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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Steins;Gate 0 isn't a great anime:

Another day, another spinoff purged from the ranks of great anime.  Steins;Gate 0 started strong, but slowly winded its way into irrelevance as new, uninteresting characters were introduced, the same plot points were belabored over and over, and the plot never advanced.  This is a decent show, a watchable show, but it is not a great anime.  This isn't must-see or something worth rewatching.

The original Steins;Gate anime was already a complete work with no need for any additional sequences.  This story is just a parasite latching on to its more famous original in the hopes someone somewhere will be fooled.  Well I'm tired of treating random uncalled for spinoffs the same as the masterful source works, whether it's Steins;Gate 0 or Bolt.

I've retracted Steins;Gate 0 from the 2018 anime chronology (which is now all the way down to just 18 series), the length count of Steins;Gate as a whole (which is now back down to 26), and the length count of all great anime combined back down to 8943.

While I'm at it, I'm also cutting Ghost in the Shell: Arise and the Shin Evangelion movies from the status of great, since they're both useless resets that only detract from their originals.  This reduces the overall total down to 8932.  Some series people need to learn to just let well enough alone.

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