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Monday, April 16, 2018

Good Music 13.0:

My recently renovated Good Music permapost is ready for viewing again.  I added in all the new songs I've recently been adding, corrected the misattributions found in Terra Battle and Final Fantasy 10, corrected the song total credits to the various eminent composers that were slightly off, etc, etc.

At a beautiful even 4800 songs, with the top 10 composers all at a nice 100+ level, and still exactly 200 composers who are responsible for 2 or more songs, now is the most aesthetic moment to check the post out.

I've added 500 new songs since January, many I've never heard before in my life.  Not bad, not bad at all.  And there's still Valkyria Chronicles 4 and Soul Calibur 6's music to look forward to.  This still isn't enough to match last year's music-crazed festival, but it's certainly more productive than any other year.

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