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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Naruto Kai/Naruto Cut to Manga Available:

Naruto Cut to Manga has suddenly become seeded again.  Now everyone can watch Naruto in its intended form, without all the filler mucking things up.  This is a godsend, because not only is there filler between canon episodes of Naruto, there's also filler within canon episodes of Naruto.  So even if you try to avoid filler you're still stuck with tons of it so long as you're watching the official release.  With this fan edit, all those problems go away and you can watch the Naruto we should have had from the beginning, the one Masashi Kishimoto actually intended for us to see.

As usual, the files can be found at

I swore to never watch Naruto again unless it was a Kai version, and now we have one.  It's amazing how things tend to work out.

Humorously, after just celebrating Naruto reaching its 500th episode, it's about to be cut down to half size with this release.  Well, these things happen.  It may have fewer episodes, but Naruto just doubled in quality as a watching experience overnight.  That's a pretty big deal when it was already the third best anime of all time. . .

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