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Friday, June 8, 2018

Index S3 airs this October:

We have confirmation.  Index S3 will be airing this year, in the last possible season, just like SAO and Fairy Tail.  When all these series were announced in 2017 for 'next year' I was super excited, but all three decided to pull the same trick and only start airing in 2018.  The majority of their eps will actually appear in 2019.

What this means is that the fall season of 2018 is going to be one of the best seasons of anime of all time, and 2019 won't be half bad either.  It's about time something good happened on the anime front, so far 2018 has been a real downer.  We just have to survive this summer season with the help of the World Cup and the new WoW expansion and things will turn around.

Survival is getting more and more difficult these days, what with the suicide rate in America being up 30% since 1999.  A 30% overall rise in a time of dropping white percentage of the population (whites commit more suicide than any other race (aside from Amerindians, a very small slice of the pie) in America, what wonderful privilege we must have) means the white increase in suicide must be astronomical, 50% or more.  Everyone is dropping like flies out there, which explains why our average length of life statistic keeps dropping.  This is all really happening.  I'm not talking about hypothetical Armageddons, from the perspective of 1999 we're already in one.

As bad as things are, they're going to look like milk and honey by 2100, when all these trend lines truly come crashing down.  But if we're already suffering from the symptoms of these diseases, isn't it time to get treated by a doctor?  The pain we're feeling right now will only get worse, which means action should be taken sooner not later.  Nothing will improve without us first changing one of the factors that's driving us to extinction.  Prayer isn't going to do anything.  Closing our eyes and whistling and pretending everything is alright won't change anything either.  Only massive political or technological disruption of the fundamental patterns of our lives will change anything.  If you don't make one of these two things happen, you and everybody and everything you love are slated to die.

Meanwhile, K-On! is getting a spinoff, called K-On! Shuffle.  It doesn't seem to be about the same cast, but it's by the same author, so who knows, maybe it will be good.  It's funny how all the old manga is coming back instead of any new good manga entering the picture.  I guess tried and true is just the better business model.

Major 2nd is one such revival of an older manga series, and the good news is it's continuing as an anime into the summer season.  The summer season was looking pretty scanty so this is a mighty reinforcement.

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