, we must all carry on exhausting ourselves in this gesture in futility of making them equal until we all collapse dead from exhaustion, leaving them the only victorious groups left in the field.  This is the suicidal nature of liberalism, which is 90% of the world's modern thinking.  This is where the bad, blacks and muslims, are given a higher priority than the good, ourselves.  And at this point, we've achieved the perfect Hell of Plato's prediction, that the bad has become the good and the good the bad.  Everything has been flipped over and all our thinking is inverted.  In the inverted world, the villains are the inventors of all our technology, the founders of all our businesses, the philosophers that most liberated and pacified mankind, the farmers who, through their green revolution, have fed the whole world, the doctors who, through their discovery of vaccines and antibiotics, have cured the whole world of plagues and pestilences, the founders and greatest practitioners of every single important field of art, from books to architecture to music to movies, the most beautiful physically looking in the world, the most wholesome morally speaking in the world, the most honest, trusting, benevolent, altruistic, caring, and reasonable people on Earth by psychological polls/surveys/profiles/dna tests/empirical observation, the least criminal people, the employed people, the married people, the people with manners and courtesy and good behavior and cleanliness as a way of life, the conscientious, the people who love their families and cleave to them through thick and thin -- these are the villains.

And the heroes are the two groups who can't and haven't achieved any of these things.  These are the two groups that must be defended, aided, championed and fought for until the bitter end -- protected from the scary and menacing racists.

How does one end up with this clearly inverted mentality?  How do you go from:  "Some groups are clearly inferior to other groups."  to "We should destroy the superior groups and give everything over to the rapidly multiplying inferior ones."

The superior should supplant the inferior, but the inferior should not supplant the superior.  This would be like colonizing Europe with Aztecs and forcing them into a culture of nudity, human sacrifice, torture, self-mutilation and cannibalism in the early 1400's instead of the opposite case which happened in reality, where we destroyed all those cultures and peoples and installed a European modern world there instead.  Why would you do this?  Why would you want to do this?  Why would you ever argue for this or support it?  What would drive a person to stand with the Aztecs instead of the self-evidently superior Europeans who came to take their place?

I can only go back to Plato's definition of the absolute worst evil possible in a human being, to embrace the bad and call it good, and denounce the good and call it bad.  When someone consciously starts worshiping the devil instead of God.  This is very different from when people respect the good, view the good as sacred, but just fall short of it due to their own personal failures and flaws.  They want to be good, but can't, and end up doing bad instead.  This is a normal life story, this is a forgivable human thing to do.  But what liberals are doing, trashing everything good, calling all good people names, while venerating and worshiping thugs like Michael Brown as some sort of martyr or saint for humanity, is a vileness beyond anything even the Aztecs attempted.  Sure, the Aztecs wanted to cut out all our hearts and run their buildings red with blood, to slake the thirst of their infinitely ravenous Sun God, but they never said that losers were the new winners, or that winners were the new losers.  Even Aztecs wouldn't stoop to that level of madness.  We are the first people to ever go with this philosophy.  It is an unprecedented event in human history.  Nietzsche warned about it in "The Genealogy of Morals."  Ayn Rand warned about it in "Atlas Shrugged."  Lawrence Auster warned about it at "View from the Right".  God knows how many people have warned about it, but it has all fallen on deaf ears.  This is the freaking 90% majority viewpoint of the world, despite all the warnings they've received saying this viewpoint is wrong, despite the masterpieces of rhetoric and reason that have been marshaled against it time and time again.

This group of inverters, these world destroyers, who will not listen no matter how many times they are clearly told what their philosophy engenders and entails, are in truth the most evil people in the world, far surpassing anything blacks or muslims could ever attempt to be.  This is because you are evil in proportion to how much you profane the sacred, which includes how much sacred you have innately in you to profane.  A black is little different from an ant, just an animal, and thus incapable of sin even if they wanted to try.  Muslims are such brainwashed zombies that they never had a chance in their lives to think even once, independently, about what right and wrong could truly be.  But what excuse do liberals have to profane all that is good in this world?  The answer is none.  Just as I don't blame insects for doing cruel and awful deeds to each other, because they can't know any better, I don't blame our inferiors for being inferior.  But when a superior starts venerating his inferiors as his superiors, or when he starts mocking demonstrably good people based on their intact family lives and impressive career accomplishments with disrespectful foolish insults and japes, there's something extremely wrong, demented, even Satanic about the whole atmosphere.  These people should be silenced.  In truth, they should be utterly erased, abolished, and destroyed.  They are so revoltingly mad, so stark insane, and so utterly destructive, they are like a black hole headed directly for the planet Earth, dead set on swallowing us all.  They are the dead opposite of what their natural gifts should have led them to be.  They are a revolution against God, a turning away form the good, an unforgivable group of sinners who have completely lost the path and intend to drag all of us down with them into the deepest pit of Hell.

