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Friday, August 3, 2018

There are now officially more Good anime runners-up than Great anime winners:

By relegating series like Steins;Gate 0, Fate/Last Encore, Kira Kira Precure, Bolt and Basilisk ~ Oka Ninpo Cho ~ to the runners-up list of merely good series I've watched in full, the number of good series suddenly shot up and now surpass the number of great ones.

The current standing is 203 good series vs. 200 great ones.  After that there's also 267 mediocre series (I watched at least up until episode 3) and untold number of bad series, but no one cares about those.  The 'great' category is now officially the rarest and most special category.  Banzai to delegating all these failures to the runners-up section, they served admirably at least in this one final role.

Since the number of great series is capped at 200 but the number of good and mediocre series isn't, the gap will continue to widen for the rest of eternity.  Great series have always been in the top third, but from here on they'll become an ever more select group.

To put it another way, great series are now in the top half of anime worth watching until the end.  That's a nice milestone to reach.

As always, the full list of runners-up can be found on my top anime rankings permapost, alongside all the other anime-related information you'll ever need:

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