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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Nanoha Reflection Available:

The newest Nanoha movie is out, subtitled in blu-ray, for all to see.  And boy is this a must-see.  Nevermind Full Metal Panic!, Nanoha Reflection is, so far, the best anime of the year.  It crammed all the content into a single movie that most tv series can't match.  Like always, a copy can be fetched over at

The art and animation were of course gorgeous, but the music is what really got to me this time.  Nanoha has always had iconic music, but it's different this time around.  Instead of expressing emotions, it actually pulls them out and creates the emotion all on its own.  The music is just that powerful.

The characters are very relatable, and the one line that may as well sum up the entire movie is philosophically powerful.  "It was the same with you, right?  You didn't care what trouble you might cause strangers.  You're the exact same as me.  See you later, stranger."

Indeed, it's important to care about strangers, because strangers are people of [unknown value].  If you know someone's worthless, then you don't have to care about the trouble you might cause them, but if you don't know the guy, then they should be treated with the utmost respect and consideration.  For all you know they could be the next Nagisa, Yume or Himeno.  A philosophy that allows you to lash out and hurt as many strangers as might be convenient to you means trampling over all the most beautiful flowers in the garden, the vast majority of whom you'll never have the time to meet.  But their beauty is the same whether you know of it or not, and it's radiating just as brightly for someone, somewhere as the people you know are radiating for you.

This is why we shouldn't be bombing Syria when we have no idea whether they're good guys or bad guys, because we have zero proof of what actually happened.  It's a shame Trump didn't learn this lesson at any point in his gigantic 70+ year lifespan.

However, a petty bombing like Trump did is ultimately insignificant.  Far less significant than the release of this Nanoha movie is to world history.  I'm not even sure he killed anyone.  Just a fireworks show that ultimately achieved nothing and proved nothing.  We'll still never know whether Syria actually deserved punishment or not, and humorously enough, we don't even know if Syria was actually punished.  If anything, the only people who suffered today were the taxpayers, who now have to replace all the tomahawk missiles that were shot at empty shacks.  Luckily I'm not stupid enough to pay any federal taxes, so no skin off my back.

I hope Russia is mature enough to let a pinprick attack like this go.  It didn't do any damage to Russia or Assad, so really, who cares?  Trump had his fun and threw his tantrum, just let it slide and get back to the business of destroying the rebel army.  Of course, if Russia isn't mature enough to let it slide, we could be on the brink of World War III, but I trust Putin's judgment a hell of a lot more than Trump's, so I'm pretty confident life will go on as normal.

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