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Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Jones Wins:

I thought Roy Moore would win handily in a state that went 63% for Trump just last year.  I was wrong.  Apparently, it's possible to swing the election 15%, which is all that was needed, by just making endless lying reports about your opponent's sex life 40 years ago.

We know all the reports are lies because one of them confessed to forging her own yearbook entry, and the other 'recalled' a narrative full of ridiculous holes.  For instance, the idea that she snuck out of her house to meet Roy Moore by first taking a mile long hike from her home each time is absurd.  It's also absurd that she says she had this entire tryst in a ten day period between when she met him at court and when she moved from her mother's house ten days later.  And it's absurd that she talked to him on the phone 'in her room' when she had no phone in her room at the time.

Despite all these absurd 'memories' of the event, 15% of voters believed these obvious lies.  Which means that the Democratic party can, whenever it wants, flip any seat in the senate to their side.  If Alabama is willing to vote for the Democrats, who isn't?

What is to stop the press from claiming every single Republican candidate in the 2018 election molested a 14 year old girl?  They may as well just win the entire Senate now.  If it's possible in Alabama it can be done to anyone, anywhere, no matter how flimsy the claims.

This proves that democracy is a farce.  The people of Alabama were not able to make up their own minds about the policies at hand.  They were not able to make principled, logical decisions based on what's best for themselves and the country.  Instead they just reflexively voted against their own interests, and against the country's interests, because "child molestation bad!"  "taboo breaker!"  "eeeek!"

When the electorate is this stupid, gullible, mindless and shallow, the press can feed them any lies they want and they'll just vote accordingly.  It doesn't matter what they thought coming in to the election, it only matters what they're told on tv.  They'll believe anything.  They'll do anything you say.  All you have to do is play on their primitive instincts and pathetic feelings and you can get them to vote for 100% taxation, only women allowed in the military, all cub scouts must be transgender, open borders, farming is illegal, anything you want.  Doug Jones' policy platform is the polar opposite of the people of Alabama's.  And yet they voted for him anyway.  This is just mind boggling.

This vote is wrong on so many levels.  Even assuming he did it, they should have voted for Moore, because Moore would have voted Republican and that's what matters.  His vote will affect hundreds of millions of people for the better.  Any Republican should believe this.  The benefits of his vote outweigh any possible harm he did to these random kids 40 years ago.

From a Christian point of view, he did these things 40 years ago.  Ever since then he's been married to the same woman all these years, living out a normal sex life and raising four kids.  Isn't there supposed to be forgiveness for past sins in the Christian religion?  Just how long are you going to hold this old news over his head?  What about redemption?

From a moral point of view, why is it even wrong to pursue relationships with teenagers?  The fact that he married and settled down proves Roy Moore was always serious.  He wasn't just a promiscuous predator, he was trying to fall in love and start a family.  There's nothing innately wrong with 14 year old girls being the recipients of that love and marriage and family life.  Historically this was the norm.  If Leigh Corfman had been lucky enough to get such a husband as Roy Moore, wouldn't she have been blessed?  What became of her life from turning Moore down?  Look at how lucky Roy Moore's real wife is now, 34 years straight of marriage with no scandals, lots of money and prestige and lots of kids and grandchildren.  Why should Roy Moore be condemned for offering that life to Leigh Corfman or any of these other girls?

According to Leigh's story, when rebuffed, he politely drove her back home and left her alone from then on.  So what exactly is the horror story here?  A nice guy offered his love to a woman, she said no, so he generously drove her home and let her be from there on.  That's the crime?

Under no circumstance, from any angle, should Roy Moore have lost this election.  And yet he did.  Because the press can just say 'child molester!', 'serial predator!', 'pedophile!,' and that's the end of the story.  There are enough knee-jerk Republicans that they will immediately go out and vote the exact opposite of their faith, logic, and long held principles just out of sheer ravening taboo enforcement.

