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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Rankings Re-adjusted:

The mission was simple -- accurately rank Princess Principal and Umineko no Naku Koro ni rather than their temporary positions of last place -- 192 and 193.

That spiraled into virtually everything changing.  In for a penny, in for a pound right?

Yet again I felt the need to punish incomplete series even further than I have before.  I also severely punished series that warped the original intent of a source work in the wrong direction via filler/abridgment.  I used to rank 12 Kingdoms highly, like 30th or so, until I got sick of all the filler destroying the beauty of the source work.  I applied the same logic to many other shows this time around, dropping them to almost as low a ranking as 12 Kingdoms.

Rewrite, for instance, was dropped down to 183.  Sora no Otoshimono to 185.  Joukamachi no Dandelion to 184.  Amagi Brilliant Park to 186.  Gokukoku no Brynhildr to 192.  Claymore to 182.  Akame ga Kill! to 181.  Grisaia to 105.  Zero no Tsukaima to 191.  Even Little Busters! dropped down to 38.  I'm just so tired of bad adaptions.  The anime is virtually worthless when it doesn't correctly adapt the source, you're better off just reading the source and ignoring the anime.  Now that we have the actual Little Busters! visual novel coming out in English this August, the anime can be cast aside.  That was already true for Rewrite and Grisaia.

Index/Railgun, Nanoha and SAO all dropped down to the 30's due to not having an ending.  Due to Nanoha Force abruptly stopping, Nanoha will never have an ending, which will always hurt its ranking.

Oreimo has an ending, but it's such a slap in the face for the author to undo the entire work and progress of the entire story by having the couple just break up at the end of the series, it's so awful to make that decision, that I demoted it to the 30's alongside the rest as though it didn't have an ending.

Bleach, Major and Ranma 1/2 were demoted to the 40's for lack of an ending.  Da Capo went all the way down to 64, for the twin crime of not having an ending and filler totally screwing up Da Capo II (his relationship with Koko just didn't happen that way, at all.)

Full Metal Panic! moved up to 17th place on the encouraging news that it was being adapted correctly.

Higurashi moved up to 11th just by jettisoning the ending-less Umineko from its overall evaluation.

Umineko itself didn't do so poorly, ending up at 103rd in its own right.

Princess Principal did even better, moving up to 87th.  Because it's an original work, it will of course have no filler and reach its proper ending.  Anyone could rank highly if they just followed these simple rules.

Hayate no Gotoku dropped down to 88th due to having too much filler in the anime as well as lacking an ending.  (The manga is infinitely better than the anime, making the anime kind of pointless at this point.)

Baka to Test dropped all the way down to 129 just because its humor, on reflection, wasn't really that good.

The same for Working!, which dropped down to 91.

Tales of 'x' dropped down to 136 due to its constant use of filler destroying every game it tries to adapt.

On the bright side, the top 32 series in my rankings now all have endings (already arrived or planned).

If Index would just narrate World War III it could shoot back up.  The same for SAO narrating Alicization.  Or Bleach the 1,000 year blood war.  But for now they can all sit and stew in the penalty box and reflect on their mistakes.

* * *

Meanwhile, I continued attributing single artists to my music hall of fame in cases where a dozen were all given credit for the same song.  Perhaps some of the attributions are wrong, but that's still better than the previous crazy shotgun approach.  With the newest revision even World of Warcraft has been correctly apportioned to its various composers.  I found it impossible to figure out who the Megaman franchise composers were, so essentially no one gets credit for those songs.    I also dropped some songs which weren't up to hall of fame quality standards, including all the Knight of Lodis songs due to low sound quality.  There's nothing wrong with the melodies, but the tinny sound produced by the game boy advance just isn't good enough.  I wish they would do an orchestrated version of the soundtrack with real quality someday.  So be sure to check out my other permapost, Good Music (now up to version 4.0)  for all the updates.  The new total is 4244 songs (9.6 days of continuous playtime).  The eminent composers/performers largely responsible for this total are listed in the order of how many ranking songs they composed/performed:

Motoi Sakuraba: 683
Nobuo Uematsu: 656
Hitoshi Sakimoto: 195
Yasunori Mitsuda: 168
Paul Romero: 113
Naoshi Mizuta: 106
Junichi Nakatsuru: 103
Sarah Brightman: 92
Masaharu Iwata: 86
Yoko Shimomura: 83
Yuki Kajiura: 60
John Williams: 55
Loreena McKennitt: 50
Russel Brower: 47
Kumi Tanioka: 44
Beethoven: 42
Garbage: 42
Mitsuo Hagita: 41
The Cranberries: 39
Noriko Mitsueda: 34
Hayato Matsuo: 33
Tori Amos: 32
Kazuhiro Nakamura: 31
Toshiro Masuda: 30
Enya: 29
Shinji Hosoe: 25
Go Shiina: 24
Erasure: 23
Takeharu Ishimoto: 22
Takuya Yasuda: 21
Randy Edelman: 20
Tchaikovsky: 19
Masashi Hamauzu: 19
Glenn Stafford: 19
Isao Mizoguchi: 18
Noriyuki Iwadare: 17
AKB48: 17
Jun Maeda: 17
Rob King: 16
Neal Acree: 16
Steve Fawkner: 15
Jason Hayes: 15
Vanessa Carlton: 14
μ's: 13
Derek Duke: 13
yozuca*: 12
Enigma: 12
Vivaldi: 12
Howard Shore: 12
Keiki Kobayashi: 12
Houkago Tea Time: 12
Maaya Sakamoto: 11
Yukari Tamura: 10
Shiro Sagisu: 10
Nana Mizuki: 10
Bjork: 10
Ryuichi Takada: 10
fripSide: 9
Mami Kawada: 9
Shinji Orito: 9
Kana Hanazawa: 9
Dvorak: 8
Mozart: 8
Yui Horie: 8
Yoko Kanno: 8
Matt Uelmen: 8

With my top anime rankings and my good music hall of fame all sorted out, I can move on to my newly purchased Mega Man 9 and 10 games, Owarimonogatari ge and The Defenders.

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