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Monday, October 24, 2016

Liberals Have Made it Clear, No Compromise is Possible:

Sensible, common sense people, who look at obvious problems and come to obvious conclusions, like preventing at least the preventable incidents of Muslim terrorism by stopping the inflow of further Muslim immigration so long as they display as a group an obvious predilection for a disproportionate amount of terror attacks, have been stripped of their power to enact these obvious solutions by paranoid, mindless, and totalitarian liberals who insist that everyone must play by their rules over every single issue on Earth.

According to liberals, discriminating against any group in any way for any reason is exactly equivalent to rounding up and killing every non-cis-straight-white-male in the country, and therefore is equally morally objectionable and deserving of equally shrill rhetoric.

If you want school prayer, you've committed genocide.

If you want immigrants to have high paying jobs lined up before they enter so they won't be a public burden, you've committed genocide.

If you think men who work longer hours, more dangerous hours, or do a better job than women should be compensated accordingly, you've committed genocide.

If you think people who attack cops get what they deserve, you've committed genocide.

If you think people should speak English in America, you've committed genocide.

If you think having thousands of 'lovers' is nothing to be proud about, you've committed genocide.

If you don't think Allah is Akbar, you've committed genocide.

If you think no amount of surgery can ever make a man look like a woman, you've committed genocide.

If you think marriage involves reproduction and thus it's a farce to throw the label around willy-nilly to groups that are mechanically incapable of reproduction, you've committed genocide.

If you think Christ is the Redeemer, you've committed genocide.

If you're not attracted to fat people, you've committed genocide.

If you give birth to your own children instead of adopt needy ones from Africa, you've committed genocide.

If you give an inheritance to your children instead of donate it to charity, you've committed genocide.

If you date someone of your own race a disproportionate number of times, you've committed genocide.

If you eat meat, you've committed genocide.

If you honor your ancestors, you've committed genocide.

If you honor the Founding Fathers, you've committed genocide.

If you honor our war heroes, you've committed genocide.

If you honor the flag, the anthem, the pledge of allegiance, or anything at all, you've committed genocide.

If you're opposed to open marriage, you've committed genocide.

If you don't think white characters in their source works should be played by non-white actors, you've committed genocide.

If you think classical music is better than rap, you've committed genocide.

If you award an Oscar, Emmy, Nobel, Fields Medal, or any other distinction to a disproportionate number of white men, you've committed genocide.

If you report basic scientific facts like racial IQ scores, twin studies, skull sizes or the Minnesota trans-racial adoption study, you've committed genocide.

If you report basic scientific facts like lifetime earnings of average Mexican immigrants and their descendants vs. taxpayer expenses, you've committed genocide.

If you report basic scientific facts like gay STD rates and pedophile rates, you've committed genocide.

If you report basic scientific facts like men being more physically fit than women, you've committed genocide.

If you report basic scientific facts like the causal connection between IQ, education, income, marital and lifetime success, you've committed genocide.

If you report that IQ is hereditary, you've committed genocide.

If you fail to recognize all the hidden, institutional and systematic oppression all non-cis-straight-white-males are experiencing, you've committed genocide.

If you dress up in an offensive costume, you've committed genocide.

If you fail to check your privilege, you've committed genocide.

If you don't welcome becoming a helpless minority in your own homeland, you've committed genocide.

If you hire people on the basis of who can do the job, you've committed genocide.

If you rent to people who actually pay on time and don't trash the place, you've committed genocide.

If you don't hire and rent to ex-felons, you've committed genocide.

If you don't build new affordable housing smack dab in the middle of a posh district that used to have nice things, you've committed genocide.

If you don't want your children to be bullied in school, you've committed genocide.

If you're tired of being mugged, assaulted, or raped, you've committed genocide.

There is no compromising with these people.  They've lumped all legitimate concerns and scientifically supported facts in with gas chambers, and the moment you say anything about anyone, condemn any behavior, or pretty much stop kowtowing to your 'betters' in any way, shape, or form, you're the next Hitler.  You're noxious.  You're vile.  You're an excrescence.  You're insane.  You're stupid.  You're ignorant.  You're deplorable.  You're irredeemable.  You're un-American.  You're 'not who we are.'  You're inbred.  You're bitter.  You're a loser.  You're trash.  You're backwards.  You're in the ash heap of human history.  You're contemptible.  You're a Nazi who wants to gas six million Jews.

