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Thursday, August 2, 2018

MIX anime adaption green-lit:

MIX is a manga by Mitsuru Adachi, the maestro of manga.  It's a sequel/spinoff from Touch, one of the most famous and best selling manga of all time.  MIX has been on my top manga rankings and anime wishlist for ages.  Today my wish came true.  MIX is receiving an anime adaption, starting in spring 2019.

This was a no-brainer in terms of the quality of the story and its sales potential.  Everyone loves MIX, Mitsuru Adachi, and Touch.  The weird thing was that it took this long.

Since MIX and Touch share the same common setting, I'll probably just add MIX to Touch's anime ranking, which means I won't have to kick anyone else out of my rankings to make room.

With MIX taken care of, I added Kin-iro Mosaic to my wishlist in its stead.

There's also a new Ghost in the Shell tv anime planned, which will be 24 episodes long.  I feel like this series has already covered every possible aspect of the characters, but oh well, I guess now we're getting more.

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