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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Girlish Number Rewatched:

Girlish Number came out in blu-ray recently, so I got around to rewatching it.  As a low-ranking series, there's always a fear that I misjudged the series and it isn't actually worthy of rewatching, but just like with Dimension W that wasn't the case.  Girlish Number was fun watching the second time, thus worthy of its esteemed title of 174th best anime ever.  Perhaps it should even be rated higher, though not by much.

The first eight episodes are much better than the last four.  The side characters' worries about their parents was much more compelling material than a bunch of people feeling sorry about themselves for no real reason.

But throughout, there was enough lovely character interaction, great art, clever dialogue and believable plot to pull through.

Meanwhile, the final episode of Bake-etc-monogatari aired today.  It was a great ending, worthy of the 8th best anime of all time.  If it gets another season covering all the new books that have come out, it might move up even higher.  Though the books continue, this was a good stopping point and can be considered to be a worthy ending, so I consider the anime to have fulfilled its promise by bringing us from the beginning to the end of this tale.

Someday I plan on rewatching the entire series according to its chronological order, instead of the crazy release schedule it originally had.  This will also cover my promise to always watch and rewatch every great anime.  But that can wait at least until the current season is out in blu-ray.

I found some more remixes and bad songs in my music hall of fame, resulting in my list reducing down to 4,231 songs.  No doubt I'll find more in the future, both for adding and subtracting.  It's a constant tug o' war.  But at least I don't know of any good or bad music I should be fiddling with currently, so in a sense the project is finally now complete.

I didn't attend the Charlottesville rally, for a lot of reasons.

A)  It's expensive and troublesome, so I would need a very good reason to bother.
B)  I don't believe public rallies will succeed at anything or achieve anything, so there was no good reason to bother.
C)  The world I want is enough different from the world the people at Charlottesville wanted that I don't see much point in supporting them.

Nevertheless, I think it's disgraceful that a group of people exercising their 1st Amendment rights with a permit granted them by a federal judge were shut down by the cops before they were allowed to even start their rally.  Why do constitutional rights just fly out the window if a right winger is doing it?  Don't we also have civil rights -- human rights?

I think it's disgraceful that the cops violated our rights and created the chaotic, violent environment that led to three people dying.  When the cops left us alone, the night before, nothing bad happened.  Then they disrupt what should have been a perfectly peaceful rally where people were gathering just to hear some inspiring speeches, and whaddyaknow, mayhem.

I also think it's disgraceful that Antifa is allowed to attack people at will with no legal repercussions, not even any extra-legal repercussions, like businesses firing them or getting shamed and reproached by the media.  All of those measures are employed against the non-violent, peaceful, civil rights protesters, but none are used against Antifa.  Why?  They are breaking the law.  Why doesn't the rule of law mean anything anymore in this country?

When the police become tyrants and Antifa are allowed absolute immunity from the law, you create a situation known as anarcho-tyranny.  Anarchy for all the actually bad people in the country, but tyranny against the genuinely good people.  This is the worst of all possible governmental states.  And this is America today.  Despite Republicans owning the House, the Senate, 34 state governorships, the Supreme Court and the Presidency.  Much good voting ever did us.

It isn't a surprise that someone reacted violently upon finding himself in this hellish state of anarcho-tyranny.  It's the natural self defense mechanism anyone would resort to in that situation.  I wish he hadn't run over the Antifa bastards and had restrained himself like the thousands of other well behaved men who just got illegally anarcho-tyrannized, but it was bound to happen eventually.   People are angry when you don't treat them justly, and someone somewhere will always snap.

The blood is not on the hands of this one mentally unstable right-winger, it's on the people who deprived him of his constitutional rights, and then attacked him physically in a completely illegal manner with the police just sitting by boredly not enforcing the law.  Between the law enforcement thugs and the bat/chemical wielding thugs, the dynamite had to explode in someone, somewhere, sometime.

I would take this opportunity to yet again implore Nazis to turn away from this useless attempt at restoring white hegemony over America.  This is the world we live in today.  We're a powerless minority who no longer can peaceably assemble, no longer have the right to free speech, cannot even walk the streets safely because we are no longer defended by law enforcement from Antifa assaults.  It's absurd to think that in a case like this, we should be publicly rallying together in hopes of taking back America.

The current strategy of the alt right is:

1) rally the masses
2) retake the world
3) Nazi Utopia.

This is great if it could happen, but it can't, so it's just a lot of wasted energy.  If that same passion, funding and dedication were used to create a seasteading, a new colony on Mars or Tau Ceti, or just a bland village in the middle of nowhere in Montana or Alaska, we could achieve so much more.

Like I said before, all we need is a few hundred rich Nazis to start an entire new nation for ourselves.  We don't have to rally anyone.  There's already plenty of us as is.  We don't need to retake the world.  Due to the law of exponential growth, if what you're doing out-competes others, in time we'll naturally rule everything.  And we can skip these two steps and just go straight to Nazi Utopia if we stop wasting our time in conflicts with others.

Scientists are on the verge of creating gametes from skin cells.  They are also on the verge of artificial wombs.  They have already mastered genetic engineering via CRISPR.  There will soon come a time when we, as men, can have as many children as we like of any sort we like without any reliance on women.  I'm sure both men and women would be happier once we stop being so codependent on each other.  The source of 99% of our problems is us being clingy and needy towards women, because we can't reproduce without them.  Nazi Utopia doesn't need to re-enslave women anymore, technology will solve this whole problem without harming a single hair on anyone's head.

Once we're free of foreigners weighing us down, the economy will boom and the streets will be safe again.  People will feel hopeful and happy and all vices will be cast aside in favor of the good life set before them.

All the problems that look like they need political solutions and thus require rallying the masses and taking over the world, etc, etc, can be solved simply via isolation and rebuilding a true community from scratch with the power of advanced technology.

In a sense, if people are not willing to create a seasteading, they obviously are just LARPING.  If they actually prefer life in America over a new frontier, they clearly don't have any major gripes with the world, now do they?  And I find it distasteful when people are dying over right wingers' wish to LARP.

I personally am living the good life with no worries or concerns.  Well, I am concerned about the world heading in the wrong direction, I'd like to think humanity has a long future ahead of it where good can finally triumph over evil.  (If you haven't noticed, most of human history has had evil ascendant over good, and I find that grotesque.  We must at least justify all the evil that's come of life so far by repaying it one thousand fold with good via what's to come.)  But personally, I have zero problems living in America as things stand.  I can indulge in all my hobbies, stay in an air conditioned house and eat all the food I want without Nazis achieving anything.  So long as Nazis aren't serious enough to embrace my plan, I'll just sit patiently at the sidelines and let them waste away trying to implement their doomed to failure plan instead.

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