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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

'I' is for Intellectual Honesty:

Cry-a-Live and City of Hopelessness were remixes of Live-A-Live so they were cut.  That brings us down to 5266 songs.

Meanwhile, India has reduced its fertility rate to near replacement levels.  South Asia is a hellhole comparable to Africa, but at least it shows flashes of hope sometimes.  Maybe in another hundred years India will be livable, unlike Africa which is slated to swell to 4 billion people all just as poor as the ones who currently live there (and let's be serious, 4 billion is an underestimate.  Like every other UN estimate of Africa's population growth, it has always fallen short of the dire reality).

We should be forcefully controlling the birth rates of that continent if not killing them outright.  The other option is to watch the whole world get swarmed by their geometrically growing numbers until the last light of hope in the universe blacks out.

Like Islam, Africa's out of control criminality, stupidity and fecundity represents an existential threat to mankind.  Genocide is the proper proscription.  No one but me is willing to say it.  I will not apologize for saying it.  Everyone else around me is going to be apologizing to our grandchildren for not believing me when they had the chance, though.  The end of the world is nigh, it will occur within this generation, people alive today will get to see black world come true.  All because my substantial, intellectually honest articles were not heeded when we still had a chance.

Even without black world, feminism represents an existential threat to the continuance of life on Earth, as I spelled out with brutal factual simplicity in this post:

Sadly, genociding women won't solve this problem.  But enslaving them would.  I've spelled out before what it would take to turn the ship of civilization around from women's choice to either not reproduce at all or reproduce with the worst men available -- mandatory marriage for all by age 20 and at least 2 children by age 25 with no option for divorce.  If women don't quickly choose someone to marry themselves their marriages will be arranged by state-administered e-harmony like statistical matching websites.

I make no apologies for endorsing the mass stripping away of female liberty.  You could describe it as mass rape if you wanted, but guess what, I'm fine with that.  Because without it we're looking at a far worse abyss, as spelled out in the statistics from the post linked above.  As an intellectually honest utilitarian, mass rape is just another tool in my toolkit.

In fact, the post linked was so informative and so compelling that I added it to my 'marriage' permapost:, which goes even more in depth into the issues we're facing on this front and the solutions we must turn to if we are to survive.

It's the first post this year that earned the honor of reaching my permaposts, so if you read anything by me this year let it be this one.  IT'S THE BEST I CAN DO WITH MY 140 IQ.

Mass murder, mass rape, slavery, anything goes here at the Road Less Traveled.  Because if we do nothing, we're all doomed.  Radical problems require radical solutions, solutions you'll only find here, even though the problems can be found everywhere, because I'm the only one intellectually honest enough to embrace them.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Diamed for what you do.

You know the truth and are not afraid of telling it and I respect you greatly for that. What is most important in today's world is making all those who are ignorant aware of the reality. There isn't any time to worry about offending anyone, so there is no reason to put effort into that.

I look forward to reading more of your posts. Hopefully, your audience grows larger and larger and more people understand what you are trying to warn about.

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

Anonymous said...

I am a student from India and while I live far away from where you are, I can agree about a lot that you write about because of personal experience. Such as the behaviour of black Africans. There are thousands of them in many colleges and universities here, including my own.
In my own city we have tens of thousands of them. They come here under the pretext of studies but then they neglect that completely (about which I'm not bothered) and many of them peddle drugs or commit crime (which is of concern to me).
If I say this, then I am considered a racist. Everyone knows that what I have written above is true, there is nothing profound in realizing it, but no one is willing to take any action to curtail the flow of black Africans into our country.
I had never had any experience about black Africans before I met them in college for the first time, so I had no prejudice about them. In fact, I had sympathy for them because the little that I had heard about them was that they had been discriminated and mistreated.
It was only after interaction with them that I learned about how they really were. They are loud and disruptive in class, rude to the teachers, they show not even the slightest respect to them, and worst of all they have violent tendencies and they flare up very easily. Most of their visas have expired and they are overstaying here.
Of course, this isn't to say that every single African behaves this way, but when such a large fraction of them do, it would be better for all of us if they stayed in their own lands. But that won't happen. Their numbers are rising fast and private colleges continue to admit them while denying admission to our own students because they pay a lot of capitation fees. They can regain what they have paid (and make a profit) by selling drugs here or committing crime.
There are students from many foreign countries in my college including Iranians and Tibetans but I can safely say that they don't behave anything like the Africans I've met. If I wanted to, I could have claimed that they are also dangerous, but they're not. They're decent people. I have no personal liking for these other nations, so there's no reason for me to side with them.
Sorry for the long comment but I really hope more people will read it and see the truth.

Anonymous said...

"We should be forcefully controlling the birth rates of that continent if not killing them outright"

No need to kill them. Mass sterilization would be just as effective.