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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

8+ great song composers:

Now that I've succeeded in sorting out who actually composed what, it might be fun to revisit my great composers list and see who's next in the rankings, those with 8 or more quality songs to their credit:  Starting where we left off, at 48 songs as the maximum.  Collaborations will be attributed only to the leader of the group.

Kumi Tanioka: 44
Beethoven: 42
Garbage: 42
Mitsuo Hagita: 41
The Cranberries: 39
Noriko Mitsueda: 34
Hayato Matsuo: 33
Tori Amos: 32
Kazuhiro Nakamura: 31
Toshiro Masuda: 30
Enya: 29
Shinji Hosoe: 25
Go Shiina: 24
Erasure: 23
Takeharu Ishimoto: 22
Takuya Yasuda: 21
Randy Edelman: 20
Tchaikovsky: 19
Masashi Hamauzu: 19
Glenn Stafford: 19
Isao Mizoguchi: 18
Noriyuki Iwadare: 17
AKB48: 17
Jun Maeda: 17
Rob King: 16
Neal Acree: 16
Steve Fawkner: 15
Jason Hayes: 15
Vanessa Carlton: 14
μ's: 13
Derek Duke: 13
yozuca*: 12
Ryuichi Takada: 12
Enigma: 12
Vivaldi: 12
Howard Shore: 12
Keiki Kobayashi: 12
Houkago Tea Time: 12
Maaya Sakamoto: 11
Yukari Tamura: 10
Shiro Sagisu: 10
Nana Mizuki: 10
Bjork: 10
fripSide: 9
Mami Kawada: 9
Shinji Orito: 9
Kana Hanazawa: 9
Dvorak: 8
Mozart: 8
Yui Horie: 8
Yoko Kanno: 8
Matt Uelmen: 8

Granted, there are still some great singers left off this list, like Angela, Azusa, KOTOKO, Suara, etc.  But pretty much everyone who's anyone, especially when it comes to actually composing the songs, is on this list.  This covers all the people I was unhappy about not appearing on my list last time.  Kumi Tanioka probably isn't actually better than Beethoven, it's just that she wrote more good songs than Beethoven.  There's no good way to multiply the number of songs by their individual quality, so those debates could go on forever.  Suffice to say everyone here is amazing.  Their overall quality could even surpass the previous fourteen named composers who just have lots of songs under their belts (though that's a stretch, I'm just saying there's no rule against it.)

When you add these 52 to the previous 14, you get 66 human accomplishment class composers, 15 of whom aren't covered by any other hall of fame list (ie, 15 of whom didn't contribute to a video game, anime, visual novel or movie that's already on some other list.)  Without my good music hall of fame, these people wouldn't be receiving any credit at all.

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