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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

All My Hall of Fames are Now Round Numbers:

Permapost updates complete!

Because non-round numbers are annoying in giant lists and rankings, I decided to take the plunge and make all my hall of fames have an even number of contestants.

For my books, I added one more author, Harold Covington, to make for a grand total of 100 good authors overall.  Covington is the author of the Northwest Quartet, the fictional story of how a terrorist movement succeeds in creating a neo-nazi secession in the northwest corner of the USA.  It's always nice when, at least in fiction, the good guy gets to win.

My good manga list got 9 new entries to reach a grand total of a perfect 100 good manga.  Most of the new manga were all from the same author, Miyuki Obayashi, who specializes in shoujo romance tales, most of which have never been translated into English.  There's also the shonen action series Psyren, the shamelessly ecchi  Mujaki no Rakuen and the comedy shoujo drama Charm Angel to round out the list.  Nine new entries was surprisingly easy to reach, though it's ridiculously difficult to actually get your hands on this material and actually read it, the fact that these series are actually really good is not in question.

To finish up my voice actors talent list, and bring it up from 95 to 100, I relied on some personal favorites and some extremely famous seiyuu that I probably shouldn't have ignored for so long anyway.  Daisuke Ono, Yuuki Kaji, and Mamoru Miyano are practically household names they're so beloved in Japan.  I like Atsushi Imaruoka for his role as Cobra in Fairy Tail, but he's actually pretty good in a variety of other famous roles too, like Stroheim in Jojo's or Jyubei in Basilisk.

I decided in the interest of round numbers that I would get an even 40 boy seiyuu and 60 girl seiyuu on the talent list, so this left room for just one more girl to enter my rankings.  The lucky girl was Sayuri Yahagi, whose most famous role is probably Izumi Segawa from Hayate no Gotoku.  She also plays the main love interest in To Love ru, Haruna Sairenji, and the girlfriend/wife in Bakuman, Kaya Miyoshi.  Her role as Kaya is so central to why the entire Bakuman anime was so warm, friendly, and golden from beginning to end.

It wasn't hard to find five more talented voice actors to round out my list, I was just less personally attached to them than usual this time around.  As for their actual voice acting talent, they're probably above the average of most of my previous entries.  Their quality is beyond dispute.

In addition, I put my 'human accomplishment class video game franchises' into a ranking order, to parallel all of my other hall of fames.  Now I properly have a top 1-50 list for my video game franchises, just like my manga, eroge makers, seiyuu, anime, tv, movies, and books lists.  Everything is ranked.  Everything is a round number.  Everything is beautiful.

Speaking of beauty, my beautiful anime girls, still at exactly 200 members, got another dose of new Wendy, Lucy, Mirajane and Lisanna pictures from the brilliantly perfect series known as Fairy Tail, so be sure to re-check that out.

With all of my permapost hall of fames sitting pretty on a round number, I don't intend to mess with anything anymore.  Only my great anime post will continue to grow (because it's too important to exclude a new great anime from the world.)  For the others, it will take quite the entry to get over my sense of inertia.  I don't want to ever mess with my beautiful round number entries again.

PapaKiki's 2nd oav detailed the ending of the 18th volume, revealing that Sora and Yuuta end up falling in love and marrying each other.  Starting off as step-uncle and step-niece, and eventually as step-father and step-daughter, and then finally as husband and wife, these two have gone through a lot of step-incest to reach their utopian union.  Sora loved Yuuta from the very beginning, and they're only 4 years apart in age, so I consider this the perfect ending to the series, and yet more proof that PapaKiki is practically unrivaled in quality.  It is hands down the best story never translated, the biggest black mark on the fansubbing community to date.  No one can possibly question the morality of their decision, because they didn't even confess to each other or kiss until Sora was already 18 and an independent woman.  They both held back until the right moment, and then reaped their amazingly overdue reward when the crop had grown to perfect fruition.  Those two were heroic saints to live together in a completely platonic, family relationship for so many years under the same roof.  Criticizing people like that is ridiculous.  I doubt any of the critics have a sexual modesty remotely as good as theirs.

Shokugeki no Soma is an amazingly bad series.  I can't believe it's popular.  It's total junk.  It isn't even remotely good.  Just bouncing some boobs around and showing blazing battle auras while cooking food does not make for a great new shonen action masterpiece.  God help us, why does this sell?

I just hope the rest of the spring season's first impressions are better than this one. . .

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