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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Trump Can't do it Alone:

Today Trump endorsed the wonderful bill in Congress that would half legal immigration into the USA.  He also attempted to pass a travel ban on refugees and Muslims from terrorist countries.  He tried to repeal Obamacare.  He has tried to get funding for the wall.  He has argued for a great many things.  But six months into his presidency, we still have nothing to show for it.

I love Trump.  As the days go by he shows himself more and more genuine, exactly what he said he was on the campaign trail.  He's fulfilled every promise.  But we have nothing to show for it, because the Presidency isn't a dictatorship.  He needs partners in government.  A 2/3 majority in Congress that can pass his good ideas over the threat of a filibuster and judges ruling it unconstitutional.  If a judge ruled something unconstitutional, they could just make it a constitutional amendment and pass it anyway, if he had 2/3 support in Congress.  In fact, I suggest we pass all laws as amendments just to begin with so no federal judge can ever make any rulings on it anymore.  The whole courts are infested with Obama appointees who will throw out anything Trump does no matter how in keeping with the strict reading of the law it might be.

But Trump came into office with virtually no allies.  Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said he wouldn't campaign for Trump anymore in October, signalling he would prefer for Hillary to win.  We just watched the Senate fail to support Trump on Obamacare.  They will also toss out this RAISE act, and immigration will continue as before.  Nothing can get through the essentially democrat-run senate.  Every member of the Cabinet is a snake who leaks damaging information to the press behind Trump's back, trying to get him impeached instead of fulfill his vision for America.  He's surrounded by enemies and doesn't have any friends he can count on.  All the people who support his vision would never be approved by the Senate for a cabinet position, so he has to choose Mainstream Never-Trumpers just to get through the Senate confirmation process, who then promptly turn around and immediately betray him.  This is true for the hundreds of below-secretary level positions as well, they all require senate approval, so he can't hire anyone he wants.

When Obama came into office he had a filibuster proof majority in the Senate, a majority of the House, and a ton of liberal judges who fully endorsed his PC vision of the world.  He could effortlessly pass anything he wanted.  He even got a ruling that Obamacare was constitutional despite the fact that obviously the government was never granted the authority to require people to purchase a private product anywhere in the Constitution.  No matter how many countries he suddenly started bombing without asking for Congressional approval beforehand, no one batted an eye.  He signed a Paris Climate Accord without ever going through the technical requirement that all treaties must be approved by the Senate before becoming US law, and no one batted an eye.  He decided not to enforce laws passed by Congress when it came to illegal immigration and no one batted an eye, despite the fact that nowhere in the Constitution does it say Presidents don't have to enforce the law if they don't want to.

So you can see that judges don't actually care about the rule of law.  If you're a democrat you get a free pass on everything, because judges 'judge' you to have a noble, righteous heart full of good intentions and that's all that matters really.  And if you're a Republican, even if you model your executive order word for word after a passed statute that's been used for the same purpose dozens of times before, it's still unconstitutional when we do it.

Checks and balances is worthless if the checks only occur during a Trump presidency, and when the likes of Obama or Bill Clinton are in charge, suddenly all the judges disperse and start whistling while looking the other way.  Seymour Hersh today said that Seth Rich was the Wikileaks leaker, and that therefore Russia did not hack the election, and that Hillary must have obviously put a hit out on Rich which is the true cause of his death, not the botched robbery that failed to actually steal anything from his corpse after the hitmen walked away.  But does anyone care?  Will Hillary be put on trial for murder?  Will the Russia investigation be dropped?  No, of course not.  The Deep State has stated Russia did it, and so that's reality as far as the American people are concerned.

This same Seymour Hersh's word was enough to take down Nixon and get him removed from office, so it's amazing how little anyone cares now that he says something pro-Republican and anti-Democrat.  The checks and balances are all one way hashes.  The press is the watchdog of the Republic -- except when a Democrat is in charge.  The Judges are the watchdog of the Constitution, unless the President is acting out of compassion and warm feelings.  The Senate is the check on the President's power -- unless he's signing a global climate accord.

If all democracy amounts to is infinite checks and balances when a Republican is in charge, and zero when a Democrat is in charge, then democracy is a sham -- it's just a perpetual Democratic lock no matter who is elected.  I'd rather there be no checks and balances at all, and every elected President is all powerful, rather than this bullshit system where Obama is God-Emperor and Trump is besieged by his own FBI.  It all reeks.  Everything is so phony.  It's just like Catcher in the Rye said.

I'll go on voting because hey, anything that prevents Hillary from becoming president is worthwhile.  But it shouldn't have to be this way.  I want a real government that can actually enact the people's will, and 'democracy' doesn't do that.  We have to move on to fascism or we'll never move anywhere.

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