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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Breaking down Enya:

Enya is kind of an odd band.  They basically have just one song, and all of their albums are just remixes of the same idea.  119 remixes.  Since it's a good song, it means none of their music is bad.  But it can get a little repetitive after a while.

Which means the way Enya makes a masterpiece, as opposed to its normal level of output, is when it varies just enough out of the comfort zone to perk people's ears up again.  Bjork is too out there, and Enya isn't out there enough, but Bjork can still make a masterpiece when she's more traditional, and Enya can still make a masterpiece when she take risks.

All in all, Enya had 29 masterpiece and 90 actual music songs.  Despite having fewer songs to work with, The Cranberries still have a decisive advantage in terms of 3 star songs over their intra-Irish competition.

Loreena McKennitt is only half-irish so maybe her battle power won't be enough to keep up with these two?  Then again, Gohan was commonly stronger than his pureblood father so you just never know. . .

How is Enya's music doing from album to album?:

Amarantine:                    6 actual music, 6 masterpiece
And Winter Came:        10 actual music, 1 masterpiece
The Celts:                      14 actual music, 1 masterpiece
Dark Sky Island:           14 actual music, 0 masterpiece
A Day Without Rain:      7 actual music, 6 masterpiece
Enya:                             14 actual music, 1 masterpiece
The Memory of Trees:    7 actual music, 4 masterpiece
Paint the Sky with Stars: 1 actual music, 3 masterpiece
Shepherd Moons:            9 actual music, 3 masterpiece
Watermark:                     8 actual music, 4 masterpiece

A Day Without Rain takes the cake by the barest of margins over Amarantine.  Her newest album, Dark Sky Island, was her worst, though not at all bad.  This is in line with how much weaker Roses was from The Cranberries or all the recent Bjork music was.  These aged singers just don't have it in them anymore, just like John Williams and Nobuo Uematsu aren't as good composers anymore.  Aging is a terrible thing, and it happens even to the best of us.

Next up is Garbage, who may turn out to be my favorite band.  At least in terms of quality, if not quantity.  We'll see.

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