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Sunday, May 8, 2016

What Liberals Take From Us:

More than blacks, Muslims, Hispanics or gays, most of all I hate liberals.  This is because liberals hurt us more than all other groups combined.

The odds of being a victim to black crime at some point in your life are extremely low.  Especially if you don't live in a black majority neighborhood.  Muslim terrorism is vanishingly rare and at current population levels in the USA pose no threat to our secular democracy.  Hispanics are a public taxpayer burden, but Americans are so rich they can easily afford the extra costs without any diminishment in their standard of living.  Gays hurt vulnerable children, but odds are said children won't be you or yours, so who cares, really?

If you look at these groups as just public menaces, no different from lions and tigers and bears, there's generally a safe action plan to avoid all these threats and live life worry-free from all of them.  On the off chance that you're victimized even after taking all due precautions against these groups, it's just as unfortunate as getting cancer at a young age or being struck by a bolt of lightning.  You just chalk these things up to fate and shrug with a sigh, they're so astronomically unlikely.

But there's one thing you can't avoid, and that's the ever present power and authority of liberals.  Liberals are everywhere, they control everything, and they make you lie and grovel before them every second of every day to appease their endless thirst for the humiliation and destruction of 'bigots.'  Just as Stalin and Mao hunted down and destroyed anyone who dissented from their state propaganda, liberals hunt down and destroy anyone who doesn't mouth the liberal line.  Which means you are forced to lie, and lie, and lie, in school, in church, in the workplace, at home, among your own relatives, among your own friends, you can never stop lying.  You can never let your guard down.  You can never be free, you can never be yourself, you can never exist at all.  If you aren't a proper cog in the liberal machine they will chew you up and spit you out.  You won't be able to graduate from college, you can't get a job, you won't get married or have kids, you can't make friends, everything is denied to you because everyone demonizes you just for telling the truth.

To be human, truly human, you must be rational.  Sapient.  That's what our faculties are geared towards and that's the only time we will ever feel content and satisfied with ourselves.  If we cannot act on what we think is right, true, and just, we shrivel up and die inside, leaving nothing but an empty mechanical husk obeying other people's orders from there on.  Liberals are killing us from the inside out, giving us a demonic catch-22, where you can lose all outward blessings of family, friends, status and financial security or you can lose all inward blessings of sanity, honesty, honor and pride.  No human being in this liberal dominated world can have both anymore.  And whichever one we choose we are spiritually desolated, either through lack of fellowship and success/achievement on the external world, or through lack of self-respect and sovereignty inside our own minds.  Liberals torture everyone in the world like this, in a gulag bounded only by the blue oceans.  We are made to say even more ridiculous lies than Stalin or Mao ever asked of their people, more often, and more momentous and meaningful ones than ever before.

In liberal world, men can become women just by thinking it so.  Gays have no choice in what they do, but pedophiles and incestuous couples are despicable.  Women are no better suited to child rearing than men, and it's simply a coincidence that they have all the physical hardware set up to do so.  Women are just as good as men in all fields unless beaten down by evil oppressive sexist scum, but there are plenty of times when women are patently superior to men (like lack of criminality), which means women are simply superior to men in all ways.  Anyone who disagrees is sexist.

Islam is a religion of peace.  Pay no attention to all the explosions and decapitations in the background.

Blacks are just as intelligent as Asians, regardless of what all tests ever recorded say.  The problem is racist teachers who refuse to teach them well, like they secretly do for all their white and Asian students, and racist taxpayers who don't spend enough money on them, even though D.C. school districts spend infinitely more per pupil than white suburban schools ever receive.  The current shambles that is Africa, Haiti, every black-majority city on Earth, and the entire history of Africa is all just a giant coincidence or a giant conspiracy to keep the black man down.

Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown in cold blood as he was trying to run away.

White straight men are evil and the cause of everyone else's suffering on Earth across all of history and will still be the cause of everyone else's suffering on Earth for centuries to come due to our awful legacies, even if every last one of us were wiped from the face of the Earth, which of course would be the greatest thing to ever happen in world history.  Nothing white straight men have ever invented, discovered, or philosophically derived is worth anything and no member of the world community needs to feel any gratitude for said worthless drivel.  The ledger is 100% one sided, all bad, no good.

All white countries and only white countries need to benefit from diversity, which means whites dying out and being replaced by wonderful brown skinned people who innately understand the value of peace, justice, fairness, tolerance, kindness and good will towards all.  The age of aquarius will begin the moment we shuffle off this mortal coil.

Drugs are a lifestyle alternative with no harmful side effects, and drug dealers are just entrepreneurs trying to feed their families.  Cigarette companies are the devil and smoking should be banned, however.  As are soda companies.  Trans Fats.  Fossil fuel plants.  Nuclear power plants.  Whalers.  Lumberjacks.  Hunters.  Fishers.  Banks.  Health insurers.  Billionaires.  Drug companies.  Etc.

We genocided the Indians and stole all their land for no reason.  Indians never did anything bad to us, and were perfect angels before we got here.  Nevertheless, there's nothing wrong with immigration of new people to our land or immigrants replacing us.  Only the settling of whites where Indians used to live was morally wrong.

Animals and even trees have rights, but fetuses don't.  Men should have to pay child support for a child they never even wanted, but can do nothing if a woman wishes to abort children they do wish to support.  If a woman says she was raped, she should be believed and the man persecuted, even if there's zero evidence the sex wasn't consensual.  Why would a woman ever lie?  Women are perfect, after all, which was already established previously.  If you don't believe that only men are ever bad people, you're a sexist.

