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Thursday, September 28, 2017

2 for 2:

I found two more remixes embedded among Randy Edelman's Gettysburg soundtrack.  I had an inkling that there were remixes to be found in this soundtrack, but it's so difficult to distinguish between Edelman's songs because some of them sound very similar but aren't actually copies of each other, whereas others really are copies.  So I put it off until today where I went over the whole soundtrack with a fine toothed comb.  The malefactors were From History to Legend and Refuse the Line.  They were both copies of Battle of Little Round Top so they served no purpose.  The rest, though sometimes sounding eerily similar to one another, all eventually distinguished themselves as separate tunes sooner or later.

How to make up for the two missing gaps in my just-made-pristine 8.0 list?  Easy enough.  I just borrowed Superman's theme song by John Williams, and the Olympic Theme song (whose actual title is Bugler's Dream) by Leo Arnaud.  Classical to replace classical, 2 for 2.  The hall of fame is still 4329 songs, still 9.7 days, but this time with two fewer remixes and two more unique melodies.

Someday, just mathematically, will have to be the day I find and eliminate the last remix.  Maybe it was today.  But my long months of experience struggling with this menace tells me no, my work is never done, there's no rest for the weary.  My war with remixes will go on and on and on.

P.S:  The opening theme song to Da Capo III Dream Days, just released today, is so fantastic that I had to promptly add it to my music hall of fame as well.  God I love yozuca*.  How does she keep churning out hit after hit?  She's the soul of Da Capo, without her the best VN franchise on Earth would just be on level with tsuyokiss or something. . .So technically now it's 2 for 3.  4330 songs, 9.7 days.  Oh well.  4330 is a rounder number anyway.

P.P.S:  Now it's 3 for 3.  'To the last place' in Xenosaga 3 is a clear remix of 'Maybe Tomorrow', which brings my total back down to 4229, still 9.7 days.

P.P.P.S:  Now it's 3 for 6.  Inside Sakura is a remix of Sweet Song from Xenosaga 2.  In the beginning there was. . . is a remix of Fatal Fight (Jin & Margulis), and Sneaking Around in Miltia is a remix of U-DO~Febronia.  The new total is 4326 songs, 9.7 days.  I knew Yuki Kajiura's Xenosaga themes were full of remixes, but all her music sounds so similar that it's difficult to distinguish between the actual remixes and the just-very-similar tunes.  Only by listening to each song carefully was I able to finally sweep out all the remaining trash.

P.P.P.P.S:  Now it's 3 for 11.  Time of Finis and Choose a Way to Die are remixes of Pure Fire from FF Type-0.  Standing strong on the ground is a remix of the Chocobo theme.  Battle - Echo of the Dreadnoughts just isn't a good song.  Blue Soul is a remix of Impure Eyes.  All the Type-0 songs sound alike, so I can't even tell what's a remix anymore, but if a song sufficiently gets on my nerves that's enough to get it crossed off, and these five came way too close for comfort.  The new total is 4321 songs, 9.7 days.

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