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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fairy Tail Pictures Complete!:

Blu ray Fairy Tail is a fantastic thing.  It gave an unparalleled opportunity to take high quality pictures of the best looking art style around, Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.  Hiro Mashima doesn't scimp on fan service either, so you get excellent shots from all angles, in all sorts of outfits, displaying a full range of emotions, with bare flesh readily available at any moment.

Due to this unique convergence of events, my beautiful anime girls post has turned halfway into a showcase solely of various Fairy Tail girls.  This isn't a bug, but a feature.  They're just that beautiful, that they deserve half the limelight.  The post that originally hosted around 600 pictures now hosts 1131.  This is all due to how wonderful bluray Fairy Tail has been.  There's frankly no amount of pictures of Fairy Tail girls that could do justice to how beautiful they really are, on both the outside and on the inside.  These girls may well be the most lovable characters imaginable.  It is not a coincidence that Fairy Tail is ranked 3rd place in all of anime.  You don't get that high without having a strong cast of memorable and likable characters, and Fairy Tail is unique in having a gender-balanced slate of characters, or even a slight imbalance in favor of women, even though it's a shonen action series.  That makes for a lot of well characterized, memorable, unique and outstanding Fairy Women.

Blu ray Fairy Tail currently stops at the end of the first 175 episodes.  The second season suffers from the lower resolution and information density of a mere tv stream from here on.  At the same time, the new Fairy Tail has a different art style, which sadly is just worse than the original designs.  It lacks detail and feels more stereotypical and less impactful than its previous character designs.  The girls are still gorgeous, to be sure, but in a more prosaic way you'd find anywhere in any show.  As such, I won't have to upload nearly as many pictures as I had to in the past to fully showcase Fairy Tail's beauty like I had to for the blu ray episodes.

I actually deleted four people from my beautiful anime girls list, so I'm back down to 196 different girls on display.  The four extra slots are so that if I find someone particularly pretty in the future, I can fit them in without surpassing my 200 girl round number goal.  Hestia of Dungeon ni Deiai for instance is talked about a lot, though until I view the series for myself there's no telling if the hype is correct.  In any case, it's good to have wiggle room so that pretty girls still get a shot at the title in the future.

With my constant new batches of pictures finally uploaded and complete, now's the time to check out my Beautiful Anime Girls permapost, now that it's reached it's nearly finished form.  There's nothing left to wait for anymore, heaven is now on full display and the gates are wide open for traffic.

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