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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

French Terror Attack:

In the wake of yet another Muslim terrorist attack today, the same old arguments will be repeated ad infinitum:

'Not all Muslims are violent.'
'Other religions and ideologies also have violent practitioners.'
'This isn't the real Islam.  These are just troubled youths, mental illness, etc.'
'The real problem is xenophobia and islamophobia which made these people feel so uncomfortable in France that they were forced to act this way.'
'Christianity is just as bad.'
'Across history, many other groups have done horrible things.'

It just gets so tiresome.  Is there any addition of facts, at this point, which would change anyone's mind on the issue?  It should be obvious to anyone that Muslim immigration is a horrible idea that always leads to a terrible result.  Nothing good has ever come from Muslims immigrating anywhere, only death and destruction.  The empirical record speaks for itself.  Whether it's Canada, Australia, France, the USA, or anywhere, the Muslims are always rioting and killing and burning.

If we had some sort of magical wand which could detect, ahead of time, who were the 'good, non-violent Muslims' and who were the 'bad, violent Muslims' then obviously, we could allow the good ones to stay.  But no such wand has been invented.  We cannot tell the group members apart until it is too late.  Therefore the whole group has got to go.  This is just simple logic.  If poison has been added to someone's wine, you throw out the whole wine glass, you don't just drink it anyway because 'most of the wine is still pure.'  There is no reason why the rest of the world has to deal with Islam's violence.  Once they civilize themselves and become as peaceful as the rest of us, they can come back.  Until then, they should have to live and suffer only among each other.

There is no such thing as an innocent Muslim, because every Muslim still endorses the Koran and the prophet Muhammed, which is a demonic text and a demonic man who committed virtually every crime known to man, including massacres, theft, slavery, kidnapping, rape, pedophilia, murder, etc, etc.  Anyone who believes in that text and calls it holy, or says Mohammed is the Prophet of God, is a self-confessed devil worshiper and should be killed just on principle.  When you just announce that you embrace evil and worship darkness then there's no reason to worry about separating the 'innocent' from the 'guilty.'

But even if, for some reason, we give Muslims a pass on their religious beliefs, the fact is their secular beliefs are just as bad.  The majority of muslims support the death sentence for apostasy.  The majority of muslims beat their wives, cut off their clitorises, or force them into body bags.  The majority of muslims support the death sentence for anyone who defames Islam.  The majority of muslims support jihad/terrorism against the infidels.  The vast majority of crime in Europe is done by their muslim minorities, who take special pleasure in raping underage white women.  Muslims tend to be unemployed and on welfare.  Many muslims supported the terrorist attacks on France today on Twitter.  The family members and friends of Muslim fanatics do not condemn them nor do they tell the police ahead of time about them, nor do they 'snitch' out Muslim terrorists in their midst hiding out from the police.  They're all in it together, some are just braver than others.  The 'peaceful majority' of Muslims never stamp out the extremists living in their own community.  They're strangely helpless and can't do a thing about it, even though they know exactly who the bad guys are.

It is impossible to be a good Muslim whether you are talking from a religious viewpoint or a behavioral viewpoint.  The behavior of Muslims would be atrocious even if they didn't belong to a religion.  If they were just a group of thugs who liked doing crime, rioting, burning stuff down, and occasionally committing mass murders for no reason at all, they would be just as bad as if Islam had never been invented.  The response would still be the same.  All Muslims in the West have to go.  Root and branch.  They can relocate to the Islamic country of their choice, or relocate to a newly dug mass grave built just for them, whichever they prefer.

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