Who are these idiots who still believe anything the mainstream media says?  I thought the mainstream media had long since been debunked by their lying coverage of Trump, and yet like zombies, risen from the grave, here they are haunting us again.  They lied again and somehow this time it worked.  Are the people of Alabama just that goddamn stupid?  The whole country dismissed the 'sex predator' predictable attacks they threw at Trump in 2016, so why did Alabama, the most Republican state in the union, swallow them whole this time around?  What happened between last year and this one?  Two Republicans with almost identical policy platforms, both accused of sex crimes, but one is voted for 63% and the other 48%?  What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Fuck democracy.  People are too stupid to even decide what is best for themselves.  They don't even know what they're doing when they vote.  They have no clue why they vote the way they do, they're just gullible dupes who will do anything other people tell them to do.  Only a benevolent dictator who controls what people read and hear so that they aren't infected with fake news and makes sure people do the right thing and believes the right things as determined by science and logic, not the gullible public opinion, can ever possibly put the country on the right footing.

Democracy completely and utterly failed today.  Its weakness now lays bare and exposed for all the world to see.  If Alabama can elect a Democratic Senator then democracy has no meaning.  Fuck democracy and fuck America and fuck Alabama.  When can we move to Vinland, appoint a dictator, and control all information that ever reaches the public from then on like effective countries do?

What Lincoln Missed:

"You can fool some of the people all of the time, you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time."

Who cares?  If you just fool some people all of the time, via press lying smears, while meanwhile having a core group of followers who don't need to be fooled because you're acting in their interests, you can easily achieve a majority in a democracy.

You never needed to fool all of the people all of the time.  You didn't even need to fool all of the people some of the time.  Or even some of the people all of the time.  All you have to do is continuously fool different people at different times, enough to flip your minority into a majority, and you have total power.

The core democratic constituency of blacks and single white women will always vote for you because you offer them all sorts of goodies.  Then you top off your majority by tricking various idiots into voting for you based on random lies about the opposing candidate or lies about the consequences of your policy platforms or lies about revealed scientific data and facts or random logical fallacies and boom, you're in power.

If anyone gets fooled by any of the lies, that's enough to make up the difference and become the majority.  And then you have these shadowy liberal billionaires who own all the newspapers and tv programs all trying to fool you with endless streams of lies.  They all come up with their own best lie and run with it all day, and if that doesn't work they drop it and concoct a new lie and run with it.  They have all the time and money in the world to try to fool you, and there's dozens of these media companies all working on it simultaneously.  Inevitably one of these lying media organizations will succeed and boom, they've just flipped a Republican voter to the Democrats.

If you allow these media companies to just say whatever they want with no consequences, it's all upside for them.  It's inevitable that they'll eventually fool enough rubes and dupes and morons into voting Democrat through one lie or another.  Because they can lie without any consequence, they have four years between each election to attack their opponents every way they can possibly think of.  By the time the Republican candidate reaches the voting booth, he's so bloodied by the bad press, battered by endless fake news 'scandals' and artificial organized lynchings that he never stands a chance.

What was Lincoln thinking when he triumphantly declared that all people aren't stupid all of the time?  Who cares?  Democracy can still be perverted if just some people are fooled some times -- and Lincoln admits that's actually quite easy, practically effortless, a sure thing that will happen every time.  So Lincoln is just plain admitting that democracy can never work because people are too easily fooled.

And the Roy Moore election just proved Lincoln's point.  People are too easily fooled, and there's not a damn thing democracy can do about it.  The free press, in the hands of enemies of the people, is all powerful.  No sane country would allow such a press to even exist.  What possible gain is there in allowing obvious lies to be published daily that tear down everything good and healthy about your country, while propping up everything evil and unhealthy?  These wreckers are destroying America and we're just sitting here, helpless, hidebound by our deference for the first amendment.

All across the world, politicians have stated various 'truths' are unquestionable in their country, and prosecutable if you go against them.  In Europe, Canada, Australia and the like, it is illegal for the press to say immigrants are bad people who will do bad things once they get here.  They have simply banned the people from disagreeing with them on this issue.

Likewise, in China, it's illegal for the press to denounce the Communist Party.  In Russia you're free to say anything you like about Putin, but you mysteriously end up dead in a ditch somewhere afterwards.

