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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sarah Brightman +13:

I wanted my top ten eminent composers to all breach the 100 barrier for aesthetic, symmetrical reasons.  I'd gotten Junichi Nakatsuru over the top recently, but Sarah Brightman was a bit tougher, having only 87 songs to her name.

I had to wander through youtube and wikipedia, searching for any song that wasn't on her regular albums that I hadn't tried before that might be good.  That got me six new obscure songs.  (And two songs composed by Joe Hisaishi (Stand Alone and Path of the Wind) so his credits moved up to 8.)  Pasion, Alhambra, Shall be Done, Sarah Qui, Hawaii '78, and I Will be with you (where the lost ones go).

The remaining seven I had to salvage from the list of music I already owned but just didn't think was good enough.  Delving through that deep pool of rejects, I just needed to raise up the seven least bad ones, and my new Sarah Brightman: 100 songs 10th place finish would be complete.

I decided on Ghost in the Machinery, Heaven is Here, Free, Probably on a Thursday, The Music of the Night, Schwere Traume, and La Wally.  In La Wally's case, I just had to cut off the beginning and ending of 'A Question of Honor' so there wouldn't be any overlapping content, which thankfully itunes is adept at.

For 'least bad,' it's not bad, huh?

Like with Toshiro Masuda, I was probably just being too strict with Sarah to begin with.  A lot of these songs are far better than the stuff from Front Mission or Dragon's Crown I've been picking up.

I also grabbed a single song from Sword Maniac by Hayato Matsuo, The Brave Fencer, moving his total up to 34.  I doubt it's as good as any of my new Sarah inclusions, but I didn't want my downloading of the game's soundtrack to be a total loss.

That got me to 4798 songs, so for aesthetic reasons I wanted just two more to reach a beautiful even 4800.  I decided on Future Gazer by fripSide and Hugtto Precure's opening theme 'we can'.  It's a fleeting dream, but maybe I can keep things at this nice even total for a while.  At least until Valkyria Chronicles 4's soundtrack comes out. . . 

In any case, the new Hall of Fame total stands at 4800, 10.8 days in length.

I've finished book 15 of Death March, and it's suddenly good again.  Book 16 isn't even finished yet, so I've almost caught this author's tail.  The blu-ray sales for this series were really low, so there's no chance a sequel season will ever happen.  I encourage everyone to just get to work reading like me.

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