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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Naruto Filler Passes Muster This Time:

This Naruto filler is different from all the rest.  Instead of going against the grain of the story and changing things from how they should be (which is unacceptable), it's trying to fill in details to a bare-bones patchwork which could use some additional explanation.

We know very little about Kaguya, the manga simply ambushes us with her at the last moment whereupon she's defeated nigh instantly.

For a last boss, that just doesn't cut it.  We need to know her origin, her motivations, why she's so powerful, etc, just like we learned about Madara or Obito.  Thankfully, the Naruto filler we've embarked upon starting this week is doing exactly that.  Filling in the holes, while remaining consistent with all the data we do know about Kaguya's past from the manga.  The art quality for some reason in this latest episode is also amazing, so it really stands out as far as filler goes.  I wouldn't be surprised if this filler arc weren't informed and supervised by Kishimoto himself, it's so good.

This is a valuable addition to the canon and as such will count towards the series' total episode length.  However, it does put into jeopardy the idea that the story will end by the time the Rio Olympics roll around.  Now there's no telling when we'll be getting back to the manga proper.  If it's good, though, what's the rush?  We'll definitely miss Naruto when it's gone, so anything that can keep it going is welcome.

Fairy Tail's most recent oav is slated to come out just five days from now.  The Girls und Panzer movie is set to come out just fifteen days from now.  May is chock full of good things.

Slow progress continues on a variety of artistic works.  I'm up to volume 11 of Spice and Wolf, volume 8 of Baccano, on Michika's route in Imouto Paradise, Michiru's route in Koichoco, and Komomo's route in Hoshizora no Memoria.

The only light novel series still being regularly translated of any worth is Hai to Gensou no Grimgar.  So Spice and Wolf and Baccano are truly looking to be the end of the line.  Index is promptly translated whenever it comes out, which is nice, but that only happens once a year or so.  Haganai, Seikai no Senki, Oreshura, Amagi Brilliant Park, Maria-sama ga Miteru, PapaKiki, Outbreak Company, Zero no Tsukaima, SAO, Eromanga Sensei, Ro-Kyu-Bu, No Game no Life, Gate, Seitokai no Ichizon, Hataraku Maou-sama and the Naruto light novels are all beyond an English speaker's reach.  A complete breakdown and failure of the fansubbing community, largely propelled by annoying for-profit companies licensing works and then sitting on them, never delivering any translations either.

While I'm catching up with the light novel scene due to how little is ever translated, the visual novel scene is still rushing ahead.  I doubt I'll be able to finish a single one of the visual novels I'm working on before Dracu Riot comes out.  Nor will I be able to finish two visual novels before Da Capo III joins Dracu Riot.  That's the sign of a healthy and happy fansubbing community, when more excellent works are coming out than can be consumed.  It means I can rely on visual novels all my life, unlike light novels which are at their last dying breath.

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