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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Gaara Hiden Read:

As I watch Naruto Kai, I've been in a Naruto mood, so I decided to check to see if Gaara Hiden or Akatsuki Hiden had been translated any time recently.

As it turns out, Gaara Hiden has been fully translated at the above link.  Akatsuki Hiden is still only partially translated.

That leaves just one remaining light novel left to read in the 'epilogue' segment of the Naruto franchise, between the ending and the Bolt movie.  I hope it gets fully translated someday.  Then I'll know the entire Naruto storyline.

Gaara Hiden is only readable because it involves characters and a setting I care about.  If it hadn't been a Naruto story it would have been worthless, but because it was Naruto I felt like it was still a must read.

There are so many lame, feel-good cliches in this book.  "All lives are equally valuable," "Love is about helping anyone in need without any thought of recompense."  Etc, etc.  If you actually lived by these worthless values you would end up dead in a gutter in a couple weeks, fleeced of everything you own.  I'm amazed there's anyone naive enough to still be spouting this crap in this day and age. 

So no, there's nothing good about the story as such, but knowing how Gaara ended up a husband and father and when Shikamaru and Temari got together was worthwhile.  It represented a few more missing pieces to the puzzle.

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