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Friday, April 10, 2015

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 2!:

Lots of good news.  Utawarerumono is not only getting a 2nd game, but also a 3rd.  The third game is supposed to come out a year after the 2nd releases.  More Utawarerumono is always a good thing.  But it also means the anime has become even less inclusive of the total worth of the franchise.  So it goes.

In addition, the people over at Doremi have finally started on their remastering of Ojamajo Sharp.  It looks incredibly better from the screenshot comparisons.  The earlier version looks fuzzed out, jagged and draped in eternal gray shadows.  In contrast, the new version is bright, colorful, clean and clear.  It's like night and day.  Only the first episode has been remastered, but someday this classic will be available in its full glory and people will truly understand why Ojamajo is such a beacon of greatness.  Sharp is the season Ojamajo stakes its claim.  The rest is just bonus.

Furthermore, Sailor Moon Crystal has a second season planned, which will start immediately following the end of the first season.  In other words Sailor Moon isn't ending at all and you may as well consider it as just one long season.  This new season means we can actually see Uranus and Neptune, the most fun part of the series.  This is great news, but I still have qualms.  Largely, the original Sailor Moon already did a fine job covering the 3rd arc of the manga, so Crystal won't be able to improve on that much.  The arcs that need the most work are the 4th and 5th arcs, and it's not clear that even with a second season Crystal will manage to get to those.  It all depends on how long Crystal intends to run.  Will it truly retell the entire series, or is it slated to stop right after the most popular content, the Uranus and Neptune arc, is finished?  I can't put a bead on Sailor Moon Crystal's value until I know the answer to this question.

The extension of Sailor Moon Crystal is a lifesaver.  A classic series like that should get a true-to-source adaption, just like Dragon Ball Kai got.

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