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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


5 anime-related hall of fames, 1 manga hall of fame, 1 visual novel hall of fame, 1 video game hall of fame, one authorial hall of fame, and one hall of fame for live action tv and movies.  But how much of it overlaps?  How many times am I touting the same product just in different mediums?

In order of superior medium to inferior medium, it's always best to enjoy a work in the best medium available that remains true to the source.  This order of superiority is:

Anime > Video Games > Visual Novels > Manga > Books.  For live action tv and movies, they aren't overlapped by any other medium so they can safely be ignored.

When I say people should enjoy all of these products, it's quite the hefty list until you notice the overlaps.  A seiyuu hall of fame, and a beautiful anime girl art hall of fame, can all be experienced just by watching my anime rankings hall of fame.  The overlap here is 100%.

There are only a few good manga without an adequate anime adaption that can still be read in English --  Negima/UQ Holder, Freezing, Zettai Karen Children, Vinland Saga, I"s, Full Moon O Sagashite, Strobe Edge, Futari Ecchi, Niji-iro Togarashi, MIX, Mujaki no Rakuen, and Psyren.  Twelve manga that have mainly been neglected by anime adapters.  The other 88 good manga on my list you can enjoy in anime form, and then if you still want more you can seek out the manga for additional value (except of course for the ones with no English scanlation).  You don't have to read the entire manga when the anime is already there for you.

In the good books section, there are similar overlaps.  If you watch the Game of Thrones tv show, you don't need to read the books.  The same for the Harry Potter movies, or the Lord of the Rings movies.  There are live action adaptions to Sherlock Holmes, Ender's Game, Shakespeare's plays, Dune, and Fenimore Cooper's Last of the Mohicans.  You don't have to overlap, just experience the joy of discovery one way or the other.

The same for the light novel authors.  Every light novel author listed overlaps with a well produced anime, so there's no need to read them unless you really liked the anime and want to read deeper into the storyline.

Non-fiction doesn't have many overlaps so you'll have to actually buckle down and read those authors.  Dynasty Warriors covers Luo Guanzhong and maybe the 300 movie covers Herodotus in a sense but largely you're on your own. . .

The best visual novels tend to have an anime adaption.  English translated visual novels without an anime adaption = basically Rewrite plus Planetarian, two incredibly good 'key' works everyone should read without fail.  So even though this looks like an imposing time sink of a category, it largely overlaps and only has to be sought out by people who liked the anime of the series and want to see more of their favorite girls.

The best video game franchises only have a little overlap with other categories.  The only way to truly experience the joys of gameplay is to actually play the game.  But people tend to have their own favorite genre of gaming and can thus reduce their 50 imposing game franchises down to a manageable few that suit their style.

What looks like a lifetime of effort can quickly be reduced down to just a decade of entertainment.  My Hall of Fames are guides, not prison terms.  There's still time to enjoy the featured products and have other pursuits and dreams as well.  It's a shame the education system, which already sticks kids in cells anyway, isn't geared towards showing them this hall of fame content though. . .

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