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Monday, January 15, 2018

Red Wheel book 3 complete:

The night of March 12th is finally over, with the Duma declaring itself the ruling authority and the Emperor sending four regiments to crush the rebellion in St. Petersburg.  We don't know what happens after that because books 4-8 aren't translated.

Supposedly they all will be, but God knows when.  Amazon doesn't even have a way to preorder any of them.  This is like a nonfiction Wheel of Time in length and scope and number of characters, and yet, with all this furious verbiage, we never even get to the Bolshevik revolution, the whole story covers the February revolution only.  And yet it seems to me that the biggest mystery in the world was why the Russian people went along with the Bolsheviks, and that mystery apparently will never be answered.  The question isn't even being asked.  Oh well, Solzenitysn is such a great writer, even learning about the February revolt is never time wasted.

Next up is some more Spice and Wolf short stories.  8 people have now completed their downloads of my music hall of fame, so it seems everyone who wants it has it.  The remaining seven billion people on Earth have no idea what they're missing out on.

Just as I predicted, the Saints vs. Vikings game was a classic.  The lead changed four times in the last few minutes.  There was just no telling what was going to happen until the clock hit zero.  The surprising match was Jacksonville vs. Pittsburgh.  It too ended up being a classic, with two 4th down hail mary touchdown completions, two defensive touchdowns, and everything being about as crazy as humanly possible.  The Jaguars emerged victorious but the journey was fun the whole ludicrous way.  Next week has no chance to match those games.  I'd be happy if they were even half as good.  But now it's time for the Eagles vs. Vikings and Jaguars vs. Patriots.  (for that matter, the Eagles/Falcons game was good too!).

Fate/Last Encore joins the anime lineup in 11 days.


Matthew70371 said...

So, did you hear about the whole “shithole” countries thing that’s been driving Americans crazy?

Diamed said...

It's a difficult topic, just like with Roy Moore, because you don't even know what line of argument should be taken. A) Trump denies ever saying it. B) Even if he did say it, it's perfectly true. C) Everyone talks like that in private, the real sin was leaking it to the press.

With Roy Moore it was A) He denies having any inappropriate relations with any of these girls. B) Even if he did what they said he did, the 'abuses' were laughably minor. C) Every guy on Earth is attracted to 14 year old girls so the real sin was weaponizing that attraction and vilifying every guy on Earth just to win a senate seat.

Diamed said...

Diamed said...

Kim Kardashian age 14.

Matthew70371 said...

BTW, did you know that Barack Obama wasn’t actually born in the United States, but in Kenya, as his family claims?

Matthew70371 said...

On another note, what is the reason you’ve shown me a picture of an14 Kim Kardashian? Is it because you think she is stupid and a waste of oxygen (I do)?

Diamed said...

It was to show that 14 year old girls are already fully developed women and it's ridiculous that society classifies them otherwise. To call Roy Moore's interest in a 14 year old 'pedophilia' is a bad joke.

With Obama, it's another case of A) who knows where he was born, there's plenty of evidence on both sides. B) who cares where he was born? He won the vote fair and square, which is all a democracy should be concerned with. C) No one knows what a natural born citizen really means, it could easily just mean being born to a US citizen mother, in which case where he was born is irrelevant.

This is what I hate about arguments about facts. Facts are usually impossible to pin down. It's better to argue based on logic and reason. If the purpose of democracy is to invest power into someone who has the people's trust, then Obama should be president, regardless of what the constitution says. If the purpose isn't to follow the will of the people, then why don't we just go straight to a dictatorship to begin with?

If we stay out of the murky sea of facts and just stick to reason, obvious and clear solutions can be come to immediately, like it doesn't even matter if Roy Moore touched Leigh Corfman or not. If we get bogged down into whether 9/11 was an inside job or not, we'll never get anywhere because there aren't any answers to be found.

Matthew70371 said...

Look, I sincerely apologize if I’ve annoyed you, but I just wanted to know your stance on the current events.

Diamed said...

I'm not that irritable. :p. My annoyance with abstract issue x doesn't mean I'm mad at any particular person y, especially people who are kind enough to be interested in my humble blog.