This is what happened when the demented Yankees invaded the South and required we treat our Negroes as equals, despite the obvious fact that they weren't our equals and never could be.  Good and bad were inverted.  The good gentlemen of the South were cast as the villains, whereas the shiftless, lazy, criminally inclined and stupid slaves were cast as the heroes in need of assistance.

This is what happened in World War II, when the enlightened Axis Powers went to war with barbaric communism (Stalin and Mao), but then inexplicably Britain and the USA stabbed them in the back and destroyed them, leaving the world to the ravages of the darkest political force/philosophy to ever exist in world history, ultimately claiming 100 million victims before they were finally stopped in 1990, 50 needless years later.

This is what happens every election when the democrats beat out the republicans, and law and order types like Rudolph Giuliani are replaced by miscegenating shitbags like De Blasio who says his biracial son has to live in terror of the NYPD randomly blazing him down for no reason because all cops are just racist killers looking for a chance to bag them a darkie.

This is what happens when the 1965 immigration act ends the hundreds of years long policy of America only accepting immigration from other white Europeans and instead opens the border completely to the most diverse groups possible with the express goal of abolishing our entire national heritage and history.

This is what happens when the discoverer of DNA, James Watson has to auction off his own nobel prize just to pay the bills because he once said that charity efforts are based on the idea that Africans are as smart as us, when all the IQ tests don't inform us this is so, and the only person good enough to help Watson is a Russian billionaire, who both bought the nobel prize and gave it back to Watson for millions of dollars, a country we are currently demonizing and calling the worst country on Earth.

This is what happens when a region voluntarily secedes from a corrupt and impoverished hellhole, Ukraine, in order to join a much richer and better country, Russia, and when Russia welcomes their historical, cultural, and genetic coethnics back into the fold this is instantly condemned as an imperialist takeover.

This is what happens when Darren Wilson saves his own life in self defense from a crazed murderous thug, Michael Brown, and the whole nation on up to the President of the United States erupts into riots over the injustice, demanding he be convicted of murder and given the death penalty no matter what the facts say.

It's the inverted world.  It's so sickeningly bizarre, so demonic, that it makes your head spin.  It's almost impossible to even keep up with the new lows liberals go to every chance they're given.  How they will always side with the bad guy, and never with the good guy, no matter what the situation, no matter how stark or clear the facts are, keeps taking your breath away and making you sick to your stomach, long after you thought you were entirely immune to their depravity.  And, I repeat, this is about 90% of people in the modern world.  They all think like this together.  Like some awful clown zombie horror movie, or the invasion of the body snatchers or something, the number of sane sentient people who can still tell good from bad, superior from inferior, right from wrong, truth from falsehoods, is as rare as a blue moon and surrounded on all sides by the enemy, always pressing forward and always taking yet more ground.  Always advancing, and our side always shrinking.

This is what comes of losing the only two wars that ever mattered in world history.  If we had won either of those wars, none of this would have happened, and the proper hierarchical standards of natural reality would have been maintained.  We would have still had a clear eye for 'better' and 'worse' and been able to unapologetically say it whenever we wanted.  But because we lost both wars, one after the other, first in the South and then in World War II, we lost the last armed champions of our cause.  The last people who had any standards or measures of decency left in the world were trampled under by the levelers, and now they rule the whole world, and all we ever get to listen to is from their point of view, the schools, the stories, the churches, everything is told by them.  While I, I take the Road Less Traveled By.

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Anonymous said...

Well said my friend. Those who offer the least to the world seem to be the most valued. Muslims and homo pilus nigra offer nothing but bloodshed, barbarity and poison. They are simply a drain on the earths resources.