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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Natsumi Fujiwara:

The newest addition to my voice acting hall of fame is Natsumi Fujiwara.  She's been in a few minor roles up until now, like 'Girl A', but her performance as Daigo Shigeno (a boy) is scintillating.  Everyone should be watching Major 2nd.  It may not last long, but every episode so far has been fantastic, and it's all because of Natsumi Fujiwara's wonderful delivery of Daigo's stream of consciousness.  Of course, having Kana Hanazawa playing as your heroine counterpart helps too.

Meanwhile, a new composer joined my music hall of fame.  Junya Nakano, who was actually responsible for 8 Final Fantasy 10 songs in my hall of fame.  (Masashi Hamauzu was actually responsible for 15 of them).

I was feeling bad for Nobuo Uematsu, who suddenly lost credit for 23 songs, so I threw him a few more FF 10 songs he really did compose into my hall of fame -- Rikku's Theme, The Path of Repentance and Jecht's Theme.  But wow, I had no idea how little Nobuo composed for FF10.  I figured he had a couple helpers who added one or two meaningless songs.  Not so.  Junya Nakano and Masashi Hamauzu composed virtually everything, from battle themes to event themes to terrain themes.  Take away all the remixes and Nobuo was maybe responsible for 1/3 of the soundtrack.  No wonder I thought 10 was lacking compared to 'his' previous works.

To make room for Junya Nakano, I had to roll up the Lily White band, which is composed of 3 singers from u's, into the u's brand.  Since it's the same people and they were both singing for the same love live franchise, I think it's fair enough to just write Lily White off as a phantom entity undeserving of mention.  u's moves up to 17 song credits as a result.

Most importantly, I get to stay at a nice even number of 200 composers/performers of note.

While I was at it I added another Yukari Tamura song, Honey Days from Nanoha Reflection and a new Sarah Brightman song, Canto Della Terra.  The new total is 4782 songs, still 10.7 days in length.

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