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Friday, February 2, 2018

The 400:

There are around 400 separate artistic/entertainment franchises powering my various halls of fame.  If you add anime, manga, visual novels, movies, television, books and video games all together and subtract the overlaps, that's what you get.

If more visual novels were translated it would be possible for this list to expand, but for now this is basically what the world has to offer.

It sounds like a small number, but each of these franchises tends to have many sequels and spinoffs.  They also tend to entertain for hundreds of hours at a time.  It turns out that a great deal of a human's lifespan can be completely covered by just these 400.

Within each of these 400 franchises lies a great deal of opportunity for expansion.  Most of the world's best art is still in the making.  It could all get so much better if allowed to run till its conclusion.  Just keeping up with 400 different franchises all putting out new expansion packs yearly is enough to fill your days.

Just this February, which of the 400 are being represented?

My DC tv shows get Legends of Tomorrow.  The Olympics, the NFL.  The MCU gets Black Panther.  Death March, Ryuuou no Oshigoto, One Piece, Precure, Bolt, Dragon Ball, Basilisk, Card Captor Sakura and Fate/etc are all airing.

The One Piece manga, Saki manga, Railgun manga, Hunter x Hunter manga, Berserk manga, Akatsuki no Yona manga, etc are coming out.

Dynasty Warriors 9 is coming out.

I'm reading the Rokka no Yuusha light novels, as well as O.S. Card's Formic Wars books.

So let's just say 25 of the 400 franchises that power this world are powering February alone.  It's a short month, so that's basically an entire franchise's output per day.  Is there really any chance for an individual to keep up?  Well, it's up to heroes like me to try.  But it just goes to show how vibrant the entertainment world still is.  There's no slack in this system, no downtime.  If you don't keep your balance it will roll all over you with endless new works all demanding priority attention.

The best thing about these 400 works is that they come at you from all angles, which means every angle of life is covered.  There are no blind spots left.  My vision is even more clear sighted than Neiji's, because it represents the collaborated genius of all the best thinkers thinking about all the best things across all time.  Is there a single topic of worth that has not been covered by one of these 400 franchises?  If so I'd really like to know about it, but I doubt it.  Anime has characters from newborns all the way to grannies, so no portion of the life cycle is excluded.

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