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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Dancing Very Merry Christmas WILL be Adapted:

Great news!  In an interview, Shouji Gatoh stated that Full Metal Panic's newest anime, Invisible Victory, starts at volume six of the light novels and moves on from there.  This is great news, because Dancing Very Merry Christmas is the 6th novel.  Not only is it a very good novel, but it's also the first novel that occurs after where the previous anime ended, so we aren't missing a single thing.  If it 'moves on from there' by adapting the remainder of the series, it would be a complete adaption of the original light novel series.

Later in the interview, Gatoh says 'the situation is going to get very tough and grim.'  This must be referring to how Mithril's organization is destroyed by the bad guys, Sousuke is stranded on his own, meets up with a new girl who is then killed, making him even more depressed.  That's the light novels after Merry Christmas, so it also basically promises they'll be adapted too.  This is very good news.

It doesn't seem like the whole series will be adapted with just this season -- if that were true they would have just announced it already.  So it will probably be 12 episodes and leave off on a cliffhanger just like before.  Hopefully it's received well and then we can finally get the ending with a fifth season?

Well, we won't know the answer to that until 2018, but at least some things have been cleared up.

Naruto's Scarlet Spring Gaiden starts next week.  Even if you hold the rest of the Bolt series in contempt, this part was penned by Kishimoto so you should at least be tuning in for this.

Rurouni Kenshin's manga returns this September.  That sure was a long hiatus.  20 years?

After a year without any chapters being translated, Kyoukai no Rinne's 213th chapter was fansubbed yesterday, so that's another story we can welcome back from virtual hiatus.

Dynasty Warriors 9 only has three confirmed new heroes so far -- Man Chong, Zhou Cang, and Cheng Pu, one for each of the three kingdoms of Wei, Shu and Wu.  I sure hope they add in more, as new characters is the main draw of new games.

Even without them, though, I'll still be getting DW9, because I don't play Xtreme Legends or Empires, so I'll get access to the new characters that were introduced in those games via DW9, so regardless of DW9's paucity of new entries it'll still be a boatload of new characters for me.

Of my list of suggested new characters for DW9, only Cheng Pu is being put into the game.  The other totally worthy people on my suggestions list have all been ignored, and people I didn't feel any reason to be put into the game have been put in.  *Sigh*.  Well, the full list of characters for the game haven't been released yet.  There's still hope.

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