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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Owarimonogatari Ge out in Blu-ray:

With impeccable timing, right after the series was released in blu-ray in full in Japan, Dmonhiro has given us the blu-ray in full in English.  Now's the time to capture this must see conclusion of the must see epic, though it's still too soon to start rewatching it already.

In other news, a new Love Live! Sunshine! movie has been announced, so this franchise isn't over quite yet.

The Big10 has won every bowl game it's played so far.  This goes to show I was right when I said Ohio State was more deserving of a slot in the playoff than Alabama.  Why doesn't anyone listen to me?

Today marks the end of a good year, but one that could have been better.  I expect 2018 will knock our socks off, starting with tomorrow's two college playoff semifinals.  The year gets off on turbo-charged feet and it just never relaxes after that.  The NFL Playoffs, the Olympics, the World Cup, and the midterm elections are all going to follow one after the other.  I can't wait for the apple to drop already.

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