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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Good Music 9.0:

A lot of things have changed since 8.0.  Some new songs came in, and lots of old songs went out.  This meant my perfectly aligned and alphabetical list was already a ruined mess again, and that's just not an acceptable place to leave my permapost for the next couple months.

Lots of other improvements were made as well.  The star wars theme songs no longer have weird symbols in their names.  The Pretty Cure theme songs are given their proper names, instead of just 'mahotsukai precure opening', etc.  The same is true for RG Veda and other songs, they all have their actual names now.  Lots of cleanup was done to make names more accurate and efficient, no more random (HD) or '05' or whatever for seemingly no reason mucking things up.

In addition, album names were also improved.  No longer did 'crest of the stars' exist in one place and 'seikai no monshou' in another.  It's the same series, and their album name was properly standardized.  The same for The World God Only Knows.  Da Capo III songs were all standardized to 'Da Capo III'.  Not 'D.C. III', not 'Da Capo,' solely and only 'Da Capo III.'

For my Good Music permapost to work, professionalism is key.  Now everything looks smooth again, and all is right with the world.

When Xenoblade 2 comes out, I'll be waiting with a Good Music version 10.0.

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