In various other countries blasphemy against Islam is illegal and punishable by death, insulting the king of Thailand isn't allowed, and so on and so forth.  All these countries understand that allowing the press to run rogue, to run wild, at the behest of shadowy billionaires who do not have what is in the best interest of the people in mind, but only their own best interests in mind (or perhaps their utopian scheme's best interests in mind, which still goes wholly against the interests of the nation), is absolute madness and a recipe for certain destruction.

You simply cannot win elections when the people are reading, daily, about how awful a job you're doing in office and how despicable a person you are every second of every day.  Some percentage of the people will buy the swill that the press is happy to publish even at a monetary loss for the sake of eventual political power, and then you're out the door.  Perhaps even before your term is done (just look at poor Yakunovych)

The moment the Washington Post reported the defamatory lies about Roy Moore they should have been shut down and everyone involved executed.  That would have shut their lying mouths up right fast.  Anyone on twitter or facebook who 'liked' or 'shared' the Washington Post story should have been likewise sent to the gulags.  Only with a system like that could the 15% of Alabamians who voted for Trump not been swayed into voting for Doug Jones a year later.

You should not be allowed to just make random, uncorroborated accusations against the opposing political candidate one month before an election.  Especially about stuff that happened 40 years ago.  And then smirk and say, "the ball's in your court, prove it didn't happen."  That's not how justice works.  Either you should have absolute proof that it did happen or you shouldn't be allowed to report on it at all.  This was an absolute coup by the media.  This was not the people's will.  The people were Republican just one year ago by a landslide.  This is absolute madness.

There should be a state media platform, and no other media platform in the entire country.  It should tell the people the truth, and ban anyone else from having any say at all.  This system is infinitely more likely to be accurate than just leaving it to various billionaires who treat the media as their plaything and reality as their own personal play-doh pen.  No oversight, no consequences, no matter how many times they're caught lying.  They just say 'oops, honest mistake,' if you catch them out in a lie, and move on with a new defamatory lie.  There's just no way to compete against that.  If you give that much power to just a few people, the voters will be utterly helpless and totally overwhelmed.  And then you don't have a democracy, you have a shadowy oligarchy, where all elections are determined ahead of time by positive and negative press coverage, bought by a dozen or so billionaires who control the media.  The voting after that point is just a formality.  No different from the voting in Iraq under Saddam Hussein.

If the people want any further say in what becomes of America, they need to abolish the press.  You can be dead certain that the press is trying to abolish us.  Like usual, it's us or them.  And like usual, only the Democrats seem to understand the life or death struggle we're in.  Republicans, even deep South Republicans from Alabama, are still just sleep-walking to their own slaughter.

1 in 4 Trump voting Alabama Republicans were tricked into voting for Doug Jones:

The breathtaking power of the press was sufficient to get supposed evangelical Christians, who say abortion is murder, to vote for a candidate who approves of abortion until the moment of birth, by simply lying about Roy Moore with some of the most absurd, easily transparent charges the world has ever seen.

Despite how easily debunked these lies were, and despite Breitbart exposing these lying liars with carefully researched articles for weeks, 1 in 4 Alabama Republicans who had voted for Trump just one year ago and ostensibly hold all of the same beliefs and values as Roy Moore voted for Doug Jones instead, whose beliefs and values are 100% antithetical to their own.

This is a breathtaking power the press wields.

And it is a power none can stand against.

Either the press is controlled or the press controls you.  It's just one way or the other.  That has now been made clear.  Like usual, the Nazis were prescient enough to shut down the free press.  The Nazis are the only viable right-wing civilization.  Anything else is immediately subverted by liberalism, via the 'free press,' and all their other tricks.  It's either Nazism and a complete clampdown on liberalism or liberalism.  Conservatives keep imagining there's some wonderful, color-blind, freedom loving in-between.  But there isn't.  And this election just proved that once again.