All family models are equivalent.  Children can be raised by any combination of adults or lack thereof and no harm will come to them.  Single mothers are just as good as married couples, and people who stay single are just as happy as those who are married, or even happier.  Unconstrained open marriages are a progressive evolution on the old stodgy model and make people even happier.  If there's any problem in a marriage, the obvious and best choice is to divorce immediately.

There is no meaning to life, no value in life, and no right way to live.  It's all relative so just do whatever you want.  Any negative consequences of your choices are clearly due to the people who disapproved of said choices randomly lashing out and hurting you for no reason, none of them are the natural result of your own actions.  Everything is someone else's fault.

People living in the bottom half of the socio-economic status scale have no duty to their fellow men, and can be perfectly excused for any crime or act of terrorism they may do.  They aren't moral actors and have no responsibility for their actions, since their poverty made them do it all.  Meanwhile, people in the upper half of the socio-economic status scale not only have a duty to be perfect themselves, but also have a duty to help everyone else beneath them to reach equality with them.  Anything people do in the lower half is the upper half's fault because said upper half didn't sacrifice enough to prevent it.

If you slip up even once, and disagree with a liberal about any single lie, or use a single term that isn't politically correct, in your entire life, your reputation will be destroyed and you will be completely ostracized by everyone, forever.  So you must watch yourself at all times to make sure you never slip up.

We are far beyond the absurdity of 2+2 equaling 5.  Orwell never could have dreamed of the demented lies we must say everywhere outside our own heads to stay a decent member of society.  These crushing humiliations and distortions of reality reverberate and poison our minds even when we aren't lying and groveling, making it impossible to escape even for a moment the giant sucking sound of liberal tyranny over our souls.  Solzhenitsyn described in First Circle and many other books how little self-respect remains in people once they know themselves incapable to stand up for what they know is true, right, and just.  They despise themselves, and once you despise yourself it isn't a long step to killing yourself, from drink, drugs, or simply not having children.  All of Russia was on its deathbed by the time the USSR fell and the lies stopped having to be said.  But will liberalism ever fall?  Or will we all die first?  America is just as sick now as Russia was then, with white life expectancy actually falling even in a time of continuous medical advances.  White birth rates continue to decline all across the world.  Does the spiral end in anything but oblivion?

I refuse to believe that a liberal society can succeed at anything.  If that were true, then truth itself would no longer be necessary to man.  It takes time to kill off 300 million people via slow rot.  The Soviet Union lasted 70 years despite its manifest contradictions.  America continues to get more and more liberal by the day, so the timer perhaps hasn't even started counting down yet on our life expectancy as a civilization.  Only once we reach the very trough of liberal thinking will that timer start ticking.  For instance, the societal rot caused by gay marriage has only just begun.  We won't see its full manifestation for another 70 years.  Affirmative Action was only required starting in 1970.  Transgenders in our bathrooms only started yesterday.  If America was much healthier and wealthier at the beginning of our decline, it will take even longer for us to collapse than the USSR did.  But everything built on lies must eventually perish.  And we can already see traces of societal decline in terms of our happiness, greatness, wellness and reproductive fitness.  There's very little good to say of America these days.  Facebook is not greatness.  It's just a dumb website.  Apple is not greatness.  It's just a dumb toy.  The stories coming out of America are as sub-par as our inventions.  Our leaders are dwarfs compared to the great men of the past with a litany of heroic deeds across their careers.  The kids we educate today have lower test scores than the kids we educated last generation.  It's all downhill from here.

Liberals are literally killing us.  In a way much worse than Viking marauders ever did.  They are ensuring that everything we ever were will fade away to extinction.  Anything we accomplish now will lie in ruins, unmaintained, a century from now.  Everything we ever said will be forgotten on the winds of time, intentionally sunk down the memory hole due to its 'offensiveness'.  All of our descendants will be warped and twisted beyond recognition until they eventually extinguish themselves and thus our ancestral lines forever.  A person living in a liberal society is trapped like a mime in a box of air.  It appears that you can do anything and go anywhere, but in fact you're totally powerless.  All of your projects will wither away the moment your husbandry of them stops, because those who inherit your achievements have not inherited the will that allowed those achievements to thrive.  And conservatives cannot live forever and maintain these things themselves.  Our children are turned against us by an education system and media that poisons their minds basically from day one.  It's like Wyatt's oil field in Atlas Shrugged.  You can develop it and develop it, it could be a fortune in the waiting, a century long ark of prosperity, but it's all worthless because ultimately the liberals will control it, not you, and their only goal is the destruction of all that is or may be.

The only hope is that somehow, via virtual reality or spaceflight, we can isolate ourselves from the liberalism that holds sway over the majority of the Earth, and create a healthy culture where people can both be proud of themselves and respected by society.  It's a race against the clock of societal rot for these inventions to be made.  Lifeboats.  Either we build lifeboats and cast off from the main, or are swallowed down into the depths alongside the rest of the passengers.  And that's if they even allow us to leave.  By the time the lifeboats are constructed it may be that they even begrudge us the freedom to escape their liberalism.  "Haters can't pollute the stars!" will be their next war cry, just you wait.  But some hope is better than none.

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Santoculto said...

gay'''s'' hurt vulnerable children

100% of them**

yes, ''liberals'' are worst of them because they ''are'' or become absolutelly anti-white in the same way most of christians believe in Jesus.