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Monday, July 31, 2017

Classical Wrap-Up:

I listened to fifty or so classical composers, but I only found four songs of any worth.  Triumphal March by Verdi, Habanera by Bizet, Lullaby by Brahms and Minuet -String Quintet by Boccherini.

There's such a swamp of classical music by so many composers that it's impossible to listen to any of them for more than a few minutes.  I just waited long enough to get a feel for the music and then moved on.  If the composer's most popular and famous song isn't what came on, and therefore the composer didn't get a fair shake, blame it on the youtube search algorithm, not me.

The highlight of the expedition was actually finding a Mozart piece already in my itunes list but not yet part of my hall of fame due to an oversight, Elvira Madigan.  This is like one of my favorite songs, but I own so much Mozart music it was impossible to find until now.  This was the secret bonus fifth song of worth.

Verdi's March sounds a lot like the Christmas carol The Little Drummer, so I grabbed that song too.  Then, since I was doing Christmas music anyway, I grabbed the Carol of the Bells (by a classical Ukrainian composer from the 1800's no less).  That made for a sixth and seventh song.  Gustav Holst's Mars and Jupiter, which were already in my plain classical music list but have now been upgraded to star classical (and thus the hall of fame), make for an eighth and ninth.  Similarly, the Nutcracker's Overture, Christmas Tree, Grandfather's Dance, Russian Dance, Dance of the Reed Pipes, The Clown, Intrada and Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy were upgraded, which makes for a tenth through seventeenth.  My hall of fame now stands at 4226 songs from all branches of musicdom, bumping the playtime up from 9.4 to 9.5 days.

I've been rooting out remixes all this time, while adding some boy rock songs by Peter Schilling (Major Tom, Different Story) and Stabbing Westward (What do I have to do?), as well as Recca's theme song from Flame of Recca (I used to own the whole soundtrack, but somehow it went away, and the rest of the ost isn't available anywhere I can find, sigh. . .).  So my music hall of fame has been in a state of constant flux up until this point.  This should be the end though.  Unless I get motivated to add a whole bunch more boy rock bands in, there's no good source of music left for me to draw upon.

As for Boy Rock, I'm not a huge fan, so it's hard to get motivated to download a bunch of U2, Depeche Mode, NIN, Pink Floyd, etc, since I'd probably just judge them all unworthy anyway.  I mean, I downloaded a dozen new albums from my favorite boy rock bands, Enigma and Erasure, and didn't promote a single song to my hall of fame.  So how well would Green Day do?

Even now, there are probably still remixes left.  But this is about as finalized as things can get.  Obviously if new good music is made in the future (like from new anime openings) I'll be sure to expand my hall of fame accordingly, but at least there are no old songs this playlist is lacking.

I'm about halfway through reading Lazy Dungeon Master, an indispensable tool to go alongside all this music listening and judging.  It's really funny, and I'm fine with its slow pace for now, but I do hope it will eventually end with our hero fulfilling a goal more than just sleeping soundly and settling on one of the many girls he's around to be his spouse.  Like classical music, books that just meander around and don't settle on any purpose are no good.

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