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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Making the Music Hall of Fame:

Today I completed my music hall of fame, by listening through the Nutcracker Suite and adding the songs I felt appropriate from my 'plain classical' playlist to my 'star classical' list, and thus the hall of fame which is composed of the highest tier music from all my genres.

Now that it was complete, the next step was to share the finished product with the world, so that everyone can listen to the songs I endorse with the highest stamp of approval.  A Hall of Fame isn't a Hall of Fame until it's a permapost like all my other Halls of Fame.

Now, anyone who wants to, if they're curious about what good music they should be listening to, has 4,226 options to choose between and check out.  They can also just find out what music I like, irrespective of whether they want to listen to it or not.

This blog is about celebrating all the things I love and praising them to the stars, and music is definitely one of those things, so it's great that I've finally managed to properly represent the interest alongside manga, anime, video games and the like with its own special post.

It took a lot of effort just trying to get the information to appear in proper columns with the name of the song, the name of the artist(s) and the name of the album.  After many failures I finally worked something out, and now the data is in a presentable fashion.  Praise be.

These are the 4226 masterpieces of the auditory world.  It should be enough to satisfy people for life.  Though of course I'm still eager to hear new good music as it comes out, I wouldn't mind listening to this hall of fame on repeat forever either.  I don't feel like anything important is missing from the past, nor that anything is lacking that needs to still be built in the future.  This music is perfect as is.

With my music hall of fame built, I don't have to constantly be listening to music, so I can do things other than read Lazy Dungeon Master, like read Dal Segno.  However, Lazy Dungeon Master is so good, I'll probably just keep reading it anyway~

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