It's not just California:

When San Francisco decided it was now legal for illegal aliens to shoot young white girls walking with their fathers for no reason, I just figured "well, that's California for you."  There is no level of injustice they wouldn't stoop to in support of their tribalist agenda.  Even with the best possible interpretation of the evidence, any sane jury would have convicted the killer of involuntary manslaughter, negligent homicide, etc.  But they didn't.  They cleared him of all charges except for some petty nonsense charge where he's already served longer time than the penalty, so he's out scot free.

I figured, oh well, it's just another O.J. Simpson.  You catch the culprit with infinite evidence and have him red handed after murdering a pretty white girl and he gets off scot free because he's black.  Or hispanic, or whatever.  Anything goes in California.

When I heard that it was now okay to kidnap and torture disabled white boys in Illinois and stream it on video for all the world to see so long as you're a black woman, I thought, "oh well, it's just Illinois.  Of course the home of Barack Obama is like that."  Of course she would get off with just four months probation.

When I heard that a guy is serving 15 years in jail in Florida for putting bacon on the floor of a mosque, I figured, "Oh well, that's Florida for you.  I guess you'd better not do any political protests in Florida."

When I heard multiple people in Charlottsville were being held without bail for years for defending themselves against Antifa attacks without ever actually getting to the part where there's a trial -- all of which were captured on video so it's indisputable how things went down -- I figured "Oh well, that's Virginia for you.  I guess you'd better not try to host a rally and give speeches in Virginia."

But when I heard Doug Jones won the Senate election in Alabama against Roy Moore, who was accused by two transparent exposed liars of things he never did, I had no solace, no consolation, nothing left to cede.

The entire United States is now enemy soil, where the most outrageous injustices occur regularly, continuously, omnipresently.

There is nowhere left to run.  If you are an American, you are screwed.  Nothing will go the way common sense and fair play would have assumed.  Everything is utter madness.  The enemy need only accuse you of some petty, minor crime, and your life is utterly destroyed -- look at the bacon guy.  Meanwhile they can do any enormity -- shoot a girl in broad daylight for no reason, kidnap and torture you for hours while laughing about it on a facebook stream, and there's literally no penalty.  They're just released with a pat on the head.

This is anarcho-tyranny.  You aren't safe from criminals who receive no penalty for raping, murdering, kidnapping or torturing you.  But if you fail to fill out a form correctly, or perhaps touched a girl at some point in your life, or said something mean to someone, you can go to jail for life, your career can be destroyed, you can be driven from your home, the government will hound and pursue you like Javert from Les Miserables.

There is no future in this country.  Or in other terms, there is a clear and present future for this country.  This country is going to hell.  Whites will be ground down, ground down, ground down, until they're nothing but dust.  Minorities will run wild and do whatever the hell they please in an eternal riot and festival of carnage and mayhem.  And we will be absolutely powerless to stop them.  The police will not arrest them, they will arrest us for complaining about them.  The military won't stop them from shooting us, they'll be deployed to stop us from shooting back.  No one is on our side.  Nowhere is on our side.  Not even Alabama.

I have never seen so many injustices so close together.  When I heard you could gang rape a 12 year old girl in Sweden/Germany/wherever and get out with probation, I figured, "oh, that's liberal Europe for you."  You can rape little boys in swimming pools and get off scott free after you tell the judge it was a sexual emergency.  I understand that's how Germany is and I expect it.  I did not used to expect that kind of justice in America.  Now I do.  Our country is as hopelessly lost as theirs is.  It's exactly as bad here as it is over there.  We're dupes to the exact same media lies, the exact same liberal narrative, as they are over there.  Why would our fate be any different from theirs?  We're all puppets on the exact same strings.

73% of Republicans say they hate the stifling PC atmosphere that keeps them from saying what they really think in America.  I'm not alone in looking at all these injustices in absolute horror.  I probably represent the majority when I say I hate what America's become.  But I'm the only person who thinks something has to be done about it.

These Republicans, why do they tolerate this level of injustice?  These enormities?  Because they figure that if they just keep their heads down, go to work every day and get a college degree, they can carve out their own little corner of happiness.  But guess what, that's exactly what Kate Steinle's father thought he could do, and it didn't go so well for him, now did it?

There will come a time where playing it safe and working hard at a job just doesn't cut it anymore.

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