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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

This is Disgusting:

The most privileged black person in the history of the world, Malia Obama, still feels justified in calling America "AmeriKKKa" along  with her new favorite rap artists, Progressive Era, which she endorses by wearing their shirt and then broadcasting this endorsement to the whole world via instagram.  If you thought there was such a thing as a moderate black, well here we are.  The daughter of the president is saying she's being oppressed by a white supremacist culture and deserves to burn up in flames, etc.  There is no reasoning with these people.  They literally make no sense.  There is no appeasing them.  Even when we give them everything they ever wanted, they still moan and groan about how they deserve more.  It is impossible to even converse with the black species.  They're varelse.  Hell, they're not even sentient so varelse isn't even the right term.  They just make weird clicking sounds that resembles speech to our ears, but has no actual meaning inside their own heads.  They've just been taught to parrot various sounds like "racism" and "diversity" and "slavery" until they receive more corn and bread crumb handouts.  They're carp waiting in the fishponds for more free food with remarkable speech mimicry skills, and that's it.

The newest claim blacks have to being oppressed, the number of times they're shot dead by police, is a complete farce.  In fact, in proportion to the number of times they've violently assaulted the cops, they're the least likely group to be shot in America.  Everyone walks on eggshells around these criminal thugs, letting them get away with virtually anything, and it's still not good enough for these upright walking things.  They still claim they're being oppressed.  In fact, the president of the United States says his imaginary son is being oppressed right as we speak.  Meanwhile, the black attorney general of the USA says the whole justice system, which he runs, is corrupt and anti-black.  We have blacks rioting against police who are shooting dead black thugs shooting at the black crowd.  That's right, the black crowd is mad at the police for saving their lives.  Like I said, these people are beyond reasoning.  They aren't sentient.  They don't even attempt to make any sense.  And it's not just a radical fringe of extremists or something.  It goes all the way up to the President of the United States, who's saying the same exact things as Ismael Brinsley, and completely endorses killing the motherfucking cops and their awful oppression of every black person no matter what they're innocently going about doing just for walking while black.  Malia Obama agrees with her father, Barack Obama, and says the whole USA is the KKK and the cops are the public enemy and hey ho, western civilization has got to go.  There are no well groomed sensible blacks, there is no middle class, there are no moderates to negotiate anything with!  The entire freaking lot of them are in on this crazy conspiracy theory together, which has absolutely no basis in fact.

If you don't break the law, cops won't bother you.  Period.  This is reality.  If you don't resist arrest, cops won't shoot you.  Period.  (I know I know, there's that one video where a cop really does shoot an innocent guy.  However, you know what that guy did?  He begged the cop to stop shooting and offered no resistance.  The cop calmed down and ceased shooting the guy, and he's still alive today to talk about it.  This is what a normal, innocent person would do in such a case.  You would not grab the cop's gun and say 'You're too much of a pussy to shoot me' and try to pull the trigger on the cop instead.)  It's not that difficult.  In fact, if there was a brain in any of these blacks' heads, they would be able to obey the police just fine.  The problem is they mastered walking upright and speech mimicry, but they don't actually understand police, law, justice, order, civilization, or any of those other concepts we include as being basic to all human level sentience.  It all just flies over their head.  Why should they have to obey what someone else says?  It's all Greek to them.  What's important is that they're the head ape in this town.  Just look at Obama.  He said something like twenty times that unilaterally granting illegal immigrants amnesty would violate the constitution.  But what does law matter to him?  Just like Michael Brown, Obama told the constitution "fuck what you have to say", ignored all authority figures, and just did whatever he wanted.  Because he considers himself the head ape in this town, and there's nothing any of us can do about it.  When we try to reason with this person, saying the President can't pass laws, flipping over the entire immigration system simply because he wants to do so, only the legislative branch can do that, it all just flies over his head.  He can imitate human sounds but he can't imitate human logic, so it's all lost on him why exactly what he did was wrong.

