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Friday, April 6, 2018

Soul Sacrifice & Shadow Hearts Music:

Soul Sacrifice was from the horror genre, which made the music terrible.  The same thing that happened to Parasite Eve 2.  As a result I could only salvage 2 good songs by Yasunori.

Meanwhile, Shadow Hearts only had 10 songs composed by Yasunori, so I was quickly able to finish that soundtrack off too.  It had genuine, fantasy type music again, so there weren't any problems, aside from the small selection.  I snagged six more hall of fame songs from there.

Seeing as how my music acquiring days would be over if I just left it at this, it's time to switch gears over to Hitoshi Sakimoto soundtracks instead.

I downloaded the soundtracks to Vagrant Story, Stella Deus, Radiant Silvergun, ASH (Archaic Sealed Heart) and Dragon's Crown.

Hitoshi Sakimoto really let me down with his work on Valkyria Chronicles 1-3, giving me only a few songs per game.  I pray that doesn't happen again.  I know his true potential, which he displayed in Final Fantasy Tactics, Ogre Battle and Final Fantasy XII.  So we just have to get lucky again and have him compose some winners this time around.

With enough luck, Hitoshi could even move back into 3rd place again ahead of Yasunori.  Are these two eternal rivals or something?

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