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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Battle for Azeroth Comes out August 14th:

WoW's newest expansion has finally seen fit to grace us with its presence.  Almost exactly two years after Legion's release, when they keep telling us they're aiming for new expansions every year.  *sigh*  There's no way Legion had enough content to play for two years straight.  If anyone genuinely kept their accounts active during this entire interim they're crazy.

But, if people wisely turned off their accounts until the newest expansion was ready, the pre-patch is coming July 1st, so it's almost time to dive back into Azeroth and look at all the pretty new improvements again.  Void Elves especially look like a cool new addition.

Meanwhile, I found some more remixes among my new Yoko Shimomura music, so that reduced my music hall of fame back down to 5268 songs, still 11.9 days in length.  There's always more remixes, but hopefully I weeded most of them out while listening to all the new songs six times as planned.  Now I'm back to listening to my whole assemblage of music instead of just my newbies again, and it's glorious.  Dear Friends into Dawn into Cosmo Canyon, hits as far as the eye can see. . .

Kimi ni Todoke hasn't received any fan translations in a long time, but its official translation is clipping along.  The final volume will be commercially released in English December 4th, so one way or another I intend to see the ending to this long running classic series.

Even though it seems impossible, Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card Hen is wrapping up next episode.  I wonder if the manga will be different from the anime when it reaches this same point?  The anime ending before the manga always makes me afraid that I'm just watching pointless filler. . .

A populist party won the most votes in the recent Slovenian election, but it probably won't be able to form a government due to a cordon sanitaire, the typical tactic used against any popular party in Europe.  Still, it's a sign of growing health.  It's like the Trump victory was a signal to the rest of Europe that it was okay to stay white.

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