The facts don't matter to these upright-walking-organisms.  Literally.  They've said it themselves. 
How do you argue with people who announce ahead of time that the facts of the case simply don't matter and it's injustice a priori whenever a cop confronts a black man at any time for any reason?  In that case, why don't they go back to Africa where they can live in perfectly lawless societies just like they've always wanted?  The prosecution rate for rape and murder in South Africa is less than 10%.  You can do any crime you like there and no one will ever bother you.  Why not move there?  Or better yet, you could join Boko Haram, kidnap hundreds of little girls out of their schools, and marry as many of them as you like, because there's no law or order in Nigeria.  Or you could move to Somalia, where there isn't even a constituted government anymore.  I hear there's plenty of opportunity to get your groove on there.

But all of this pales in the face of this ignominy.  This is the most disgusting news story of the day by far:

Intel, the world' best hope for the construction of AI and the beginning of the singularity, where technological advancement exceeds human potential and goes beyond our own imagination, has unilaterally committed suicide at the behest of, go figure, Jesse Jackson.  So, blacks have managed yet again to destroy everything good and right in this world.  It is impossible to have anything nice or good on this whole entire Earth without blacks intruding into the middle of it, stomping all over it, and leaving it broken and worthless by the end.  Instead of hiring the most talented computer engineers, who will of course be necessary if we are to exceed the current limits of computer chip manufacturing and reach AI level intelligence in computers, we are instead going to hire exactly according to the census.  Furthermore, all of our directors and CEO's and suchlike will also exactly resemble the census.  We will fire all of the talented white and Asian males, and put in a bunch of completely uneducated, untalented bozos because they happen to be black, hispanic, or women, with no need for any merit whatsoever.  And this was the world's best hope.  Intel was literally the vanguard of the future.  And now where is it?  It's going to be doing bongo dances in Africa with a newly enlarged supply of topless women who think mud in their hair is a cool new accessory, all so as not to offend Jesse Jackson.  (Maybe they could hire Malia Obama and kill two birds with one stone?  No wait, she's too busy putting wings on pigs with her rapper pals)  And all the rest of the damn Silicon Valley tech industry will go with them.  They will all supine themselves before political correctness, they'll all castrate themselves before ravenous feminism, which thinks it should dominate all fields men happen to be in, but have no complaints about needing to include men in women-dominated-fields, and they'll all fold like a house of cards before various moral gnats claiming discrimination even though they've never achieved anything concrete in their lives, because they're even more cowardly than the water fleas attacking them.

There is absolutely nothing to hope for about America anymore.  Rarely have I ever seen such a morally prone, such a morally prostrate, such a morally defenseless country.  Blacks can say they want anarchy in the streets, and we just say 'yes boss,' and let them go.  Blacks say they want to head the most dynamic and brain-powered companies in the United States, and we just say 'of course, that is your right,' and wave them onward.  Black daughters of the President of the United States say they're being oppressed by the Machine and we say "we're so sorry, how can we ever gain your forgiveness?"  Blacks can say or do anything and no one will ever stand up to them or ever say them nay about anything.  No one will draw a line and just say, "ENOUGH" to these spoiled children, that they've had their say, and now the adults will start speaking again, and it is time for this worthless minority to shape up or ship out.  When is enough enough?  By God, how supine is the white race to grovel to this extant to their complete inferiors by all possible measures?  What will it take?  Do we have to wait until they're literally pissing on our faces and making us eat their feces before we suggest there might be a slight imbalance in the racial totem pole in this country?  What exactly is the limit to black oppression of whites?  We aren't allowed to have an economy, justice, or a country anymore, because all of it offends blacks.  Just what exactly are we allowed to have?  Certainly not the freedom to speak our conscience.  Anyone who says anything critical of blacks is immediately fired.  If you date a black, you end up gang raped and then horrifically burned to death, like Jessica Chambers.  But if you don't date a black, you're a racist.  So either way you're screwed.

If you send your children to an all black school, they will be bullied, beaten, and will have no friends their entire school life.  However, if you don't send your child to a black school, you'll be accused of 'white flight,' 'segregation,' etc,' and be blamed for the failure of their kids.  If you try to eat lunch at a dinery, blacks will invade and harass you because you aren't thinking and doing enough to solve the plight of black Americans today.  Likewise, if you join their protests they will still beat you for trying to appropriate their righteous cause and act uppity in their midst.  Every day, every minute of the day, whites are assailed, assaulted, and accused by blacks who say we are somehow falling short of their moral requirements for us.  When have they ever tried to live up to our moral requirements for them?  Oh, that's right, we never set any.