Even when the vast majority of Americans support your policy or beliefs in surveys, you're the 'extreme right,' the 'radical fringe,' and you never believe or say anything, all you can ever do is 'howl,' 'spew,' or 'rant' your words.

When the other party in a debate won't even acknowledge that you are a human being forming words with your mouth, rather than hissing out mad lunatic ravings, there is no compromise possible any longer.

Donald Trump is a social liberal and an economic centrist.  He's offered more olive branches out to women, gays, transgenders, and blacks than any other Republican candidate has in history.  Half his children are married to Jews and over half of his grandchildren are Jews.  If all of this outreach, all of these compromises, all of these good faith gestures, is met with wall to wall venom and calumny, if serious newspapers still write serious 'predictions' ( about Trump rounding up Jews and gassing them to death once he's been elected to their readership, then it's clear as day that as far as liberals are concerned, the entire Republican party is illegitimate and any beliefs to the right of their own 'current year' are verboten.  If they had their way, like with Mao and Stalin, all the ideological criminals who still harbor 'hatred' in their hearts would be sent to re-education camps or, if deemed too far gone, liquidated for the sake of the 'oppressed.'  (the new, American version of the 'proletariat.')

It is already dangerous for your life and your property to be a public supporter of Trump, the mainstream candidate, the Republican Party nominee, who won 46% of the vote of the country.  You will be physically assaulted and possibly killed if you support this man in the wrong place, near the wrong people.  If your car has a bumper sticker praising Trump or is parked near a Trump rally, you can kiss it goodbye.  This is a candidate that nearly half the people in America wanted as President, but if you say anything out loud you can kiss your job goodbye.  If you simply write down with chalk 'Trump 2016' at a college campus, you will be convicted of a hate crime.

If this is how they treat moderates, if this is how they feel about half the people in the country, you may as well go the full hog anyway.  It's the same no matter what you do, you'll be accused of attempted genocide no matter how far left you go, so long as you are not yourself a liberal, so why not at least get the benefits out of it and just actually support the policy?  If you're going to serve the time, you may as well do the crime.  You may have started this journey of resistance as just a guy who didn't want to be preached to by women who did not make the video game, did not buy the video game, and did not play the video game that your video game about saving a princess from a castle should be banned because it reinforces negative stereotypes about women, but since you're in the same basket of deplorables anyway, why not enjoy the full perks and hang all the liberals off lamp posts after all?  People who cannot be reasoned with, who will not accept any form of co-existence with non-liberals, who refuse to compromise over any little thing, can only be smashed once and for all.  They are no different from the Huns.  When Attila was asked where his invasions would end, he said 'when someone stops me.'  Likewise, liberals have no intention of letting any thought criminals go until the whole world has been made into a universal enforcer of 'human rights,' which means chasing down and castrating the last white man on Earth.  They are insatiable.  They will stop at nothing.  They do not fear you, instead they despise you, and when they imagine our future together, it's their boots stomping on our human faces, forever.

They are merciless, and they laugh at and scorn all of our attempts towards a peaceful redress of grievances.  So why be mealy-mouthed about it any longer?  What has it ever gained us to be the one and only moderate, understanding and reasonable person in the room?  Did Attila have any argument other than 'woe to the conquered' and a sword slammed down in front of our faces?  Do you think the liberals will listen to anything we have to say after sixty years of continuous victories towards their left-wing utopia?

If just 1 in 10 Americans, including 1 in 10 soldiers on army bases, agreed together that on a certain day, they would all don a red ski mask, and then go outside at 4am and kill any of their neighbors not wearing a red ski mask, America could be liberated and purified in a single night.  Afterwards, an ideal society could be instituted free of all the scum who've polluted what should have been a golden century of scientific progress and material prosperity.  ((If not enough women are in this group, we could always spare the prettiest ones as sex slaves like ISIS does trading them around freely, they won't be very scary and no one will listen to their bitch mouths run anymore once they don't have the police and the military to boss around any longer))  In addition, the traffic will be amazingly non-congested, everyone will get to live in a posh house of their own choosing (newly made available and fully furnished), and there will be more job openings in high paying fields than we could shake a stick at.