This moral comatose, where we demand nothing from what are supposedly our 'fellow citizens,' our 'equals,' is the most despicable and disgusting aspect of modern America.  What used to be the best country on Earth now stands for nothing, has no standards, cannot require even the most basic level of human decency from its populace.  Now Intel, which has every reason to be proud of continuing Moore's Law all these decades since its founding, is groveling before a complete nobody, who's never accomplished anything in his life, except fathering some bastards while cheating on his wife.  And why?  Why?  For God's sake why does Intel feel inferior to Jesse Jackson?  To blacks in general?  What do they have to apologize for?  What did Intel ever do to blacks that requires an apology?  Blacks should be on their knees thanking Intel for providing products for them that they never could have invented in a million years.  This is a race of creatures that hadn't even invented the wheel yet when we arrived.  Now they demand to be the head of the computer chip inventing wing of Intel?  You've got to be kidding me, right?  When have they ever invented anything?  Never!  Never!  Their best invention was the god damned SUPER SOAKER, and that guy was still something like half white!  Why is Intel kow-towing to blacks?  Why not apologize to ants and give them jobs in all of your most important departments while you're at it?  Ants have the largest bio-weight on Earth, but proportionately not even a single % of Intel's jobs have gone to a single ant!  What's with that?  Why is this allowed to continue in a country that prizes itself on its equality?

It doesn't matter.  Even if Intel destroys itself and never makes another good computer chip, Taiwan is also good at computer chips.  South Korea, Japan, or China can take over.  Progress will continue without much of a hiccup.  The talented engineers who were fired by Intel, the Asian and white ones, will be hired by Far Eastern companies and they will speed light years ahead of all the competition without a hitch.  But why did it have to go this way?  Why is being an American such a humiliating, despairing, disgusting experience every day, without anything to look forward to except more disgraces and debacles from birth to death?  I hate this country.  I hate it so much.  This is the most rotten place on Earth, because it defiles more good than any other place on Earth.  You see, if you're a shitty country to begin with, like India, then it really doesn't matter what happens, because it's all shit anyway.  But if there are good things in your country, like Star Wars, and then the beginning of the trailer to episode seven is a black stormtrooper, that's disgraceful.  That's despicable.  That's awful.  That's the sound of the sacred going up in smoke.  The same for Intel.  The same for Obama sitting in the same white house seat as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.  It's just so disgusting.  It's so despicable.  It's nauseating.  It's vomit inducing.  India never had a Thomas Jefferson so it doesn't matter who runs their country.  But for America to let this thing crawl into the oval office and creep into our hearts like freaking Nyarlathotep -- !   There should be a limit to anything.  And we have drawn no limit to the debasement blacks have brought upon America in all spheres and all walks of life.  There was a time when Detroit was America's finest city, the forge of our entire country.  Hard to believe, isn't it?  St. Louis used to be a good city.  Buffalo used to be a good city.  All our cities used to be good cities, full of economic growth and industrial progress.  Now all they're full of is thugs and drugs.  And we let this happen!  We just watched and let it all slide by without the slightest shred of resistance!

The last honorable white man died with the Confederacy, who still knew the score and was still willing to fight for it.  After that it's all just been sliding down to the lowest common denominator.  It's a long, slow slide, because it's hard to slide all the way from the greatest country on Earth down to mud huts and grass thongs in one going.  It's taken us centuries, but we're finally getting there.  Jesse Jackson telling Intel what to do, and Malia Obama wearing a Progressive Era rap shirt.  We've finally normalized ourselves back to the Congo.  Thank goodness.  Now that everything left in America has been trampled on, there will be nothing left to disgust us any further.  Since everything is already debased, we don't have to worry about any further disgraces occurring ever again.  There's nothing good about America left for them to destroy.

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You are disgusting and racist.