4.6 in 10 Americans voted for Trump, which means if they all just radicalized and act like liberals insist on treating them as anyway, that day could be tomorrow.  It is not liberals that are the bottleneck to a decent future, it's all the mealy mouthed cucks who offer limp wristed, half hearted opposition to the liberals despite being spat upon, egged, and put in baskets just as though they had recently emerged from a gas chamber.

If we were half as conservative as liberals are liberal, all our problems would have been solved ages ago.  If we were half as fervent, half as passionate, half as principled as liberals, the clock would already have been reset to 1860.  If white males ever unified, even just 10% of them, they could run over all opposition that's left on Earth without breaking a sweat.  We wouldn't just have conquered the world by now (like we have before!), we would have conquered the solar system.

So ask yourself, when you're debating whether you should stand up for the right to make and sell video games, but are quick to condemn the people who don't want their daughters changing in locker rooms next to self-proclaimed 'women' who have made no surgical adaptions to their genitalia, what hope do you have in this world?  In this future?  Do you really think liberals will ever stop at anything?  So why are you stopping and holding yourself back over every little thing?

Isn't it about time to embrace your inner Nazi?  A tiny group of Nazis could save the whole world.  A billion 'conservatives' can't conserve a God damned thing.

'The best lack all conviction,
while the worst are full of passionate intensity.'

Don't be this poem.

Take the fucking red pill already. 

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Unknown said...

May I suggest that most modern evils come from cutting off our connection with nature? Modern civilization has driven human societies into a void existence, full of misery, and most of them don't know any better.

My ideal of a perfect society, in tune with human nature, would involve only small towns with plenty of space, organized such that the bulk of human activities is performed outdoors (instead of being performed inside a building with a suffocating atmosphere full of CO2), in a place full of parks engineered to be as undisturbing to nature as possible.

Social structures and norms would be radically changed and we would adopt "savage" customs that would put us in contact with nature. Going barefoot would be the norm, our bodies would be accustomed to the unpredictable swings of weather (to the point of being indifferent to them), our clothes would be made of natural fibers that actually let our skin breathe, we would do physical activity every day...In short, we would keep our existence real, fresh, healthy, and nature-aware.

I have lived both in cities and in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by wilderness. It's in the latter that I truly came to understand material life, and not just through the lens of logic and reasoning, but through intuition, too; for a lot of reasons:

- Nature can also teach valuable lessons. It's also a source of awesome sensory (though not necessarily hedonist-friendly) experiences that make you feel alive.

- Harvesting and gathering my own food gave me an understanding of the real cost of things. What am I going to eat in winter? What if this tree doesn't give as many fruits next year? I have too much food! What should I do with it? From there, the concept of economy flowed naturally. Now, economy doesn't necessarily involve money, which is just an abstraction. Economy is about the management of available resources. Storing food (or even giving it away) has a lot to do with economy.

- Economy gave me an understanding of society. We depend on others to survive, so it's better to make friends and build a sense of community. When your buddies are in need, you will help them, and they will help you in return.

- Doing tough physical labor made me aware of the human body, its strengths and its limitations. We can do amazing things with just our bodies and simple tools, but at the same time there are jobs that are simply too big for the human body. That's where technology comes from. It's also a fun mental exercise to visualize the steps that are required to get from zero technology to modern technology
Physical labor also triggered some amazing chemistry in my body and brain. I felt happy. I felt manly. I felt like the man. That's what a healthy human is supposed to feel like!

When I came back to the city my health started to decline, the constant stress gave me painful ulcers, my testosterone levels lowered, and I'm a depressed, pathetic wimp again.

Do you see where I'm going? I can't blame modern people for believing ridiculous things. Most of them haven't experienced any of the mentioned, so they don't know any better. I pity them.

In your writings you fantasize about having zero worldly worries, thus being able to pursue intellectual interests without physical reality getting on the way. I kind of agree, but that would require making radical changes to human biology. In the meantime, we have to adapt to what we have. For now, avoiding real life is a bad idea.

Nothing in my definition of an ideal society suggests that we should stop living a human existence. We could still delight in art, do scientific research and everything else. The important thing is to be as connected to nature as possible.